Press Release- Movement for Land Rights rejects anti farmer land ordinance




Bhumi Adhikar Andolan (Movement for Land Rights) rejects anti-farmer Land Ordinance


5 June 2015, New Delhi : A  joint statement released by various groups fighting for equitable land rights in the country under the banner of Bhumi Adhikar Andolan, has summarily rejected the questionable amendments that have been introduced to the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement 2013 (Second Amendment Bill, 2015) by extra-constitutional means.

In a Press Conference called by the movement, representatives of farmers, forest workers and civil rights organisations raised the issue of ‘hurry’ with which the NDA government is trying to amend a very hard-earned law of the country. The same attitude of the government can be seen in the time it has given to the Joint Parliamentary Committee for taking in suggestions from the people. Bhumi Adhikar Andolan had asked the JPC to increase the deadline for receiving submissions which is 8 June 2015 but JPC has rejected the demand. The JPC doesn’t even have enough time to hold wider public consultations and hearings to receive real inputs from people of the country. A law that took 66 years after independence to come out of its colonial framework is today going back to its exploitative form in just months. In another undemocratic move, the NDA cabinet again recommended the Land Amendment Bill to the Parliament without even waiting for the inputs of the JPC.

NAPM, as a part of Bhumi Adhikar Andolan strongly condemns this deplorable attitude of the government with which it is dealing with such an important act and is threatening the livelihood of a majority of Indian citizens. Today, economists and media are harping on the fact that share of agriculture in GDP is very low. But how can that be possible when 60% of India’s labour is occupied in agriculture and when each and every industry is dependent on agriculture as its source of raw material? Such false notions must be countered by a comprehensive research on the status of agriculture in India and cannot be used just as an excuse to take away land from small and marginal farmers for the benefit of real estate lobby and industrialists.

The Press Conference was addressed by Bhupinder Singh Rawat (NAPM), Hannan Mollah (All India Kisan Sabha, Canning Lane), Roma (All India Union of Forest Working People), Jarjum Ete (All India Union of Forest Working People) and Satyavan (All India Krishak Khet Mazdoor Sangathan).


Bhupinder Singh Rawat | Shabnam Shaikh | Rishit Neogi | Madhuresh | Rajendra Ravi | Kanika | for NAPM.


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Two Faced Subramaniam Swamy #Hatespeech

Mr. Subramanian Swamy‘s Venom spitting speech


Mr. Subramanian Swamy’s wife is a PARSI, his daughter married to a MUSLIM, another member married a CHRISTIAN, and another married to a JEW. Why then is he threatening both Muslims and Christians.

Please listen his venom spiting speech :




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