How to Complaint Against errant Auto-Rickshaw Drivers in Delhi

It is very common with metropolitan of India that an auto-driver refuses to take you to your destination or does not follow meter installed or over charge from customer. Now, Delhi Traffic police is advertising the complaint policy and also started message service in which you can complaint about auto-driver by just noting his auto-rickshaw number and SMS to 56767. There is not only this step that you can follow but you can also use help of popular social networking sites like Facebook and twitter.

Steps to complaint against Auto-driver:-

1. SMS to 56767- if auto rickshaw refuses service, harasses in any way, does not go where you want to go, you can complaint by using Delhi traffic police SMS service. Send SMS OVC or MIS or HAR vehicle Registration Location Time> on 56767.

Eg. Send SMS <REF DL1RC3000 Janapth 1000hrs> to 56767.

  • REF- Refusal – If auto-driver does not allow you to take any where, you can use this code to send SMS.
  • OVC- Over Charging- if an auto-driver charges without measuring meter and over charge from you, you can use this OVC code to send SMS.
  • MIS-  Misbehavior- If an auto-driver misbehave with you during your journey, immediately send MIS code SMS to 56767.
  • HAR-  Harassment- If an auto-driver harass with you, you can complaint immediately to Delhi Traffic Police. For, harassment, the auto-driver can more hard punishment than any other complaints.

2. Use Helpline Number- If problem is worst for you while travelling in an auto-rickshaw, you can immediately call on 1095 or 25844444. It is 24×7 started helpline by Delhi Traffic Police and complaint will be listened and reacted as soon as possible.

3. Follow Social Networking Sites– You can also register complaint later on against the auto-driver. Only you have to note down his auto-rickshaw number. Page on Facebook is Delhi Traffic Police and follow on twitter – @delhipolice2. One can also use an email provided by Delhi Traffic Police.

4. Online Complaint Card- You can use online complaint card started by the Delhi Traffic police on their website. One has to fill all details related to complaint and can also mention brief description of 100 character against auto-rickshaw driver attitude.

Delhi Traffic Police has decided to take action against auto-rickshaw drivers within 24 hours of complaint registered. They are also working out on modalities to send an auto-generated text message to the complainant, acknowledging the receipt of the complaint along with a complaint registration number, so that he/she can follow up on the action taken.

Punjabshame – 11 men forcibly enter house, beat girl, family in Amritsar #Vaw #WTFnews

Five men arrested for assault on girl, her family in Amritsar


Press Trust of India | Updated: March 29, 2013 01:12 IST

 Five of the eleven men, who had allegedly thrashed a girl and her family members after barging into their house in Sadar area in Amritsar, were arrested on Friday.

“The five arrested persons are auto rickshaw drivers and rest of the accused, who are yet to be nabbed, are also in the same profession,” Deputy Police Commissioner (DCP) Amritsar Koustab Sharma said.

On Thursday night, in a shameful act, a group of eleven men allegedly were harassing the 21-year-old girl, who was returning from a tuition class, and followed her to Batala Road area where she lived with her parents.

When the girl’s father objected to their behaviour, they forcibly entered into the house and thrashed him and other family members.

Before leaving the house, they threatened them of dire consequences if the matter was reported, police said.

The DCP said,” there were eleven accused who trespassed in the house of the girl and five have been identified, arrested and booked.”

Rest of the accused will be arrested shortly, the officer said.

According to the family members of the girl, her right leg was fractured in the assault and she was admitted to a hospital where she is undergoing treatment.


 Delhi student gang-raped after leaving mall in an auto cried for help for 2 hours ; two arrested #Vaw

Reported by Sonal Mehrotra, Edited by Sindhu Manjesh | Updated: March 07,

 Delhi student gang-raped after leaving mall in an auto; two arrested
GhaziabadTwo of the three suspects in the gang-rape of a schoolgirl in Ghaziabad have been arrested today. The girl was gang-raped on Saturday after she took an auto-rickshaw  to head home from a mall in Ghaziabad, on the outskirts of Delhi, a little after 8 pm. The  auto had been stolen by three men who were on what the police describe as “a joyride.”The girl was told the two men sitting in the back were passengers.  “Shared autos” are a common practice here, partly because they make commuting cheaper, and because there’s a paucity of public transport.

The auto drove through multiple police check points for a journey that lasted more than two hours on Saturday night.  The men in the back  pinned the girl down and gagged her, preventing her from shouting for help, according to the police.

When the men had raped the teenager in a secluded area near a major highway, they threw her onto the road. But not before robbing her of her cash and cellphone.

Police patrol vans that were on duty did not spot the auto, or the abandoned girl.  She  was found lying bleeding near a highway by passers-by who took her to a police station.

The assault repeats the horrific details of the fatal gang-rape of a medical student in a moving bus in Delhi in December, which became the origin for massive street protests and tough new laws to punish crimes against women.  In that case, Amanat (NOT her real name) boarded a bus after visiting a South Delhi mall with a male friend.  A gang of men on the bus hit the couple with an iron rod, raped Amanat, and then threw her friend and her, naked and bleeding, onto the road.

Since then, the police has said that it has increased patrolling in areas like malls, which are visited frequently by women at nigh

#Delhigangrape -Mysterious woman who escaped #Vaw

DC |  Jan 7,2013 

New DelhiDelhi police are frantically searching for a girl who was spotted near the IIT flyover by the six accused, minutes before they picked up the 23-year-old paramedical student and gangraped her on December 16.

The accused, after robbing carpenter Ramdhar, wanted to lure a sex worker into their bus. They saw a girl in a black dress and planned to kidnap and gangrape her. The girl, unaware of their plans, took an autorickshaw before they could reach her. A police officer, on condition of anonymity, said the girl was waiting for transportation when she was spotted by the accused.

“The accused revealed it during interrogation. We are searching for the girl and auto driver. We will check CCTV footage from nearby hotels to identify the auto and the girl. They can help us strengthen the case,” he said.
The accused stopped the bus close to the girl, but she had already hired an autorickshaw. They  then turned towards Munirka, where the 23-year-old paramedical student and her male friend were waiting, and offered them a lift in the bus.

The accused, Pawan Gupta and Vinay Sharma, told the police during interrogation that they had planned to rob and gangrape the girl who had hired an autorickshaw.



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