Press Release- Gujarat Stop the bulldozer of progress, now!


Need to talk not only of gram swaraj, but also of nagar swaraj and Lok swaraj, today!

Ahmedabad, March 14: The Mumbai- Delhi DMIC Virodhi Sangharsh Yatra reached Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad, after conversing with farmers in Kheda today. A discussion was held on the topic “DMIC: progress or destruction?” at Ahimsa Mandap in the afternoon, and veteran Gandhian Chunni Vaidya, Ila Bahan Pathak, Rajni Dave, Sagar Rabari, Indu Bhai, Raju Purohit, Vidyut Bhai, Anand Mazgaonkar, Swati Desai and other social activists participated in it along with the Mithivirdi Parmanu Virodhi Sangharsh Samiti and farmers currently fighting against the DMIC’s Palanpur hub.

Addressing the gathering, Chunni Bhai said that there is rampant  destruction in the name of developmet  in the county today, and that the time has come for the people to rightfully demand from the government that this “bulldozer” of development be stopped. He said that it is society that has the right to the country’s resources, not the government or corporations. He called for everyone present to stand together and say, “Village land belongs to the village, not to the government!”

Vasuram Bhai, associated with the Mithivirdi agitation, said, “we refuse to believe the false claims of the government, it is a statement of borne out of conviction that the farmers and labourers together will not  allow anyone to trespass upon their land”.

Talking about the DMIC in Gujarat, Rajendra Purohit stated that the situation in the state, already suffering from misuse of resources for industrial development, will worsen in coming times. Anand Mazgaonkar said that Gujarat is witnessing a fight over the sale of everything from séeds to land, and the false propaganda of zero resistance is being carried out with the help of money power and political power aimed at ensuring open grab and use of natural resources. Agitations are on in Umargaon, Bhavnagar, Mahua, Dahej, Sarbhan, Mithivirdi and Kachch, even as the politically powerful continue their false propaganda for the sake of their political ambitions.

NAPM’s Madhuresh Kumar rested his case saying, “the ruling class has always been attracted towards the big projects and big dreams which are shown to the common man, but development with justice and equity is never discussed. DMIC is yet another fantasy of the megalomaniac ruling class, which is against the rights of the people, and the opposition of which is in the better interests of all society. In the name of progress and industrial development, lakhs of hectares of land, forests and mineral resources have been acquired, but have these ever been used righteously? No. Then why are requisitions being considered? The need of the hour is to address the problems and questions raised due to all the developmental processes till date, for the creation of a peaceful society. Today, we need to talk of not only gram swaraj but of nagar swaraj and Lok swaraj, or else our future generations will never forgive us”.

The meeting came to a close with a discussion about the establishment of a Gram Swaraj Samiti, and the farmers of Palanpur and Mithivirdi announced that they would be participating in the Kisaan Khet Mazdoor Mahapanchayat to be held at Jantar Mantar, Delhi on 18th March. The Yatra will be visiting Pithampur Industrial Area in Indore tomorrow.

Lingraj Azad, Prasad Bagve, Suhaas Kolhekar, Utpal VB, Milind Champanerkar, Krishnakant, Ateek Ahmed, Nasreen Bi, Anwari, Mukesh, Yuvraj Bhatkal, Viabhav Joshi, Mansaram.

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#India – 1 minor is raped every 3 days in #Gujarat #Vaw #WTFnews #Narendramodi



Twelve Minor Girls Have Been Raped In The State In The Last 27 Days

TIMES NEWS NETWORK, 25 th Jan 2013 
A minor is rapedin Gujarat every three days. A total of 12 cases of minors being rapedin thestatehave been reported in the last 27 days. In a majority of these cases, the victims were threatened of dire consequences and in some cases the victims did not realize that they were being exploited.
On National Girl Child Day on Thursday, Gujarat — a state which takes pride in safety of its daughters —witnessed minors becoming victims of perverts who even went to the extent of killing them mercilessly.
The Nationa l C r i m e Records Bureau (NCRB) statistics of 2011, which arethelatestfiguresin crime statistics, revealed that three of every 10 rape victims in Gujarat were in the age group of five to 17 years. Of the 130 minors who were raped in 2011, 16 were from the age group of 0to10 years.In mostof the cases,theculpritswere neighbours, relatives,cousins andin somecases even fathers.A glance atthesecases would revealthatthe reasonsof the crime was bottled up aggression of the culprit, taking revenge to even perversion.
A senior police official who has been investigating such cases told TOI about some general provocationsthat may trigger suchcriminal behaviours. “It could be just out of curiosity or peer pressure, in some caseswefoundthatchildsex offenders commit crime because they feel that children are going to judge them like adultsdo. Someoffenders will have sex with anything and children are just one of them.”
The official said that another category of offenders find themselves in a revenge-type situation, where he is in a relationship with somebody but feels that he doesn’t have any power or control over his mate.In thiscasetoo,thecriminal may indulge in such heinous act
and turn violent
with the victim.
of Ahmedabad Women’s
Action Group
(AWAG) Ila Pathak had requested the state government to initiate a programme among rural women to make them awareof thedifferenttypesof child sexual abuses. “TheNCRBdata has shown that in 80 per cent of cases, the child sex offenders are close relatives and neighbours. In rural areas, we have found that there is belief thathaving sex withchildren would give sexual prowess to individuals. In such a situation, it is important that there is awareness in families and also that mothers shouldtalkwiththeir daughterson these issues.”
December 20 | A 13-year-old girl in Ismailpur was raped by a 25-year-old man in Anand town when her family members were not at home
December 21 | A four-year-old daughter of an employee of a textile factory was raped by a close friend of her father in Udhna area of Surat
December 21 | A 16-year-old girl raped in Asundarali village in Muli taluka of Surendranagar district
December 26 | A 13-year-old girl was raped in Jambal village in Amreli. The victim was allegedly abducted and raped by Sadul Charola, a resident of Jira village. The accused even tried to burn her to destroy evidence
December 28 | A 16-year-old girl was allegedly raped by 29-year-old man Ramesh alias Munno Koli who had hired her as farm labour
December 28 | A 14-year-old girl from Kadana taluka in Panchmahal was forcibly whisked away and raped in Santrampur
December 28 | Another 14-yearold girl was raped in the temple town of Ambaji at the GMDC grounds January 1 | A 13-year-old girl was allegedly abducted and raped by a youth in Jambal village of Savarkundla taluka in Amreli district
January 14 | An 11-year-old girl of Mahitadi village in Kheda was raped and cut into pieces to destroy evidence
January 15 | A seven-year-old girl, a class II student from Narsing village was raped on Uttarayan and murdered by an unidentified person in Santrampur taluka of Panchmahal district
January 15 | A 16-year-old girl from Patan was raped by an unidentified autorickshaw driver


Shabnam Hashmi detained and released in Gujarat, Citizens demand intervention

GODHRA: Shabnam Hashmi, the founder of NGO Anhad and five other activists were detained by Gujarat police today when they tried to enter Godhra, where Chief Minister Narendra Modi is camping for his 23rd Sadbhavana fast.

Hashmi’s NGO had organised a programme ‘In Search Of Justice’, parallel to Modi’s show in Godhra, the ground zero of Gujarat riots of 2002. Hashmi had organised the programme to protest Sadbhavana fast.

Even as Modi’s sat on the day-long fast, Hashmi’s vehicle was intercepted on Ahmedabad-Godhra highway about eight kilometres from Godhra. The six activists were then taken to Kheda police station.

Hashmi was supposed to address a gathering in Mohammedi Colony in Saatpool area on Friday morning. Her supporters had expected that the cops would detain her. But they had gathered near the spot of the programme. A large presence of policemen in Mohammedi Colony on Friday morning ensured that the protestors were detained.

Speaking to newzfirst Shabnam Hashmi said that more than fifty activists were detained and taken to different districts.

She said that this convention mobilized lot of people in Godhra and its surrounding fearing this Modi didnot wanted it to happen as large chunk of minority would attend this convention

This is the question of democracy not to allow any form of dissent, she added

Concerned citizens have lodged a protest against and condemned the arrest of Shabnam Hashmi, and other Anhad Activists by Gujarat Police. In a Press Release issued by concerned citizens, the incident has been called a ‘yet another fascistic act of Mr Narandra Modi.’

They have further condemned the blatant use of Gujarat police force to spread fear and gather crowd for Modi’s programme and demanded that Home Minister, P Chidambaram should immediately intervene and ensure that democracy is restored in Gujarat.


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