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Achilles Rasquinha

June 1, 2013 by thejalebichronicles

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Snow-white stubble, saffron pride, jaguar style. Narendra Modi never fails to be the most controversial man since the Big Bang. His Vibrant Gujarat propaganda has been rubbed over every face of other ruling states as his chest continues to inflate with blissful air. His smile is similar to that of Lincoln, and Lincoln never smiled. BJP’s unshaken hope and Hindu-nationalists’ new demigod: Shri Narendra Modi remains an icon in the eyes of every saffron soul in India. But wait before you put your faith into what has been called ‘Prime Minister’ material, there is more that remains hidden than open.

Myth 1: “Modi’s Gujaratonomics!”
The debunking myth revolving around the so-called “Gujaratonomics” that Modi boasts all about is that he hasn’t raised the stakes high at all. Why do people fail to decipherer this myth?

The GDP of a state could be considered the most primary indicator to denote whether a sector is healthy in terms of its economy or not. Let us consider the GDP of Gujarat and 4 other states over the past three decades.













Tamil Nadu








Andhra Pradesh




Analyse the rate of gross GDP over the three decades. During 1991-1998, the rate of gross GDP of Gujarat reaches impressively and is almost two times more than that with respect to the previous decade. However, during 2002-2012 (Modi regime), there isn’t much difference with respect to its past performance or at the same time in comparison with the other states.

The reason for a radical change during the decade pre-Modi regime is due to a master strategist, Chimanbhai Patel who served as the Chief Minister of Gujarat in 1990-91 and 1993-1994. Chimanbhai Patel is considered as the “Father of Modern Industrial Gujarat” which came into existence due to his industrialization master plan. So Growth of Gujarat pre-dates Modi.

Here is more. During Chimanbhai Patel’s reign, the Net Domestic Product (NDP) of the state was 16.75% per annum, not to forget that India wasn’t a massive growth engine as it is today. On the other hand, during Modi’s tenure, the NDP of the state remains 16.25% per annum, comparatively less to that what Chimanbhai has achieved. One must also consider that Modi has served as the Chielf Minister of the state for almost a decade while Chimanbhai served comparatively less than half of Modi’s tenure. Modi may have sustained the growth rate but he is surely not the “messiah” for Gujarat’s economic growth, something we all fail to decipher.

There is no doubt about Modi’s Gujarat reaching the top five states in terms of GDP. Today, Maharashtra, UP, AP and Tamil Nadu too reach the top five chart.

So Mr. Modi, why all the hype and boast?

Myth 2: “The Modi Operandi: Potential? I think not.”
Modi isn’t the only one who boasts all about Gujarat’s urbanized development and at the same time, who fails to meet the needs of the weaker sections of the society. History repeats itself and here is why.

A man of name Nara Chandrababu Naidu of Andhra Pradesh served as the Chief Minister of the state until from 1995 to 2004, almost a 10 year regime and impressively similar to Modi’s tenure. Chandrababu Naidu provided an enormous boon in the urban areas of Hyderabad in terms of development in the IT sector, technology, healthcare facilities, infrastructure, etc. Emphasizing on urbanization was his core agenda. He would often chant slogans saying “Bye-Bye Bangalore, Hello Hyderabad!” However, Chandrababu lost the 2004 elections and a reason to this was his weak propaganda for the rural sections of the state who succumbed to ill-fate due to drought in the state and which also led many farmers to commit suicide.

Here is a similar scenario. Modi has been rubbing his ‘Vibrant Gujarat’ propaganda all over and over every face of the other ruling states. But the same Modi government fails to sustain Gujarat’s greatest life line, something more controversial than the man himself: the Narmada Dam Project.


In the year 2007, the Modi government promised the state that the project will be completed by 2010. But the same government extends the deadline to 2014. Here’s more. The Modi government also stated that the project will channelize 75,000 km of canals for irrigation and agricultural needs and for drinking water. But during his 10 year regime, Modi failed to complete err…not even 10,000 km of canals, almost 70% of the work yet to be done. And this is what the sensational Gujarat is all about.

The complete project expects to irrigate more than 75% of Gujarat’s drought-prone areas consisting 1.845 million hectors and would raise the agricultural growth by 6%. But the current scenario tells another tale.

In Modi’s Gujarat, water from the Narmada which is meant for irrigation and drinking, is being supplied to industries, thus neglecting the people of drought prone areas. Thought Modi’s Gujarat is pro-societal on all levels? Think again. In Modi’s Gujarat, no Narmada water for dalits. Farmers who have put their faith on his flawed promises still await today for the waters from the Narmada to reach their fields.

“It’s been 20 years since I have been farming and have been waiting for the Narmada water to reach my field. But unfortunately, the canals have not been laid so there is no water and I cannot irrigate my farm. I am still waiting.” – 
Khumansinh Jadeja from Dhangadhra town, Saurashtra

Alas, there has been a plague of suicides committed by farmers in Gujarat who’ve failed to pay their debts due to the drought-hit, a death toll reaching more than 135 in the past five years. Has Modi got to say anything to this? But no. Modi unashamedly blames the Central government (who plays no role in the project), or in his words, “anti-Gujarati forces” for the non-completion of this project. Instead of playing a blame-game, why has Modi blatantly failed to understand the potentiality of this massive project?

Myth 3: “When I glanced through 2001 census in 2004, it gave me goose bumps!”– Narendra Modi at the FICCI Ladies Meet, 2013.

There is no doubt that Mr. Modi never ‘glanced through the 2011 census in 2013’. If he did, he would have fainted! Let’s compare Gujarat’s goose-bumping 2001 census with 2011.


Sex Ratio drops from 921 to 918 while the Child Sex Ratio drops with a heavy downfall of 964 to 886. This hasn’t been a case in almost every state, something Modi is unable to boast about.

One might say that this is a clear understanding of what takes place in the rural niches of Gujarat. The case reveals itself in a large part in the urbanized cities like Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, etc; almost 2.5 lakh girls are missing during 2004 to 2011. Why?

– Wide-spread use of sex-selective abortions.
– No penal code against the misuse of the PNDT Act which bans
sex-selection testing.
– Failure to track down pregnancies during registration and delivery.

Pfft! And this is what the Governance in Gujarat is all about.

Myth 4: “Faith in Faith, restored?”

Now here is a reason why one must fear if the BJP comes into power. In the year 2003 (during the Modi regime), the Hindu nationalist political party passed an anti-conversion law in the state of Gujarat. This means that even by freedom of choice, Hindus in the state of Gujarat are prohibited from converting to Christianity. According to the rules implemented in 2008, anyone willing to convert will have to go through herculean procedures until permission for conversion has been granted by the governmentFail to do so, and the person may be imprisoned for a year and sanctioned with a fine.

Gujarat is among the five states who have adopted the anti-conversion law. But unlike other states which merely provide  intimation of conversions, the state of Gujarat grants permission for conversions and considers it as a criminal offence on failing to abide by the law. Now why one must fear?

Article 25 of our constitution clearly states “all persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right freely to profess, practise and propagate religion.” It also mentions that the state mustn’t intervene in any case of free and voluntary conversion from one religion to another but however, it does. So the anti-conversion rules violates the basic Fundamental Right to Freedom of Religion.

Why has Modi’s BJP passed this unconstitutional law? According to the party, the answer is ’forced conversions’ which are taking place in Gujarat. But in 2008, leader of the All India Christian Council (AICC), Samson Christian disclosed the truth regarding the so-called ‘forced conversions’ occurring in Gujarat under the Right to Information Act 2005. After the law had been passed and till today, only one two complaints alleging ‘forcible’ conversions has taken place in the state. I guess the Hindu nationalists require a stronger justification as to why they have passed this unconstitutional law. Let’s not forget about the constant harassment on Christian workers by Hindu nationalists.

The point isn’t about enchanting “Jai Shri Ram” in the niches of the country or illegally pasting ‘Jesus loves you’ over every wall, but why curb the basic Fundamental Right which remains secular in the eyes of all? Wasn’t Hinduism a liberal religion anyway?

Mr. Modi is just one talking sock-puppet on Sesame Street. He fails to open his eyes to poverty and only looks to prosperity. The face of Hinduvta rage is burning in him; one can expect the rise of communalism if this man comes to power. Moreover, Modi unashamedly takes undue credit, be it in regards to Gujarat’s growth or even women’s empowerment to which he has no hand in; also considering the increased number of farmer suicides across Gujarat, malnutrition prevailing in the state and much more. Urbanization has been his core agenda but it has only increased a potential divide among societies within the state, thus neglecting the social suppression taking place in the rural niches of Gujarat. Economical facts about the state are surely noteworthy but yet again, why has Modi fail to uproot grass-root problems and instead, works on covering them up with questionable development which was not his idea in the first place?

Overall, call him a ‘Mollusionist!’ as he mesmerises his targets with his charming oratorical skills, private investment propagandas, claims and much more flawed claims. Never consider Mr. Modi to be the ‘only option left’ for he is a one you neither can love nor hate, but you cannot ignore him.




#India – How Narendra Modi rules by changing the laws #Gujarat


Last updated on: April 5, 2013 11:00 IST

Gujarat Chief Minister Modi has started changing laws that go against him. In last state assembly session he introduced three bills to change the prevailing legal provisions that were inconvenient to him, says Vidyut Joshi.

They say that an autocrat changes the law if it does not suit his political goals. Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has started doing the same by changing laws that go against him.

In last state assembly session he introduced three bills to change the prevailing legal provisions.

They are: The Common Universities Act, Gujarat, The Irrigation Act and the Gujarat Lokayukt Act. All these three acts had provisions that were detrimental to his absolute rule.

Let us start with the Lokayukt Act.

The Modi government did not appoint a Lokayukt for nine years .Finally the governor, after due consultation with the chief justice, the chief minister and the leader of opposition appointed Justice R A Mehta as Lokayukt.

Mehta is known for his anti-corruption attitudes. Modi went to the high court against the governor’s decision. He lost there. He then went to the Supreme Court and lost.

Everybody thought that Mehta will now be able to take charge. But Mehta was not given such an indication by the state government. The office premise of Lokayukt is closed for last nine years.

Modi filed a curative petition in the Supreme Court and before hearings could take place, he carried out necessary amendments in the Lokayukt Act and deleted the provision indicating the Governor’s role in the appointment of the Lokayukt.

Now a committee will recommend the Lokayukt and the chief minister will ratify and appoint the Lokayukt. The upper age limit is 72 and justice Mehta is 76. No chance for Justice Mehta to investigate charges of corruption in the state.

Another such amendment is in the Irrigation Act.

Gujarat has provisions for irrigation through water users’ Associations. In the Narmada projects there should be 3,300 water users associations. They have been formed on paper. None is functional.

Same is the case of peoples’ participation in other projects. You do not find real participation. In the year of partial drought, there were chances of big scale opposition by farmers.

To meet with this situation, Modi brought an amendment to the Irrigation Act and changed the provision of people’s participation to water contractors. Now water is state property and the government will appoint water contractors to manage resources.

Now nobody can dig a well without a license from the government. One who draws water from any water resource without permission will be fined or jailed.
Irrigation studies clearly indicate that irrigation efficiency remains at 30 percent where government manages water resources, where as it rises up to 65 percent if people manage their water resources. After all true democracy lies in peoples’ participation. Modi has done away with that.

The third case is that of higher education.

Higher education is always a powerful democratising lobby in Gujarat. Remember the Nav-nirmaan agitation in 1974.

The Chimanbhai Patel ministry had to go because of this agitation. This time also the discontent in higher education is simmering. At two universities, Modi could not appoint a vice-chancellor of his choice.

At one place, the VC appointed by him had to resign because of court charges of corruption. The earlier vice-chancellor of Gujarat University, a Modi devotee had also to face court cases. That matter is still pending.

The newly appointed VC, again a Modi devotee, had to face charges of corruption and alcoholism. Opposition to the authorities of Universities is increasing. There have been several strikes.

The last senate meeting of Gujarat University was acrimonious, where the VC could not attend.

The meeting ended with clearing many agenda items. Now every university in Gujarat has its own act and provisions with its own autonomy.

Modi brought a common Universities Act and brought every state university under a single act. He did away with elections in University authority bodies and introduced a provision of appointment by the Government.

Now the role of education department of the government is predominant. Universities will take orders from the state department. The education commissioner will be the de facto vice chancellor.
Changing rules of the game to suit you is the character of an autocrat.

#India – Five Narendra Modi lies that must be nailed

Prashant Panday
11 March 2013, 09:35 AM

English: Image of Narendra Modi at the World E...

Prashant Panday
11 March 2013,, TOI
Speaking to US NRIs yesterday, Modi claimed that the growth rate in India had “lost momentum” in the last 6-7 years. Well, Modi is used to dishing out mis-truths and blatant lies; so this was just one more in a series. India’s growth in the last 6-7 years has been exemplary by any standard, with GDP growth hitting 9.2% just last year.

Let me group all of Modi’s lies into 5 distinct categories:

1)    Comparing Gujarat with India: Even a 5th standard student knows what averages are. India’s GDP growth represents the average of all states – dynamic ones like Gujarat, Maharashtra, AP, Haryana and TN as well as poor performing ones like Rajasthan, UP, MP, Karnataka, and (in the past), Bihar and Orissa. Quite obviously Gujarat growth rate will be higher than India’s. When Modi uses this to show that he would make a better PM than Manmohan Singh, it’s plain chicanery. What he should do is compare Gujarat – a powerhouse since decades – with other powerhouse states. But he’s smart. He won’t do that!

2)    Gujarat growth barely comparable with other big states: The top 5 states in terms of state GDP are Maharashtra, UP, AP, TN and Gujarat in that order. Modi will be embarrassed to note that the pecking order of these states has remained largely intact over the last 6-7 years (since 2004-5) – in spite of Modi’s “dynamic” rule. The only exception is that WB used to be 5th back then, and is now just behind Gujarat. Let’s look at how much each state economy has expanded over this period and I am using data from Wikipedia here (which in turn quotes the Ministry of statistics and Program Implementation Govt. Of India). Between 2004-5 and 2010-11, the Maharashtra GDP has expanded 2.49 times in nominal terms, Gujarat’s by 2.52 times, Tamil Nadu’s by 2.50 times, UP’s by 2.28 times, AP’s by 2.62 times and West Bengal’s by 2.27 times. So Gujarat has kept pace with the big states; nothing more, nothing less. Compared to the noise that Modi makes, the actual numbers are nothing to write home!

3)    Takes undue credit: Gujaratis are genetic coded to demand that any CM of the state has to be business minded. Remember Gujarat is a state in which college graduates take up jobs only when they cannot start their own business. And even when they do jobs, almost all of them do something “on the side”. It may be playing the stock market, or doing a small side business in the wife’s name. Growth in Gujarat pre-dates Modi. This is proven by the growth rates recorded during the tenures of the previous CMs. For the purpose of this analysis, I have used Net State Domestic Product at factor cost at constant prices in Rupees as the measure of economic growth. The data taken is from the RBI’s “Handbook of Statistics of Indian Economy” readily available on the internet. Under Modi (between 2002-3 to 2009-10), the average growth rate in Gujarat in nominal terms has been 16.25% per annum. In the Keshubhai Patel era (1998-99 to 2001-02), Gujarat grew at only 7.5% per annum. BJP messed up during Keshubhai’s time and that’s one reason he was replaced. Take the period before Keshubhai Patel. There was a period of rapid changes in CMs in Gujarat between 94-95 and 98-99; the BJP, Congress and the Rashtriya Janata Party ruled the state and achieved between 14% and 31% growth rates. The previous strongman of Gujarat used to be Chimanbhai Patel who ruled as CM from 1990-91 to 1993-94. The growth rate during his period was 16.75%. Err…..higher than what Modi achieved. Prior to Chimanbhai Patel was the rule of the Congress for 10 years from 1980-81 to 1989-90. During this period of time, Madhvsinh Solanki and Amarsingh Chaudhary were the Congress CMs in the state. The growth rate during these ten years was 14.8% – a shade lower than Modi’s achievements. Remember back then, India wasn’t quite the dynamic growth engine it is today. Modi can surely take credit for sustaining Gujarat’s growth; but he cannot claim to be the diva of India’s growth miracle!

4)    Vibrant Gujarat: The biggest lie that Modi dishes out is Vibrant Gujarat. Modi talks of “lacs of crores” of investments “promised” to the state. But promises have not translated into actual investments. A recent report shows that not even 20% of that investment has actually materialized over the last 4 years. The Tatas, the Ambanis, all claim to love Modi and Gujarat and they heap praise on him. They realize Modi loves such public encomium and these business leaders are smart enough to give him that. But they also love Prithviraj Chavan and Maharashtra, Bhupinder Singh Hooda and Haryana, Jayalalitha/Karunanidhi and TN and whoever it is in AP. Businessmen want pragmatic governance and all these states offer that. The only difference is that these states are quiet performers, while Modi croons from the roof top.

5)    Hides all non-GDP data: And the last lie of course is that by talking only about GDP growth, Modi diverts attention from everything else. Be it is his communal record (he hasn’t apologized for the post-Godhra riots, or for the fake encounter killings), or his state’s data on Human Development Indices (The HDI for Gujarat, in 2008, was 0.527 and it ranked 10th among major states), or social indicators (In Gujarat, the Life Expectance at Birth during 2002-06 was 64.1 years and it ranked ninth among major Indian states. In the areas of Mean Years of Schooling and School Life Expectancy, during 2004-05, it ranked seventh and ninth, respectively. Kerala ranked first in all three indicators. Even Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka performed much better than Gujarat (source: Gujarat: Myth and reality: Dr Bhalchandra Mungekar Jun 12, 2012, TOI online edition), Gujarat is a laggard. This is what prompted Chidambaram to state in his budget speech that this is not the growth model that the UPA wants to practice.

The real truth is that the Gujarat economic story has to be narrated correctly. The public has to know the real truth. Even if it takes a hundred such posts. Of course Gujarat is a developed state; just as developed as Maharashtra, AP, Haryana and TN. That’s why people come back impressed from Ahmedabad. But is Modi being truthful by claiming credit for all this? No way. In fact, he is lying through his teeth. And its time the lies are exposed….


Justice for Dipesh and Abhishek Vaghela, murdered at #Asarambapu Ashram #dhongibaba

They were murdererd in  JULY 2008

This is plea for justice of two souls Dipesh & Abhishek Vaghela (aged 10) who were murdered in asaram bapu ashram in Ahemedabad. Then their bodies were later found by Asaram ashram worker and in the mean time 8 people of asaram ashram staff had came to the kins house to take parents to a different location. (That was done to pass time, so parents shouldn’t come to know, but only come to know at the time when asaram will say ok and that will be in night), They wanted it to be night when bodies to be found so there shouldn’t be any public agitation.

But later in the evening at 8 pm parents were taken to the bodies spot by asaram bapu & narayan prem sai (asaram son) where they said bodies were found. Parents knew something is fishy as for two days ashram is playing tricks with them. Parents broke their silence after looking at the bodies why they are were thrown away from ashram. Both children used to live & board in ashram, as besides other businesses asaram also runs so called school which are run by people whose parents themselves are looking for their children. But so called teachers are slaves who are working considering asaram as god and then they also teach children what is guru sewa and all that stuff. By the time these children will grow up they will become slaves again as there are so many people in ashram who are in ashram from years but because they have no access to the outside world information they are limited in the confined boundary and information which is provided by asaram itself. But as soon as some one leaves ashram even after staying inside for years they are threatened , beaten as per all the FIR‘s already filed by ex-inmates. Then asaram files cases against ex inmates in lot of cases like terrorist, or sex with female disciples. Remember all of these ex inmates become sex offenders as soon as they leave ashram.

All ashram properties are grabbed cheated or forged by asaram as per number of photocopies of property deeds in Asaram Ka Tamasha (listed on anti asaram site). When Ahemedabad closed down as everyone knows what happens inside ashram and they wanted to close down asaram & narayan ashrams then asaram came on TV and in all his so called satsangs said i will hang myself if my ashram did it. Because there is smell his son narayan Prem Sai is involved in these murders so he did lot of efforts to stop the investigation. Hon. Court even ordered the NARCO test on ashram staff, but money can buy lot of things in India so so far both father and son are still out of jail. Case is intentionally being dragged by lawyers of asaram who are well paid by asaram. Parents are waiting for fair trial. Parents had been demanding CBI inquiry as Modi who is chief Minister of Gujarat & Advani who was running for PM are both close to asaram and have long past in lot of other cases. What will happen if murderers becoming PM or helping murderers to keep on murdering children in the name of superstitions. It’s really sad that besides these two children there are number of other murders listed on anti asaram web site http://asaram.wordpress.com/ which have witnesses and some other murders which are done to hide the previous murders. List goes on … It’s sad … We wanted to raise this issue as this case can be solved even by a honest hawaldaar as so many insiders can tell the tales who left after getting to know from outside what is reality. It’s not good to kill people for any superstitions. Parents keep on loosing their children in asaram ashram, either they are murdered or not handed back to the family and families are helpless as no one in government wants to take action. What happened ? We thought there was law for people ? There is no law if you call yourself as GOD ?

What happened to the person who found the bodies ?
Why asaram sent two autos filled with his goons with lathis at 11:30 pm in night to beat family where bodies were found ? (Because asaram came to know some of inside story has been leaked to parents).
Why is it taking over 10 months even to file an FIR with asaram name on it, & one man Trivedi commission for a murder investigation ?
Why asaram stopping investigation by not letting his workers for Narco ?
How many families were able to rescue their children from asaram ashram ?
Why every worker when leaves is disgusted, how asaram manipulated them inside ashram to make fool of people and get their money.
Why asaram poisoned the women who came on TV & exposed his sexual tales of ashram?
Did all those parents received their children back from asaram which asaram claimed he was fixing them because they had problems at home ? or asaram exploiting them to work as slaves and parents dying even after appealing to entire India ? What asaram did to those children (some were murdered, some are working as brainwashed slaves in ashram, and parents were poisoned by asaram sent goons)

What is the track record of asaram ? How many murders actually has happened in all of his ashrams ?
How many bodies were disposed by Orrisa people of his ashram till date ?
Asaram is a habitual liar, as seen on TV and on the videos posted by him on youtube against former employees who tried to file FIR against him, after he was threatened to murder by his son narayan prem sai aka womanizer narayan aka haramkhor as said by asaram on TV.
The list can go on as told by Slavecult.com by looking at the facts and intentions of asaram. You can’t hide your crimes by wearing white and putting red light on your car as all criminals who are politicians do that too but justice system will get them.

We demand fair investigation and we are sure justice system will do miracle in putting an end to criminals who have become contractor for GOD.

source- facebook page

FROM 2008 TILL TODAY whats has happend

IN december 2009

Spiritual guru Asaram Bapu  booked for attempt to murder a former trustee of his ashrams in Gujarat and Rajasthan, Raju  Chandak, who was shot at by two unidentified bikers late on Saturday night. The incident took place in Sabarmati area, quite near the sect’s headquarters, at 9 pm.

The assailants fired at Chandak thrice, hitting him in the right shoulder and back. He was rushed to Sal Hospital where his condition is stable. Sabarmati police recorded his statement in hospital where he said that, after serving as a trustee for 20 years, he had dissociated himself because of “immoral activities” in the ashrams. After the mysterious death of two boys,Dipesh and Abhishek Vaghela, at Motera ashram in Ahmedabad earlier this year, he had given a damning statement against the ashram to the inquiry panel probing the deaths.

Since then, Chandak claimed, he was getting telephonic threats from Ghaziabad and Delhi. On Saturday evening, he left work in Bapunagar, where he runs an incense-making factory, for home in Sabarmati. After crossing the Chimanbhai Patel overbridge, two unidentified persons on a bike caught up with him near Sabarmati Arts and Commerce College and fired at him. Hit by bullets, he managed to flee the spot and reach home at Mahavir Apartment. “Chandak has alleged that the murder attempt was at the behest of Asaram Bapu. We are investigating and also trying to track down the shooters,” said inspector of Sabarmati police station, MB Joshi.

The criminal case under Section 307 (attempt to murder) IPC and 25 of the Arms Act was registered against him and two others for allegedly attempting to murder Chandak, a former follower of the religious guru.

The FIR was lodged following an attack on Chandak who was shot at by two unidentified persons in Ramnagar locality of Sabarmati on December 5, 2009.

Chandak had testified against Asaram before the D K Trivedi Commission probing the mysterious death of two ashram boys Dipesh and Abhishek Vaghela.

The Gujarat High Court has rejected Asaram Bapu’s petition seeking quashing of the FIR against him.in dec 2009 and Jna 2010 Suppreme court also rejected

In September 2012-Asaram Bapu booked for hitting lensman, in september 2012,booked under Section 323 of IPC (voluntarily causing hurt) on the complaint of cameraperson Sachin Kumar,”

I dec 2012, finally he deposed

AHMEDABAD: Spiritual guru Asaram Bapu has claimed that a conspiracy had been hatched with the help of foreign forces to malign his ashram and Hindu religion. Asaram appeared before Justice D K Trivedi commission on Saturday after disregarding several summons.

He came to the commission in connection with the mysterious death of two boys — Dipesh and Abhishek Waghela — who used to study at the Asaram ashram’s residential school in Motera. With hundreds of his supporters shouting slogans outside the inquiry commission’s office, Asaram defended his sadhaks hard saying that they were not negligent and had no role to play in the boys’ death. Though he did not have anything to say about the alleged conspiracy behind the mysterious death of two kids in 2008, he did term the incident as “unfortunate”.

In response to flurry of questions shot by the commission chairman, he said, “I was told by the warden of Gurukul Pankaj Saxena that a person had come to Gurukul before this incident happened. He might have tried to abduct the children, and his name was also revealed later, which I cannot say here because I do not want to defame the conspirator.” However, upon the commission’s insistence, Asaram said what he could remember is that there was a person called Gosai.

Asaram told the commission that he came to know about this conspiracy on July 18, when he came to the city. The kids disappeared on July 3 and on July 5, their decomposed bodies were found at Sabarmati riverbed.

Putting forth a conspiracy theory, Asaram said, “Conspiracy was not just concerning these children, but to defame the Hindu religion. Media has played a supporting role for foreign forces which were after us. These forces were actually trying to work towards an ulterior motive of religious conversion. Such efforts are going on since Buddha and Mahavir era.”

When the commission asked how he could hide this information in such a sensitive matter, Asaram said that he had intimated the office bearers of Motera Gurukul to furnish this information about conspiracy to police and other authorities concerned. However, Asaram fumbled frequently in explaining his conspiracy theory and said that the conspirator had left the ashram nearly 10 days before he reached. He also claimed that the name was revealed just more than a month after the incident.

Asaram denied charges of black magic being practised in his ashrams. He also dubbed all allegations of him practising black magic as false and said that his rebels are behind this propaganda. He denied giving instructions to sadhaks to perform black magic to trace the kids, when he came to know about their disappearance.

Asaram’s deposition lasted for nearly seven hours, and he was the last witness to be examined by the commission. The probe commission has examined 211 persons in the last four years.


Kractivism-Gonaimate Videos

Protest to Arrest

Faking Democracy- Free Irom Sharmila Now

Faking Democracy- Repression Anti- Nuke activists


Kamayaninumerouno – Youtube Channel


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