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KOLKATA: A 25-year-old woman with physical disabilities was allegedly raped by her neighbour in an abandoned house at Bhatikhna in the Behala police area on Monday.

The victim, however, told her mother about the assault nearly 48 hours later following which a police complaint was lodged on Wednesday.

The accused has gone into hiding.

On Monday evening, the victim was walking alone on the road when her 50-year-old neighbour, Bikash Ghosh, a house painter, lured her with food to an abandoned building near Bhatikhana.

Ghosh then allegedly raped the victim and left her there in a semi-conscious state.

Soon, three youths passing by the area heard the woman’s cry and took her to her house. The trio requested the woman’s sister-in-law not to allow her to go out of the house alone.

Later, the victim told her mother that three youths had brought her home and did not divulge any further details. Since she was traumatized, her family members did not disturb her, said a police officer.

It was only on Tuesday night that the woman mustered courage and told her mother that she had been raped by Ghosh.

The victim’s father lodged a complaint at Behala police station on Wednesday.

Police said that clothes the woman was wearing at the time of the assault had been taken for forensic tests. She will also undergo a medical examination.

However the delay of nearly two days will hamper the prospect of the investigation, an officer said. The medical tests should have been conducted within 24 hours of the assault. But the complaint came late, he added.

A physically challenged woman was allegedly raped by her neighbour at an abandoned house at Bhatikhana area in Behala police station area. The woman, nearly 48 hours after the incident, confessed the incident to her mother. On Wednesday, a formal complaint was lodged by the father of the victim. The accused is however absconding.

On Monday, evening the accused Bikash Ghosh, 50, a paint-labourer found the victim alone on the road. He allured her with food to an abandoned house near Bhatikhana. There he raped her and left her abandoned in the house in a semi-conscious state. Three youths passing by the area rescued the woman after hearing the groaning sound of the woman.

Three youths then took her to her home at Tarpan Ghat Road and requested her sister-in-law not to allow the victim to go out of the house alone. They did not say anything else to victim’s sister-in-law. Later she told victim’s mother about three youths who had brought her home. But the victim was too traumatised to say anything. Her family members did not disturb her, said a police officer.

On Tuesday night, after settling down with her trauma, the victim confessed how she was raped by the accused. She broke down in tears. On Wednesday morning, they lodged complaint with Behala police station. Police said that the her clothes at the time of the incident were confiscated for forensic tests. She would also be undergoing medical examination.

However the delay, an investigating officer said, would hamper the prospect of the investigation. The medical tests should have been conducted with 24 hours of the incident. But the complaint came late.


Bangalore Court grants bail to DRDO scientist in terror case #goodnews

By Newzfirst Correspondent2/28/13

Bangalore – The National Investigation Agency (NIA) special court on Thursday ordered the release of another youth who was arrested last year on terror related charges, after granting him statutory bail for failure to file a charge-sheet within 180 days of arrest.

The bail application moved by the defence counsel of Aejaz Ahmed Mirza on Wednesday contended that the investigating agency failed to file the charge-sheet within the stipulated time of 180 days since his arrest.

Aejaz Ahmed Mirza – a DRDO scientist – was among the 15 youths arrested last year by Central Crime Branch (CCB) Bangalore sleuths, from different parts of Karnataka and Hyderabad, for allegedly plotting to kill prominent personalities and having links with banned terror outfits.

Speaking to Newzfirst, Akmal Razvi, lawyer and secretary of Association for Protection of Civil Rights said, “The NIA counsel said that they have some evidence, but no prosecutable evidence. So he has been released on statutory bail.”

Earlier this week, two more persons – who were accused in the same case – were released after the NIA dropped all charges against them.

In its charge-sheet submitted on 20 February 2013, the NIA had filed charges against 11 of the 15 arrested youths while dropping charges against two – Muthi-ur-Rahman Siddiqui and Yusuf Nalband – and asking more time for interrogating the other two – Aejaz Ahmed Mirza and Syed Tanzeem.


#Mumbai -Invitation for Gender and Leadership Workshop on 12th Jan

Dear  friends,


Warm greetings for the New Year.


The active involvement of youth, especially of girls, is essential to bring change in society.   Given  direction and opportunity to display their skills, capacity and vibrant energy, they can be an important part of developmental programming and more. Youth leadership can be enhanced through building their alliances and giving them exposure to meet and share their views with peers.


To celebrate the National Youth Day on January 12, Vacha is organizing Gender and Leadership Workshop for young girls and boys between the ages of 16 – 24 years on Jan. 20. We invite you to nominate youth members from your area of field work. The participants will be girls and boys associated with a social organization, an NGO or basti level youth groups at least for a year. Maximum 6 people from one organisation can participate in the workshop at least 50% of them should be girls.  Participants need to register before January 12 by email to vachamail@gmail.com or by post/courier. Registration fee is Rs.20 per participant. Tea, breakfast and lunch will be provided. A certificate of participation will also be issued to all participants.


The objectives of workshop are:

  1. To increase gender understanding in youth
  2. To develop collaborative leadership in youth
  3. To encourage youth to be more active at basti level


Vacha is a Resource Centre for Women and Girls.  The major focus of our work is on building youth leadership of girls and boys living in bastis..

For more information contact:

Vacha Trust, Municipal School Building, Tank Lane, S.V.Road, Santacruz (W), Mumbai – 400054

Ph.No.- 022-26055523/ 9820957430/ 9820778330             Email: vachamail@gmail.com                                  website: www.vacha.org.in


An invitation in Hindi is also attached.


With thanks and best wishes,


Yagna Parmar and Amrita De


Survey Resists Mental Health System Hopelessness #mustread

  Early Results: Yes, There is Hope After a   Psychiatric Diagnosis!

MindFreedom “I Got Better” Survey on
Mental Health Gets Great Initial Response.

Haven’t Taken the Survey Yet? Please Do!

When someone — often a young person — gets their first psychiatric diagnosis, it can feel hopeless.

MindFreedom International’s “Hope in Mental Health Care Survey” is off to a great start.

Part of an “I Got Better” campaign, more than 1,000 have already taken this few-minute-long introductory survey, sharing their opinions and experiences of hope and hopelessness in mental health care.

Haven’t responded yet? Help make the survey response even bigger and better!

Click here to take the brief survey:

Feel free to share the survey link widely with your friends and social networks.

The “Hope in Mental Health Care” survey launched the I Got Better campaign, an ongoing project defying the all-too-common message that recovery from mental and emotional distress is impossible.

Some exciting preliminary results from the survey are in:

• 97.7% of survey respondents with a psychiatric history have experienced at least some recovery from a mental health or emotional problem.

• 65.2% ranked themselves as “8” or higher on a recovery scale, and 21.5% ranked themselves as “10” (“fully recovered”).

• 63.9% of all survey respondents strongly agreed that “With proper care nearly all people diagnosed with a mental health or emotional problem can recover.”

The I Got Better campaign will make stories of recovery and data about hope in mental health care (drawn largely from the survey) available through a variety of media, including its own new website:


You can help this campaign go viral. Through the I Got Better Campaign, these and other important data will be publicized widely, combating harmful messages of stigma and hopelessness.

That new I Got Better web site now has a call for you to submit your own video story of mental health recovery, which could some day save the life of someone getting a psychiatric label, such as a youth or young adult.

The more survey responses MindFreedom can collect, the stronger the data on hope in mental health care will be!

Click here to take the intro survey:

PLEASE FORWARD this update to your friends, colleagues, and web networks.

A Victory for Young People at the United Nations

From April 23 to April 27, 2012, the 45th session of the Commission on Population and Development (CPD) met at the United Nations in New York City. The CPD is an annual week-long meeting at the UN where advocates and members states gather to create a resolution document that upholds the Programme of Action created at the International Conference on Population Development (ICPD) in 1994. Since the theme of this year’s CPD was Adolescents and Youth, a main focus of the negotiations was ensuring the sexual and reproductive rights and health (SRRH) for young people. Prior to the CPD, IWHC held an intensive multi-day Advocacy in Practice (AiP) workshop to help support participants advocating for SRRH at the national and international levels (pictured left).

International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC) and our advocate colleagues, including members of RESURJ, are very excited that late Friday, UN member states issued a bold resolution in support of young people’s sexual and reproductive health and human rights. This victory is a result of a week of very long days: hard work and strategic advocacy was put forth by an amazing group of advocates, who camped out at the UN here in New York for many long hours, going over language, making suggestions, and working with country delegates to make much-needed changes in the resolution.

Key points of the final resolution include:

  1. The right of young people to decide on all matters related to their sexuality
  2. Access to sexual and reproductive health services, including safe abortion where legal, that respect confidentiality and do not discriminate
  3. The right of youth to comprehensive sexuality education
  4. Protection and promotion of young people’s right to control their sexuality free from violence, discrimination and coercion“At this time of global uncertainty, there is no more important investment to be made,” said south African youth delegate Kgomotso Papo during the closing plenary. “Only healthy young people whose human rights are protected can be fully productive workers and effective participants in their country’s political processes. Only when young people are healthy and empowered can they contribute to building strong communities and vibrant nations.


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Faking Democracy- Free Irom Sharmila Now

Faking Democracy- Repression Anti- Nuke activists


Kamayaninumerouno – Youtube Channel


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