Invitation: AP Shah Committee report release on Koodankulam and Democracy- 4th June


Release of Justice AP Shah Committee report of public hearing on Koodankulam and Democracy

LIVESTREAMING OF EVENT: koodankulamshah?t=227743

WHEN: 4 June, 2012. 11 a.m. (Monday)

WHERE: Madras Press Club,
Near State Guest House,Wallajah Road

Prof. Vasanthi Devi,
Former VC, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University to receive first copy of report

Adv. Geeta Ramaseshan, Member of Panel
Prof. Prabha Kalvimani, Member of Panel


On May 14, 2012, a committee led by Justice (Retd) A.P. Shah (Retd Chief Justice, Madras High Court) and comprising Adv. Geeta Ramaseshan and Prof. Prabha Kalvimani heard a public hearing on Koodankulam and State Suppression of Democratic Rights. The hearing was prompted by the unlawful efforts by the governments of Tamil Nadu and India to prevent any discussion critical of nuclear energy in the wake of the 19 March decision of Chief Minister Jayalalithaa to withdraw her support to the anti-nuclear movement and declare her consent to commissioning the nuclear plants. Before that and since then, numerous cases — more than 247 FIRs — have been filed against innocent people charging them with grievous offences such as sedition and waging war against the state. Other forms of repression — such as intimidation, oral directions to printing presses and auditorium owners discouraging them from lending their services for activities critical of nuclear energy — have characterised the State’s attempt to manufacture consent and suppress dissent.

For more information, contact: Nityanand Jayaraman:             9444082401

Unsuccessful rehabilitation of manual scavengers and their children in India

Manual scavengers and their children from various states express their feelings regarding rehabilitation Rashtriya Garima Abhiyan organized a one day “National Public Hearing on Rehabilitation of Manual Scavengers and their Children in India” at Indian Social Institute, New Delhi on 28th March 2012 with the especial emphasis of rehabilitation and scholarship schemes like Scheme for Self Rehabilitation of Manual Scavengers (SRMS), Pre-Matric Scholarships to the Children of those Engaged in ‘Unclean’ Occupations, etc with the following objectives:
1. To present an overall scenario of the rehabilitation of manual scavengers and their children in the nation.
2. To provide a public platform to the women who left this practice and also to those who are still involved in the practice to voice their concerns and problems related to rehabilitation they are facing.
3. To bring forth the cases of the corruption in rehabilitation, exploitation and abuse of those who are involved or left manual scavenging and share with government and non government bodies.
4. To increase the political will to address the issues and to associate and sensitize other sections of the society and involve them rehabilitation and to build a common and larger consensus and movement for liberation and rehabilitation of liberated manual scavengers.
Corruption was done on large scale in the rehabilitation scheme, which is Rs. 735.6 crores rehabilitation scheme implemented by Government of India. About 76% people got benefits;those are not in eligible criteria. This fact came out in the public hearing of Rashtriya Garima Abhiyan (National Campaign for Dignity and Eradication of Manual Scavenging) at New Delhi on
28th March 2012. Liberated manual scavenger women, engaged manual scavengers and representatives of community and social organizations from 10 states participated in this public hearing. 32 women and children from the manual scavenger community shared their cases related to manual scavenging practice, rehabilitation, education, atrocities, untouchability and
discrimination in this public hearing.

An 8 years old girl from Mandsore district told that untouchability is very prevalent during the Mid Day Meal in her school. Children of dalit community received breads from some distance.They can’t touch the basket of breads. Scholarships of children of liberated manual scavenging families also stopped by the government.

A 14 years boy Ravi from Tikamgrah and a girl Pinki from Neemachch district said that our scholarships stopped by schools because our parents stopped the manual scavenging work. Both of them dropped out from the school due to poverty
and their scholarship were stopped. Mrs. Husnabai from Jhalabad district of Rajasthan also told the same story. Her granddaughter was getting scholarship but after they left manual scavenging work by her parents her scholarship stopped by school. Major thing come out that untouchability and various type of discrimination is going in the schools with the children of dalit community and stopped their scholarships by schools. This is very clear that violation has been done of human rights has been done of these children due to this inhuman practice.
Government of India prohibited manual scavenging practice in 1993 through the act.
Government of India implemented a scheme “Self Employment Scheme for rehabilitation of
manual scavengers” SRMS in the 2007 but people of dalit community don’t have any benefits
from the rehabilitation scheme.

Read the full report below

Brief Report on National Public Hearing on Rehabilitation Manual Scavengers and their Children


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