PRESS RELEASE- WESTSIDE’s Anti-disability, Anti-wheelchair Policy Continues


WESTSIDE’s Anti-disability, Anti-wheelchair Policy Continues


It is estimated that 15% of the population of India is disabled. A large chunk of them are wheelchair bound. Being bonafide citizens of the nation, it is the duty of the government to take care of them like any other citizens. Though slow on the uptake, the government has been moving in to take the most basic steps beginning with ensuring that all public places like public transport, parks and commercial establishments are accessible to people with disabilities including people on wheelchairs.


However, an accident last evening (7th May, 2013) highlights the callous way in which both government laws and public opinions are overlooked and sidestepped by businesses.


Malini Chib, my daughter who despite her cerebral palsy has not let that hamper her life garnering two masters degree and writing a best-selling book (One Little Finger), had gone to the Westside store in Fort to do shopping for women’s apparel. Finding no lift for the floor leading to the women’s section, she told her friend: ‘Lets try the escalator’. What she did not realize is that no person on a wheelchair who has problems of balance should do this.


The result was expected. Both of them had a massive fall leading to cuts and bruises on Malini’s shoulder, waist and arms. Her friend got her back muscle pulled.


This would have just been an unfortunate accident had it not been for two things: one is the law that stipulates that such establishments make their place disabled friendly, and secondly the fact that five years back the ADAPT Rights Group, that works to ensure rights for people with disabilities, had carried out a protest demonstration highlighting this and other issues that goes against the interest of the community of people with disabilities. The demonstration was held to alert Westside to how their international stores were anti-disability. This was followed with lengthy letters written to them about the law and how they can make their place disabled friendly by constructing ramps and lifts for their floor upstairs.


Sadly, Westside has continued to blatantly and flagrantly flout the law. My daughter and her friend were lucky to get away with no permanent damage but I dread to think what could have happened. I dread to think what might happen to other people with disabilities that might walk into the store unwittingly. I dread to think of what must be happening to thousands of disabled people across the country in hundreds and thousands of such establishments which show such blatant antipathy towards the disabled population.


It is high time that the gravity of the issue be understood and addressed. It is high time that the people responsible in Westside for this travesty of justice be seriously warned so that it becomes a lesson to others concerned.


This is in the interest of 15% people of the nation and thus in the interest of the nation itself. 


–          Mithu Alur, Founder-Chairperson ADAPT – Able Disabled All People Together (formerly the Spastics Society of India)



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  1. The Gauntlet
    May 09, 2013 @ 09:38:26

    then dont go to westside. we’re in a world where an individual, group, company and/or country is anti-something or the other. Give your business to someone else. someone who appreciates you doing business with them. the best way to handle such things is to do things like this is to go somewhere else.


    • kracktivist
      May 09, 2013 @ 13:37:08

      SERIOUSLY ?? go somewhere else why should she go ? and where should she go, the issue is to make enviornment disabled friendly, you need to include and not exclude disabled


  2. ankitaalive
    May 09, 2013 @ 17:22:40

    hope Malini is fine..till brands like westside etc come up wid initiatives for catering their differently abled customers and set an example why on the lords name would small outlets,theatres etc follow..this is our sister our brother who is hurts ..i know because I am a sister of 3 duchenne’s muscular dystrophy brothers..i lost 2 of them to the disease..but the youngest one is on a motorised wheel chair..but yet inaccessible to many many places.they yearn to be treated the same way like normal human beings..the amazed eyes are much of a discomfort to the person on if seeing a alien they see..i am trying to be the change i want but things should move faster..time’s running for humankind…


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