HC stays trial against Sanjiv Bhatt in custodial torture case

Ahmedabad. April  23, 2013

The Gujarat High Court today temporarily stayed the trial against suspended IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt in a 16-year-old case of custodial torture in Porbandar.

Justice S R Brahmabhatt ordered stay till further orders and fixed the hearing in the first week of May.

Bhatt, who was posted as SP in Porbandar in 1997, and constable Vajubhai Chau, are facing a trial for alleged custodial torture of a history-sheeter called Naran Sudha Jadav.

Jadav was arrested by Inspector M J Parmar while investigating a case of smuggling of weapons and RDX from Pakistan, and taken to Porbandar from Sabarmati Central jail in Ahmedabad in July 1997.

Jadav later filed a complaint before the judicial magistrate in Porbandar, accusing Bhatt and Chau of custodial torture.

Last year, Bhatt had filed an application before the magistrate, seeking case diaries of the investigation officer.

The magistrate, in September, rejected Bhatt’s application, against which he went to the high court.

Bhatt has been in news in the recent past for making allegations against Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi regarding handling of the 2002 riots.


Gujarat HC issues notice to state over Sanjiv Bhatt’s plea

Sanjiv Bhatt
Saeed Khan, TNN | Apr 6, 2013, 01.49 PM IST

Sanjiv Bhatt, who was posted as SP in Porbandar then, along with a constable Vajubhai Chau is being tried for the custodial a known historysheeter Naran Sudha Jadav.


AHMEDABAD: Gujarat high court has issued notice to the state government on a plea filed by suspended IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt, who has sought permission to place a case diary of the RDX landing case to defend himself in a custodial torture case in Porbandar.

Bhatt, who was posted as SP in Porbandar then, along with a constable Vajubhai Chau is being tried for the custodial a known historysheeter Naran Sudha Jadav. The inmate was taken to Porbandar from Sabarmati central jail in Ahmedabad in 1998 in connection with investigation of a Tada case related to the RDX landing. Jadav later filed a complaint accusing Bhatt and Chau of custodial torture.

A case in this regard began in Porbandar’s magisterial court. Last year, the high court vacated a stay from the trial. As the trial began, Bhatt argued that all three witnesses in the trial were prisoners and the investigating officer should be made an independent witness and his case diary should be placed before the court as evidence in his defence.

The Porbandar court rejected Bhatt’s application, and this led him to move the HC. During a proceeding, Justice S R Brahmbhatt questioned whether the state government was interested in the case against the suspended IPS officer. Bhatt has alleged that in order to fix him, the state government has been defending Jadav, who is a security suspect and has been implicated in various serious offences of murder, waging war against the nation and a Tada case.

The court has sought the state government’s reply by Monday, when further hearing is scheduled.

Bhatt is also facing trial in a custodial torture case in Jamnagar district.

Bhatt implicated chief minister Narendra Modi in the 2002 riots by giving a statement before the special investigation team (SIT) and b


Suspended IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt moves HC in custodial torture case

Sanjiv Bhatt
TNN | Apr 5, 2013, 03.23 AM IST

AHMEDABAD: Suspended IPS officer SanjivBhatt has moved Gujarat high court seeking permission to place as evidence the case diary of a terrorism-related case to defend himself in a custodial torture case in Porbandar.

Bhatt, along with a constable, Vajubhai Chau, is being tried for the custodial torture of a known history-sheeter Naran Sudha, who was taken to Porbandar from Sabarmati Central Jail in 1998 in connection with investigations of a Tada case. Bhatt was posted as superintendent of police in Porbandar then.

Three accused persons in the Tada case were witnesses in this case. During the trial, Bhatt submitted before the trial court that the case diary of the investigating officer of the Tada offence should be placed and the IO should be made an independent witness in this case. The lower court rejected Bhatt’s request, stating that the case diary is for the perusal for the court and IO only; and an accused cannot access it.

Bhatt questioned this decision of the lower court through advocate I H Syed, who contended that the case diary belonged to another offence, in which the suspended IPS is not an accused. Since both offences were separate, the case diary could be placed so that Bhatt could highlight contradictions.

Bhatt was booked under sections 330 and 324 of the IPC, on allegations that he tortured the accused with electric shocks in order to extract a confession in the Tada case. His counsel Syed said that Jadav has been booked for 24 offences like murder, arms act violations, Tada, RDX landings and for waging war against the nation.

“He is a security suspect in the Union war book. Still, the state government is trying to persecute its own officer and defend the history-sheeter, although this is a private complaint,” the lawyer said.

This case will continue on Friday before Justice S R Brahmbhatt.

Bhatt also faces trial in an alleged police atrocity case in Jamnagar. One person had died in this case in 1990. The trial against Bhatt began after the state government withdrew its protection after the cop implicated chief minister Narendra Modi in the 2002 riots.


Stand by your man- Bhatt vs Modi mirror of Gender relations

Stand by your man

Monobina Gupta , TNN
03 December 2012, 11:12 PM IST

You may expect Shweta Bhatt, the valiant wife of the police officer Sanjiv Bhatt, to break into ‘Stand by your man’, a popular 60s’ country song. The homemaker wife has rushed in where political stalwarts fear to tread. Resonating with the spirit of those cloyingly sweet and jarring lyrics, Shweta’s act of bravery is meant to aid her husband Sanjiv and his fight against Narendra Modi. The verdict of the forthcoming uneven electoral face-off is virtually a foregone conclusion. But hold that thought. You could instead choose a different strain of music, for instance, Harry Belafonte’s ‘Man smart/women are smarter’ and ask: Who is the smarter one in this case? Shweta Bhatt or the Indian National Congress?

A political greenhorn, leveraged by a dispirited Congress, Shweta is about to take on the ‘roaring Gujarati lion’ in his seemingly impregnable den. If that doesn’t qualify as reckless political bravery, nothing does. But reckless valiance is not always a bad thing to experiment with. Especially in dire situations like this one – when you simply have nothing to lose. What you need perhaps is to make a symbol out of your defeat, to send out a hollow message of courage or honour in the face of yet another imminent calamity. That could be the Congress’s desperate game plan. But in this bizarre Modi vs Bhatt episode, that’s not the only idea at play. A devoted wife suddenly taking the political center stage, with husband by her side, who ends up speaking much too often on her behalf, also reinforces the traditional idea of Indian womanhood.

As Shweta herself has said, victory is not the essence of her contest. In other words, the politics of this high-pitched election has already been pushed aside. At the centre of all the buzz is the unexpectedness of a housewife, deciding to brave the dirty political world, if only for the sake of her embattled husband. Remember Lalu Prasad, who at the height of the fodder scam found succour from his politically novice wife Rabri Devi? Forced to give up his chief ministership, Lalu anointed Rabri as his successor, sidelining party heavyweights. Till then confined to the house and the kitchen, Rabri was pushed to the nerve centre of politics, not just of Bihar, her state, but also the Delhi darbar.

In this case, much is to be said of the conduct, or the lack of it, of the ruling Congress, Gujarat’s main opposition party. Languishing on the sidelines of Gujarat’s stormy political theatre, the Congress has systematically allowed its adversary to walk all over it. The party’s continued listlessness is inexplicable, to put it mildly. One would have expected the Congress to work itself into shape, especially in the aftermath of the 2002 riots and build for itself an identity that Modi would find tough to reckon with. Not just that, even on the chief minister’s much publicised development model, much was to be said as well as exposed. But the Congress played truant. Most of the stark revelations pointing to the gaping holes in Modi’s development project came from academics and stray journalists. Not the opposition party. The Congress continued to hibernate till it chanced upon a face-saver in Shweta Bhatt.

Interestingly, the Modi vs Bhatt case raises questions about not just party politics, but also gender politics. The BJP has grabbed this opportunity to point fingers at Sanjiv Bhatt and decry his charges against Modi. But just for a moment put politics aside, and Shweta could easily become the BJP’s brand ambassador promoting the image of the ideal Indian woman. As a party, which hardly ever misses an occasion to celebrate the sati-savitri cult, the

BJP should be proud of Shweta’s contribution to fortifying this patriarchal idealism. But that’s not the only contradiction. Shweta’s unexpected electoral foray must surely be a dampener for Modi and his professed masculine politics, his macho aggression, his inability to apologise. Imagine all that being wasted on a political neophyte like Shweta Bhatt.

Gujarat govt admits some documents related to 2002 riots were destroyed #NarendraModi

Published: Friday, Nov 2, 2012, 21:04 IST
Place: Ahmedabad | Agency: PTI


The Gujarat government has admitted before Justice GT Nanavati Commission that some documents related to 2002 post-Godhra riots were destroyed by it ‘in routine course’.

This was disclosed today in an order passed by the Commission on an application filed by suspended IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt, who had sought inspection of certain sensitive documents pertaining to the riots.

In its order today, the Commission referred to the letter received from the office of Additional Director General (Intelligence) on October 18, 2012 which said, “Some of the documents sought for inspection have been destroyed in routine course and they are not available for producing them before this Commission”.

Referring to the letter, the Commission today directed the state government to file an affidavit.

“A responsible officer of the Government should put this fact in an affidavit for final clarification,” the Commission said.

With the state seeking time to file an affidavit till November 6, the Commission has scheduled further hearing in the case on November 7 when it may decide the question of relevance of those documents for examination by Bhatt.

Defending the government, counsel for the state government today argued that, “those documents were falling in the Category ‘G’ and it is a routine procedure not to keep them beyond one year.”

Last year also, a senior counsel appearing for the state government had told the media that documents sought by Bhatt were already destroyed. The state government, however, had denied that documents were destroyed.

Responding to the state government’s admission, Bhatt said today, “This is evidence of systematic effort to destroy sensitive documents pertaining to 2002 riots which can corroborate the complicity of the state machinery.”

Bhatt, who alleged complicity of Chief Minister Narendra Modi in the 2002 riots, had sought inspection of certain documents to file an affidavit before the Commission probing the riots cases, in support of his allegations.

The Commission had denied him access to those documents. Bhatt then filed a PIL before the High Court last month which accepted his plea and allowed him access to those documents.

Incidentally, during the course of the hearing on his PIL, Advocate General of the state had assured the court that documents sought by Bhatt would be submitted soon.

When Bhatt sought access to 47 documents for inspection based on the court order, only 16 were produced and state has opposed the access to others by citing provisions of the Gujarat Police Manual. PTI ADT PD ABC SMI RYS 11022053 NNNN


Suspension of IPS Sanjiv Bhatt revoked #goodnews

PTI, OCT 1, 2012

AHMEDABAD: On the recommendation of the Union home ministry, the Gujarat government on Monday revoked suspension of IPS officerSanjiv Bhatt in one of three cases against him.

“However, as Bhatt has also been put under suspension in two other cases, he will remain under suspension till those cases are pending,” said state’s principal secretary (Home) S K Nanda.

Bhatt, who alleged complicity of Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi in the 2002 riots, was placed under suspension by the Home Department in exercise of powers conferred by Rule 3(1) of All India Services (Discipline and Appeals) Rules, 1969 on August 8, 2011.

The specific reasons cited against him were unauthorised absence from duty, non-appearance before a departmental panel and alleged misuse of official vehicle while he was posted as SRP training school principal in Junagadh district.

“His suspension has been revoked in this particular case,” Nanda said.

“The central review committee which had met on August 6, 2012 was of the opinion that the proposal of the state government for further extension of Bhatt’s suspension beyond one year may be rejected,” a ministry of home affairs communication sent to Bhatt by the state home department said.

“The state government has considered the recommendations of central review committee carefully and decided to accept the same and revoke suspension of Bhatt with effect from August 8 this year,” Nanda said.

However, he remains suspended from the service in a criminal case where he has been accused for forcing his former constable to file a forged affidavit in which he had spend six days in police custody.

Sanjiv Bhatt moves Guj HC to summon #NarendraModi before Godhra Panel

Ahmedabad, Sept 27 : Suspended IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt thursday moved Gujarat High Court with the prayer to direct Justice G T Nanavati Commission of Enquiry looking into the riots cases to summon Chief Minister Narendra Modi before it.

In a Public Interest Litigation filed along with People’s Union of Civil Liberty, Bhatt has also demanded that the probe panel should be directed to submit its final report, not to the Chief Minister of the State but to the office of state Governor.

The hearing on the PIL commenced thursday before the division bench of Chief Justice Bhaskar Bhattacharya and Justice J B Pardiwala.

Advocate Yusuf Muchhala who made submissions on behalf of the petitioners today will continue his submission on the next date of hearing scheduled for October 5.

The Nanavati Commission was formed by the state government following the Godhra riots in February 2002. The state government, in 2004, had expanded the terms of reference of the probe panel which included the role and conduct of the then Chief Minister and other ministers.

Citing this expanded terms of reference, petitioners have claimed that, “….Commission has to enquire into the role and function of the Chief Minister in view of the terms of reference constituting the Commission.”

“The role of the Chief Minister, both personal and constitutional, could only be properly and with any sort of veracity come on the record of the Commission and hence his presence is a must,” petition reads.


Open letter to CM by Sanjiv Bhatt- The full text

Dear Narendra Modi,

You must have been apprised about the punishment meted out to your loyal lieutenants Dr. Maya Kodnani and Babu Bajrangi, as well as the misguided foot-soldiers of misconceived Hindutva, who have now been condemned to spend a life in prison. Was it perchance that you smartly distanced yourself from all these unfortunate people at an opportune moment? Have you spared a thought for the innocent family members of the accused who have been sentenced to a lifetime behind bars? It is believed that you were once a married man. At some point in your life, like all normal humans, you might have been touched by the magic of love, even thought of having children starting a family, perhaps! Have you even once thought about the plight of the wives and children of your onetime adulators who have been condemned for life?

Mr. Modi, have you ever looked at your actual image, stripped of the designer dresses that you are so enamored with? Have you ever looked at the reflection of the real face behind the mask? Have you ever introspected about your true-self concealed behind the meticulous imagery created by your media managers? Have you even once thought whether it is really worth it to sustain power, even if it requires sacrificing fellow human beings at the altar of expediency? Have you ever considered, even once, whether it is alright to facilitate or connive in the killing of another human being just because he does not conform to your beliefs? Is it really worthwhile to deceive your own self…. or, is it only a small price to pay for your political ambitions?

I hope and pray to God that you get the time, wisdom and opportunity to find honest and truthful answers to some of these questions during this lifetime.

God bless!

Sanjiv Bhatt


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