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Posted on August 16, 2012


POST BY JYOTSNA – Students for a Free Tibet-Delhi Member

Students for a Free Tibet and Regional Tibetan Youth Congress Delhi held a public gathering yesterday (Wednesday, August 15th) to mark India’s 66th Independence Day by unveiling a re-creation of the Declaration of Tibetan Independence issued by the His Holiness the 13th Dalai Lama in 1913.  The year 2013 will mark exactly 100 years since Tibet proclaimed the restoration of its independence. The text of this proclamation has survived, though the original document did not. The 10 foot-long handwritten scroll, bordered with brocade and silk in the style of a thangka, was unveiled by Shri Vijay Kranti, renowned photojournalist and a long time Tibet supporter. The proclamation was read out by prominent Tibetan and Indian community leaders, MPs, students, and Indian supporters in Tibetan, Hindi and English.

India’s independence was won through a freedom struggle based on the principles of non-violence, non-cooperation and civil disobedience. The Tibetan freedom struggle shares the same values as the Indian Independence movement. At this crucial time when almost 50 Tibetans have made the ultimate sacrifice to protest Chinese rule, it is imperative that we remember Tibet’s past as a sovereign nation and commit ourselves to the Tibetan freedom struggle.

As the world’s largest democracy, and with a particularly fierce freedom struggle essentially based on Mahatma Gandhi’s principles of non-violence and non-cooperation, India has a moral obligation to add her voice to the multilateral government pressure on China to stop the crackdown in Tibet.

Therefore, Indian members of Students for a Free Tibet has initiated a Petition campaign to call citizen of India to stand with Tibet.

As a conscious Indian citizen who greatly values my independence, I have signed this petition to strongly urge Shri S. M. Krishna, The Minister of External Affairs to make a strong and clear statement acknowledging the crackdown in Tibet, and to highlight the human rights violations being carried out in Tibet today.

Click here for the Petition. Please share widely to your friends also.

We will deliver this petition on October 2nd, 2012 – Gandhi Jayanti – a day that symbolizes our nation’s ability to reject colonial rule, to recognize freedom as our birthright, and to regain our independence.

I am writing to you to urge you to join me in signing this petition.

With Hope,

Jyotsna George

Indian Member of Student for a Free Tibet




Stand up for the Tibet Pledge #mustread #mustshare


15 August 2012

Dear Friends,

This is a crucial moment. Please help us to double support for Stand Up for Tibet.


One year ago 29-year old monk Tsewang Norbu set light to himself and died in Tawu, eastern Tibet. Although not the first self-immolation in Tibet – Tapey, in February 2009 was followed two years later by Phuntsok in March 2011 –this was our first realization that those fiery protests were not isolated incidents, and that what we were witnessing unfold in Tibet was a tragedy of enormous proportions.

Unbelievably, there have now been almost 50 confirmed self-immolations in Tibet; a staggering 36 since 1 January 2012 and five in the past 10 days alone. At least 39 of all these protestors have died from their burns.

Something different is happening in Tibet. Over 60 years of occupation, periods of Tibetan resistance have been crushed by China’s military forces. But trying to stop individuals who are determined to set light to themselves must be akin to trying to stop grains of sand running through their fingers. And more than that, China is also now discovering that its military might is unable to prevent mass gatherings of Tibetans, whether they are praying for those self-immolating or engaging in more challenging acts of protest.

On Monday several Tibetans were brutally beaten, one possibly fatally, after a protest erupted in the immediate aftermath of the twin self-immolations by Tashi and Lungtok in Ngaba, Amdo. And as I write this message, a mass demonstration is taking place in Rebkong, Amdo, with several hundred Tibetans gathered outside the police station to protest against the unprovoked beating of four Tibetans by drunken police.


I’m writing to ask that you continue to stand with Tibet. Although we feel heartbroken by the news of each passing self-immolation, the Tibetan people need our support now more than ever. We mustn’t lose focus. Now is the time to double our efforts, in raising awareness and pressing for political action, because we’re making an impact. 
Tibetans in Tibet are not alone. They have your support and your pledge to Stand Up for Tibet. And the Tibet movement has made important progress towards our main objectives.


* Tibet Groups around the world have delivered your pledge and worked hard to press governments to publicly express concernMany of the world’s most influential governments have spoken out, including at sessions of the United Nations Human Rights Council. In early September, as the United Nations General Assembly and Human Rights Council prepare to meet, we’ll be calling for an International Advocacy Day and will send you more details soon.


* Our demand for governments to act together for Tibet is gradually gaining traction. We were delighted to see that US Congressmen Frank Wolf and James McGovern wrote to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this week, calling for “stronger, more coordinated, visible international diplomatic steps with regard to the People’s Republic of China’s policies and practices towards Tibetans.” Read the full letter here.

* A number of key governments have strongly pressed China allow access to the region, including the European Union and Australia. China has agreed that the UN Human Rights Commissioner can visit Tibet as part of a wider visit to China, but no dates have been agreed. Online advocacy group Avaaz joined this campaign and nearly 700,000 people signed an appeal for governments to demand urgent access to Tibet.

* Tibet Groups have generated significant media coverage of the self-immolations, and made a huge effort to raise public awareness, staging coordinated actions and protests around the globe on a regular basis over the last 12 months.

On this anniversary of Tsewang Norbu’s self-immolation, I am writing to ask each and every one of you to undertake to get one more person to sign the Stand Up for Tibet pledge, and help us to double the support for Tibetans in Tibet to more than 100,000 people. Let’s respond to this rapid increase in self-immolations in Tibet with a huge increase in those pledging to take action, to help Tibetans realise their dreams for freedom and for the return of His Holiness to Tibet.

Many, many thanks for your support,

Alison Reynolds
Executive Director, International Tibet Network Secretariat

The second image shows protests in Rebkong, Tibet on 14 August 2012. The banner reads “The atrocity committed by the Administration’s People’s Armed Police to the masses”


Appeal for Tibetan writer Tsering Woeser

Allow Woeser the freedom to express and to travel”

As individuals from Asia who have received the Prince Claus Award in past years, we deeply regret that Tsering Woeser, the Tibetan writer and historian, has been prevented from receiving the Prince Claus Award for 2011 in Beijing by the Chinese authorities. Not only was Woeser denied the opportunity to receive the award from the Dutch Ambassador to China, her movements within Beijing have been restricted.

The Prince Claus Award for 2011 was given to Woeser as a ‘cultural pioneer’ who uses poetry and social media to highlight the challenges faced by the Tibetan people. She was recognised for speaking on behalf of “those who are silenced and oppressed, for her compelling combination of literary quality and political reportage, for recording, articulating and supporting Tibetan culture.”

We, five past recipients of the Prince Claus Award from Asia, believe that Tsering Woeser represents the finest ideals of the human spirit, represented in her intellectual independence and courage to speak out in the face of danger. We support Woeser’s yearning for open society and respect her all the more for remaining located in Beijing, in an attempt to bring about change from within. Woeser’s deep humanity is revealed in her recent appeal against the self-immolations that are occurring in and around Tibet.

We demand that the Chinese authorities in Beijing allow Woeser to receive the Prince Claus Award in an open ceremony. We also ask that the restrictions on her blogs and her poetry be lifted, as also restrictions on her freedom of travel inside and outside the country.

Signed by Prince Claus laureates: Arif Hasan (Karachi, Pakistan), Ganesh Devy (Vadodara, India), Jyotindra Jain (New Delhi, India), Kanak Mani Dixit (Kathmandu, Nepal) and Mehrdad Oskouei (Tehran, Iran).

Issued in Kathmandu, 29 March 2012

Contact: Kanak Mani Dixit, +977-9851053209,

Tibetan activists in ‘ Preventive Detention’ and ” House Arrest” in Delhi

New Delhi, March 27 –Tibetan activists are being randomly rounded up on “preventive measures” in the Indian Capital on the eve of Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit.

Around 5.30pm, well-known Tibetan writer, poet and activist Tenzin Tsundue was arrested by policemen in plainclothes from India Habitat Centre, where he was in the middle of an academic discussion on Tibet and India. Seven other activists were also arrested under preventive sections in separate incidents in the New Delhi area. Delhi Police officials said Tsundue had been arrested under preventive sections for his “notorious activities in Bangalore” where he had staged a protest during the Chinese premier’s visit in 2005.

Dhardon Sharling, communications officer for the Tibetan Women’s Association who had organized the talk, said, “We had just taken a tea break when some men forcibly picked up Tenzin Tsundue from the lobby of the hall. We pleaded with the police officers to let him answer the questions posed to him during the talk, then take him away. However, they roughly pushed us away. The talk was planned three weeks ago and was in conformity with Indian laws.”

Tibetan MP Youdon Aukhatsang said, “As a preventive measure, police are arresting Tibetan activists. They have just arrested two Tibetans after they held a press conference at the Press Club to issue an appeal of religious leaders on the situation inside Tibet.”

Areas with large Tibetan settlements like Majnu ka Tila, Ambedkar Bhawan and Buddh Vihar Tibetan Market witnessed a clampdown with cops disallowing students, working professionals and tourists to move about freely in the city while citing “apprehension for violence”. Though the section 144 CrPC had been imposed only in certain parts of central Delhi, cops restricted the movements of Tibetans all over Delhi.

Special commissioner of police (law and order) Dharmendra Kumar said, “We had rejected the application of Tibetan activists to hold protests as there are international security concerns. However, when they continued to protest on Monday, we allowed them to sit at Jantar Mantar. But as they turned violent and tried to run towards Parliament, we had to deploy a massive force to contain them and finally arrest 153 of them under preventive sections. We have imposed the Foreigners Act in the city now to restrict the movement of those Tibetans who have come to the city to protest. If they fail to follow the directions, we will take further legal action.”

But residents of these areas complained that they were stopped from going to work, attending college and even going out for regular household activities like buying groceries. “No autos were allowed to carry us, police shooed them away. My friend works in Gurgaon but was not allowed to report to work. Her boss refused to believe her. Police should allow routine facilities like going to hospitals and colleges,” said Tenzin Yangki, a student living in Majnu ka Tila.

The situation was worse at the Tibetan SOS Youth Hostel in Rohini Sector 14 where around 240 Tibetan students are housed. “We have been locked up in the hostel since morning. Many of us have missed our exams and project submission deadlines. We pleaded with police that some of us have exams at 9am but they finally allowed some of us to go to college at 10am. By then, we had already missed the exam. The rest of us have remained confined to the hostel all day and have been told by police not to interact with media,” said Palden Sonam.

Early in the day, two Tibetan volunteers of the New Delhi based Indo-Tibet Co-ordination Office was detained from the Press Club. The two were helping organize a press conference for ITCO.

Core Group for Tibetan Cause, the coordinator umbrella organisation of Tibet support groups in India strongly condemned the random mass arrests calling it “undemocratic and illegal” on the part of the agencies of the Indian government.

“We call upon all democracy loving individuals and groups of India to advise the policy makers of the Government of India to permit the Tibetan refugee community to express their opinion in a democratic and peaceful manner,” the group said in a release today.

Outside Tibetan residential areas in New Delhi, Rapid Action Forces armed in full riot gear have been deployed in large numbers.

The gates to Majnu-ka-Tilla, a popular Tibetan residential area as well as the Tibetan Youth Hostel in Rohini, are closed while police are keeping a strict watch on every movement.

The heightened security measure comes a day after 27 year old Jamphel Yeshi set his body on fire in an apparent protest against China’s continued occupation of Tibet. Jamphel Yeshi continues to be in a serious condition and has been shifted to another ward in the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital


Protest Rally by DUSU and SFT-India to condemn the human rights violation in Tibet- Feb 21

Delhi University Students Union (DUSU)’ in coordinationwith Students for a Free TibetIndia will hold a strong protest action at Delhi University North Campus to highlight the Self-immolation Issue in Tibet and Chinese military crackdown.

So far more than two dozen Tibetans in Tibet have torched their bodies and a dozen others died under the Chinese open fire calling for freedom in Tibet and return of the Dalai Lama from exile.

Most recent self-immolation case happened yesterday, an 18 year old teenaged Tibetan, Named Nangdrol set himself on fire in Amdo Ngaba, the nerve centre of almost all the Tibetan self-immolations in the recent months.

Date: Tuesday, 21st Feb 2012
Time: 11am to 12 noon
Organised by: Delhi University Students Union and Students for a Free Tibet-India
Venue: March will start from (Delhi University North Campus) Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station to Arts faculty.

Press Contact:

Dorjee Tseten (National Director of Students for a Free Tibet-India): 9911521009

Priya (Delhi University Student and SFT-Delhi Chapter leader): 9958866153


SFT Delhi,
C/O Students for a Free Tibet,
12/14 Chushi Gangdruk Complex,
Delhi – 110054 | | |

Images falling from Tibet shows scenes of Chinese crackdown in Serta

DHARAMSHALA, February 4-Amidst Chinese censorship and propaganda, a series of black mailed graphic images from the Tibetan region of Serta unveils the ongoing crackdown in the Tibetan region.
The Director of the Students for Free Tibet, India, Dorje Tseten told the media that the series of recent photos from Serta shows that China has not been telling the truth about the demonstrations in recent weeks.

“The Chinese government says like those protestors were shot on self defense but in the picture we can clearly see the protestors are like unarmed, they are protesting with non-violent protest and then police crackdown the protest very brutally and kill Tibetans,” Dorje Tseten said, adding that the photos show Chinese riot police brutally beating up the unarmed Tibetan demonstrators, and dragging down to the police station in the region.

While the Tibetan exile world is being disturbed with the growing number of deaths in protests against the Chinese rule over Tibet, the Beijing government has been fabricating the truth-blaming the Tibetan demonstrators and using the normal faulty forceful security measures in Tibet.

Lobsang Sangay, the Tibetan prime minister has also said ‘he is getting alarmed’ by the growing number of Chinese military personnel moving into the Tibetan regions of Ngaba, Serta, Golok, and so called Tibetan Autonomous Region.

Following the Chinese open fire in three incidents, Tibetans believe that at least a dozen got killed and dozens got wounded in recent weeks.

Tibet Expert at Columbia University, Robbie Barnett said that the recent protests in Tibet signal what it could be after the Dalai Lama era.

“If the Dalai Lama dies without any resolution, it will take a half century to build trust again,” he explaining that the Dalai Lama’s death in exile would be so significant to Tibetans it could ruin prospects for a reasonable Tibetan-Chinese relationship.

According to exile sources, 17 Tibetans in Tibet have burned themselves, calling for freedom in Tibet, and return of the Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama from exile.

The whole area of Tibet known as the roof of the world is being sealed off by the Chinese police road check points on the roads from China as well as from Nepal, and armed Chinese soldiers manning the day to day life of the Tibetans inside Tibet.

The Dharamshala based members of the Tibetan Parliament will sit on a day-long fast on coming Wednesday, and Tibetans through out the world have also vowed to do the same on the same day to show solidarity and support to the plight of people inside Tibet.

Declaring to forego the upcoming Tibetan New Year, Tibetans and Tibetan supporters in more than 100 cities across the world are going to fast on the first day of the Tibetan New Year which falls on February 22.


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