Nirasha Dham Bhopu ki Jai # Asarambapu #Vaw #Delhigangrape


निराशा धाम भोपु की जय !!

किन गधो(ASS) ही भीड़ ,
को प्रवचन तुम अपना सुनाते हो ,
नारी के सम्मान को ,
HARAM ( BASTARD ) तुम बतलाते हो …
English शब्दो को जोड़ कर ,
नई परिभाषा का ज्ञान फैलाते हो…

जय हराम जी की बोलना पड़ेगा !!

ओ कलयुग के अज्ञानी!
थोड़ा आध्यात्मिकता का ज्ञान सुनो ,

नारी के भक्षक घर मे ,
नारी के भक्षक जर मे ,
इतनी बेसिक बात जरो …

ओ कलयुग के अज्ञानी!
थोड़ा आध्यात्मिकता का ज्ञान सुनो ,

भाई जिसे बनाए वो ,
FREE ka BEVERAGE समझ के खाए वो ..
तो भाई किसे बनाए वो ( दे ताली) …

ओ!! कलयुग के भाइयो ,
मेरी इक बात सुनो ,
हाथ उठा कर ज़ोर से ,
जय हराम जी की बोलना पड़ेगा !!
का नाद करो ….

ऋषि प्रसाद मे ,
देविक शक्ति , देविक शक्ति ,
का पाठ बहुत पढ़ते हो ,
मुझ मे देविक शक्ति है ,
ऐसे जुमले बहुत छपवाते हो ,
अरे. क्या अपने Meditative State मे ,
राखी की Supply उसे भिजवाते हो ?

ओ!! कलयुग के भाइयो ,
मेरी इक बात सुनो ,
हाथ उठा कर ज़ोर से ,
जय हराम जी की बोलना पड़ेगा !!
का नाद करो …

थोड़ा शांत रहो ओ बापू ,
मूह पर अपने उंगली धरो ,
अपने ही साधको को ,
HEINOUS Material की suppply बंद करो …

नारी ज्वाला ,
नारी शक्ति ,
नारी सबला कहलाती है !!
अरे ! politician सहारे छोड़ा था ,
वो ! नामर्दगी का Speech सुनती है ..

ओ!! कलयुग के भाइयो ,
मेरी इक बात सुनो ,
हाथ उठा कर ज़ोर से ,
जय हराम जी की बोलना पड़ेगा !!
का नाद करो …

ओ , बापू , ओ Ass-a Whatever राम जी ,
मेरी छोटी बात सुनो ,
सबकी चिंता छोड़ो ,
अपना PSYCHIATRIC इलाज करो …

ओ!! कलयुग के भाइयो ,
मेरी इक बात सुनो ,
हाथ उठा कर ज़ोर से ,
जय हराम जी की बोलना पड़ेगा !!
का नाद करो ….

हुर्र !! हुर्र !! हुर्र !!
हुर्र र र र र र र र …

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Justice for Dipesh and Abhishek Vaghela, murdered at #Asarambapu Ashram #dhongibaba

They were murdererd in  JULY 2008

This is plea for justice of two souls Dipesh & Abhishek Vaghela (aged 10) who were murdered in asaram bapu ashram in Ahemedabad. Then their bodies were later found by Asaram ashram worker and in the mean time 8 people of asaram ashram staff had came to the kins house to take parents to a different location. (That was done to pass time, so parents shouldn’t come to know, but only come to know at the time when asaram will say ok and that will be in night), They wanted it to be night when bodies to be found so there shouldn’t be any public agitation.

But later in the evening at 8 pm parents were taken to the bodies spot by asaram bapu & narayan prem sai (asaram son) where they said bodies were found. Parents knew something is fishy as for two days ashram is playing tricks with them. Parents broke their silence after looking at the bodies why they are were thrown away from ashram. Both children used to live & board in ashram, as besides other businesses asaram also runs so called school which are run by people whose parents themselves are looking for their children. But so called teachers are slaves who are working considering asaram as god and then they also teach children what is guru sewa and all that stuff. By the time these children will grow up they will become slaves again as there are so many people in ashram who are in ashram from years but because they have no access to the outside world information they are limited in the confined boundary and information which is provided by asaram itself. But as soon as some one leaves ashram even after staying inside for years they are threatened , beaten as per all the FIR‘s already filed by ex-inmates. Then asaram files cases against ex inmates in lot of cases like terrorist, or sex with female disciples. Remember all of these ex inmates become sex offenders as soon as they leave ashram.

All ashram properties are grabbed cheated or forged by asaram as per number of photocopies of property deeds in Asaram Ka Tamasha (listed on anti asaram site). When Ahemedabad closed down as everyone knows what happens inside ashram and they wanted to close down asaram & narayan ashrams then asaram came on TV and in all his so called satsangs said i will hang myself if my ashram did it. Because there is smell his son narayan Prem Sai is involved in these murders so he did lot of efforts to stop the investigation. Hon. Court even ordered the NARCO test on ashram staff, but money can buy lot of things in India so so far both father and son are still out of jail. Case is intentionally being dragged by lawyers of asaram who are well paid by asaram. Parents are waiting for fair trial. Parents had been demanding CBI inquiry as Modi who is chief Minister of Gujarat & Advani who was running for PM are both close to asaram and have long past in lot of other cases. What will happen if murderers becoming PM or helping murderers to keep on murdering children in the name of superstitions. It’s really sad that besides these two children there are number of other murders listed on anti asaram web site which have witnesses and some other murders which are done to hide the previous murders. List goes on … It’s sad … We wanted to raise this issue as this case can be solved even by a honest hawaldaar as so many insiders can tell the tales who left after getting to know from outside what is reality. It’s not good to kill people for any superstitions. Parents keep on loosing their children in asaram ashram, either they are murdered or not handed back to the family and families are helpless as no one in government wants to take action. What happened ? We thought there was law for people ? There is no law if you call yourself as GOD ?

What happened to the person who found the bodies ?
Why asaram sent two autos filled with his goons with lathis at 11:30 pm in night to beat family where bodies were found ? (Because asaram came to know some of inside story has been leaked to parents).
Why is it taking over 10 months even to file an FIR with asaram name on it, & one man Trivedi commission for a murder investigation ?
Why asaram stopping investigation by not letting his workers for Narco ?
How many families were able to rescue their children from asaram ashram ?
Why every worker when leaves is disgusted, how asaram manipulated them inside ashram to make fool of people and get their money.
Why asaram poisoned the women who came on TV & exposed his sexual tales of ashram?
Did all those parents received their children back from asaram which asaram claimed he was fixing them because they had problems at home ? or asaram exploiting them to work as slaves and parents dying even after appealing to entire India ? What asaram did to those children (some were murdered, some are working as brainwashed slaves in ashram, and parents were poisoned by asaram sent goons)

What is the track record of asaram ? How many murders actually has happened in all of his ashrams ?
How many bodies were disposed by Orrisa people of his ashram till date ?
Asaram is a habitual liar, as seen on TV and on the videos posted by him on youtube against former employees who tried to file FIR against him, after he was threatened to murder by his son narayan prem sai aka womanizer narayan aka haramkhor as said by asaram on TV.
The list can go on as told by by looking at the facts and intentions of asaram. You can’t hide your crimes by wearing white and putting red light on your car as all criminals who are politicians do that too but justice system will get them.

We demand fair investigation and we are sure justice system will do miracle in putting an end to criminals who have become contractor for GOD.

source- facebook page

FROM 2008 TILL TODAY whats has happend

IN december 2009

Spiritual guru Asaram Bapu  booked for attempt to murder a former trustee of his ashrams in Gujarat and Rajasthan, Raju  Chandak, who was shot at by two unidentified bikers late on Saturday night. The incident took place in Sabarmati area, quite near the sect’s headquarters, at 9 pm.

The assailants fired at Chandak thrice, hitting him in the right shoulder and back. He was rushed to Sal Hospital where his condition is stable. Sabarmati police recorded his statement in hospital where he said that, after serving as a trustee for 20 years, he had dissociated himself because of “immoral activities” in the ashrams. After the mysterious death of two boys,Dipesh and Abhishek Vaghela, at Motera ashram in Ahmedabad earlier this year, he had given a damning statement against the ashram to the inquiry panel probing the deaths.

Since then, Chandak claimed, he was getting telephonic threats from Ghaziabad and Delhi. On Saturday evening, he left work in Bapunagar, where he runs an incense-making factory, for home in Sabarmati. After crossing the Chimanbhai Patel overbridge, two unidentified persons on a bike caught up with him near Sabarmati Arts and Commerce College and fired at him. Hit by bullets, he managed to flee the spot and reach home at Mahavir Apartment. “Chandak has alleged that the murder attempt was at the behest of Asaram Bapu. We are investigating and also trying to track down the shooters,” said inspector of Sabarmati police station, MB Joshi.

The criminal case under Section 307 (attempt to murder) IPC and 25 of the Arms Act was registered against him and two others for allegedly attempting to murder Chandak, a former follower of the religious guru.

The FIR was lodged following an attack on Chandak who was shot at by two unidentified persons in Ramnagar locality of Sabarmati on December 5, 2009.

Chandak had testified against Asaram before the D K Trivedi Commission probing the mysterious death of two ashram boys Dipesh and Abhishek Vaghela.

The Gujarat High Court has rejected Asaram Bapu’s petition seeking quashing of the FIR against dec 2009 and Jna 2010 Suppreme court also rejected

In September 2012-Asaram Bapu booked for hitting lensman, in september 2012,booked under Section 323 of IPC (voluntarily causing hurt) on the complaint of cameraperson Sachin Kumar,”

I dec 2012, finally he deposed

AHMEDABAD: Spiritual guru Asaram Bapu has claimed that a conspiracy had been hatched with the help of foreign forces to malign his ashram and Hindu religion. Asaram appeared before Justice D K Trivedi commission on Saturday after disregarding several summons.

He came to the commission in connection with the mysterious death of two boys — Dipesh and Abhishek Waghela — who used to study at the Asaram ashram’s residential school in Motera. With hundreds of his supporters shouting slogans outside the inquiry commission’s office, Asaram defended his sadhaks hard saying that they were not negligent and had no role to play in the boys’ death. Though he did not have anything to say about the alleged conspiracy behind the mysterious death of two kids in 2008, he did term the incident as “unfortunate”.

In response to flurry of questions shot by the commission chairman, he said, “I was told by the warden of Gurukul Pankaj Saxena that a person had come to Gurukul before this incident happened. He might have tried to abduct the children, and his name was also revealed later, which I cannot say here because I do not want to defame the conspirator.” However, upon the commission’s insistence, Asaram said what he could remember is that there was a person called Gosai.

Asaram told the commission that he came to know about this conspiracy on July 18, when he came to the city. The kids disappeared on July 3 and on July 5, their decomposed bodies were found at Sabarmati riverbed.

Putting forth a conspiracy theory, Asaram said, “Conspiracy was not just concerning these children, but to defame the Hindu religion. Media has played a supporting role for foreign forces which were after us. These forces were actually trying to work towards an ulterior motive of religious conversion. Such efforts are going on since Buddha and Mahavir era.”

When the commission asked how he could hide this information in such a sensitive matter, Asaram said that he had intimated the office bearers of Motera Gurukul to furnish this information about conspiracy to police and other authorities concerned. However, Asaram fumbled frequently in explaining his conspiracy theory and said that the conspirator had left the ashram nearly 10 days before he reached. He also claimed that the name was revealed just more than a month after the incident.

Asaram denied charges of black magic being practised in his ashrams. He also dubbed all allegations of him practising black magic as false and said that his rebels are behind this propaganda. He denied giving instructions to sadhaks to perform black magic to trace the kids, when he came to know about their disappearance.

Asaram’s deposition lasted for nearly seven hours, and he was the last witness to be examined by the commission. The probe commission has examined 211 persons in the last four years.

Greens question bauxite mining plan in Karlapat for #Vedanta

By Express News Service – BHUBANESWAR

07th January 2013 02:48 PM

State Government’s move to provide bauxite to Vedanta Alumina Ltd from near Karlapat Sanctuary has drawn sharp criticism from the green brigade which on Sunday said the decision will prove disastrous for the protected area rich in bio-diversity.

The environment activists said the sanctuary will be lost and precious wildlife such as elephants and tigers will be greatly threatened if mining is allowed by the State Government to benefit Vedanta which last year shut down its refinery due to non-availability of bauxite.

The company had entered into an agreement with Odisha Mining Corporation for extraction of bauxite from Niyamgiri Hills but the Centre vetoed the proposal. The Government is now planning to make the raw material available from Karlapat mines.

Karlapat has a number of perennial streams and nullahs that flow in the region and feed Tel river, a major tributary of the Mahanadi. Besides, its vegetation and water source influence the microclimate of the area.

‘’Karlapat boasts of a strong elephant population and serves as a crucial corridor link between elephants in Kotagarh sanctuary in Kandhamal and Lakhari valley sanctuary in Gajapati. There are four elephant corridors that pass through Karlapat sanctuary,’’ president of Loka Shakti Abhiyan Prafulla Samantara told mediapersons here.

He said the mineral deposited plateaus like Khandualmali and Krishnamali are just one to three km from the boundary of Karlapat and as per the Supreme Court’s guidelines, no development, industrial or mining activities can take place within 10 km of any wildlife sanctuary and national park. The proposed extraction of bauxite ore would violate the existing norm, he said.

Karlapat has moist peninsular sal forests, mixed deciduous forests and bamboo brakes, undulated terrains interspersed with valleys, high altitude peaks, plateaus, innumerable valleys that support many life forms including endangered mammals like tigers and elephants, leopards, wild boar, giant squirrel and antelopes.

Besides, 10 revenue villages and nine un-surveyed villages with a population of 1551 within Karlapat sanctuary would be affected by mines, Samantara pointed out. Tribals mostly belong to Kutia Kandh community.


Alarm bells ring for Vedanta #goodnews for Tribals

MONDAY, 07 JANUARY 2013 00:13

The Vedanta Aluminium, which has invested a whopping Rs50,000 crore in its aluminium and power projects in the State, is now on the verge of total closure.

The future of around 7,000 families, who are directly and indirectly earning their livelihoods from the 1-million-tonne-per-annum capacity refinery at Lanjigarh, set up with an initial investment of $ 1 billion, is now uncertain. All assurances by the Government to provide bauxite for the refinery have come a cropper.

Plant’s COO Dr Mukesh Kumar confirms, “The cumulative losses from the unit have crossed Rs2,500 crore and the company has hardly any other viable option left.” The crisis has all the potential to scare off other investors in the State.

President of Lanjigarh Anchalik Vikas Parishad Shridhar Pesnia, who is in the forefront of the movement to save the refinery, says, “The closure of the unit will be a setback for the company, but for the people of Kalahandi it will spell total disaster. The area will slide back to the days of starvation, disease and abject poverty. Never will any other company dare to invest in this backward area. The fate of Kalahandi will be sealed forever.”

While the closure of the refinery, which represents the single largest investment in Kalahandi district, will roll back the long-term development efforts, it will also bring in a lot of hardship to the people who are employed there as well as those who earn a living because of its economic ripples.

Sujata Mohanty, employed with the plant’s HR department, pointed out, “The human cost of misery involved in the closure of the unit will be impossible even to calculate. As it is, people are facing difficulties in getting a job, and now the locals will have to migrate away from the State in search of livelihoods.”

Triggered by a landmark judgement of the Supreme Court in 2008 which had directed the company to pay 5 per cent of its profits or Rs 10 crore annually, whichever is higher, for tribals’ development, a lot of visible changes had taken place at the ground level. Shrikant Bohidar, who works in the CSR department says, “The company till date has invested more than Rs 170 crore on community development projects. Never before had this amount of money spent on developing infrastructure and livelihoods in Kalahandi. Schools, hospitals, scientific farming methods, shifting to cash crops, midday meal schemes, etc., will now be affected.”

Hari Majhi, a project displaced person currently employed with the company, is now deeply anguished. “My daughter is right now studying in the DAV school run by the company. What will happen to her future? We gave our land for the company, and now the company itself is closing down.” There are hundreds of people like Majhi whose children were enjoying the benefits of modern education in such a remote area.

What makes the situation extremely grim is the fact that in the last three decades not a single bauxite mine has become operational in Odisha. It, therefore, is an irony that while Vedanta’s refinery is virtually surrounded by about two billion tonnes of bauxite reserve, the company has to source its raw material from a cocktail of sources ranging from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh. Besides the exorbitant cost of hauling the bauxite from the far-flung States, even these sources have now dried up.

And there is another disturbing development that speaks volumes about the callous attitude of the Government. While on the one hand the Vedanta refinery has already shut, there is also a danger of its aluminium smelter located at Jharsuguda facing a similar situation. Right now, the smelter is resorting to imports of alumina which is not only costly but also involves an outflow of foreign exchange.

Yet on the other hand, the Nalco, which is virtually Vedanta’s next door neighbour, is busy exporting its surplus alumina and not releasing it in the local market. To make matters worse, the Nalco would, in fact, have realised more money had it sold its alumina in the local market. According to sources, the Nalco can easily make another Rs 250 crore annually simply by selling the alumina to domestic consumers like Balco and Vedanta.

Alarm bells are ringing not only for Vedanta but also for Odisha as this is bound to send out adverse signals to other corporates which are planning to invest in the State. The State Government seems to have woken up of late and is initiating steps to ensure that the Karlapat mine is allotted to the Odisha Mining Corporation (OMC). Sources, however, feel that Karlapat’s proximity to the wildlife sanctuary and elephant corridor is likely to make the task of getting the necessary clearances very difficult and time-consuming. Even if all goes as per schedule, it may not be possible to start mining from Karlapat within the next four to five years. By then, it might just become too late!

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Immediate Realease= #Maharashtra Struggle of Basti Dwellers

Struggle of Basti Dwellers and Working Class Intensifies at Azad Maidan

Maharashtra Government Continues to Buck Responsibility

MumbaiJanuary 7 : Government of Maharashtra today also failed to respond to the rightful demands of housing of thousands of urban poor and lower middle class working people of Mumbai. Anshan of 30 representatives from various slums continues, so does the sit-in by thousands at Azad Maidan. Today Azad Maidan was packed with more than 8,000 people demanding their right to dignified housing and right to land. Even as government refuses to address the issues, more and more people are joining the dharna everyday and mood remained upbeat and slogans ofwe shall fight, we shall win continued to reverberate.

In spite of Azad Maidan being so near to Mantralaya, no official or representative of Government has come even once to have a dialogue with people or to receive the memos prepared by citizens of Mumbai who have every right to demand answers to questions that concern their lives. This raises some serious doubts about Government’s intentions to consider the problems and hardships faced by the majority of the citizens of Mumbai.

A delegation also went and briefed the State Human Rights Commission on the prevailing situation in the bastis where basic human rights are being violated everyday due to illegal demolitions, evictions and land grab by powerful builders. A similar complaint was also lodged with the National human Rights Commission.

The Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan, on its 7th day, showed solidarity and extended its support to the protest rally of Jain community of Mumbai, here at Azad Maidan, to condemn the recent attacks on Jain Temples and saints. GBGB strongly believes in non-violence and has taken up the path of Satyagrah to demand the rights of the people.

Support to the struggle continued to pour in from all over the country. Shri Ramdas Athavale of RPI, Smt. Ruksana Siddqui of Samajwadi Party came to Azad Maidan and supported the demands of implementation of Rajeev Awas Yojana and investigation into massive corruption by the builders which has led to serious deprivation and violation of rights of thousands. Many other senior activists also came to strengthen the Andolan and lent their voices of solidarity.

People are determined to continue and even intensify the struggle until the demands are fulfilled.

Medha Patkar, Jamil bhai, Mohan Chavan, Madhuri Shivkar, Madhuri Variyath, Sumit Wajale, Santosh Thorat, Sandeep Yevale, Kishor Kardak, Girija Bahen,  Prabhakar Narkar, Shilpa Sabale, Kamlesh S S, Siraj, Umar bhai, Shabbir Deshmukh


Organised by : Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan, Janta Jagruti Manch, Shahar Vikas Manch, Ramabai Ambedkar Nagar Bachao Samiti, Nagari Niwara Haq Samiti, Waghini Sangathan, SRA Sangharsh Samiti, Bruhanmumbai Niwara Samanvaya Samiti


Affiliates of  National Alliance of Peoples’ Movements


Contact: Madhuri Shivkar 09892143242 | Madhuri Wariyath 09820619174 | Sumit Wajale 09967875999 | Sandeep Yevale 09819307419

Previous Press Releases on this campaign :

Ghar Bachao Andolan Exposes Massive Land Scam and Corruption in Mumbai Slums, Sit in Continues in…

Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan Continues, Thousands Continue their Sit-in at Azad Maidan, Mumbai

Thousands of Mumbaikars March towards Mantralaya Claiming Dignity and Equal Rights to City

A Sea of people marched on Streets of Mumbai to reach Mantralaya

Thousands of Mumbai’s Urban Poor to begin new year with long march on foot to Mantrayala


Delhi priest arrested for raping woman, was he follower of #Asarambapu #religiousrapists

Inderjeet [ Updated 07 Jan 2013, 11:02:54 ], Indiatv
Delhi priest arrested for raping woman

New Delhi, Jan 7: Madan Mohan Sharma, a 55-year-old priest at a temple in Pandav Nagar, east Delhi, was arrested by police on Sunday on charge of raping a woman.

The woman, wife of a temple attendant, was asked by Sharma to prepare prasad at  his house. The priest then allegedly raped her. The woman later informed her husband, who went to the police.

Medical test proved that the victim was raped, and the priest has been arrested, police said.


# India – Applications invited for Radio stations


Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India


Registered User’s should Sign in for using the site

In December 2002, the Government of India approved a policy for the grant of licenses for setting up of Community Radio Stations to well established educational institutions including IITs/IIMs.

The matter has been reconsidered and the Government has now decided to broad base the policy by bringing ‘Non-profit’ organisations like civil society and voluntary organisations etc under its ambit in order to allow greater participation by the civil society on issues relating to development & social change.

There are several stages to the Application process as well that needs to be kept in mind.

  • Step 1: Filling up the Application Form and submitting the requisite documents to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (Community Radio Station Cell), Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi. (The list of documents will be highlighted below/ in a foot note)

  • Step 2: Applying to the Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing (WPC) for :(i) Frequency Allocation;

    (ii)SACFA (Standing Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency Allocation) Clearance

  • Step 3: Signing of the GOPA (Grant of Permission Agreement)

  • Step 4: Applying for the (WOL) Wireless Operating License to the Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing (WPC)

Let us now take a look at the genesis of the CRS Online Application Form

Earlier on, the CRS applicants had to fill in a physical form, more recently, the Ministry of I& B, GOI, has decided that an online application form may be easier to fill as well as monitor and fast track the process of application. Hence, the new online form has been designed to facilitate a self explanatory, self contained application from that ensures faster delivery and access.

However, there are some important factors that need to be kept in mind before you begin filling in the online application from……..


#delhigangrape -Father ‘did not want India rape victim named’, #DAILYMIRROR where are your ethics ?

Father of Indian girl tells Hindustan Times he did not want his daughter identified, as suspects set to appear in court.
Last Modified: 07 Jan 2013 02:41, ALJAZEERA
The case brought thousands to the street in protest against gender abuse in India [Showkat Shafi/Al Jazeera]

The father of Indian woman who died after being gang raped and tortured has said he had not allowed his daughter to be identified after the British Daily Mirror Sunday paper edition revealed her name, Indian newspaper the Hindustan Times reported on Monday.

“I have only said we won’t have any objection if the government uses my daughter’s name for a new law for crime against women that is more stringent and better framed that the existing one,” the paper quoted him saying.

“I want my daughter to be known as the one who could bring a change in the society and laws, and not as a victim of a barbaric crime,” he told the daily-based newspaper.

“I want my daughter to be known as the one who could bring a change in the society and laws, and not as a victim of a barbaric crime.

– Father of victim

India has seen widespread protests in the wake of sexual assault on a bus in New Delhi on December 16, when the 23-year-old woman was gang-raped and tortured with iron rod by six men, including a juvenile.

Five men charged with the brutal gang-rape and murder of the paramedic student will appear in court for the first time after police said they had forensic evidence to link them to the killing.

Legal experts say the court in the Saket district of the capital would likely transfer the case to a more senior court during Monday’s hearing.

“The court will ask them if they have lawyers and then it will appoint an Amicus Curiae (lawyer) to represent them and supply copies of the chargesheet to the accused,” said Vishwender Verma, a senior advocate at Delhi High Court.

“The case will then be committed to a sessions court as a magistrates’ court cannot try rape and murder cases.”

The student, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had spent the evening at a cinema with her boyfriend on the night of the attack.

Face death penalty

The five suspects, who could face the death penalty if convicted, are also charged with kidnap, robbery and conspiracy over the attack that sparked protests in India and soul-searching about the levels of violence against women.

The defendants have been named as Ram Singh, Mukesh Singh, Vijay Sharma, Akshay Thakur and Pawan Gupta.

A sixth accused, who is 17, is to be tried in a separate court for juveniles.

It normally takes months for the prosecution to assemble such a case, but the legal proceedings are getting under way barely a week after the 23-year-old medical student died of her injuries in a Singapore hospital.

The government, sensitive to criticism that a sluggish justice system often compounds the agony of victims, has pledged to fast-track the case against the defendants who are aged between 17 and 35. They all live in Delhi.

Police have pledged “maximum security” during the hearing at the magistrates’ court amid fears for the defendants’ safety.

A man was arrested last week as he allegedly tried to plant a crude bomb near the home of one of the men.

Rape cases are usually held behind closed doors in India and it will be up to the court to decide whether the media will be allowed to report.

The police have issued an advisory saying “it shall not be lawful for any person to print or publish any matter in relation to such proceedings” unless they receive permission from the court.

Police drop activist from programme after Sena threat

ALOK DESHPANDE, The Hindu, Jan 7, Mumbai

The police authorities in Maharashtra continue to surrender to the diktat of Shiv Sena, despite facing flak from all quarters over the arrest of two girls in Palghar a month ago.

This time, the police authorities have dropped a speaker from their programme, after the Sena warned her against entering Chiplun, a town in Ratnagiri district, where the event is scheduled to be held.

In the backdrop of the gang rape in Delhi, the Chiplun police authorities have arranged a special programme for girls and women in the city on January 8. The authorities had invited Pushpa Bhave, a senior social worker, author and prominent activist working on gender issues and women’s rights in Maharashtra.

Chiplun will also host the annual Marathi literary meet from January 11 and the podium has been named after Sena chief Bal Thackeray. On Saturday, Ms. Bhave criticised the organisers of the festival for naming the podium after Thackeray, who, she said had ‘insulted’ many Marathi authors in the past and was not a writer.

“My point was very simple. I opposed the podium being named after him. He has insulted many great Marathi authors in extremely low level language. The podium is always named after someone who has done great service to literature, which he hasn’t done. Hence I opposed it,” Ms. Bhave told The Hindu.

Irked by her opposition, the local unit of Sena declared that the party would not allow her inside Chiplun city. The local leaders took a mob of around 200 activists to the police station and pressured them to cancel her part in the programme.

“Instead of letting the issue heat up, we cancelled her part,” Uttam Jagdale, police inspector at the Chiplun station told The Hindu over telephone. “We try to maintain good relations with all political parties. We did what we thought was best,” he said.

The Sena leaders praised the authorities for removing her from the programme. “Even they knew that if she had come here, the situation could have worsened,” said Bala Kadam, the Chiplun city unit chief of the Sena. “Nobody should speak against Balasaheb. That lady [Ms. Bhave] was doing this for publicity, but we won’t let her do it at the expense of our late leader,” said Mr. Kadam.

Ms. Bhave expressed no surprise at the police action. “This is what we have been seeing all these years… Sena does not believe in discussion and criticism in democracy,” she said.


Corrupting GOD- Dalits give ‘donation’ to enter temple #WTFnews #blackmail #discrimination

MOHIT M. RAO, The Hindu Jan 7,2013

Residents of the Dalit Colony at Mullyakajje near Sullia. Photo:H.S.Manjunath
Residents of the Dalit Colony at Mullyakajje near Sullia. Photo:H.S.Manjunath

No one is certain when or how the practice started in the non-descript village where 38 houses form the Dalit colony at Mullyakajje on the foothills of the Western Ghats.

Come January 11, and for the first time in centuries, Dalits of this remote village on the Karnataka-Kerala border will henceforth be allowed to witness a temple procession pass through, instead of being evicted. However, it was not social reform, but Rs. 1 lakh spent as “offerings”, as “demanded by the temple deity” that has stopped the caste-discriminatory practice. Dalits will also be allowed to enter the temple from now on.

No one is certain when or how the practice started in the non-descript village where 38 houses form the Dalit colony at Mullyakajje on the foothills of the Western Ghats. What they do know is that when the annual Bhandar (procession of donations from a smaller temple to a larger one) of the Bajjapila Ullakullu temple passes through, all the Dalits – some 200 of them belonging to the Adi Dravida Scheduled Caste – evict the village in silence.

“We lock our doors, and leave the village in the morning. We come back next morning. Schoolchildren miss school, we skip our day of work. There is no choice,” said K.S. Prasad (17), an agricultural labourer.

His grandmother, Chennu (60), has been doing this for as long as she can remember. “Even my grandparents did this without knowing why. There is fear of the wrath of Ullakullu (the temple deity),” she said.

The mythology

Unsure of the specifics, 85-year-old Bhatiya offers the bit-piece mythology behind the practice: “There is a belief in the temple that some 300 years ago, when Ullakullu was being taken on a procession, inebriated members of our caste obstructed their path by placing buffalo meat on the road and threw stones at the deity. Angered by this, God cursed us to leave the place during the procession.”

When asked if he believed this, he said he did not know, and all that “mattered” was the temple and the upper-castes — around 200 other-caste households surround the colony – believed it.

It isn’t only during the procession that they face discrimination; until a week ago, Dalits did not have entry into the Bajjapila temple.

“We give our harake (vows) and donations through other castes who can enter the temple. I am yet to see the deity, though I have been offering money, areca, and coconuts for decades,” said Bhatiya.

Around six months ago, a few educated Dalits – a rarity in the village – had asked, through other castes, for permission to enter the temple. When this reached the ears of G. Shankarnarayan (88), head of the Bajjapila Ullakullu Temple Committee, he offered to perform the ‘tamboola puja’ wherein the deity is asked to offer a solution.

“During the puja, the deity told us that the Dalits had to donate a six-foot high bronze lamp and five kg of ghee made from buffalo milk. The deity would forgive past sins of the community,” he told The Hindu. Incidentally, the temple is at Moodekoolu, the hometown of the former Chief Minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda.

Since then the Dalits, most of them daily-wage workers, scrambled to collect funds. The puja itself cost Rs. 20,000, pujas at three other local temples, and the lamp made in Coimbatore took the cost up to around Rs. 1 lakh.

‘Paying for sins?’

“Each house paid Rs. 2,500, after months of saving. We don’t know if it is a bribe or we’re paying for the sins of the community. But we’re happy this is over and we can go inside the temple,” said Sundar (38), whose family, including his mother Ammani (68), and his one-year-old child Mokshita, hitherto braved the winter cold on the streets of Sullia around 8 km away during the procession.


However, the people of the village said there continues to be forms of that cannot be rectified by pujas.

The Adi Dravida still have no entry into the house of upper castes; are considered untouchables by the upper-castes who do not touch them even while giving wages for working in their fields; they do not have access to water in their wells while food is served outside the house only on plantain leaves.


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