#Bangalore 50-60 women beaten, arrested at EWS Colony this morning, protesting demolition by BBMP #Vaw

50-60 women beaten, arrested at EWS Colony, Ejipura this morning, protesting demolition by BBMP.

Chaos in EWS colony as BBMP starts demolition


Residents on prime land tense as some more huts are razed

UNSURE FUTURE:Will a permanent, secure house for them remain a pipe dream? Ejipura residents watch the bulldozers at work in Bangalore on Friday.— PHOTO: SAMPATH KUMAR G.P.

UNSURE FUTURE:Will a permanent, secure house for them remain a pipe dream? Ejipura residents watch the bulldozers at work in Bangalore on Friday.— PHOTO: SAMPATH KUMAR G.P.

Utter confusion prevailed on Friday in the Ejipura housing colony for economically weaker sections as bulldozers hired by the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) once again entered the area with the police in tow. Unsure about the target of the earthmoving machinery, many residents started running helter-skelter even as others stood their ground and entered into verbal duels with the officials.

“I don’t know if they will demolish my hut this time. Where will I go if they do?” wailed M. Syeda (40) who has three children and a disabled husband to feed. At least two dozen huts were demolished in Friday’s operation.

Piecemeal demolitions

Demolitions in the colony have been happening on a piecemeal basis over the last few months with similar waves of police and BBMP officials entering the area and retreating after razing a few dozen huts.

“Each time they come, we don’t know which line of huts they will target,” explained Mutthu Kumar (37), one of the residents of this colony, which is majorly comprised of Dalits and minorities.

The 15 acres and 22 guntas of land on which the shantytown is located is slated for the construction of a mall as well as higher quality tenements for the original residents. As part of a joint development agreement that the BBMP entered into with Maverick Holdings and Investment Pvt. Ltd., half of the land will be used for the construction of 1,512 EWS apartments. The other half will be used by Maverick Holdings to construct the mall. Eviction of residents for the project has been stalled several times since its inception with residents and rights groups staging protests, alleging that it smacks of a land scam.

Biometric cards

Even as tension prevailed at one end of the colony on Friday, another group of BBMP officials continued to issue biometric cards to the residents under a makeshift tent. These cards, the officials said, will help the evicted residents lay claim to the new houses that are planned as a replacement for the present tin-roof structures.

The main concern of the residents, however, is what they will do until the new houses are built. “Some officials are saying the new houses will take a year. Others are saying it will take three years. We are scared and confused,” said B. Selvi (65).

Some of the residents here are original allottees while others are tenants of the original allottees. The replacement flats on the same spot are planned for original allottees whereas the tenants, most of who have been living here for the last decade, have been assured of a colony at Sarjapur.

As the demolition progressed in Ejipura, one group of residents trooped to the BBMP headquarters and staged a snap protest. “In view of the upcoming school and college examinations, we want the BBMP to give the residents another two months to vacate,” said Amruthraj Isaac, one of the activists who led the agitation.


Aadhar card doesn’t have date of birth #wtfnews #joke

200 px

200 px (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By , TNN | Dec 4, 2012, 07.50 AM IST

NAGPUR: The unique identification number (UID), renamed as Aadhar, was supposed to be one of the documents to eliminate submission of multiple papers for identification but due to absence of date of birth on Aadhar, people may find it difficult to access government and non-government services assuming it to be a sole document.Aadhar is an initiative of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIAI) of the government to create a unique ID for every Indian resident but people are being asked for additional documents as age proof.

The government has assured that Aadhar will help individual to access services like banking, mobile phone connections and other services.

“All assurances gave an impression that by using Aadhar card one will not need to carry multiple documents for availing service benefits and limitations of other cards issued earlier will be done away with. But it is not true,” says Avinash Prabhune, a consumer rights activist.

Prabhune says Aadhar cards do not mention date of birth although documentary evidence was submitted at the time of enrolment. The cards indicate only year of birth, therefore this card is not helping as age proof in banks and other places.

However, Aadhar is acceptable by the railways and MSRTC. Central Railway public relations officer (PRO) P D Patil said Aadhar card is acceptable for providing concession in fares to senior citizens.

“Even MSRTC is accepting Aadhar as a document to provide concession in fare. We calculate the age based on the year mentioned on the card,” an ST official said.

However, even if railways and MSRTC accept Aadhar, banks have been demanding additional documents. “As per the RBI guidelines we have been introducing the central banking system ( CBS) which needs other documents too. A new account cannot be opened only on the basis of Aadhar. We demand pan card as age proof,” said branch manager of a nationalized bank, seeking anonymity.

Till now more than Rs 2,000 crores have been spent on the UID scheme and 23 crore residents have been enrolled so far but none of these cards bear the date of birth.

“Recording birth date on Aadhar card could sort out problems. I strongly support the scheme as after its integration with other systems, it may be possible that UID data will be shared but till that time multiple papers will be required for vital transactions,” says Vinayak Prabhune, a retired government official.

Prabhune wrote to UIDAI officials twice to mention the date of birth on Aadhar cards but they did not reply. He says as a large population does not known their date of birth, only year is recorded but it should be mentioned on the cards of those who know their date of birth.


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