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CGNet Swara (Chhattisgarh Net Voice)  is a great example of “Karcktivism “, it gives voice to the tribal population of Chattisgarh, India, by providing them with a voice-based portal where they can report local issues using a landline or mobile phone. CGNet Swara is a new audio-based citizen journalism service in Chhattisgarh, India. Citizen journalists can call a phone number to record news, and listeners can call in to hear news recorded by citizens around them. When citizen journalists call, they simply press 1 to record news and record some audio onto the system. Listeners can call the same number, press 2, and hear the last three items that the moderators have selected to be published on to the service.

The moderators receive requests via email when a citizen journalist posts content, after which they verify the report (sometimes adding notice that a report isn’t verified, sometimes investigating more, on a case-by-case basis), edit the recording, and publish it. There are currently three moderators, all professionally trained journalists.

CGNet Swara moderators use a Google SMS channel (a free SMS group service in India) to send out an SMS after a news report is published. The SMS includes the number recipients can call to hear the report. Selected stories are sent out to the CGNet mailing list, an open mailing list made up of citizen journalists, activists, expatriates, mainstream journalists, and others that are interested in Chhattisgarh. Selected stories are also translated to Hindi by moderators, so that those in the CGNet mailing list can understand reports

 How CGnet Swara Works !

How CGnet Swara Works !

So pick uo the phone- the news is calling

Log on to Welcome to CGnet Swara

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  1. Reechesh J Chhaya
    Sep 11, 2012 @ 04:59:25

    Voice is raised !


  2. Renuka
    Jul 24, 2014 @ 16:40:45

    Wow…. this is so kool… I was randomly on goolgle & happened to visit this website… I loved it…wow…


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