#India-*Do We Exist? -Fifth Letter From The Women Of Idinthakarai #Koodankulam #Vaw

    23 October, 2012
    The Women of Idinthakarai
    People’s Movement against Nuclear Energy
    Thirunelveli district

    Dear Sister

    We hope you are all fine. This is the fifth letter from us to all of you.
    So much has happened since we last wrote to you. As we look at the yellow
    domes of the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant so close to our homes, we
    wonder what is happening there. We have one question to you all: Do you
    know exactly what is happening there?

    We have heard that fuel loading with 163 enriched uranium rods that started on Sept 16th got over by Oct 2nd. What an auspiscious day to complete the initiation of one of the most violent of processes human kind has discovered!
    The Nuclear Power Corporation of India states that the KKNPP is
    just 2 steps away from attaining criticality.
    It is also understood that the safety concerns of the villagers (does it
    mean us ?) are misplaced. At the same time the NPCIL assured the Supreme
    Court that there is no human population within 2km Exclusivity zone of the
    plant and no such colony as the Tsunami colony falls within this zone.
    Whoever wants can make a complaint or representation for which sufficient
    relocation, rehabilitation and compensation measures will be made. The
    NPCIL claims that sufficient caution has been taken about the population
    living within 5km sterilization zone of the power plant.
    We have yet another question in our minds: So WHERE ARE WE?
    Do we exist? Do we live within the exclusivity or sterilization zone? Are
    we to go and make a representation or complaint and wait for the response?
    We understand that none of our representations or appeals have been
    considered. Now how can we make a representation about something that we do
    not ever want? We do not want to be relocated or rehabilitated. We want to
    be here by the seashore in our own birthplace. We want to pursue our
    livelihoods linked to the sea and its bounties. We want good food, water
    and access to resources here in these villages. We do not want money that
    is so ephemeral. We are willing to work hard, earn and live well. This is
    the only representation that we want to make .
    We have no complaints other than dissent about the way in which the concerned authorities are unwilling to come to us and allay our fears and doubts. We want them to assure us
    that the KKNPP will not be allowed to attain criticality at the cost of our
    lives and dreams. We want our sisters and brothers languishing in the jails
    to be released. We want our peaceful resistance to be dealt with decently
    and humanely.
    This is all we have to tell you. Please share this with the world.
    We hope this will not be the last letter we are writing to you
    Thanking you
    Oct 23, 2012
    Sisters from Idinthakarai
    *Prepared by Anitha.S after talking to women of Idinthakarai *

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