#India- Cop to woman: Who will rape you at your age? #Vaw #WTFnews

, TNN | Mar 23, 2013, 03.47 AM IST

A Dalit woman, who petitioned a senior Uttar Pradesh Police officer seeking registration of her rape complaint, was told that her’s was not an age to be raped.

Caught on camera: UP cop insults rape victim

Caught on camera: UP cop insults rape victim
LUCKNOW: An additional superintendent of police (ASP) in Deoria district refused to entertain the rape complaint of a housewife merely because she was over 35 years of age. To add to the insensitivity, the officer said: “Who would rape such an old woman?”

Coming at a time when Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav is struggling to counter mounting pressure from all quarters over the deteriorating crime scene in the state, the incident has touched a new low. DGP A C Sharma expressed regret over the conduct of his subordinate and IG (crime) RK Vishwakarma said an explanation had been sought from the officer within 48 hours. “Action will be initiated for making such unwanted and ridiculous comments,” said Vishwakarma.

On Wednesday night, a housewife was allegedly assaulted and knocked unconscious by a local villager while she was going to the farm fields to relieve herself. When she regained her senses, she found that she had been raped. She reached home and informed her husband about it.

Early next morning, the couple when to the local Bankata police station in Deoria district to register a complaint against a local youth Santosh Singh. Allegations are that the couple returned home after being informed that the senior officers will contact them once the preliminary inquiry into her complaint was completed. “When no one came, we decided to approach the cops at the police station once again because I wanted them to get my wife medically examined to secure any possible evidence of crime. We were shown the door at the police station,” said the victim’s husband.

The couple then approached Deoria ASP Keshav Chandra Goswami at his office. They were made to wait for more than three hours before the officer finally agreed to meet them while he was walking out of his office. The victim’s husband tried to brief the ASP about his complaint when he was interrupted by the office: “How many children does she have?” he questioned her husband. When he said that they had three children, the officer asked him “What is the age of her eldest child?”

“Her eldest child—a daughter—is around 15 years of age,” the victim’s husband said. “Now, who will rape such an old woman? There must have been some other dispute behind the whole story…we will get it inquired,” the ASP said and instead of directing the Bankata police to register a case on the victim’s complaint and initiate action against the accused, got into his official vehicle and left, apparently unaware that the entire conversation had been recorded by somebody standing nearby.

Once the incident was aired by a local news channel, the police top brass in Lucknow took note of it. On the directions of the DGP, the IG (crime) directed the Deoria police to register a rape case while the ASP was asked to explain his conduct.

Spew venom and enjoy life: Who scripted Mr Varun Gandhi’s release?

MARCH 7, 2013

by , kafila.org

English: Mr. Feroze Varun Gandhi

“This is not a hand (Congress symbol), it is the power of the lotus (BJP symbol). It will cut the head of… Jai Shri Ram,” a PTI report quoted Varun Gandhi (29) as telling an election meeting in Pilibhit, his attack directed at the Muslims. At another meeting, the PTI report said, he said: “If anyone raises a finger towards Hindus or if someone thinks that Hindus are weak and leaderless, if someone thinks that these leaders lick our boots for votes, if anyone raises a finger towards Hindus, then I swear on Gita that I will cut that hand.”

(Varun Gandhi’s hate-Muslim speech makes his BJP squirm; Express News Service: Lucknow, Tue Mar 17 2009)

Mr Varun Gandhi, BJP M.P. was all smiles when he emerged from the courts which had acquitted him in the second hate speech case. Expressing confidence in the Indian Constitution and India’s Legal System he said ‘truth has prevailed’. Only a few days ago another court in UP had acquitted him of the first hate speech case. It may be added that when extracts of the speeches he had allegedly delivered during election campaign in 2009 had appeared in a section of the press, the then Mayawati government had promptly filed cases against him and ordered his arrest and had to spend some time behind bars before bail was ultimately granted to him then.

It is interesting to recall how BJP, had then reacted to his alleged hatespeeches. Officially it was stated then that the BJP party squirmed  when his controversial speeches had made headlines, with one of its spokesperson claiming that Varun’s outburst “did not reflect BJP’s traditional culture”. It it was a different matter that the then party president Mr Rajnath Singh had gone to visit him in jail supposedly to show solidarity.

Coming back to the case and looking at the legal proceedings, one finds that there are many gaps, which have allowed this acquittal to happen. In fact, the role of the Akhilesh Yadav led government in the whole case has also come under scanner. Few months back  newspapers carried out a report wherein it was mentioned that Akhilesh led government was contemplating withdrawal of cases against the young M.P.  As this report – which was never confirmed nor rejected – raised an uproar in the state, no formal withdrawal of cases was done. A fact which has been noted by activists is that once it was known that state government was not keen to follow the case witnesses started turning hostile..

Another point concerns the issue of voice sample.  The forensic report had stated that unless and until they get a voice sample they would not be able to confirm it whether the said speeches were made by Mr Varun or not. It is really surprising that despite repeated instructions by the honourable court Mr Gandhi had not agreed to submit his voice sample to the police which would have validated the prosecution’s charge against him. According to him his speeches had been edited by local channels to make it seem like he was promoting communal hatred. Interestingly the broadcasters were unable to furnish the original, unedited footage to the police. 51 witnesses produced by the prosecution did not indict him for delivering speeches to provoke communal hatred.The same witnesses were used for the second case. The courts also did not deem it necessary to call reporters of the TV channels as well as the print media, which had carried report about the controversial speeches.

A statement issued by ‘Rihai Manch’ – A forum for the release of innocent Muslims imprisoned in the name of Terrorism’ , Lucknow, (email-rihaimanchindia@gmail.com) has thrown light on the way the witnesses in the case turned hostile – en masse. According to them it cannot be called mere coincidence that  during hearings in the said cases held on 24 th November and 29 th November, total 18 witnesses turned hostile,  The press release further underlined that when Mr Gandhi refused to give voice samples to the public prosecutor, he neither apprised the courts of Mr Gandhi’s refusal nor deemed it necessary to  emphasise the point and ensure that it was done.According to them it rather vindicates the fact that the state government was keen to release Mr Varun Gandhi and not to punish him.

‘Rihai Manch’ also questioned the role of the judiciary in the whole case. It added when advocate Asad Hayat, associated with the Manch put forward a prayer before the CJM court in Pilibhit on 25 th February that since Mr Varun Gandhi’s said speeches had hurt his religious feelings therefore the channels who had shown his speeches be called as witnesses. The petition also requested to the honourable courts to ensure Mr Varun Gandhi’s voice sample be taken and if he does not comply then consider it adverse inference in his case and declare that it was his speech only. The court did not admit the petition and because of the insistence of public prosecutor rejected it on 27 th February.

Mr Asad Hayat then put a revision application in the highcourt and also petitioned the CJM’s court a second time that since an application is pending before the highcourt in connection with rejection of his case on 27 th February, it is requested that the CJM’s court does not decide on the matter till the highcourt gives its decision. Here also because of the resistance put forward by the public prosecutor, the CJM court rejected his application on 4 th March and finally gave its verdict on 5 th March.

One does not know what will happen next. With more than eleven communal riots in a period of less than a year, under a government which has received fullsome support from the minorities, Akhilesh Yadav led government has exhibited its ineptness in handling communal elements. If justice is to be done in the hatespeech case it is incumbent that the state government challenge this decision by moving a fresh application in the high courts. Looking at the fact that there is a world of difference between what the Samajwadi Party claims and does, the possibility seems really dim.


Making waves with news- Khabar Lahariya #womenempowerment




For a newspaper that’s ten-years-old, Khabar Lahariya (News Waves) has certainly made waves, as its name suggests. It won the Laadli Media Award in December 2012 for gender sensitivity, and before that the Chameli Devi Jain and UNESCO awards. The 40 women who run the newspaper in six districts are from backward communities and mostly live in remote areas of the country. They walk sometimes over 10 kilometers to gather news, have to put up with sustained taunts and opposition and face the challenge of establishing themselves in a male-dominated profession.

Yet they wouldn’t give this up for the world. Young Shalu from Lucknow says, “I got to see Bambai [Mumbai] and for me that alone is worth it. I want nothing more.

The Lucknow edition comes out in Hindustani and for Rizwana Tabassum, it was her desire to become a journalist just “so I can ask other people lots of questions”, she says. Rizwana is from Varanasi and her parents often insist she come back home before dark. More than her parents, it’s her neighbours and busybodies who are more worried. “Others have big problems due to my work and timings,” she laughs.

Guddi started working for the Sitamarhi edition of the paper in 2010 which comes out in Bajjika, the local language. She had to take her daughter, whom she has named Leher after the paper, along with her after the neighbours complained that she was leaving the child behind. Her husband, too, ticked her off but Guddi was firm. She told her husband he had a role to play in the child’s upbringing.

One day, when she had to go far away to meet labourers who hadn’t been paid for three years, Leher fell ill and she was faced with a tough call. She insisted her husband accompany her and her daughter and she made them wait while she did her story. On her way back she took the child to hospital. “Five days after my story appeared, the labourers were paid their salaries,” she grins.

Some of the women like Meera from Chitrakoot, is a post graduate and others are still studying, points out Shalini Joshi from the NGO Nirantar which has been instrumental in getting this project off the ground.

Government programme Mahila Samakhya had a newspaper called Mahila Dakya which closed in 2000. Meera says people were disappointed when it shut down. They said they missed reading about government schemes and local news. There was a discussion on reviving it and in 2002, the new paper was launched. “We drew lots to decide on the name and Khabar Lahariya was chosen,” says Kavita.

The first edition was printed in 2002 in Chitrakoot in Bundeli language and in 2012 the sixth edition in Varanasi in Bhojpuri was launched. The eight-page paper has special editions which can go into 12 pages on some days. The weekly launched its website in Mumbai recently and already has a huge following on Twitter and Facebook.

The women not only gather news, they also do the layout and search for international and national news on in the Internet for which there is a section. Initially, some of them were scared to even touch a computer but now they are all net savvy. The paper comes out in Bundeli, Awadhi, Bajjika, Bhojpuri and Hindustani and has a readership of 80,000 with a circulation of 6,000 copies. The readership is high because one paper is often read by more than 15 to 20 people.

The newspaper is running due to support from the Dorabji Trust and the United Nations Democracy and Equity Fund. Shalini says the money from the awards goes to bring out the paper but they are formulating a business plan. The cost of the paper is Rs. two while production cost is Rs. six. So it is difficult to sustain the paper on sales alone and other options are being examined. The journalists are being trained in using Internet and information and communication technology, says Bishakha Datta from Point of View.

The women are acquiring a formidable reputation with the government as well. “ Aa gayi Lahariya wali(the Lahariya woman has come) — they say when I go to offices. Once I had gone to a hospital where a hand pump was damaged and took pictures. Even before my story appeared, it was repaired,” says Savita.

“At first it was difficult but we made contacts and we also gave them the paper. They were very happy to read their stories,” Sunita says, adding that sometimes people couldn’t pay Rs. two but she still gave it to them.

The women also pointed out that in their milieu even wearing a salwar kameez was not an option and talking to men was taboo. Especially after the Delhi gang rape incident, Arshi from Lucknow says that her parents were warned by her relatives not to let her go out. “My mother supports me and we don’t even wear a naqab as is customary,” she adds.

While there are the usual cynics, the women said that most people valued their work and it had brought change, for instance, some villages had lights because of reports, people got their salaries and in one instance, a Dalit woman who cooked mid-day meals could stay back despite opposition from the upper castes in Sitamarhi. For these women to break into a “man’s domain” has been exhilarating.


The decade-old multi-lingual Khabar Lahariya is serving hinterland news to its readers and championing women empowerment at the same time



#India- UP judge accused of molesting two girls in his office #WTFnews #Vaw #judgemolester

 #India-Towards a Decisive Victory in the Historic Battle for Women’s Rights

Reported by Anant Zanane, Edited by Sindhu Manjesh | Updated: January 23, 2013

Gonda, Uttar PradeshA judge in Uttar Pradesh has been accused of molesting two girls in his chambers at a court in  Gonda district, a two-hour drive from the capital of  Lucknow.

The two separate incidents allegedly took place on Monday.

The girls filed independent police complaints in which they allege that the judge made them undress and touched them inappropriately, claiming that he was trying to determine whether they are minors or younger than 18.

The girls were deposing before the judge in two separate cases of kidnapping that were lodged by their families after they had allegedly eloped. They had been summoned before the court to give their statements, which would have been used as evidence.

The police says that to register a case against the judge, it needs permission from the Allahabad High Court, which is awaited.

Lawyers boycotted the court in Gonda and vandalised the judge’s chambers, demanding his arrest.


#India -35-year-old awaits murder trial in a juvenile home #WTFnews

Manish Sahu : Lucknow, Thu Jan 17 2013, IE

For over three months now, an observation home in Bareilly meant for juveniles undergoing trial or convicted by the Juvenile Justice Board has had a 35-year-old resident. Rakesh (name changed) was shifted to the home on September 29 as a local court declared that he was a minor at the time of his alleged involvement in a case of dacoity and murder in Shahjahanpur district in 1988.

A daily wage labourer, Rakesh is married and has four children. His eldest son is 12 years old.

Rakesh is estimated to have been around 11 when the crime was committed. Bareilly Observation Home superintendent Chabinath Rai said he was lodged there on the order of the Juvenile Justice Board. “Considering his age, we keep him away from other inmates. Till now, no inmates have objected,” said Rai.

Tasneem Kausar, a member of the Juvenile Justice Board at Shajahanpur, said they were only following the norms of the Juvenile Justice Act.

The incident dates back to December 1988, when unidentified men beat up residents of a house in Shahjahanpur, fired at them and decamped with valuables. Two of the injured later died. Police arrested seven persons in the case — Jai Ram, Rakesh, Lalla Ram, Nandu, Sadhu, Nanne and Lalla.

In April 1989, Sadhu and Lalla Ram were discharged for want of proof. Rakesh’s lawyer Virendra Pal Singh Chauhan said “trial of only three persons was conducted”. On December 12, 2011, a court held Nanne, Jagdish and Rakesh guilty.

“Before the court could pronounce the sentence, I told it that Rakesh was a minor at the time of the incident. In his statement before the court earlier that year, Rakesh had mentioned his age as 34. This means he was a minor in 1988. The court did not pronounce Rakesh’s punishment, but sentenced Nanne and Jagdish to life imprisonment,” said Chauhan.

On September 28 last year, the sessions court declared that Rakesh was a minor during the incident and referred the matter to the Juvenile Justice Board.

‘Nobody wants to speak or play with me… All are scared of me’ #VAW #WTFnews

Shivani Naik : Mumbai, Wed Jan 09 2013, IE

Introverted, almost painfully shy, Prajakta Sawant is capable of torrents of sudden grumbles when pushed to the wall. That’s precisely where the Mumbai girl sees herself — rightly or wrongly — pushed against the wall, after slapping a court case on national coach P Gopichand and the length and breadth of the system, alleging “mental harassment” and selection bias.

The courts will have their say. But outside, the young doubles player, not more than three years into her seniors international career, finds herself battling a variety of crises.

“Life feels unsettled right now and I don’t really know what I’m going to do,” she says about her limited options. At the Tata Open at Mumbai recently, Sawant, 21, cut a forlorn figure. “Nobody wants to play with me. Everyone’s scared of me. They just don’t talk to me,” she groaned. “My regular partner won’t play with me. So I’m not sure what my next step in my career will be.”

One of the core members of the junior group, having played doubles for the past six years, Prajakta shifted to Gopichand Badminton Academy in Hyderabad three years ago, and had been working on her double’s partnership with Pradnya Gadre and mixed doubles pairing with Pranav Chopda. Earlier this year, she had a fallout with her partners and demanded a change of partners. But she wasn’t granted one.

Meanwhile, Ashwini Ponappa — whose regular partner Jwala Gutta is on a break — opted to play with Gadre, which left Sawant unpaired. Her communication with the coach had progressively deteriorated by this time and a series of mis-steps later, the girl found herself back in Mumbai. Now, she says, some of her former teammates refuse to even nod or smile at her.

Prajakta is convinced returning to singles isn’t particularly viable. “I’ve played doubles for so long, I’d like to continue in it,” she says. There are many who think she needs to stick to doubles. “After Jwala and Ashwini, she’s one of the better young talents. But doubles badminton is always a thin line and you will always be judged as a partnership,” says a senior international doubles shuttler.

Badminton legend Prakash Padukone speaks of the urgent need to resolve the issue. “If this continues to drag, the awkwardness is bound to affect the girl’s career,” he says.

Prajakta now trains in Mumbai with Leroy D’Sa, a respected doubles coach in the city. He might well be the best choice in her troubled times, because he’s a stern mentor who doesn’t beat around the bush. “Doubles needs guidance, and Prajakta will have to work hard from here. But she’s a good player, and I’ll help her through this,” he says.

Prajakta paired up with his son Nigel — primarily a singles player — for the Tata Open mixed doubles as well as the Syed Modi GP Gold in Lucknow.

She’s playing alongside seasoned singles players Trupti Murgunde in doubles, another blessing in disguise, given that Trupti can guide her. “She’s definitely talented and has a good hand and should look at rediscovering her rhythm, develop more strength,” she says.

The duo plan to play a couple of national-ranking tournaments end January in Hyderabad and then Bangalore. “If we’re playing together, we’ll need to practise more,” she says, quietly confident that the two can eke out some success from the partnership.

But finding a long-term partnership will be difficult as the only academy that can boast of a decent number of doubles players is Gopichand’s. “They are all wary of playing with me,” Prajakta says, looking less like a firing cannon who’s taken on the national coach and more like a troubled youngster.


Neither Yo Yo Honey Singh, nor Zeest ,then who penned ‘ choot ‘ and “balatkari ” songs ? #Vaw #Hiphop

Honey Singh denies writing offensive lyrics

Rapper, who was forced to cancel his scheduled New Year‘s Eve show, said he had not authored the lyrics that are being attributed to him.

Photo: Prabhjot Gill

New Delhi, (PTI): Rapper Honey Singh, who was forced to cancel his scheduled New Year’s Eve show following protests in the backdrop of gangrape incident, on Tuesday sought to wash his hands off the controversy triggered by offensive lyrics in some of his songs.

Singh, 28, who has sung for several Bollywood movies, said he had not authored the lyrics that are being attributed to him.

The lyrics have been termed offensive towards women by activists, who have started an online campaign against Singh.

An FIR has also been lodged against the rapper in Lucknow.

When contacted Singh’s manager Anup Kumar claimed that the Gurgaon show was cancelled not because of the protests but in solidarity with the Delhi gangrape victim.

“We did not cancel the show because of this petition and FIR. We cancelled it in the wake of Delhi gangrape issue.

This is not the first concert we are cancelling in Delhi after that horrific incident. We had also cancelled our much publicised December 25 event,” Kumar told PTI.

Bristol Hotel, however, disputed Singh’s version, saying it was the management and not Singh, who decided to cancel the performance.

The FIR against Singh was lodged by Gomti Nagar police on the complaint of IPS officer Amitabh Thakur, police sources said in Lucknow. The FIR was registered under sections 292, 293 and 294 of the IPC that are related to obscenity offences.

Zeest Band represnettaive commente don my blog post

Let me introduce myself, I am Sohail Abdullah, the Communication Manager of Zeest, I would like to clarify that Zeest has nothing to do with this song. for your information, you can see our previous official blog entry ‘To Clarify Some Rumors…’ dated January, 19th 2008, we had already tried to clarify that songs like GMD and Balatkari doesn’t belongs to Zeest. Following is the link for the zeest official blog:


Sohail Abdullah,

‘To Clarify Some Rumors…’

I’ve been listening to rumors about Zeest’s origin for quite some time now. Some people have also associated songs by other bands with us. Instead of being eliminated, they are increasing day by day. There have been some reasons behind it. Some of the mistakes are from our side. We have not been able to communicate with our fans properly due to the lack of proper media attention. While people did the rest in pumping the rumors; I was really disappointed to learn that normally people don’t care to do a little bit research on what they listen. Only believing the words of mouth and spreading the news to everyone.

I would like to clarify some of the rumors roaming around the public:

  • Zeest doesn’t belong to IIT India. Zeest is a KarachiPakistanBased Band and it has nothing to do with IIT thing.
  • Songs like GMD, XL ki Kudiyan or Balatkari don’t belong to us. Kindly give credit to the actual artists.
  • Zeest don’t do only swear/slang words songs. You can’t judge any artist from only one song. The purpose of our song BC Sutta is not swearing at all. So far we have release only one song i.e. BC Sutta. Please don’t predict what the rest of our music will be like.
  • Zeest never released any official videos regarding their songs, interviews, or any public appearances. Whatever you guys find on youtube.com is totally fans related material.


Skip(Saqib Abdullah)

The Zeest

Choot lyrics: rough translation


Kenday pechayian pindaan ney teree mari

Saaday lun ney we khichee ey tyaari

Fudi teri aj ley kay jaoon

Jey nai liti tey main jatt na kwahoon


They say the whole village has fucked you

My cock is also prepared now

I shall take your pussy today

If I don’t, then I am no jat  (Chorus)

Repeat Chorus


Aja teri choot maroon

Tere sir se chudney ka bhoot utaroon

Choodney key baad tujhe jutey maroon

Tere mooh main apna lora dey key mooth maroon (yeah)


Come, I’ll screw your pussy

Get rid of you insatiable desire to be fucked

After screwing you, I’ll beat you with my shoes

I’ll thrust my cock in your mouth and masturbate- yeah!

Kar doon teri fuddi kharab

Merey jesa koi nahin meree bhudi kharab

Terey baad tere post

Bas yahi kaam kaaj mera

Kar doon ga khush tujhe

Luraa ley key naach mera


I’ll ruin/spoil your pussy

There is no-one like me (meaning unclear)

After you, your friends I’ll fuck

This is all I do

I’ll make you happy

Take my cock and dance.

Choda hoga tujh ko hazaroon ney

Mehngay mehngay kamroon mein

Lambi caroon mein

Bollywood key baray baray sitroon ney

Per merey lund jeesa dum naa bicharoon mein

Thousands may have fucked you

In expensive rooms

And big cars

The big stars of bollywood

But none as able as my cock (dum)

Mein karoon din raat ek

Guzar merey saath ek raat …dekh

Terey jesey maine toree ek raat mein

Aazma key dekh ley, dum kitni hai baat mein

I’m trying so hard (to get you to)

Spend a night with me, see

A woman like you I fulfil/break in one night (toree means break, taree means fulfil not sure which one it is)

I’m telling the truth- try me



Gora badaan teri patli kamar

Solaan(16), sitraan(17) saal ke umar

Rehti tip top sunti hip hop

ley key chaloon tujh ko main CANDY SHOP

Your white body and slender weight

Your age 16, 17 years old

You stay tip top (dressed up), listen to hip hop

I will take you to the candy shop (I think 50 cent does a guest app in this song)

ch.. ch ..choos mera lura

aja choos mera lura

chaat merey tatte jaise aaloo ka pakoora

to hai choot ke rani

main hoon lodon ka raja

aja aja mere rani meri bansuri bajaja


Suck my cock

Come suck my cock

Lick my balls like they were aaloo pakora

You are the queen of cunt

I am the king of cocks

Come come play my flute

thoda uuper thoda neechey

zara haat to bataa

dekh ne dey laal fudi zara jhat to hata

moon khool apna

mera naam to chilaa

baadshah,baadshah keh key GAAND to hilaa

A little bit up, a little bit down

Help me out here

Let me see your red pussy, move your pubic hair

Open your mouth

Scream my name

Say Badshah, badsha and shake your arse

(badshah is one of the guys singing this song- look this stuff up please. I can’t look at at more of this stuff…)


lun utey laya appan sanday da tail

chood chood ker doon mein fudi teri fail

putt putt mommey tere waday kardoon

kano sharmawey elay lun phar too

oey gaal kar to …… Main tah bada paad doon

I’ve out oil on my cock (oil= tail)

I’ll fuck you and fuck you, make your pussy fail

I’ll grope (roughly, pinch, grab etc) your boobs and make them big (?)

Why are you hesitating/feeling shy? Here hold my cock you

Talk… I’ll rip you. (meaning unclear)

laa lei barian nu kundi booha bund kar to

merey lun da waar jewen chaley talwaar

aj cheer do mein teri patiala salwar

maar maar chupey tenu pai gaye si chaskey

hun mare chika jadoon payaa wich kas ke

aja lun teh to beja tera pose banawaan

aj nai kaal nai rooj banawaan

Bolt the windows and close the doors

My cock attacks like a sword

I’ll rip/tear your Patiala salwar

You are addicted to sex (the sentiment is you sex hungry whore like)

Now scream, when I’ve stuck it in you hard/tight

Come sit on my cock

Tera pose banawan- could make different positons in sex, could also mean I’ll make you pose for photographs- not sure

Not just today, or tomorrow, but I’ll do I everyday


Khoono Khoon Hoje kachi jive dul gayi dava

Chap chap marey kasey jatt sari sari raat

Oh mera naa honey singh rati batiyaan bujhwaan

Nawi gadeyaan chalawaan naley fudiyaan sujaawaan

Your underwear will be soaked with blood like medicine spilt (I think this indicates heavy bleeding. Also, term khoono-khon suggests grave injury)

Jat is thrusting hard all night

Oh my name is honey singh, I put the light out at night (get laid)

I drive new cars and cause cunts to swell

Balatkari song lyrics with english translation

Raat ko nikali naari
hui gadi pe savaari
par voh raat usko pad gayi bhari.

Peeche se aaya main
utari uski saari
kachchi phadi
lung gaadi
aur gaand maari.

The woman goes out (alone) at night
She takes a lift in a vehicle
and that night cost her dearly

I came from behind
I took off her saari
I tore off her underwear
I inserted my c**k
And I screwed her

Kyunki main……….
Kyunki main……….
Kyunki main hoon ek balatkari.
Kyunki main……….
Kyunki main……….
Kyunki main hoon balatkari.

Chut hai ke voh ya ek mayga naala
lund mera lamba, pyaasa kaala
randii thi voh, maa ki lodi
karne di haan apni izzat chori.
ho’oh ho’oh

Because I
because I
Because I am a rapist
Because I
Because I
Because I am a rapist

Her c**t is like the big nullah
My c**k is huge, thirsty and dark
She was a whore that mother f***er
She let me dishonor her

aakhir mein ruki gaadi
chadh gaye aur savaari
aur sabne naari pe nazar maari
naai ki gaand phati
bachch kar voh chhalang maari
laykin peeche pad gayi paltan saari

Kyunki voh……….
Kyunki voh……….
Kyunki voh……….
Kyunki voh……….
Kyunki voh……….
Kyunki voh sab hain balatkari
Kyunki voh……….
Kyunki voh……….
Kyunki voh sab hain balatkari

At last the vehicle stopped
More passengers mounted the vehicle
And they all leered at that woman
Now she felt that she was really scr***d
Somehow she managed to jump off the vehicle
But now the entire gang was chasing her

Because they
Because they
Because they are all rapists
Because they
Because they
Because they had all rapists

jisne sabki jaand phadi
failayi aids jaise bimaari
kaise zun sah sakti hai naari
kanoon ko di hai badi supari
gande log gande khiladi
ooooooo balatkari

The one who busts everybody’s c**t
Who spreads diseases like the AIDS
How can a woman bear so much
Who has bribed all the policemen
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#India- UP rape victim raped by cops probing case #Vaw #Torture #wtfnews


By , TNN | Dec 25, 2012, 12.51 AM IST

 13 policemen will face trial for charges of gang rape in the case of Vakapalli tribal women  #Rape #Vaw



LUCKNOW: A gang-rape victim from Uttar Pradesh‘s Ambedkar Nagar, who was again violated by the investigating officer (IO) probing her case, has now alleged that she was also raped by the inspector in charge of the police station where she had lodged her complaint. While the IO was arrested on December 14, no action has been taken against the inspector. Now the victim has written to the chief minister for justice.

Maan Singh, a senior sub inspector (SSI) posted at Akbarpur police station in Ambedkar Nagar, was arrested on December 14 from a hotel in Faizabad by SSP D S Yadav. The arrest came after the SSP was informed that the cop had brought the gang-rape victim from Ambedkar Nagar to the hotel and was raping her. The victim was rescued from the room after the cop was caught with his pants down. Now the rape victim has alleged that in-charge of the Akbarpur Kotwali, inspector AK Upadhyay, had also raped her.

As per the woman, she was gang-raped in Ambedkar Nagar last month. Her family had lodged an FIR in this connection at the Akbarpur police station. Maan Singh was the IO of the case. Allegations are that after the police failed to initiate any action against the accused, the victim approached the SSI who promised to help her.

He then suggested that she should accompany him to Faizabad and appear before the deputy inspector general (DIG) Faizabad Range of which Ambedkar Nagar district police is a part. The unsuspecting victim agreed and accompanied Maan Singh to Faizabad. The cop took the victim to the hotel and raped her. During her ordeal, the woman somehow managed to send a message to her neighbour in Ambedkar Nagar, who contacted the Faizabad SSP.

The girl has now alleged that by the time the SSP raided the hotel and arrested Maan Singh, she had already been raped by Upadhyay as well. Upadhyay is the immediate boss of Maan Singh. The victim, in her letter to the senior officers, has alleged that though she had provided this information to the officer investigating the rape case against Maan Singh, no action has been initiated against the accused inspector.

The woman has now alleged that since the matter was related to the police department, she was being threatened not to testify against the arrested SSI before the court and was also under pressure not to raise the issue of the inspector’s involvement.

Faizabad city SP Subhash Singh Baghel said he was getting the charges verified. “Whosoever involved will not be spared.’



University of Lucknow- Stop Casteism! Stop Discrimination!

December 5, 2012

caste system 300x121 University of Lucknow  Stop Casteism! Stop Discrimination!The following article was written bySeema Chandra, a student activist of Lucknow University, over an incident of caste discrimination suffered by her younger sister and college mate – Garima Chandra. Instead of acting on it, the University has only ended up legitimizing it by not only doing nothing against the errant students, but actually practising it themselves.

After nearly a month of the incident, fed up over the inaction of the University, Seema and Garima with support from their college mates, activists and few faculty staff will be protesting on 7th December against the incident and the University’s failure to respond. To know more about the protest or to send solidarity messages to Garima and protest mails to the University, please contact Seema directly at ceema.chandra@gmail.com (with copy tonewsocialist.in@gmail.com). Seema can also be reached at 8765829986. To generate more support for this campaign, please do consider signing this petition

New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India) is in complete solidarity with Garima Chandra and we demand that the University of Lucknow take immediate action and see to it that such incidents are not repeated in the future. Such incidents are not rare occurrences, but are practised daily in several colleges and Universities across the country.

Capitalism, instead of eliminating casteism, has ended up accentuating caste based practices and is linked to the social structure of Indian society which is controlled mainly by upper caste-class. As long as Capitalism and landlordism exist in India, casteism shall be an inherent part of its socio-economic structure and this system of divide and rule will only continue.


“Please do not make me pay the price…!!”

Now “understand what comes by birth and cannot be cast off by dying is caste”. Wiping off the tears and in the loudest of her voice she says “where is my fault..? Is it a crime to be a Scheduled Caste? I wish if god would have asked me once the choice to choose the caste!”

This is what exactly happened on 5th of November in Social Work department of Lucknow University, when Garima Chandra (a student of the same department) was harassed by her three female classmates on the grounds of her caste and had to endure the mental trauma.

When the matter was reported to the coordinator of the Social Work department, the coordinator in his least bothering tone said “…please whatever you people have to do, do it outside the department.” The members of the Proctorial board were informed in writing about the same incident, they laughed off and said “You people should make yourself flexible. All these things have been carried out from generations and Scheduled Caste people will have to tolerate with all this”. The same matter was reported once again on 7th November 2012 to the Proctor board.

The matter was further taken up to the Vice Chancellor of the Lucknow University. However the assurance was given that matter would be inquired and something would be done about it. It is almost a month, a committee was made to further look into the matter. When the committee was hearing into the matter, three of the female teachers made fun of the victim. They giggled over all this and said: people who are Daliths are in the habit of taking revenge over their caste. It is just a small issue do not make a hue and cry over it. If someone has said something, it is a daily routine, what is new in it? Be with it, do not oppose, compromise on it.

The victim was not even heard or made to put her opinion in front of the committee. Was it her caste that had made others laugh over it? Instead of understanding it is as a deep psychological wound, everyone else thinks it is can simply be patched up. God only knows what are the morals of these teachers. What is more shameful is that caste discrimination is being so openly practised in a secular institutions like a university.

Say no to Casteism!

The passing out batches in the Social Work department will be out in the field soon and practice the same. Even though we are living in a class based society, but caste is still a huge problem in India. Do these same people understand the mental wound one goes through in such cases? If University does not act soon, in the future we will only hear more such cases. Or maybe in the future it would become part of our lives to hear such incidents daily.

When such cases crop up, i wonder why constitutional protection against caste discrimination is totally ignored? Why do people forget that practising casteism is a prohibition under the Constitution and it’s a crime and offence as stated in Article 17? The need of hour is to raise and to reach out to more and more people irrespective of their backgrounds and support anti-casteism. Every institution should make sure that caste based practices are a thing of the past or else those institution or its faculty plus its students who practice casteism, should be held accountable and taken to task accordingly.

Seema Chandra



News Clipping on Garima Chandra’s ordeal in University of Lucknow:

#India-17% women report sexual harassment at workplace’ #Vaw

Aditi Nigam

New Delhi, Nov 28:

While Parliament is set to consider a Bill on sexual harassment at the workplace in this session, a new study shows “high incidence’ of such cases, with 17 per cent working women reporting facing such acts.

The study by Oxfam India and Social and Rural Research Institute, a wing of IMRB International, was done in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Lucknow and Durgapur, among working women from the organised and unorganised sectors.

Among sectors, the three that emerged as ‘unsafe’ for women were labourers (29 per cent), domestic helps (23 per cent) and small-scale units (16 per cent).

However, most of the women respondents reported to have faced incidents that were non-physical. A total of 102 out of 121 incidents were reported to be non-physical, whereas the remaining 19 incidents were physical in nature, says the study.

While a majority of respondents were aware of such acts, they were reluctant to take any formal action due to ‘fear of losing the job’, ‘absence of any complaints mechanism at the workplace’, ‘fear of getting stigmatised’ and ‘not aware of redressal mechanism’.

Violence against women is a human rights violation, whether it is domestic or sexual harassment at the workplace,” said Nisha Agrawal, CEO, Oxfam India.

Majority of respondents (both general population and working women) perceived women working in the unorganised sector to be more susceptible to sexual harassment. Over 80 per cent said there was need for a separate law for dealing with sexual harassment at workplace.



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