#India- Don’t wear jeans, Congress MLA tells women’s kabaddi coach #Vaw #WTFnews

HARYANA, Updated Mar 23, 2013 at 03:54pm

Gurgaon: Indian women’s kabaddi team coach Sunil Dabas, who is also a teacher in a Gurgaon school, reportedly fainted after a Congress MLA passed some lewd and insulting comments against her during a function in Gurgaon. The alleged incident took place at DSD college, Gurgaon.

Congress MLA from Badshahpur Rao Dharmpal was the chief guest at the college’s annual function and Sunil Dabas was also present on the stage. Seeing Dabas dressed in a jeans and shirt, the Congress MLA passed some comments and asked her why she was wearing such clothes. Dabas was shocked on hearing the comments and reportedly fainted.

The students started protesting against the MLA after they came to know about the incident following which Dharmpal had to leave the function under police escort. Dabas’s brother said that the MLA should have been courteous and not made such an insulting comment. He said that Dabas was in a jeans and shirt but the MLA’s comments were very humiliating which shocked her. He also said that he would take appropriate action in the case whereas Dabas has been referred to Medanta Hospital from Shitla Hospital where she had been initially admitted.

Meanhile, Dharmpal defended his comments by claiming that he had congratulated Dabas for brining laurels to the country and then he advised her to dress in a dignified manner as all the female teachers of the school were wearing either a saree or salwar suit whereas she was the only one in a jeans and shirt. He also said that he did not visit Dabas in the hospital as the there were protests against him and alleged that the entire incident was a political conspiracy and appealed to the people not to get their wards admitted to government colleges as they were in a very poor state.

The local administration and college authorities have been keeping quiet. While Haryana Sports Minister came to see Dabas in the hospital, he refused to comment on the incident. College students allege that the local MLA was aware about the incident but had not come to meet Dabas while a senior Congress MLA should not have made such an insulting and irresponsible statement.


Chhattisgarh: Complaint against MLA for allegedly revealing rape survivor’s identity #Vaw #Justice

CHHATTISGARH, Posted on Jan 15, 2013 at 02:54pm IST

Raipur: Hitting out at the Bharatiya Janata Party government, the Opposition Congress on Tuesday alleged that a ruling party MLA had disclosed the identity of a rape survivor of Raipur, Chhattisgarh and demanded registration of FIR against him. “BJP MLA Nand Kumar Sahu has disclosed the identity of the minor girl who was allegedly raped one month ago in the Urla area,” Shaliesh Nitin Trivedi Congress spokesperson said.

“The law as it currently stands is not in favour of revealing the identity of the rape victim and the MLA has acted in a very insensitive manner,” he added. Sahu had recently met the survivor to provide her assistance and later revealed her name and photograph which was totally irresponsible, Trivedi said adding that taking the matter seriously, a case should be registered against the MLA.

Additional Superintendent of Police Lal Umed Singh said Congress party workers have given them a complaint letter against Sahu in this regard and they have begun an investigation into it. No senior BJP leader was immediately available to comment on the issue.


TN shocker! Dalits lead isolated lives in enclosed fence #castesystem #discrimination

A fence seperates the Dalit colony from the rest of the village


Ganesh Nadar in Tuticorin, Rediff.com

A Hindu caste group has built a fence around a Dalit colony to prevent them from venturing onto their fields and using sanitation facilities. The reason: The SC community protested against their employers six years ago. Ganesh Nadar brings attention to the plight of 50 families from Velayuthapuram in Tamil Nadu‘s Tuticorin district

The road to Velayuthapuram is winding and in a very bad shape. The coastal village is far from the highway and few buses ply on this route.

Ponds that dot the road leading to Velayuthapuram are dry; the landscape is rocky. Clearly, there is little scope for agriculture. Borewells are deep and yet unyielding.

This village in the Kayathar Union of Tamil Nadu’s Tuticorin district has over 1,000 houses — most of them belong to the Rettiars, a class above the Dalits, and over 50 houses belong to the Scheduled Castes.

What comes as a shocker is that these 50 houses are enclosed in a barbed fence that separates it from other parts of Velayuthapuram. Cut off from the rest of the village, those in this colony lead isolated lives.

There is no road that connects to this part of the village and the situation has been the same for the last 30 years. The other part of Velayuthapuram has concrete roads.

The affluent Rettiars, who own all the agricultural land in Velayuthapuram, do not employ the Scheduled Castes. So they have to travel to other villages to find work. Most of them have found jobs in matchbox factories in Kovilpatti, which is 22 km away.

Even, the Rettiars employ labourers from neighbouring villages.

Even basic facilities like sanitation are not provided to them — all they have is a public toilet with no water in it. While this toilet is reserved for ladies even the men use it, as they dare not venture on to land belonging to the Retttiars.

There is a freshly painted tank with no water in it. The Dalits get water only two days a week.

Only one toiltet has been constructed for 50 families in the village and that too has been reserved for women

Image: Only one toiltet has been constructed for 50 families in the village and that too has been reserved for women
Photographs: Ganesh Nadar/Rediff.com
Most Dalits are reluctant to talk to the media. Hesitatingly they said, “The last time a woman from Delhi had come with her television camera. The day after the broadcast, the police visited the village and were inquiring about who spoke to her. The deputy superintendent of police from Kalugumalaiquestioned us for 30 minutes. Now, that you have come the police will be here back again.”And as the villagers have predicted, the police did visit them.However, Dalits were not always disconnected from the village. The barbed fence came up six years back.Recalls a SC youth, who requested anonymity, “We worked in the fields belonging to the Rettiars and if we did not we were beaten up. But the last generation, to which my father belongs, did not like working for the Rettiars. They were intolerant towards us, but could not hit back as we were outnumbered. So, we turned to the police.”

The cops filed cases under the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act and arrested 10 men belonging to the Rettiar community. They were booked under the Goondas Act, which meant they could not get bail for a year.

The Rettiars were agitated and decided to stop employing the Dalits and prevented them from entering their fields. They simply built a fence around the SC colony.

The road leading to the Dalit colony in Velayuthapuram


Image: The road leading to the Dalit colony in Velayuthapuram
Photographs: Ganesh Nadar/Rediff.com

The Dalits turned to the then collector for help. “The collector told us, ‘You are only 50 families and they are a thousand. The MLA and ministers support them, as they are a larger vote bank. You will have to live in the fence; you can’t do much’,” recalled a Dalit man.

The protest against the Rettiars fell through.

Since then the Dalits have been leading an oppressed life on the other side of the barbed wire. And since the land belongs to the Rettiars no action can be taken against them.

“Most of this land belongs to Radhakrishnan Rettiar. He belongs to the Communist Party of India and it’s shocking that he has encouraged our seclusion,” said people from the SC community.

However, Palani Rettiar, the president of the panchayat, blames the media.

“The media has blown everything out of proportion. We are living here in peace for six years and you have come to disturb it,” he told rediff.com.

When asked about the lopsided development of the village where the Dalits did not even have access to road or water, “I am ready to consider their demand when I get the required funds.”

But he was mum on why the fence was built. “Six years back, I was working elsewhere, I really don’t know what happened here. But the barbed wires have been put up by individual farmers to protect their fields. The panchayat has got nothing to do with it,” said Palani Rettiar.

“The Dalits have voted for me and I will look after them. But I cannot do anything about the barbed wire as it is on private land.”


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