Himanshu Kumar on Indefinite fast at Jantar Mantar on Adivasi issues

 सभी जुड़े 
 करोड़ो आदिवासियों के जीवन एवं सम्मान के प्रश्न पर 
देश भर में आत्म चिंतन को बढ़ावा देने के लिए 
जन्तर मंतर, नई दिल्ली पर आज 1 जून 2013 से सुबह
 अनिश्चितकालीन उपवास
उपवासकर्ता हिमांशु कुमार
जिन्होंने लगभग  दो दशक तक छत्तीसगढ़ के दंतेवाडा क्षेत्र  में काम किया 
हिमांशु कुमार की हम सब से अपील 
आदिवासियों के संसाधनों पर पैसे वाली कंपनियों के कब्जा कर लेने और आदिवासियों को उनके अपने ही घर से भगा देने का मुद्दा इस देश के लिये कोई बड़ी समस्या नहीं बन पा रहा है 
यह बात सच है कि हम तभी चेतते हैं जब समाज में किसी मुद्दे पर कहीं हिंसा होती है . विनोबा का भूदान आन्दोलन भी भूमि को लेकर फैले हुए अन्याय और उससे उत्पन्न होने वाली हिंसा में से ही  निकला था .

अभी आदिवासी इलाकों में अमीर कंपनियों के लोभ के लिये करोड़ों आदिवासियों के जीवन , आजीविका और सम्मान पर हमला जारी है ,
भारत को एक राष्ट्र के रूप में सोचना पड़ेगा कि यह देश अपने मूल निवासियों के साथ क्या सुलूक करेगा ?
क्या हम आदिवासियों की ज़मीनों पर पुलिस की बंदूकों के दम पर कब्ज़ा जायज़ मानते हैं ? क्या हम मानते हैं कि आदिवासियों की बस्तियों में आग लगा कर उन्हें उनके गाँव से भगा कर उनकी ज़मीनों पर कब्ज़ा करने के बाद हम इस देश में शांति ला सकते हैं ?
एक बार हमें अगर अपने ही देशवासियों के साथ अन्याय करने की आदत पड़ गई तो क्या यह आदत हमें किस किस के साथ अन्याय करने का नहीं खोल देगी ?
आज हम आदिवासी पर हमला करेंगे ,फिर हम दलितों को मारेंगे, फिर हम गाँव वालों को मारेंगे . और एक दिन हम चारों तरफ से दुश्मनों से अपने ही बनाये गये दुश्मनों से घिर जायेंगे . 
इसलिये आज ही हमें आदिवासियों के साथ हमारे सुलूक की समीक्षा करनी चाहिये .
मेरी विनम्र कोशिश है कि इसी मौके को हम आदिवासियों के साथ इस देश को कैसा सुलूक करना चाहिये इस मुद्दे पर सोचने के रूप में सदुपयोग करें .
इस मुद्दे पर आत्म चिंतन करने के लिये मैं एक जून से जंतर मंतर पर एक उपवास शुरू करने का प्रस्ताव करता हूं
इस दौरान सामान मन के साथी अपने अपने क्षेत्र में इस विषय में कार्यक्रम और चर्चा करेगे तो हम देश भर में न्याय के पक्ष में और अन्याय के विपक्ष में एक माहौल तैयार कर पायेंगे .
आपके सुझाव का स्वागत है .
हिमांशु कुमार 

#India – Five steps to becoming a successful spot-fixer !


Rajyasree Sen

I’m neither Chetan Bhagat, nor am I Hansie Cronje, but here’s my five-point plan on how to be a successful spot-fixer and not get caught.
1. Communication is key.  What is with this Chandila and Chawan? Who discusses which ball you’re going to drop over the hotel phone? Buy an iPhone and Face Time with each other.
Not only will nobody be able to track your scheming conversations, you’ll also get to see each other’s cheating faces. It’s also way more cosy than those strange stilted chats. Did Rajat Gupta and Rajaratnam not teach you anything? Oh sorry, to learn anything from them you’d need to read the newspapers and do something beyond throwing lavish parties.

Sreesanth and his cronies' spot-fixing modus operandi leaves a lot to be desired! AFP

Sreesanth and his cronies’ spot-fixing modus operandi leaves a lot to be desired! AFP

2. Diaries are a no-no.  If you must record what payments are going to come your way and keep accounts, must you use a diary? That too, one with bilingual entries. Get with the times. Start a fake Gmail id. With that id, create a Google doc. Use these Google docs to tabulate and record your earnings. Basically, keep it simple because you’re stupid.

3What kind of idiot deposits money from illegal transactions in his bank? Frankly, if you do that you should be jailed. For being an imbecile.  Instead, use the cash – since it’s hardly a fortune by cricketing standards or even by Delhi-standards – to make ticket/hotel/clothes purchases. Spend the cash, you fool. Don’t collect it for a rainy day.
And definitely don’t collect it in your own bank account. Or ask for payment in cash. Maybe a gold brick? It is Sunil Dubai after all. His bathroom must be lined with gold bricks. Or tell them to send diamond earrings for your mum.  Nothing says “I care” as much as gifts from the Dubai underworld. Be creative. It’s not that difficult.
4. Don’t forget to signal the bookie. Now this is of key importance. Even if your IQ is 25 or running in single figures, signal your bookie that you’re going to drop that over. What’s the point of giving 14 runs on an over, if no one pays you for it?  And forget no one paying for it, because you’re a super imbecile and have struck an idiot deal, you end up paying the bookie. Doesn’t that just make you feel like an arse? Do you really want someone called Sunil Dubai to be mocking you at his next spot-fixer’s reunion party? The answer is, no. So keep a beeper on your watch which reminds ye-of-little-brain of the fact that big brother is watching and you have to twist that wristband now.
5. Grow some balls. At least hold your own for more than 30 minutes before singing like a canary. Nobody likes a crook who gives up so easily. And keep in mind, this is the Delhi police. Not known for their great investigative skills.  Sulking, bawling and then spilling the beans are recipes for disaster. Not only is your cricketing career over, you’re not going to win any brownie points with your fixer friends.
Take a leaf out of Monica Bedi’s book. She stuck to her guns and kept repeating that she didn’t know anything about Abu Salem’s dealings. If you do that, even you’ll get to dance inNach Baliye. Nobody likes a crybaby. Really.


Sunday Special- for Cricket in India – whether you love or hate ;-)

This song for cricket is sung by  Sambhaji Bhagat, the Dalit Lokshahir (people’s poet), a teacher by profession and bard at heart.

Sambhaji has received no formal training in singing but has a lilting voice that can mesmerise listeners for hours. Sambhaji is a teacher but others in his troupe are not so fortunate — Asaram Umap who handles the dimdi (a small hand held drum) and flute is a rag picker; Sandeep Lokhande, the dholak exponent makes his livelihood as an instrumentalist; Babasaheb Atkhile is a promising young lad who also performs the role of a troupe coordinator. This motley group would not have not come together had it not been for their inspirational anchor — Sambhaji.

Born to a cobbler in the picturesque Panchgani in Mahableshwar, a hill station of Mahrashtra, Sambhaji as a school boy was swayed by the drills of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. But his heart and mind somehow failed to walk in tandem with the RSS idealogy. His feet carried him away from the drill sessions. From the far right he landed straight into the lap of the leftists. He was in his teens by then but the leftist ideologies proved to be too ‘dogmatic’,  and he quit. From the far right to the far left, Sambhaji took on a new path that made him find his true identity.  He went back to his roots.

Sambhaji, has joined us at Justice and Peace for All ( JAPA), a group propagating “musical activism” – this very popular and very effective method was used in the sixties in america to protest against the vietnam war and launched the careers of many great musicians and songwriters. JAPA has
talented musicians, song writers, artists, poets all dedicated to this cause of justice and peace for all and we hope through this evenings music to highlight some of these issues and perhaps sow the seeds of activism in the hearts  of people. Join us on facebook JapaMumbai

This song was performed at JAPA muical evening last year when semi final of world cupw a son between india and Pakistan and is still relevant today with IPL FEVER, infact will be relevant till eternity as cricket is religion for India .

Cricketwallae Sun Lo

India ke Deshbhakto, Bharat ki zara  Sun Lo

Enjoy the song and share widely


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Faking Democracy- Free Irom Sharmila Now

Faking Democracy- Repression Anti- Nuke activists


Kamayaninumerouno – Youtube Channel


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