Press Release- Uphold the Maruti Worker’s right to protest #humanrights

Press Statement

Peoples Union for Democratic Rights, Delhi (PUDR)


Imaan Khan, one of the active members of the Provisional Working Committee, Maruti Suzuki Workers Union (MSWU ) was picked up by the Haryana police in the morning of January 24, just before a press conference of the union was to begin from outside the union office of Sarva Karmachari Sangh in Civil Lines, Gurgaon. The charges put against him are the same as those on the workers arrested for the July 18, 2012 incident which was happened in manesar plant, in which one of the HR Managers Awanish Dev had died. There is apprehension now of other active members of the provisional committee being picked up. This is possible because the FIR of the incident was against 500 unnamed accused.

It needs to be reiterated that 146 workers, including the entire union, are in jail for the last seven months and there are non-bailable arrest warrants against 66 more workers. Also 546 permanent and 1800 contract workers were terminated.

With the entire union body in jail, the provisional committee is actively questioning the actions of the illegal termination of workers, arbitrary arrests and in general state-management-police nexus. All are being met with a heavy hand to break the morale of the workers.

A week long program comprising of ‘JUSTICE RALLY’ through the villages and cities across Haryana was organized, by the committee from 21st January 2012, after all talks with the management and labor department for the reinstatement of terminated workers failed. The program culminated in a dharna in Rohtak on 27th January. During this period too, the workers participating in the jattha  were harassed, intimidated and finally forcibly picked up by the police from Bilaspur, cycles all 20 of workers’ were dumped into police vehicles and dropped off to a village in Jhajjhar. When the workers resisted by laying on the ground and holding on to each other, the police used force to remove them and gave threats of arrests and torture if they entered Gurgaon. The MSWU union office was raided January 22 and 23 January.

Even the family members of the workers are being continuously harassed, by repeatedly summoning to the police stations and pressurized to get the workers to stay out of organizing work. Workers inside the plant are being given transfer orders to far away places for supporting the agitation too. Transfer orders were handed out to 12 workers to Mumbai, Kerala and Gauhati. This amounts to a virtual dismissal since workers find it tough to relocate.

PUDR strongly condemns the continuous repression and persecution of the Maruti workers by the Haryana government. This repression is clearly aimed at preventing them from exercising their right to protest against unfair labour practices and for demanding their legitimate rights.

We in PUDR

  • Uphold the democratic right of the workers to protest and demand the immediate release of Imaan Khan, MSWU Provisional Working Committee member
  • Demand an early and complete inquiry into the death of the HR manager and other events of July 18 and urge the Haryana government not to use the case to arrest more workers justly struggling for their rights!
  • Prevail upon all other democratic forces to stand by the right of workers against the state, capital and management nexus for a more dignified life struggling workers and recognition of their just demands.

Ashish Gupta and D Manjit,

Secretaries (30th January, 2013)


Press Release-The Maruti Suzuki Workers Union – protest dharna and hunger strike @Nov 7&8


MSWU Release:
Onwards to the Dharna and Hunger Strike of 7th and 8th November !!

NOVEMBER 6, 2012
The Maruti Suzuki Workers Union (MSWU: Reg. no. 1923) has decided to hold a
protest dharna in the form of a two-day hunger strike on 7th and 8th November
2012. Our family members, relatives and well-wishers and organizations have staged regular
protests across Haryana and given memorandum to all the ministers in the state but to no
avail. We were not allowed to unite and express our side of the story and our indignation at
being falsely implicated in the unfortunate incident of 18th July 2012.
So we are doing a united protest action of the 149 workers languishing in Gurgaon Central
Jail for the last three-and-a-half months, and the 546 permanent workers who have been
terminated from their jobs. We have all the solidarity of the around 2000 contract and casual
workers who have also been unceremoniously thrown out of their jobs. All 149 workers will
be on hunger strike inside the jail, and over 500 workers will sit in front of the Gurgaon
Court/D.C. Office in Gurgaon from 10am on 7th November till 4pm on 8th November
2012, after which we will take out a rally to submit a memorandum to the local minister.
When this protest program was declared the day-before on 4th November, police intimidation,
which we have already witnessed these three months, has increased manifold. The jail
authorities of Gurgaon Central Jail have threatened to ‘beat up’ and increase the
torture on our 149 fellow workers who go on hunger strike. All our elected Union
representatives are lodged in jail – Among those in Gurgaon Central Jail include the entire
leadership of our MARUTI SUZUKI WORKERS UNION body, who are portrayed as
‘killers’ even without any due impartial investigation, and having a complete silence on the
role played by the company management in the incident of violence on 18 July 2012.

The Maurti Suzuki company, IMT Manesar currently operates under police cover and the
condition of the few workers who work there are fear and overwork. The Manesar police
summoned each worker inside the company to the police station and has threatened all
of them of ‘dire consequences’ and termination if found to be even remotely in touch
with any of the terminated workers and having found to be attending any meeting or
dharna. This is complete violation of all democratic norms in the country.
We will however go ahead with our scheduled program and call upon all sections of
workers, unions and common people to come in our support and join us on 7th and
8thNovember in front of the D.C. Office, Gurgaon, to bring out our side of the story
which has been buried in the heap of company-driven misinformation and pro-company
government actions. We have and will stand for our legitimate rights, the unity of all the
workers against the exploitation by the Maruti management and its continuous attempts to
‘divide and rule’ over us, by segmenting us into permanent and contract, and now into jailed,
terminated and working in intimidation. We appeal to all to join us and strengthen our


We demand:
1. Institute an independent impartial probe into the incident of 18th July 2012, and into the
role of the management in it.
2. Immediately release all the arrested workers. Stop all repressive measures by the police on
workers-inside the jail, inside the company and outside- and on their family members and
3. Immediately reinstate all the 546 terminated workers and also give priority to reinstate
temporary workers as permanents.
Inquilab Zindabad!
Imaan Khan, Ram Niwas, O. P. Jat, Katar Singh, Yogesh, Raj Pal, Mahabir
Provisional Working Committee,



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