Anti-POSCO agitation: Village women to hold naked protest #Vaw #stateterror

Anti POSCO rally in Delhi

Anti POSCO rally in Delhi (Photo credit: Joe Athialy)




By Newzfirst Correspondent 3/6/13

Bhubaneswar – Distressed over Odisha Government’s act of forcible land acquisition, women from Gobindpur village Wednesday decided to stage a naked demonstration before the Police force, demanding complete stoppage to the forcible land acquisition.

“Left with no other option, women from the village have decided to get naked before the Policemen tomorrow,” Prashant Paikray, spokesperson of POSCO Pratirodh Sangram Samiti (PPSS), told Newzfirst.

The Government has no respect for democratic values; despite utmost opposition by the people it is continuing with land acquisition. People are left with no other option than to resist this way, he added.

He also said that villagers will approach the Court to get the FIR on bomb-attack registered. According to Paikray, the local police refused to register the complaint of bomb-attack on anti-POSCO activists despite repeated requests.

Four people died last Saturday in a bomb explosion at Patna village of Jagatsingpur. While villagers accused pro-POSCO leaders for the attack, Police claimed that the deceased were involved in bomb-making and that the bomb exploded while they were preparing it.

The land acquisition for POSCO steel plant continued for fourth day on Wednesday under the tight security of Police force.

Villagers of Jagatsingpur district have been protesting against the land acquisition for POSCO’s $12 billion steel plant since a long time. The proposed steel plant, which will produce 12 million tonnes per annum, is the largest foreign investment in India.




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  8. sherry
    Mar 12, 2013 @ 14:44:02

    Pity Posco doesn’t want the lands on which Navin Patnaik’s properties are situated. Like to know what he would do then. Forcibly acquiring land should be a criminal offence and in any civilised country it would be.


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