Identity crisis on cards as crunch hits #Aadhaar #UID

Vaivasvat Venkat, TNN | Apr 12, 2013, 04.47 AM IST
LUDHIANA: Getting an Aadhar card made has become a problem for many residents in the city as most of them are not even aware of the centres where these Aadhar cards are being made. Absence of requisite staff and the enrolment kits used for making the cards is a major problem plaguing the project.”I have been hearing so much about the Aadhar card and how it is going to be a must in the coming times. However, the biggest problem for me is that I do not know where I should go to get this card made. It’s not only me facing this predicament as many of my friends too are encountering the same problem,” said TP Singh from GurdevNagar.
Advocate Yogesh Dewan, a resident of Model Town, also complained that he has not been able to get his card made as he does not know where it is made. “If at all the government is serious about making these cards, the work should be done in a proper manner. Area-wise centres should be opened at fixed places so that people know where to get the cards made without any hassle.”
When approached on the issue, District Food and Civil Supplies officer Lavkesh Sharma said, “Though we have many problems, work on the cards is being carried out. Wherever there are problems, we will definitely solve them.”


Ration Dealers Given Target for Sterilization Cases in Rajasthan #populationcontrol #coercion #WTFnews



 Kota Rajatshan, March 22, 2013 –  . Now the ration dealers  in rajasthan are going to motivate men and women who come to their shop for  Sterlization. This March and the state health departed is searching frantically for sterilization cases to meet the targets, As a result, even the ration dealers are  given targets in Bundi ,to bring 2 cases of sterilization each , by  March 30th 2013  to  the department



Aadhaar cards dumped with vendors #UID

200 px

Postmen fail to find beneficiaries at the given addresses in slums and colonies; residents cry foul

Aarti Kapur
Chandigarh, March 4
Thousands of Aadhaar cards of residents living in colonies and slums are gathering dust at post offices or with roadside vendors in these areas as the Department of Posts has not been able to locate recipients at the addresses mentioned on the cards.
For the past few months, postmen deputed in slums and colonies are at their wits’ end as they have failed to locate a large number of recipients at the given addresses. As a result, the undistributed cards are being dumped with area leaders or roadside vendors. In most cases, the cards are finding their way back to the post offices.
At Kajheri village alone, 56 Aadhaar cards were found lying with the area barber while the beneficiaries were running from pillar to post to get duplicate copies of the cards to avail of the services which are now available only after producing these cards. A few days ago, 200 Aadhaar cards were found lying in a garbage bin at Kajheri village.
Sham Singh of Colony No. 5 said two days ago, his area cobbler called him to deliver his Aadhaar card, which the area postman had dropped at his shop with the excuse that he had failed to locate his house. He said these days local confectionery shops and tea vendors were doing public service by delivering Aadhaar cards to residents as postmen often failed to locate them.
A representative of the Aam Aadmi Party, Kamal Kishore Sharma, who visited the colony two days ago, said residents of Kajheri had complained that around 200 Aadhaar cards were lying dumped in a garbage bin in the area. Residents then picked these up and informed the beneficiaries. Thousands of residents in 25 other colonies in the city are facing a similar problem.
A senior official of the Department of Posts said postmen had complained that they often found it difficult to deliver Aadhaar cards at the postal addresses in slums and colonies as a majority of the slum dwellers were not residing at the given addresses.
The official said the situation was even worse in rehabilitation colonies where residents had removed common walls due to which their addresses had changed.
Assistant Director General, Unique Identification Authority of India, Charu Bali admitted that they had received complaints from Kajheri and the department would communicate with the Department of Posts to resolve the issue. She said the UT Administration would also be informed about it so that the issue of delivering Aadhaar cards at the actual addresses could be resolved.
Residents of Mauli Jagran said a local leader had distributed Aadhaar cards to them instead of the postman concerned who was supposed to do so. They alleged that a number of residents had to apply for a duplicate copy of the Aadhaar card as they had not received the original one.
AAP delegation meets DC
A delegation of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Monday met the UT Deputy Commissioner and complained that in Kajheri village, residents had complained that they were being charged Rs 10 for the delivery of an Aadhaar card at their address. Nitika Sharma, a representative of the party, said they had deposited 56 Aadhaar cards, which they had found lying at a barber’s shop in the area, with the Deputy Commissioner’s office. The party has demanded action against those responsible for the lapse.
200 cards found lying in garbage bin
At Kajheri village alone, 56 Aadhaar cards were found lying with the area barber while the beneficiaries were running from pillar to post to get duplicate copies of the cards to avail of the services which are now available only after producing these cards. A few days ago, 200 Aadhaar cards were found lying in a garbage bin at Kajheri village




#India-Pregnant women forced to urinate on test strips #WFTFnews #Pune

In addition, patients are handed empty sachets from pregnancy kits to collect urine samples, as gynaecology OPD doesn’t have enough workers to clean the containers generally used for the purpose.

January 28, 2013
Anup Satphale and Swapnal Tilekar, Mid Day

Pregnant women these days have to suffer more than just labour pain at Sassoon hospital. Shortage of staff at the termination of pregnancy and antenatal care OPDs has led to expectant mothers extending a helping had to the institute authorities, albeit unwillingly.

MiD DAY discovered that women are being supplied with empty sachets from pregnancy kits to collect urine samples, as there aren’t enough workers to clean the containers generally used for the purpose.

File Pic

Also, patients are being asked to urinate directly on test strips, which are then handed over to lab technicians for examining sugar and albumin levels.

Matter of concern: A woman carries an empty sachet from a pregnancy kit (circled) for collecting urine sample at Sassoon hospital

The matter came to light when a MiD DAY reporter visited the OPD area. A woman, who had come for urine test, told us, “I was surprised on being asked to collect my sample in a sachet. They did not have a bottle. It is quite embarrassing to take these pouches all the way to the restroom and then carry it back, with utmost caution, to the lab.”

Self-help! A woman carrying a strip to the restroom for urine test at Sassoon Hospital. This strip will then be handed to a lab technician for examining sugar and albumin levels

Many women were also being made to urinate on the test strips, in an unhygienic washroom, a few feet away from the doctor’s cabin. If the number of patients is more on a particular day, the women are forced to wait for long periods after conducting the tests. Sources said this practice is unsafe, as there is high probability of the samples getting contaminated, which may in turn result in improper diagnoses.

Elaborating on this further, one of the sources from the OPD section said “We used to provide bottles to patients to collect urine samples for various, tests but because of unavailability of workers to clean those containers, we have stopped the practice. Now, we furnish empty sachets from pregnancy kits for the purpose. Also, we have been advised to supply strips, which are used to check sugar and albumin levels, directly to patients, who are then asked to urinate on them so tests can be performed.”

1,500 Total number of beds at Sassoon General Hospital

The other side
Dr Ramesh Bhosale, HOD, gynaecology department at Sassoon hospital, said, “There is no shortage of anything in OPDs and wards. Also, directly urinating on strips will not affect the reports in any way. If that were the case, then I would have asked them to desist from using this method. However, I was not aware of the practice of using sachets for collecting samples. This may have been started by an intern or a trainee doctor.”


#Mumbai- Police hand over mentally challenged ‘missing girl” to drug addict #WTFnews #Vaw

Careless cops hand over ‘missing’ girl to drug addict

Police trace 19-year-old mentally challenged girl who had been reported missing, but promptly hand her over to a complete stranger who claimed to be her ‘husband’

January 08, 2013
Saurabh Vaktania, mid day

With public sentiment choked with anger against police insensitivity in handling crimes against women, the men in khaki are in for some deep derision yet again for handing over the custody of a mentally-challenged young woman, reported missing, to a complete stranger without so much as verifying who he was. The woman’s photo was right in front of their eyes, but they did not take a blind bit of notice before packing her off with a druggie, as they later termed him.

Aarti Bhanushali

Two days after kin of Aarti Bhanushali (19) filed a missing complaint with the NM Joshi Marg police, the cops located her. But they gave her away to a man who walked into the police station and claimed to be her spouse, the victim’s parents alleged. When Aarti’s relatives approached the police again, the officer on duty said he had sent the girl away with her “husband”. The relatives are yet to come to terms with what they claim is “mammoth negligence” on the part of the cops.

On January 4, Gujarati MiD DAY had published a report about how Aarti, who had come to the city from Gandhidham in Gujarat to meet her grandparents at Asalfa village in Ghatkopar, reportedly went missing the day she arrived here. Her grandparents said she disappeared from their Ghatkopar residence on December 25. After looking for her, the couple informed her relatives in Gujarat who rushed to Mumbai and joined the search. On December 26, a complaint was lodged with the Ghatkopar police.

“After waiting for a day, we registered a non-cognisable complaint at Ghatkopar police station, and placed an ad in the papers,” said Vasant Bhanushali, Aarti’s uncle. Over a week passed by with no news of Aarti. “But last Saturday morning, one of our friends called us and said he had seen Aarti on NM Joshi Marg with someone. Aarti’s mother and her relatives rushed to the area and began looking for her,” Vasant said.

When they could not find her anywhere by the end of the day, her kin approached the NM Joshi Marg police station and registered another missing complaint. “The police officer on duty asked for Aarti’s photograph. We gave it to him and he duly slid it under the glass plate covering his wooden table. The photo was displayed prominently,” said a relative.

Another two days passed by and Aarti’s family did not hear from the NM Joshi Marg police. When they approached the police station, they were aghast to hear the cops explain how Aarti had been found, and then lost again. “The cop whom we had given Aarti’s photo had handed her custody to an absolute stranger, who they later said appeared to be a chronic substance abuser, without verifying his identity. They should have been more cautious. The least they could have done was run a background check before handing over her custody,” the relative said.

After the family complained to the cops that Aarti’s custody had been given to the wrong person, the cops reportedly swung into action. Police teams were sent out to find the woman. The officer responsible for the mix-up could not be reached for comment. DCP Kishore Jadhav said, “I have not been informed about the incident. I will look into the matter.”

Have you seen her?
In case if you come across any information on Aarti, please call Thakarshi Bhanushali on 9979406659 or Vasant Bhanushali 9810067381


Glitches in Aadhaar cards enrolment- and pandora’s box opens :-P #UID


200 px

200 px (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anantpur: While lakhs of people are waiting for Aadhaar cards even though they got enroled one year ago, the agencies are sending Aadhaar cards second time for thousands of people for the same people.
For instance, 14 branch post offices in Garladinne mandal have received a bunch of Aadhaar cards second time on Friday.
As already majority of people received Aadhaar cards through post four months ago, same people have received Aadhaar cards second time by speed post in Garladinne mandal in Anantapur district.
Second time issuing of cards was reportedly a burden on the government in the form printing and sending the cards through post. A postman lamented, “I have to hand over all the cards at the doorstep of addresses though they were receiving them for the second time.”Similar situation prevails in Housing Board Colony and Tapovanam in Anantapur city. Aditya, an MBA graduate, told this correspondent that he had received Aadhaar card second time.




If you copy a girls photo and send her on a cake you will be behind bars #66A #WTFnews

In trouble for sending photo of cake to a girl | Updated: December 10, 2012

ThaneA case of unrequited love has proved costly for an Ulhasnagar youth who sent the object of his affection a birthday cake with her photograph printed on the top. The girl’s irate parents registered an FIR against the youth under the IT Act for stealing their daughter’s photograph from a social networking website.According to the police, the incident happened on August 26, when 20-year-old Vimal Kalani (name changed) a resident near Swami Shanti Prakash Ashram, Ulhasnagar-5 received a cake box at home. Kalani’s family members were surprised, as they had not ordered for any cake.

However, on opening the box, they were shocked to see the cake. Kalani could not explain why her photograph was on the cake or who had sent it.

After a family discussion, Kalani’s father approached the nearby Hill Line police station, where police registered a formal complaint and started investigating.

The police discovered that the cake had been purchased from Ribbons and Balloons cake shop near Gol Maidan, Ulhasnagar-1, and was sent through the shop’s home delivery service. Employees told the police that the boy who ordered the cake had sent the girl’s photograph through the e-mail ID ‘’.

After referring to the Cyber Crime cell, police found that a boy identified as Jagdish Patil, who was in love with Kalani, had sent the cake. Police said that Patil and Kalani were students at the same college.

On December 6, police registered an FIR against Patil. “We have booked a Jagdish Patil under Section 66 (A) of the IT Act, 2000, for using the girl’s photo without authorisation. We are currently looking for his residential address,” said an officer from Hill Line police station.

Is Paypal Back up to Their Censorship Tricks Again?

November 11th, 2012 by · Censorship, at digital reader

Remember back in February when Paypal decided to stop processing payments for Smashwords because SW helped authors sell ebooks which Paypal thought were icky? It took the whole of the internet to show Paypal that their decision was not a popular one.

Unfortunately it looks like Paypal forgot that lesson, because I have a report from one cover artist whose account has been closed by Paypal because she was using the service to be paid for making icky images.

It was on Thursday night I read about Kerry Chin, an artist who goes by the name of Dragon Reine on Deviant Art. She had recently made a book cover for Amelia Gormley, a self-published author with several books in Smashwords, Amazon, and elsewhere.

That book is called Acceleration, a M/M romance. I have not read the book, but as you can see over on GoodReads, the cover is relatively tame for a romance novel.

But apparently it’s not tame enough for Paypal, because they told Kerry that:

We are hereby notifying you that, after a recent review of your account activity, it has been determined that you are in violation of PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy regarding your sales / offers of adult commisions of digital art on

Kerry’s account has been “limited”, as Paypal put it, but for all intents and purposes it is closed. She cannot withdraw funds nor even check her transaction history.

I’m sure some of my readers will think this is a reasonable action on the part of Paypal, but given the resolution of the Smashwords censorship incident this Spring it really is not.

After having been bludgeoned by half the internet (yours truly included), Paypal revised their policy on book censorship to exclude the text of the books. Paypal was only going to object to specific titles:

First and foremost, we are going to focus this policy only on e-books that contain potentially illegal images, not e-books that are limited to just text. The policy will prohibit use of PayPal for the sale of e-books that contain child pornography, or e-books with text and obscene images of rape, bestiality or incest (as defined by the U.S. legal standard for obscenity: material that appeals to the prurient interest, depicts sexual conduct in a patently offensive way, and lacks serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value).

And that is from Paypal’s own blog, too.

If you look at the cover image again, you will probably agree that Amelia’s book is allowed under Paypal’s new policy. I don’t think I was stretching things by writing that it was a relatively tame image; I have seen more explicit imagery on M/F romance novels.

So what we have here is a book with a cover which the author is allowed to sell under Paypal’s policy while at the same time the author is not allowed to pay the cover artist.

Yes, it is that bizarre.

I have reached out to Paypal for comment, but apparently no one is watching the  Facebook page or reading emails, and Anuj Nayar, the Director of Communications at PayPal, does not read his email on the weekends. More fool him.

TBH, I think we’re looking at a mistake on the part of Paypal. There is a clear contradiction between the previously stated policy and the account closure.

But in the absence of a statement from Paypal I can only assume that this is going to be yet another incident where the Internet is going to have to beat up on Paypal until they back down.

Someone pass me a torch.

Update: Paypal restored Kerry’s account. While I still have not heard anything from Paypal (and she was told the account closure was permanent), it seems that Paypal does have someone watching news blogs on the weekend.



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