Parliamentary Panel asks govt for fresh law to give legality to UIDAI #Aadhaar #UID

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By PTI | 22 Apr, 2013,




NEW DELHI: Concerned over the functioning of UIDAI in its current form, a Parliamentary Panel today asked the government to come out with a fresh legislation to provide legality to the Authority.



“The Committee strongly feel that in the absence of legislation, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is discharging its functions without any legal basis,” the Standing Committee on Finance headed by BJP leader Yashwant Sinha said while presenting a report in Parliament.



The Committee in its earlier reports had urged the government to reconsider and review the UID scheme to bring a fresh legislation before Parliament.



The Committee said it is also concerned that during the last three financial years (up to January, 2013), a huge sum of Rs 2,342 crore has been spent on the scheme and Rs 2,620 crore has been allocated in BE 2013-14, out of which Rs 1,040 crore is earmarked for ‘Enrolement Authentication and Updation’ pending legislative sanction of the scheme.



The Committee has asked about cost per card incurred by the government to generate Aadhaar cards by UIDAI.



That apart, the report said, despite an average growth rate of 7.9 per cent in the 11th Five Year Plan, there was no substantial increase in employment opportunities.



“The Committee are of the view that skill development is a highly serious area of concern and need to be given priority … The mismatch in terms of demand and supply of skilled workforce is widening rapidly.”



It said the government needs to more than double its existing skill training capacity of 45 lakh to achieve the ambitious target of skilling 5 crore people in the 12th Plan (2012-17) including 90 lakh in 2013-14. “The Committee also recommend that like Right to Education there should be compulsory skill development programme,” it said.



The Committee was, however, satisfied that 173 of centrally sponsored schemes (CSSs) at the end of 11th Plan will be restructured into 70 schemes. It will help streamline, restructure and rationalise such schemes to enhance their productiveness, it added.


Also, the Committee supported the 12th Plan’s goal for faster, more inclusive and sustainable growth. It said that to achieve the goal of sustainable growth, various schemes in field of health, education, water and protection of environment should be reviewed. It added that more funds should be allocated for treatment of cancer.



Among others, the Committee observed that the targets in the field of electricity generation, coal production and gas production could not be met during the 11th Plan. “The Committee also desire that an Action Plan may be formulated for giving thrust to renewable energy as an alternative source of power,” it said.



It also observed several deficiencies in implementation of Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana ( RGGVY) aimed at providing electricity to all rural households. It said that in certain states, even the minimum required hours of supply of six to eight hours of electricity could not be met.



“The Committee, therefore, recommend for the comprehensive review of the Scheme and rectification of deficiencies to ensure…improvement in supply of electricity.





Press Release- Massive Corruption in Mumbai SRA projects exposed

Ghar Bachao Andolan Exposes the Land Scam and Corruption in Mumbai Slums, Sit in Continues in Azad Maidan

2,715 fake houses found in SRA, illegal sale of which amounts to Rs 1,023 Crore

Land being appropriated amounting to Rs 7,411 Crore

An Alternative Draft of the Sexual Harassment Bill Released

Mumbai, 4th January: Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan, with National Alliance of People’s Movements, has always maintained that the Slum Rehabilitation projects are the breeding ground for corruption. With the nexus of builder-politician-bureaucrats, they have been creating havoc by evicting people in name of rehabilitation and have neither given alternative houses nor any right to land whether belonging to Central Government or State Government or a private party; where they have been residing for decades. If the people question or demand to see the list of residents or details of plan and land use, they are traced and harassed, even filed cases against.

In fact it is because of huge vested interest in such schemes which is so strong, that the nexus is not ready to do away with their huge profit. The worst part, however, is that in spite of being officially eligible for huge profit invested in the scheme, the elite nexus has become the open ground for further irregularities and gained much more fraudulent land through corruption.

Our own investigation in only some of the SRA projects suggest a massive scam with top builders involved in this loot where the land has been appropriated without people’s consent. Moreover, they have also also included fake allottees in the list of ‘to be rehabilitated’ families, which are sold in open market to outsider ineligible persons. Each of these amounts to earning crores of rupees by the builders and their associate politicians and others.

Our investigations in 9 projects alone show a corruption of 7,411 Crore, in some cases whole land has been appropriated illegally and flats sold, flouting all norms and laws.

Massive Corruption in SRA Scheme and Total Cost


Area in Sq feet

Price per Sq feet

Total Cost


Antop Hill, 8 Housing Societies





Antop Hill, 7 Housing Societies





Majaswadi, 22 Housing Socities, 22 Housing Socities, Jogeshwari





Babasaheb Ambedkar nagar (Mulund)





Lokmanya nagar (Parel)





Mata Ramabai Ambedkar Nagar (Chembur)    740520




Ramanagar – 18 Housing Societies, Ghatkopar





Sio, Koliwada





Golibar, Khar






Corruption Due to Sale of Fake Allottee Houses in SRA


No of Families in Fake List

Cost of the 269 Sq feet House



622 fake cases in 8 Socities of Antop Hill, of which 300 to go to the builder


40 Lakh



All affidavits are fake in Antop Hill 7 Housing Socities, people have demanded cancellation of Annexure 2


40 Lakh



Babasaheb Ambedkar Nagar (Mulund)


45 Lakh



Golibar (Khar)


30 Lakh



Ramnagar (Ghatkopar)


40 Lakh





It is the people’s struggle that has challenged this and even stalled the so called progress even if facing atrocities by them. We will continue to challenge them at every level.

Thousands of people on the fourth day continued to sit in Azad Maidan, demanding written time bound commitment from the Chief Minister. Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan also released an alternative draft endorsed by National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM), titled “The Prevention of Atrocities Against Women and Establishment of Special Courts Act, 2012”. It was released by women from bastis who are the real victims and also the real champions and who shared their experiences from ground regarding the struggle that women go through in slums and otherwise.

Murzban Shroff, author and supporter of the Andolan recited his powerful poem, “Who are the real Rapists?” on the occasion of the release of the Bill. The poem talks about the fact that not only individuals, but also corrupt and exploitative system rapes. And it is not only women who are raped but also those disadvantaged people who are deprived of their rights. Depriving someone of their rights is also a form of rape. And therefore, all those who are demanding their rights of land and housing are fighting the rapists.

Medha Patkar, Jamil bhai, Mohan Chavan, Madhuri Shivkar, Madhuri Variyath, Sumit Wajale, Santosh Thorat, Sandeep Yevale, Kishor Kardak, Girija Bahen, Prabhakar Narkar, Shilpa Sabale, Kamlesh S S, Siraj, Umar bhai, Shabbir Deshmukh

Organised by : Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan, Janta Jagruti Manch, Shahar Vikas Manch, Ramabai Ambedkar Nagar Bachao Samiti, Nagari Niwara Haq Samiti, Waghini Sangathan, SRA Sangharsh Samiti, Bruhanmumbai Niwara Samanvaya Samiti

Affiliates of National Alliance of Peoples’ Movements

Contact: Madhuri Shivkar 09892143242 | Madhuri Wariyath 09820619174 | Sumit Wajale 09967875999 | Sandeep Yevale 09819307419

Previous Press Releases on this campaign :

Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan Continues, Thousands Continue their Sit-in at Azad Maidan, Mumbai

Thousands of Mumbaikars March towards Mantralaya Claiming Dignity and Equal Rights to City

A Sea of people marched on Streets of Mumbai to reach Mantralaya

Thousands of Mumbai’s Urban Poor to begin new year with long march on foot to Mantrayala


Faking news: Babus, netas discuss how to loot cash transfers #UID #Aadhar

DNA / Rahul Roushan / Saturday, December 1, 2012 9:00 IST

Corrupt officials, leaders, businessmen, and criminals from 51 districts of India met here early today to devise plans to loot the cash that would be transferred to the poor as part of the newly announced Direct Cash Transfer scheme of the government.

“A government scheme without any fraud is like a computer without virus,” said a government official willing to work on the project to digitize the Aadhar database.

“If your computer never had any virus problems, you had a sad and boring life,” he claimed.

The meeting was called in after these people were offended by some claims that suggested that the latest welfare schemes could minimize corruption by directly transferring cash to the intended beneficiary’s account, thus doing away with the intermediaries who might pocket a share.

“We took it personally and as a challenge to our abilities to scam and loot,” another official said. “The country will come to a grinding halt if honest officers are found more organised and alert than the corrupt ones!”

The criminals attending the meeting proposed that they would simply rob off the guys coming out of banks after withdrawing the cash, but they were asked to wait till the other members found a better way to loot the citizens of the country.

“That’s the easiest thing to do,” the leaders and officials told the criminals attending the meeting, “But let us first apply our minds and try to figure out how to run away with this cash without overt criminality.”

“It will help us to confuse people if we get caught,” a leader explained to the criminals.

With the criminals’ plan kept as back up, the businessmen proposed to start a company in the villages that will offer to manage the cash received by the poor men and women.

“We will promise to increase their cash by over 10 times in a year, and ask them to deposit the cash in our Ponzi schemes after withdrawing them from their accounts,” a businessman suggested. “We have fooled educated people in the urban India, so fooling these village folks shouldn’t be a problem at all,” the businessman added.

This idea to loot the cash subsidy through Ponzi scheme was well received, but some leaders thought that this plan was risky.

“Some journalists and activists might track how the poor were using the cash subsidies. They fear that men in the poor families will fritter these cash subsidies away on liquor and gambling,” a leader pointed out. “These guys might come to know about our Ponzi scheme and may expose them.”

At this point of time, the criminals again offered to loot the poor people at gun point, but they were asked by the leaders and the officials to be patient.

“Look, we can do what was done in the MCD ghost employees case,” an official proposed. “We can have Aadhar cards issued to imaginary poor people and get cash transferred in those accounts, just like MCD was fooled into transferring salaries to imaginary employees,” the official added.

“We already have instances of Aadhar cards being issued to a coriander plant, so getting them issued to an imaginary human being shouldn’t be a problem,” the official pointed out.

Sources say that this suggestion was appreciated by everyone in the meeting and they agreed to meet next week with a detailed plan of the loot.

Rahul Roushan thinks he can make some sense through nonsense. He attempts the same through his news satire website

URL of the article:



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