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May 3, 2013
Shoddy Parts, Shabby Leaders, and Shaky Indian Lives!
The People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) accuses that the corrupt Congress Party and government in India, the Indian nuclear establishment and the Russian nuclear establishment consider Indian lives base and valueless and prepare to put our lives in danger for their own profits, commissions, power and prominence.
The Koodankulam reactors present a clear and present danger to the safety and well-being of Indian citizens with many substandard equipment and parts supplied by discredited Russian companies such as ZiO-Podolsk, Informtekh and Izhorskiye Zavody. The NPCIL has just confirmed officially (in its letter No. NPCIL/VSB/CPIO/2574/KKNPP/2013/737 dated April 29, 2013) that the controversial and corruption-ridden M/S ZiO Podolsk has supplied the following equipment and parts to the KKNPP: “Steam Generators, Cation and anion filters, Mechanical Filter, Moisture Separator and Reheater, Boric solution storage tanks, Regenerative blow down heat exchanger, Pipelines and fittings of different systems, Insulation materials, PHRS Heat exchanger.” In other words, the Koodankulam project in its entirety is unsafe and dangerous.
In February 2012, the procurement director, Mr. Sergei Shutov of Zio-Podolsk was arrested for buying low quality and cheap raw material, passing it off as more expensive grade and pocketing the difference. Another Russian court has convicted one Mr. Alexander Murach, Director of another notorious Russian company, Informtekh, for fraud and sentenced him to three years in prison for selling counterfeit measuring equipment for the Russian nuclear power plants’ turbines.
This technological horror is compounded by the moronic and imbecilic attitude and announcements of people from the Indian nuclear establishment and the Congress government in Delhi. The Indian nuclear industry’s gruesome Goebbels and Minister of State at the PMO, Mr. V. Narayanasamy, leads this pack with little understanding of how dangerous the Koodankulam project is and what is at stake for all Indians. The basic premise underneath all this recklessness is the little value they all attach to Indian lives.
Our friends have just filed an affidavit/application in the Indian Supreme Court about corruption and substandard reactor and equipment in KKNPP in connection with a pending case. But Mr. Narayanasamy has told the Rajya Sabha that the External Affairs Minister Mr. Salman Khurshid has conveyed to the Russian side that the first unit of the Kudankulam power project is at sub-critical stage and is expected to be commissioned “any day” in May.
Do these Congress Ministers in New Delhi know that reputed car companies, pet food manufacturers, tooth paste producers and toy makers have recalled their products just to respect human safety and well-being?

In October 2012 Toyota company recalled 7.4 million cars after discovering faulty window switches in 12 of its world-famous models. It was the biggest single recall since Ford had taken 8 million vehicles off the road in 1996 for a faulty ignition module. In November 2012 Toyota called back 2.8 million cars to fix faulty steering columns and water pumps.

On March 16, 2007, popular brands of pet food were withdrawn across the United States because of the presence of ‘melamine,’ an industrial chemical found in plastics and resins. In July 2007, the European Union’s RAPEX (rapid alert system) had alerted the member states’ governments to pull two brands of Chinese-made toothpaste, Spearmint and Trileaf Spearmint, from the European shelves because they contained ‘diethylene glycol,’ a constituent of anti-freeze. In August 2007, the world’s biggest toy company, Mattel, recalled millions of toys modeled on Sesame Street’s Big Bird and Elmo, and Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer because of high lead levels in the paint used.

Mr. Narayanasamy and his ilk should understand that bad luck and harsh justice befall those who put innocent people’s lives on harm’s way. On August 11, 2007, Zhang Shuhong, co-owner of the Lee Der Toy Company, that was a major supplier to Mattel, committed suicide at one of his factories. On July 10, 2007, China executed the former head of its food and drug administration, Zheng Xiaoyu, for dereliction of duty and taking 6.5 million Yuan (about US $ 850,000) in bribes from the manufacturers of substandard medicines that had been blamed for several deaths. The blabbering mouths should learn a few things from these incidents.

The PMANE demands a comprehensive, complete, independent inquiry into the financial and technical scams of the Koodankulam project, and the closure of the KKNPP in the larger interests of the people of India.
The Struggle Committee


V Narayanasamy: A Failed Astrologer in the PMO

Industry and Lobbies, Media and Censorship
Nityanand Jayaraman

Nityanand Jayaraman is an environmental researcher and activist based in Chennai.

Editor’s note: Nityanand Jayaraman compiled news mentions of Narayanasamy’s now famous predictions about Koodankulam. He ran out of patience around October, and stopped collecting them. The idea was to nominate him for a Guiness award. Here is the entry for DiaNuke.org:

Astrologer with the highest number of failed predictions about a single event

This is an entry for India’s Minister of State for Prime Minister’s Office Mr. V. Narayanasamy as a record breaker for the largest number of failed predictions on the date of commissioning of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant in Tamil Nadu. On at least 14 different occasions, Mr. Narayanasamy has predicted the imminent commissioning of the reactor. On all 14 occasions, his predictions did not materialise. Mr. Narayanasamy has continued to make such failed predictions without fear of earning the ridicule of people or the wrath of the judiciary. People protesting against the nuclear plant have referred to Mr. Narayanasamy’s periodic statements as a “weekend-comedy” while the Madras High Court failed to see anything funny in such predictions when the matter was being deliberated in court. Mr. Narayanasamy is the only individual who has the distinction of so many failed prophesies. The Department of Atomic Energy of the Government of India may be the only other contender who comes anywhere close to competing with the Minister. The DAE has been saying from as early as 1962 that nuclear power is India’s future, and that India will have 20,000 MW of nuclear power by 1987. This figure has periodically been reduced, increased and repeated ad nauseum. But as things stand, only 4780 MW of nuclear power has been installed, despite the fact that none of these pre-Fukushima nuclear programs invited any serious resistance from uninformed local people.

1. October 19, 2012
Kudankulam will open this financial year: Narayanasamy

2. September 22, 2012
Centre Committed for Early Commissioning of Plant: Narayanasamy

3. August 24, 2012
Kudankulam Unit 1 in advanced stage: Narayanasamy’s statement to Rajya Sabha

4. August 10, 2012
Criticality by August 2012 and commercial production by October 2012

5. July 24, 2012
Plant likely to be commissioned on August 25

6. June 13, 2012
Kudankulam work progressing apace: Can be commissioned 30-40 days from AERB approval

7. June 1, 2012
Trial run with enriched uranium to begin in 10 days: Narayanasamy

8. April 23, 2012
Kudankulam Nuclear Plant to be Commissioned in 40 days (PTI news story): Narayanasamy

9. April 7, 2012:
Narayanasamy seeks blessings of Madurai Meenakshi and Lord Sundareshwarar for smooth commissioning of Kudankulam plant, and removal of all obstacles. Confident that it will be commissioned in 2 months.

10. March 21, 2012
Koodankulam Plant to be commissioned in 2 months: Narayanasamy

11. March 3, 2012
Centre hopeful of opening K-plant very soon: Narayanasamy

12. February 26, 2012
Koodankulam to be operational at the earliest: Narayasamy

13. January 14, 2012
Nuke plant to be commissioned soon: Narayanasamy
14. October 18, 2010
Unstarred question in Rajya Sabha No. 933
Criticality and Power testing in Kudankulam 1 by December 2010



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