Faking Happiness- Vedanta Khushi vs Vedanta ki Vedana #socialmedia #CSR


Corporate mining giant  Vedanta has been violating the human rights of tribals in Odisha for  many  years now. The Dongria Kondhs, a primitive tribe, has been forced to relinquish their rights over their homeland, and cultural and livelihood resources to accommodate the company’s refinery and mines complex. The company’s mines, no matter how benign, will rip through a hill that is the sacred deity of the tribe that has lived in these hills for centuries without leaving a trace on the sensitive ecosystem of the biodiverse watershed forests. The hills that are slotted for mining are home to the Golden Gecko, a species that figures in IUCN’s Red List of endangered species. The Niyamgiri Mountains are the primary source of drinking water for the entire area, apart from being the source of two important rivers of Orissa Nagabali and Vamsadhara which are the lifeline of at least 50000 people downstream.

Research by Amnesty International and other local and international groups documents the serious and continuing pollution caused by the refinery’s operations. Despite the string of decisions against Vedanta, the company has failed to remedy the pollution.

In March this year shortly after Vedanta launched its public relations campaign,  called ‘ creating happiness “. – a series of short films about Vedanta that aired on 37 TV channels – was an advertising campaign conceived by India’s ad guru Piyush Pandey of Ogilvy & Mather. It was launched with a technically slick film that focused on the apparent happiness of Binno, a small girl in Rajasthan, when she discovers that she can get an education from the anganwadis (child day care centres) set up by the company.

We launched our  FAKING HAPPINESS CAMPAIGN with series of open letters and call for short film competition, showing the true picture of Vedanta. Following  our onslaught,  Shyam Benegal and  Gul Panag withdrew from the jury saying they were unaware of Vedanta’s role in the competition. At the end of the day, Vedanta’s PR campaign backfired badly.

Now once again Vedanta ,as they claim have launched first social media campaign ‘ Vedanta ‘ Khushi”   , and we are back with a BANG.

Here is the launch of our, ‘ VEDANTA ki VEDANA” Campaign.  We launch our first Music Video- ‘Vedanta Saddan”

Lyrics are by- Rahul Yogi Deveshwar

Singer- Madan Shukla

Edited and Adapted by- Kamayani Bali Mahabal

A big THANKS to Music Inn  support for the recording

The Facebook page says-KHUSHI” is a mission started on fulfilling the objective and let know the world that we do “Care for the Under-Privileged Children” – their Nutrition – Education – Health and overall development. “KHUSHI” – a Vedanta Group initiative – is a mission to bring in together like minded people, particularly youth of today, to spread this awareness amongst colleagues, friends, relatives and people around, through word of mouth or through e-medium and the way one feels would be useful.

And we know what an apt time to start the campaign when Vedanta is fighting for its existence

The Supreme Court is due to make a final decision on the challenge posed to the Environment Ministry’s stop to the Niyamgiri mine on 11th January, 2013 . In its December 6th hearing the Supreme Court concluded that the case rested on whether the rights of the indigenous Dongia Kond’s – who live exclusively on that mountain – could be considered ‘inalienable or compensatory’. The previous ruling by Environment and Forests minister Jairam Ramesh in August 2010 prevented Vedanta from mining the mountain due to violations of environment and forestry acts. The challenge to this ruling has been mounted by the Orissa Mining Corporation, a state owned company with 24% shares in the joint venture to mine Niyamgiri with Vedanta, begging questions about why a state company is lobbying so hard for a British mining company in whom it has only minority shares in this small project. (see http://infochangeindia.org/environment/features/niyamgiri-a-temporary-reprieve.html)




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  1. Rakesh
    Dec 21, 2012 @ 14:11:13

    I am a member of Khushi campaign and I am surprised at the write-up you have written. It not only seems very biased but also makes me think about your nationality. Are you Indian by the way ? Because, I dont believe any Indian would do all this against such a mission. The country is moving towards a big problem and here you are busy working against a company. Why are you linking it with Vedanta or any other company, its a national problem and any company creating awareness and also doing work in the direction needs appreciation. Do you think we about 21,000 members are fools. I do not understand and also would not like to understand your motive. Keep it to yourself. Neither you are any support to the cause nor you are a contributor, I can only presume you are forming your identity through criticism. I would appreciate if you appreciate this mission where a number of intellectuals have already joined and are contributing rather than writing all this. If you feel, and respect India.


    • Poppy
      Dec 22, 2012 @ 14:15:22

      Hi Rakesh, while you are at it, it’s good to ask WHY Vedanta has this campaign now. The campaign is only a cover for the exploitation Vedanta does (if you haven’t figured it out already :-/). There are thousands of organisations that genuinely work for the interests of the poor. If you really care, may be it’s time to move to any group that does genuine work.


  2. Rahul Yogi deveshwar
    Dec 22, 2012 @ 15:36:59

    Dear Rakesh ! Quite Emotional Black Male is coming out from your Statement , hmmm.. I can understand . Britishers made us Slaves for more than 300 years , YES .. I accept .. they contributed in Development also ( Railways , Structural Administrations etc , etc ) , Does that means to say that We Indian were FOOL fighting for Independence. There were about 100000 Lakh Englishmen and quite obviously they were involved in Feeding India in Many ways , and most of them were Intellectuals, some of them are Legends of World History . and on the Other side , the Fight for Kicking them out started with JUST ONE PERSON, JUST ONE THOUGHT , JUST ONE IDEA .

    it is not a secret anymore about the ill Practices of Vedanta , I do not know in Which area of India you live , but I invite you to visit South Orissa once and I give you just one reason out of the several valid reasons at-least I know Support of this revolution ; have you heard the name of river Vasmadhara which flows in Niyamgiri foothills passes from Kalinga Patanm and Falls in Bay of Bengal . I extend support to you by telling you that you can take the help of google , you can also see how much long stretch this is …

    Vedanta throws its RED MUD waste of Bauxite in this river , as the waste management Plant and Plan both Failed . This RED MUD is externally poisonous . and now a days Flowing in river water Begning from Vedanta’s Plant in Niyamgiri Foot hills till Bay of Bengal .
    The Adivasis who lives in surrounding areas are facing serious health Problems; Look at the Skins of those people .. I am sure you wont be able to eat for few days remembering the horriable Pictures of those innocents .

    What I am trying to say is if Vedanta is so serious about the causes concerning India ,,, why do not they look inside their own underarms.

    Same is the story with air , forest land , Farming land …

    I do understand people of India always comes forward to help and extends selfless support in such MISSIONS … but I will end by saying .. what KHUSHI vedanta will extend to those childs who are Victims of RED MUD poison ..

    Wake up and understand Vedanta just wants to hide its Face of criticism through VEDANTA KHUSHI and making FOOL of 21000 people , including few Intellectuals.

    Wake up my dear friend …


  3. Pavan
    Dec 23, 2012 @ 22:40:33

    Mr rahul and mr poppy.. I am surprised at your intelligence. Do you know or understand how red mud pond is made. You telling all members that all govt. bodies are useless and you are right in assessing the plant and you people without any technical knowledge are right.?. You should know how metals are made and what they are used for. What you use in your daily life 100% comes from metals.

    For Vedanta, we all understand why some sections of people talk against. Come out of british rule yourself, vedanta is only listed in london but the owner is Indian and he is the one who has invested foreign capital in India. but here some people live in India but work for london. You come and visit plants and see what leakage you talk about. Many of us have visited and yiu cant fool us. And KHUSHI is campaigh to create awareness about poor children. You will not understand as your and KHUSHI missions are different. Be Indian and support Indian, and appreciate what they doing for India.

    We know about all Orissa. For your knowledge, Niyamgiri is 250sqkm range and the area which is untouched and without mining activity was only 3.5sqkm. Dont misguide people. When there is no mining what problem you talking about.

    Be part of good work. The easiest way is to criticize. Surprisingly 7000 people livelihood is at stake and most of them are from Orissa. Surprisingly, you people are still on your track to spread fabricated information.

    We are not having debate with you. If you are part of a good campaign fine, or be confined to your views. Dont mind my saying, think constructive and you will find good things. If fault finding is mission then let us accept and agree neither you nor me are 100% perfect.


  4. Soumya
    Dec 23, 2012 @ 22:54:40

    Mr. Popy, who are you to advise who we should support and who not. We know Vedanta and the good work the company does. And regarding why Veanta is doing now, whats your problem. You have a problem with good work or you cant digest good work. We are atleast doing some good work what are you doing, sitting and criticizing. Thats it. Join. Khushi campaign you will feel better. Rest your wish.


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