Police implicates CPI(ML) in Maoist attack in Garhwa

Lives of our comrades – including an elected woman zila parishad leader Sushma Mahto, and State Com. member Akhtar Ansari – abducted by Maoists are in danger. And police is torturing other leaders including elected mukhiya Ramdas Minz in custody.

Police in Garhwa has falsely tried to implicate CPI(ML) in yesterday’s Maoist attack in the area. A Maoist landmine blast killed 13 policemen. Not far away from the spot, the CPI(ML) led by Zila Parishad Chairperson Sushma Mahto was holding a roadblock and protest on some local issues. The Maoists abducted Comrade Sushma, her bodyguard, State Committee member Comrade Akhtar Ansari and a driver. The police have falsely alleged that the roadblock and protest were being held to ‘lure’ the policemen into the Maoist blast. Several comrades including Comrade Ramdas Minz, elected mukhiya from the CPI(ML), have been arrested and are being tortured.

The police and local administration have for some time now, launched an all-out drive to falsely implicate the CPI(ML) leaders and discredit the party, to crush the growing assertion of the party in Garhwa. Planting false evidence, prominent leaders, especially from the minority community, have been accused of ‘ISI‘ links. In the latest instance, instead of making any attempts to rescue the abducted CPI(ML) leaders whose lives are in danger, the police is instead falsely implicating CPI(ML) in the land mine blast and is torturing the party’s activists.

The Maoists in Garhwa and Jharkhand are known for their attacks on democratic activists and leaders – prominent instances include the killing of Comrade Mahendra Singh and social activist Niyamat Ansari. In this instance too, they have not only abducted CPI(ML) leaders including an elected woman panchayat leader, their actions have also provided fodder for the police ploy to intensify repression on democratic movements in the region.

Do write  and email to Jharkhand CM at cm-jharkhand@nic.in  to demand urgent intervention.


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