Police Inspector KK Mysorewala did not take preventive steps #Narodapatiya #Narendramodi


DNA Correspondent l Ahmedabad

The special judge, who conducted the trial in the Naroda Patia massacre case, criticised the initial investigation in the case that was done by the Naroda police, and also pulled up the then police inspector, KK Mysorewala.
In her 2000-page-long verdict, the judge has said that statements of witnesses recorded by the previous investigator were unreliable as the investigator’s propriety in recording the statements had itself been rebutted.
“This court believes and has held that the previous investigation is not reliable mainly as far as recording the statements is concerned,” the judge has stated in her verdict.
Regarding Mysorewala, the court said the police officer had not paid due attention to the guidance and oral instructions given on February 27, 2002 by higher officers regarding preventive steps to be taken. “Not a single such step was taken,” the court said.
“Two incidents of burning Muslim shops on that day should have been taken as signals of the series of horrifying and terrifying incidents to occur, but nothing was noted by him. Even no police point was arranged at the place near the wall of Jawan Nagar and where the Muslim chawls known as Jawan Nagar begin,” the court said. The judge further said that complaints were registered after the two shops of Muslims were burnt but no proper and detailed investigation was done and no one was arrested.
“This job could also have been assigned to some subordinate by KK Mysorewala but he remained inactive as emerges on record,” the judge said.
In her 2000-page verdict, the judge said that statements of witnesses recorded by the previous investigator were unreliable as the investigator’s propriety in recording the statements had itself been rebutted

‘No accused doesn’t mean there was no gangrape’ #VAW #Justice



Gujarat EDN

DNA  04SEP2012

‘No accused doesn’t mean there was no gangrape

Judge ordered govt to pay a rape victim Rs5 lakh as compensation
DNA Correspondent l Ahmedabad

Delivering the verdict in the Naroda Patia massacre case, the special court observed that gang-rapes had taken place during the riot and, in the case of at least one woman, the prosecution had failed miserably to nail the culprits.

The court said that witnesses’ accounts, including that of a victim of gang-rape who had narrated her harrowing experience, indicated that rapes and gang-rapes had taken place in Naroda Patia that day.

“The prosecution has miserably failed to bring on record as to who committed the gang rape on the woman. There is, in fact, no material to believe that she has narrated an imaginary incident,” the court said while ordering the state government to give Rs5 lakh to the woman as compensation. The court further said that when a gang-rape is not proved for want of evidence, it does not naturally follow that gang rape had not taken place.

The special judge refused to accept that just because there was no doctor’s report or injury certificate proving a gang-rape it meant that the gang-rape had not taken place. “Subscribing to this view would amount to turning the face from the hard realities of life,” the court said.

Expressing sympathy for the woman, the court said that when the victim woman was not implicating any of the accused in the incident, it was clear she did not have any other intention in narrating what had happened, except to express her hurt at the violation of her human rights.

“The loud cries of such a victim of crime, if not heard by the system, is a mockery of justice,” the court said.




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