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19-year-old maid puts her life on the line to save minor from rapist dad

by-Sunchika B Pandey, DNA , Mumbai, Dec 10, 2012 

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A fortnight after a 3-year-old girl was allegedly raped by her father near Kalyan, it has come to light that it was the courage and concern shown by a 19-year-old domestic help, who was completely unknown to the girl, that saved the child.
On November 24 around 11pm, Rekha Timple first noticed the man sexually assaulting the child in a thicket of bushes near Kalyan station. Rekha, a Vashi resident, had just met her boyfriend in Kalyan and was on her way to the station to get home. However, she said she could not move ahead as she was too disturbed at what she had just seen.
DNA had reported about the sexual assault of the 3-year-old who is currently undergoing treatment at Sion hospital.
“I lunged forward to save the girl from her father’s advances. But I moved away he stared angrily at me,” recalled Timple. “The only thought on my mind was to save the child. But I knew that if I acted impulsively, he would attack or kill me. Not that I was scared of death, I just wanted to live to save that little girl from that torture.”
Timple slipped out of the place but said she couldn’t stop crying. “I lurked around the spot to look for the girl and her father,” said Timple, who let go of her train and stayed the night at Kalyan station.Around 2.30am and again at 4am, she went back to look for the girl.
“At first, I could not find her anywhere. Then, around 6am, I called my friend to join me. We found her near the Shiv temple close to the parcel office near Kalyan station. She seemed to be in pain; she was bleeding profusely,” said Timple.Timple and her boyfriend took the girl to a nearby washroom where they cleaned and dressed her and took her to the police. Just then the girl’s father spotted her with his daughter. “He tried to attack me, but there were people around. I raised an alarm and passersby caught hold of him and took him to the police,” said Timple.
The girl has now received several gifts


Maharashtra- Aadhaar Card SCAM #UID #Biometrics

KDMC ‘Corporators’ are issuing Aadhar Cards in Kalyan!

By अजिंक्य भातंब्रेकर | ajinkya.bhatambrekar@jaimaharashtranews.com | 03 Nov Sat, 2012 | Updated 4:30 pm IST


Kalyan: Aadhar card, which is the photo identity proof of your citizenship is being made illegally in Kalyan and Dombivali. Shockingly, Kalyan-Dombivali Municipal Corporation’s (KDMC) corporators are interfering in this whole illegal process. And more shockingly, KDMC deputy commissioner agreed this fact. But he clarified that corporators doesn’t have any right or authority to give the Aadhar card to the citizens.

Our Jai Maharashtra’s reporter got the wind of this shocking matter which was being operated at Kalyan’s Beturkar Pada area. When he went there and inquired about the whole incident, some shocking revelations came out. People, who doesn’t have the adequate proofs of their residential area were being given these Aadhar Cards by merely showing the Corporators’ reference application.

About this incident, our reporter asked a question to KDMC deputy commissioner Ganesh Deshmukh. And Deshmukh agreed that this kind of incidents are happening in that area. But Deshmukh also told that, “corporators are not allowed to authorise such kind of important identity proofs without KDMC’s consent. It is totally illegal.”

That is how Jai Maharashtra revealed all these illegal wrongdoings were done by the KDMC corporators. These corporators are doing these things just to secure their vote bank, which is very sad. But something needs to be done about this as soon as possible.


A topper’s murder throws light on caste in Haryana classroom

Deepu Sebastian Edmond   , Financial Express

Hisar:When they planned the murder of a classmate in broad daylight, Kalyan Singh and Raj Kumar were probably counting on the Omerta their brazen act would induce among their college mates. They were not far off the mark. But they discounted the presence of the victim’s father, the only eyewitness who has turned up so far.

On Monday morning, Kalyan, 19, reportedly approached his classmate Pradeep Kumar, 24, who had just alighted from a bus on his way to college. Without a word, Kalyan allegedly drew out a revolver and shot Pradeep in his chest. The impact of the bullet made Pradeep spin around; he fell on his knees, facing away from his killer.

He fell facing his father, Ram Pal.

“He did not want to go to college that morning. They had told him on Saturday that a pistol would be waiting for him. Finally, I said I would go with him to resolve the issue with those two. We took the bus. He got down first, I was about ten paces behind him,” recounted Ram Pal, sitting amidst mourners outside his Shyamlal Bagh residence.

Unaware of Ram Pal’s presence, Kalyan allegedly shot Pradeep at least twice more — this time in the back — before firing about two more shots in the air. He then ran across the road, where Raj Kumar, 18, was reportedly waiting on a motorcycle. The two fled.

The Hisar Police arrested both Kalyan and Raj Kumar yesterday. They also recovered the gun used for the murder, along with seven shells of cartridges and the getaway motorcycle.

Kalyan had signed off a three-month-old grouse in blood. “It began about three months back, with Pradeep complaining that two of his classmates were threatening him. He refused to go to college,” said Mahendra Singh, Pradeep’s uncle.

Pradeep was in his fourth semester of a six-semester Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at the Kalpana Chawla Institute of Engineering and Technology at Chikanwas, about 15 km from Hisar town, on the Sirsa road.

According to Mahendra, the accused were angry that Pradeep would not cooperate in their “mass bunks”. “There was a group of four or five students who were really interested in studies. The others — led by Kalyan and Raj Kumar — wanted everybody to remain absent from classes so that the classes would be cancelled. Pradeep would not oblige,” he said.

Ram Pal agreed that the anger against his son may have had its origins in caste, probably explaining why the accused picked on Pradeep more than the others. “Here, in Haryana, caste plays an important part in our lives. My son used to tell me that they used to taunt him using my name,” he said. That is an oblique reference to Ram Pal’s occupation, handed down to him through generations, thanks to his caste.

Ram Pal is a Jangra Brahmin, a Backward Class in Haryana whose members are carpenters. His son’s alleged killers are Jats, higher in the caste hierarchy.

Concerned about the threats, Mahendra had attempted a truce once. “I went to the college in December, sat down with Pradeep and the two boys in their canteen and talked about the issue. Both Kalyan and Raj Kumar were polite; they said that it would not happen again,” he said.

The announcement of the third semester results last week seems to have acted as a catalyst. “Pradeep came back from college on Saturday, happy but scared. He had scored 79 per cent, and his classmates had threatened to kill him. They told him they had obtained a gun,” claimed Ram Pal.

It is not hard to see why tempers would have frayed. The third semester results, as available with the college authorities, indicate that Pradeep was among the eight to clear all six papers in a class of 57.

“Pradeep stood second in his class,” said Pankaj Chaudhary, Training & Placement Officer at the college. Both Kalyan and Raj Kumar failed in five of the six papers. They both scored 59 per cent in the remaining paper.

Pradeep, probably the oldest in his class, had not failed in any paper during his course. “He lost almost three years after his Class 12, because I could not afford to send him to college. He did odd jobs, helped me in my work to save money,” said Ram Pal. Yogita, Pradeep’s sister, is doing her B.Sc. from a government college in Hisar.

Both Pradeep and Yogita used to give tuitions to children in their locality. Ram Pal could not secure an education loan for his children, so he relied on moneylenders.

“Pradeep was always studying. When not studying, he was working. I remember he once went to Gurgaon to work as a labourer so that he could save money for his semester fees,” said Mohan Bhardwaj, a neighbour.

The SHO of Agroha Police Station, Lal Chand, who is also the investigating officer in the case, said three bullets were recovered from Pradeep’s body. Ram Lal claimed Kalyan fired four times at his son. Both agree on one thing — that Kalyan fired seven times, and that at least one bullet is unaccounted for. This is because the revolver recovered from the accused at the time of his arrest had only one bullet inside — it can hold eight.

“We don’t have a TV, we don’t have a bike, we don’t have a washing machine. But none of us complained. I just wanted him to study. He wanted to (take lateral entry and) join BTech, and then do MTech,” said Ram Pal.

“On Saturday, when Pradeep told me about his good results, he hinted that he wanted something. A gift, but he didn’t say what,” said the father.

Now, he will never know.

Upper caste boys kill boy from lower caste for ‘topping class’

Chandigarh, Indian Express

In yet another caste related crime, a topper of an engineering college in Hisar district of Haryana, belonging to backward caste, was shot dead in broad daylight by his classmates – all from Jat community. The assailants pumped four bullets in the boy’s body from point blank range outside the college, leaving him dead on the spot. The police were conducting raids to nab the assailants.

The incident took place at around 9.30 am outside Kalpana Chawla Institute of Engineering and Technology. The only son of his parents, Pradeep (22), a topper of the mechanical engineering branch of the college, was stopped by two of his classmates Rajkumar and Kalyan, both belonging to Jat community.

“While Rajkumar was riding the motorbike, Kalyan, who was sitting pillion fired six rounds at Pradeep from a country-made revolver. Four bullets hit Pradeep. He was rushed to the hospital, but was declared dead on arrival,” said Ombir Singh, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Hisar, who is leading the Special Investigation Team, constituted to nab the two absconding accused. While Kalyan belongs to Panihar village, Rajkumar is from Seeshwala village in Hisar.

Pradeeep’s body, after the post mortem, was handed over to parents who performed the last rites in the evening, the DSP added.

According to the police, Pradeep – who belongs to backward caste Khati (carpenter) – was a topper in the college and the two accused were nursing a grudge against him.

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