Soni Sori acquitted in crucial case, lawyer optimistic of speedy Essar trial #goodnews #vaw

SUVOJIT BAGCHI, The Hindu, feb 14

A file photo of a protest by the All India Students
Association in New Delhi seeking the release of
tribal activist Soni Sori. Photo: V.V.Krishnan
A file photo of a protest by the All India Students Association in New Delhi seeking the release of tribal activist Soni Sori. Photo: V.V.Krishnan

Soni Sori, the tribal accused of acting as a courier between Essar Steel and the outlawed Communist Party of India (Maoist), has been acquitted in a crucial case filed in 2010 by the Dantewada district police against 19 individuals for allegedly opening fire and using explosives to blow vehicles of Essar. Ms Sori was one of the key accused in the case.

“But the additional sessions court of Anita Dehariya could not find enough evidence to substantiate the allegations and hence Ms. Sori was acquitted yesterday [Tuesday],” said Ms. Sori’s lawyer K.K. Dubey. Ms. Sori was arrested in 2011 by the Chhattisgarh police for allegedly arranging transfer of money from the privately-owned Essar Group to the members of the banned CPI (Maoist). Altogether, six cases were registered against her and she has been acquitted in four cases so far.

Hole in prosecution case

The witnesses presented before the court could not relate Ms. Sori to the case (sessions trial number 5/11) of firing and burning vehicles using diesel and explosives. “None of the witnesses presented by the police could connect Soni to the incident and that left a gaping hole in the prosecution,” said Mr. Dubey. Incidentally, Ms. Sori was acquitted in another case about a week back. In that case, (sessions trial number 4/11) the allegation was of firing on police near Essar Beneficiation Plant in Kirandul. “There also, witnesses could not confirm if Soni was related to firing on the police,” Mr. Dubey said. . Last year, Ms. Sori was acquitted in two more cases related to firing in Kuakonda police station and burning of a block office. “However, the more critical allegations against Ms. Sori acting as a courier between Essar and the CPI (Maoist) and the attack on Congress leader Avdesh Singh Gautam are continuing,” said Mr. Dubey.

Iconic figure

Ms. Sori — a tribal woman with three children — has emerged as an iconic figure symbolising the State’s attitude toward tribals since her arrest in October, 2011. Ms. Sori’s letter to her lawyer claiming that she was sexually assaulted in police custody under the direct supervision of a police officer, Ankit Garg, became a global rallying point on tribal atrocities. While Mr. Garg and the police continuously denied all the allegations, hundreds of intellectuals, academics, and civil society activists signed petitions, demanding justice for Ms. Sori — a ‘Stand Up For Soni Sori’ campaign was launched across the country. In major cities like London or New York, activists took to the streets, building up the case internationally for Ms. Sori and her 24-year-old activist-journalist relative, Lingaram Kodopi.

Interestingly, while Mr. Kodopi and Ms. Sori both are languishing in jail, like the other 2,000 tribal undertrials of south Chhattisgarh, for allegedly working with the Maoists, two of their co-accused got bail soon after the arrest.

D.V.C.S. Verma, the general manager at an Essar steel plant, and B.K. Lala, one of Essar’s contractors, were arrested in the same case allegedly for paying protection money to the Maoists, which according to police, Mr. Kodopi and Ms. Sori were carrying to the rebels. In fact, Mr. Lala was caught with Mr. Kodopi in the same Palnar market where allegedly Ms. Sori was also present.

While both Mr. Verma and Mr. Lala have been out on bail for a year, Ms. Sori and Mr. Kodopi are both behind bars in Bastar’s jails. Activists associated with the case feel that this is another ‘glaring example’ of injustice to the tribals. Ms. Sori’s lawyer, however, sounds optimistic: “Her acquittal in the all the minor cases may give her a speedy trial in the Essar case now.”


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DIVYA TRIVEDI, The Hindu, Dec 25, 2012

In contrast to the statement made by National Commission for Women (NCW) member Amina Shafiq that tribal teacher Soni Sori lodged in the Raipur Central Jail required psychological counselling, National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW) general secretary Annie Raja said there was no need.

Ms. Raja, who visited the 36-year-old teacher earlier this month, along with an NCW delegation, has submitted a report to the Commission, expressing her views. NCW is in the process of finalising the report before making it public. Soni has been regularly writing letters, and has submitted a set of demands in writing to the team which visited her. A person who needed psychological counselling won’t be able to present her case so sharply, Ms. Raja said.

“I met Soni Sori along with the NCW team and spoke to her. She definitely underwent a lot of violence, and even the team acknowledged that ‘something happened’ in police custody. But I don’t think she needs counselling. Truth is, I have evidence that she doesn’t require it, and have submitted a report to the NCW on this. I am just waiting for them to finalise the report, after which we will have a press conference,” she told The Hindu.

“She is hale and healthy. We didn’t find any fault with her health, though she is under emotional trauma, which is natural, considering she has been in custody for more than a year. She needs counselling,” Ms. Amina is reported to have said, after the meeting with Soni.

“NCW says Soni needs psychological counselling to deal with the trauma suffered in police custody. This means that NCW acknowledges that Soni has suffered custodial torture. Why doesn’t NCW then demand that the people who inflicted the torture in police custody be investigated, prosecuted and punished? Justice will heal Soni. Isn’t it Soni’s right to get justice and NCW’s duty to protect her rights?” asks advocate Vrinda Grover.

In her letters, Soni has been complaining of bad health and being denied sustenance, apart from being forced to strip.A tribal teacher in Dantewada district, Soni was taken into custody from Delhi in October last year, on charges of being a courier between Maoists and the Essar group.


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Soni Sori’s struggle for justice gets solidarity from various parts of the country

Women Against Sexual Violence and State Repression (WSS) has launched a solidarity campaign for Soni Sori incarcerated in Raipur jail for the past one year under false charges of being a Maoist engaged in extortion and violence.

In two of the eight cases fabricated against her by the Dantewada police, Soni Sori has already been acquitted. In a third significant case in which she, her husband and her nephew Lingaram Kodopi are all charged and imprisoned,  the key eye witness, Avadhesh Gautam, has given vital testimony on  27th September 2012, confirming that none of these three were present at the incident site.  This corroborates what Soni Sori has been saying all this while, that the Chhattisgarh police have been foisting all these false cases against her and her family, merely in order to harass and punish them for refusing to obey the illegal diktats of the Chhattisgarh police.

Soni Sori is an ordinary school teacher in Chhattisgarh, who chose to think and act independently and refused to go with either the Maoists or the state security forces.  However, her cries of being only an ordinary school teacher, albeit with an independent mind, have fallen on deaf ears. She was arrested in Delhi on 4th October 2011 and remanded to police custody of Chhattisgarh police on 7th October 2011 for three days. It was during those three days that she was subjected to heinous violence and sexual torture under the orders of the Superintendent of Police Ankit Garg. Ironically, instead of being suspended, SP Ankit Garg was decorated with the President’s Police Medal of Gallantry on the occasion of the Republic Day earlier this year.

While her tormentor was thus feted, Soni Sori was left to deal with the physical and mental trauma of the torture on her own and even visitors from reputed womens’ groups through out the country, who only wanted to offer her solidarity, were refused permission to meet her in jail. But instead of breaking her spirit, the state only managed to break her silence and Soni Sori wrote at length about the degrading treatment she was subjected to. An appeal before the Supreme Court gave her a partial respite and she was sent to Kolkata for a physical examination, where stones were discovered from her private parts proving the terrible torture that she was subjected to. Chhattisgarh government has not relented and did not even provide her the recommended medical treatment.

Soni Sori is a spirited woman and has been on extended hunger strikes in the jail to push for humane treatment of prisoners. On the occasion of the birth Centenary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh a post card campaign has been launched where people from across the country will send her post cards to express their solidarity with her struggle for justice.

It should be recalled that Bhagat Singh also used his incarceration to further his political message and nothing could break his spirit.

WSS calls upon everyone to join in this campaign. Post cards were signed in Delhi, Bhopal and Indore today to launch the campaign and were sent to Soni Sori, Central Jail Raipur, Chhattisgarh 492001


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Coalgate caused a loss of Rs 1.86 lakh crore: CAG Report


Coalgate caused a loss of Rs 1.86 lakh crore: CAG



The CAG’s final report on the coal block allocations will be tabled in the Parliament today The report is not naming the Prime Minsiter’s Office (PMO) PMO or the states and the blame is put solely on the steering committee, reports CNBC-TV18’s Pallavi Ghosh quoting sources.


 $33 billion-Coal scam”report by CAG tabled today in the parliament that lists Tata group, Naveen Jindal group, Essar group, Abhijeet group, Laxmi Mittal‘s Arcelor and Vedanta among the beneficiaries.


The report on coal blocks allocation suggests that it could be an even bigger embarrassment than the 2G spectrum allocation scam with top private companies making a windfall of Rs 1.86 lakh crore due to lack of bidding.
The final draft of the CAG report on the coal blocks allocation, says that the allocation of captive coal mines from 2004 to 2006 was not transparent. Notably, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh held the Coal Ministry portfolio from 2006 to 2009.
It further said that a six-year delay in moving to competitive bidding led to huge losses to the state.
The CAG report lists Tata group, Naveen Jindal group, Essar group, Abhijeet group, Laxmi Mittal’s Arcelor and Vedanta among the beneficiaries.
However, CAG does not mention the role of the PMO and state governments in the coal blocks allocation.
The auditing watchdog has blamed the steering committee recommendations that gave away captive coal mines without bidding.
The CAG report has said that the delay in introducing competitive bidding, first suggested in 2004, led to major benefits to the private sector, but the rules for auction only got finalised six years later in 2012 after a series of controversies.
Till 2004 June, only 39 blocks were allotted, but in order to improve the production, 142 allotments were made between July 2004 and 2006 to private and government companies.
The CAG says the allocation made by the steering committee was not transparent and helped many private players. As many as 15 blocks given to private players did not even start production till March 2011.
The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is also investigating the coal scam. Initial reports of the investigating agency suggest they are looking at the role of state governments in allocating without bidding.
(With inputs from


Supreme Court directs Chhattisgarh government to bring Soni Sori to AIIMS for treatment

Supreme Court directs Chhattisgarh government to bring Soni Sori to AIIMS for treatment

On 2nd May a bench of Supreme Court judges, Justices Altamas Kabir and Chalameshwar, directed the Chhattisgarh state to produce the Adivasi teacher, Soni Sori, in the All India Institute of Medical Sciences within one week.  Reacting to descriptions of her continuing severe medical health problems in letters received from Soni Sori in Raipur jail and from her advocate who had met with her, the Supreme Court expressed deep concern about Soni Sori’s medical condition and recommended that she be brought to AIIMS at the earliest for a thorough medical examinationand full treatment. The Director of AIIMS has also been directed to constitute a Medical Board comprising of Heads of Gynecology, Endocrinology and other departments who would examine Ms. Sori and treat her, and give their opinion on her condition to the Supreme Court by July 10th.

Ms. Soni Sori is the Superintendent of Jabeli ashram for tribal children in Dantewada.  She had been arrested in Delhi on Oct 4 2011 for being a suspected Maoist sympathizer. Having faced police harassment for over a year while functioning in her government-appointed post, she was in Delhi at that time to file a complaint against the Chhattisgarh police and expose them in the media.  Fearing torture at the hands of Chhattisgarh police after her arrest, she had appealed to the Delhi High Court to keep her in custody in Delhi and not send her to Chhattisgarh, but her plea was rejected.  Subsequently, she was brutally tortured by the Chhattisgarh police while she was in their custody from 8-10 October 2011; torture that has since been corroborated by an independent medical examination conducted by NRS Hospital and Medical College in Kolkata.

The Supreme Court today made mention of the brutalization of Ms. Sori that was confirmed by the Kolkata Hospital which recovered three stones inserted deep inside the private parts of Ms. Soni, during the torture she was subjected to in her custodial interrogation.  The Kolkata hosptal had recommended that she be brought back for further treatment and examination at the end of 15 days —  but more than six months have passed since her examination in Kolkata in October 2011 and not only has she not been taken back for treatment, even the medicines prescribed by the Kolkata doctors are not being given to her.  The letters read out in court today described her worsening medical condition where she complains of intermittent bleeding, anemia, vaginal discharges, prolapsed uterus, difficulty in standing and walking, variably high blood pressure, numbness in limbs etc.  In these letters, it was also described how the Chhattisgarh jail authorities are withholding Ms. Soni’s treatment despite court orders, and how Ms. Sori has to suffer their taunts for simply requesting medical treatment.

Taking note of all these, the Supreme Court expressed the need for urgent medical examination and treatment of Ms. Soni Sori at an independent institution.  Since the counsel for Chhattisgarh state expressed reservations about treatment at NRS Hospital in Kolkata, the court directed that Ms. Sori should be immediately brought and examined at AIIMS.

सोनी सोरी का दिल्ली के एम्स में होगा इलाज

पाणिनि आनंद

soni sori supreme court order aiims treatment relief maoist aligation raipur
सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने सोनी सोरी मामले में अहम आदेश देते हुए उन्हें दिल्ली लाने को कहा
पुलिस उत्पीड़न का शिकार सोनी सोरी को बुधवार को देश के सर्वोच्च न्यायालय से कुछ राहत मिलती नज़र आई है. सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने इस मामले में दायर एक याचिका पर सुनवाई करते हुए आदेश दिया है कि सोनी सोरी को दिल्ली स्थित अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान में इलाज के लिए लाया जाए.
अदालत ने कहा है कि एक सप्ताह के भीतर सोनी सोरी को दिल्ली लाया जाए और यहाँ एक मेडिकल टीम गठित करके उनके स्वास्थ्य की ताज़ा स्थिति पर रिपोर्ट तैयार की जाए.
पीयूसीएल की राष्ट्रीय महासचिव कविता श्रीवास्तव ने कहा कि अदालत का यह फैसला फौरी तौर पर राहत देने वाला है क्योंकि इससे सोनी कम से कम अपना इलाज करा सकेगी और यातना और दर्द से कुछ मुक्ति पा सकेगी लेकिन असली लड़ाई उसकी रिहाई है. एक निर्दोष महिला को जेल में डालकर उसके साथ ऐसा बर्ताव करना इस लोकतंत्र के लिए कलंक की तरह है.
सोनी सोरी फिलहाल रायपुर जेल में हैं. उनपर माओवादियों की मदद करने के आरोप लगाए गए हैं. पेशे से अध्यापिका सोनी सोरी का कहना है कि ये सारे आरोप ग़लत है और इसलिए लगाए गए हैं क्योंकि उन्होंने राज्य सरकार द्वारा आदिवासियों के दमन के खिलाफ आवाज़ उठाई थी.
अक्टूबर, 2011 में जेल में भयंकरतम और घृणित यातनाओं को झेल रही सोनी सोरी को कोलकाता के एक मेडिकल कॉलेज में इलाज के लिए ले जाया गया था जहाँ उनके जननांगों और मलद्वार से पत्थर निकाले गए थे. ये पत्थर उनके शरीर में पुलिस अधिकारियों के द्वारा प्रताड़ना के दौरान जबरन ठूंसे गए थे.
हालांकि सोनी सोरी को कोलकाता में इलाज के लिए दोबारा 15 दिनों के भीतर ले जाने की सलाह दी गई थी लेकिन रायपुर पुलिस ने ऐसा कुछ नहीं किया. तब से सोनी सोरी की स्थिति दिन ब दिन और बदतर होती गई.
सूजन, जननांगों से लगातार रक्तश्राव और असहनीय दर्द में तड़पती सोनी सोरी अभी भी रायपुर की जेल में बंद हैं. ताज्जुब की बात है कि जिस मामले में उन्हें जेल में रखा गया है, उस मामले के बाकी कॉर्पोरेट अभियुक्तों को रायपुर हाईकोर्ट ने ज़मानत पर रिहा कर दिया है.
लगभग छह महीने से भयंकर शारीरिक और मानसिक यातना झेल रही सोनी सोरी को जिस अपमान और दर्द से गुज़रना पड़ा है, उसका अनुमान  लगा पाना भी मुश्किल है. बदले में ऐसा करने वाले पुलिस अधिकारी अंकित गर्ग को राष्ट्रपति पदक से सम्मानित किया गया है. एक महिला के इस घृणित शोषण उत्पीड़न के बाद एक महिला राष्ट्रपति द्वारा ऐसा करने वाले को सम्मानित करना खुद में न्याय और मानवाधिकारों के प्रति हमारी राजसत्ता की कलई उतारकर रख देता है.

This fight is between truth and falsehoods- Soni Sori from Raipur Jail ( Hindi and English)

सुप्रीमकोर्ट  न्यायालय जज साहब, वकील सर के नाम पर खत
माननीय जज साहब, छत्तीसगढ़ सरकार मेरे साथ आज की स्थिति में भी बहुत गलत कर रही है | ये सब सहते तकलीफ, अन्यायों के बारे में खत के माध्यम से लिखकर बार-बार आपको परेशान करना, दुःख पहुचाना या इस केस की फ़ैसला के लिये जोर देने की इरादा मेरे मन में बिल्कुल नहीं है | क्या करूँ मैं मजबूर हूँ | पर मेरी हालत को कोई समझना नहीं चाहता | मेरी पूरी कोशिश रहती है कि जो कुछ समस्या है, जेल से हों या न्यायालय से समाधान हों जाये पर होता नहीं है बल्कि और बढा दिया जाता है | जिससे मजबूर होकर आप तक जानकारी शिकायत देने करने के लिये विवश हों जाति हूँ | आप पर मुझे पूरा विश्वास है | जब भी इस केस की सुनवाई होगी सच्चाई को देखते हुए, पक्ष-विपक्ष को सुनते हुए देगे |
क्योंकि ये लड़ाई सच और झूठ का है | इस सच-झूठ को पुलिस प्रशासन जानने के बावजूद भी मुझपर अत्याचार किया कर रहा है | एस्सार नोट कांड ने मेरी जिंदगी को बर्बाद कर दिया | आज भी मेरी जीवन  मौत की कगार में है | अब मुझे ये देखना है मैंने सुना भी पढ़ा भी सच परेशान हों सकता है पर पराजित नहीं हों सकता | सच की राह में चलते-चलते बहुत से कठिनाइयाँ, परेशानी तकलीफों का सामना किया कर रही हूँ | जहां तक अपने आपको खो दिया ये शरीर भी अत्याचार जुल्म को सहते-सहते इस स्थिति में पहुंच चुका है कब मेरा साथ छोड़ दे, कोई भरोसा नहीं |
इस वक्त बहुत ही परेशानियों का सामना करना पड़ रहा है | तीन महीने हों चुके दवाई नहीं दिया जा रहा है | इलाज को अधूरा करके छोड़ दिया गया | शरीर की तकलीफ बहुत अधिक बढ़ चुकी है | चलने में परेशानी, अचानक शरीर सूज जाता है | चलते चलते पैर शून्य हों जाते हैं | मैं भी तो इंसान ही हूँ ऐसा अन्याय क्यों? इतनी तडप कष्ट सजा की जीवन क्यों दिया जा रहा है| जज साहब मैं आपसे न्यायालय से जानना चाहती हूँ कि मेरा गुनाह क्या है? एक तो मानसिक रूप प्रताड़ित किये, बेरहमी के साथ अत्याचार करके इन सलाखों में डाल दिया गया | यदि मुझे जेल में भेजना ही था तो ऐसा चोट जख्म, जुल्म देकर क्यों भेजा गया | जेल में डाल भी दिये तो आज पुलिस प्रशासन के द्वारा दिया गया जख्मों का इलाज कराने स्वास्थ्य की हालात को सुधार करने में असमर्थ क्यों है |
सुप्रीम कोर्ट न्यायालय की आदेश से कलकता में मेरी इलाज हुई, इलाज के दौरान डाक्टर सर ने सलाह दिया था कि ये दवाई को रेगुलर लेते रहना जब तक आपकी अंदरूनी दर्द कम न हों जाये | वो दवाई भी नहीं दिया जा रहा है | मैंने इस बत की शिकायत जगदलपुर जेल में किया, रायपुर आने के बाद रायपुर में जेलर मैडम से अनेक बार कहा | स्थानीय न्यायालय दंतेवाड़ा में भी कहा कि मुझे अंदरूनी तकलीफ बढ़ रही है | मुझे दवाई की उपलब्ध कराया जाये | इसके बावजूद भी आज तक दवाई नहीं मिल रही है | इस स्थिति से परेशान होकर मैंने जेल की डाक्टर मैडम से कहा कि मेरी इलाज करवाया जाये | डाक्टर मैडम कहने लगी तुम प्रशासनिक तौर से आई हों और नक्सली महिला लिखित में देकर मानसिक रूप से प्रताडित किया गया | फिर मैं कुछ दिन चुप रही |
मेरी दर्द बढती ही जा रही है इस स्थिति में मैंने दिनांक २७.०२.२०१२ को पेशी में जाने से वकील से फिर कहा, ऐसी स्थिति रहा तो मेरा जिन्दा रहना मुश्किल है | तब वकीलों ने मेरी इलाज के लिये न्यायालय में आवेदन दिया जिससे स्वीकृति मिल गई और जेल में आदेश भी मेरी इलाज के नाम पर आया | दिनांक १.३.२०१२ को जेलर मैडम ने मुझे अस्पताल भेजे उस दिन मेरी इलाज पूरी तरह नहीं हों पाया | समय की अवधि खत्म होने के वजह से फिर हमें डाक्टर ने दिनांक ६.३.२०१२ को बुलाया ताकि उस दिन मेरी सोनोग्राफी करवाना था ५.३.२०१२ को मुझे अस्पताल नहीं ले गये | तब मैंने जेलर मैडम, जेल अधीक्षक को कहा कि सर मेरी  अंदरूनी दर्द, पीड़ा ज्यादा होने लगा है | आप हमे इलाज के लिये क्यों नहीं भेज रहे हों | डाक्टर सोनोग्राफी का सलाह दिया है, वो कराना जरुरी है | प्लीज आपलोग इसतरह लापरवाही मत कीजियेगा | मुझमे बहुत ही कमजोरी आ गई, इस वक्त मैं कुछ कर भी नहीं पाती हूँ | बहुत सा तकलीफों का सामना करना पड़ रहा है | आप मुझे अस्पताल भेजकर सोनोग्राफी कर लाइयेगा ताकि ऐसा दवाई प्राप्त हों जिससे मुझे दर्द में राहत मिल सके| इतने सारे परेशानी बताने पर जेल अधीक्षक कहा कि मैं कुछ नहीं कर सकता, मेरे हाथ में कुछ नहीं है | तो अब हम कैसे करें किससे बताए तो कहा वो मैं नहीं जनता समझी | फिर मैंने कहा एक तो आप लोग ने मुझे ६.३.२०१२ की पेशी में भी उपस्थित नहीं कराये क्यों? यदि हम पेशी में जाते तो अपनी इस समस्या को न्यायालय में रखते, ये सबसे आप लोगों ने मुझे वंचित कर दिया | ये पेशी में उपस्थित होना अनिवार्य था | अब इसके जिम्मेदार कौन है? फिर वही जवाब ये सबसे मेरा कोई लेना देना नहीं है | ना ही मेरी जिम्मेदारी है समझी | तब मैंने कहा ठीक है सर मैं अब सरकार को खत लिखूंगी | जज साहब मेरे द्वारा लिखी बातों पर गौर कीजियेगा| इस स्थिति में मैं क्या करूँ| ये सब मैं आप पर छोडती हूँ |
छत्तीसगढ़ सरकार की नियम कानून अत्याचार से हरसत हों चुकी हूँ | जज साहब मुझे हर पेशी में उपस्थित होना जरुरी है क्योंकि मेरा परिवार न्यायलय में  हर बार आ नहीं सकता, परिस्थितियों के वजह से और मुझपर जो आरोप लगे हैं| उन केसों की सच झूठ को मुझे जानना है | दवाई ना मिलने के वजह से और इलाज ना कराने के वजह से मेरी अंदरूनी तकलीफ बढ़ चुकी है | मेरे पिता को नक्सलियों ने पैर पर गोली मारे जिससे विकलांग हों चुके हैं | जब न्यायालय में मुझसे मिलने आते हैं तो मेरे पिता को लाचार किया जाता है | मेरे बच्चे को मानसिक रूप से परेशान किया जाता है | बच्चे ये सब से अनजान हैं | बच्चो को पुछ ताछ क्यों पुलिस की इस तरह की व्यवहार पूछ ताछ से मेरी बच्ची की मानसिकता पर डर पैदा हो रही है | ये डर मेरी बच्ची के जीवन के लिये ठीक नहीं है | आगामी में हमें कुछ हों जाये तो मेरे बच्चों का आश्रय अवश्य बना दीजियेगा जज साहब | मेरे सिवाय मेरे बच्चों का कोई भी नहीं इन बच्चों का पिता है भी तो जेल में है | मेरे पिता की सम्पति को तो नक्सलियों ने पूरी तरह बर्बाद कर दिया | जिससे ये परिवार भी लचारता की जीवन जी रहा है |
रायपुर जेल हों या छत्तीसगढ़ के अन्य जेल हों, मुझे अच्छी हालात में रहने नहीं देंगे ना ही रखेंगे | ना ही मैं सुरक्षित महसूस कार सकती हूँ ना ही सुरक्षित हूँ | फिर भी मुझे रायपुर जेल से वापस जगदलपुर जेल में किया जाये | ताकि बच्चों से बीच-बीच में मिल सकूँ| जबतक जीवित हूँ एक ना एक दिन छत्तीसगढ़ सरकार मुझे मौत देगा ही | क्योंकि हम जैसे आदिवासियों को अत्याचार जुल्म प्रताडित करके मौत देना सरकार की सबसे बड़ी जीत कामयाबी है | इस कामयाबी से सरकार पीछे कैसे हट सकती है | जज साहब रायपुर जेल में बहुत ही परेशानी हों रही है | आपसे निवेदन है कि हमें वापस किया जाये | गलती पे क्षमा |
श्रीमती सोनी सोरी
Letter to the Supreme Court Judge (through  Advocate sir)
Honourable Judge Sahib, the Chhattisgarh government is committing many wrongs on me even today.  I tolerate everything, and I do not have any intention of troubling you repeatedly through my letters, or causing grief to you, or putting any undue pressure on the decision of any case. But what can I do – I am compelled to do this (write to you), since no one wants to understand my circumstances.  I try my utmost that whatever problem I encounter gets resolved through the jail authorities or in the (lower) courts. But it does not happen this way, and instead, the problems get compounded.  Due to this, I am left with no option but am compelled to give you the information/ complaint. I have full faith in you.  Whenever this court (Supreme Court) hears the case, it will seek the truth and decide only after hearing both sides.
This fight is between truth and falsehoods. Even knowing all the truth and falsehoods, the police and administration is heaping atrocities on me.  The Essar note incident has ruined my life.  Even now, my life is on the verge of death.  Now I have to see for myself—I have heard and I have read that Truth can be beleagured but it cannot be defeated.  Walking on this path of Truth, I am facing many difficulties, trials and tribulations.  While I have lost myself, my body has also borne so many atrocities that there is no saying when it may also stop supporting me.
At this time, I have to face many difficulties. Three months have passed and I am not being given any medicines.  My treatment was left incomplete.  The problem in my body has increased significantly.  I have problems walking.  Suddenly, my body swells up.  While walking, my feet suddenly go numb.  Even I am a human being, then why this injustice?  Why have I been condemned to this life of torment, agony and punishment?
Judge Sahib, I want to know from you, from the Court, what wrong have I committed? First, they tortured me mentally, committed unbearable atrocities on me, and put me behind these prison bars. If I had to be sent to prison in any case, then why send me after subjecting me to such injuries, wounds and atrocities? And even if they have put me in prison, why are they unable to give me treatment for the wounds inflicted by the police and administration, to get me back into a healthy condition?
It was upon the order of the Supreme Court that I was taken to Kolkata for treatment.  During the treatment, the doctor advised me to be regular in taking my medicines till the internal pains do not get better. But I am not being given these medicines.  I have complained about this in the Jagdalpur jail.  After coming to the Raipur jail, I have told the Jailor Madam many times about this.  Even in the lower court in Dantewada, I said that my internal problems are increasing.  My medicines should be made available to me.  In spite of all this, I have not been given medicines till today.  Troubled by such circumstances, I even asked the Doctor Madam of the Jail that I need to be treated.  The Doctor Madam began to  say, “You have come here through the Administration” and put in writing that I am a Naxalite woman and thus I was put through mental harassment.  Then, I kept quiet for a few days.  My pains go on increasing.
Under such circumstances, on 27-02-2012, when I went for the court hearing and saw my lawyer, I told him that in this condition, it will be difficult for me to stay alive.  Then the lawyers presented an application in the court for my treatment.  The application was approved and the jail received an order for my treatment.
On 1-2-2012, Jailor madam sent me to the hospital.  But my treatmentcould not be completed that day.  Since the time (for seeing patients) was up, the doctor called us back on 6-3-2012 so that sonography could be conducted that day.  But I was not taken to the hospital on 5-3-2012. Then I told the Jailor Madam and the Jail Superintendent that, “Sir, my internal pains and problems are increasing.  Why are you not sending me to for treatment?  The Doctor has recommended sonography.  It is important to get it done.  Please, do not be so negligent in this matter. I have a lot of weakness. At this time, I am unable to do anything.  I have to face a lot of difficulties.  Please send me to the hospital and get my sonography done, so that I can get the right medicines which will provide me relief from my pains.”
Even on explaining all this to him, the Jail Superintendent said, “I cannot do anything.  Nothing is in my hands.”
I asked him then, “If all this is not in your hands, in your control, then what should I do? Please tell me. “
He said, “I don’t know. Understand?”
Then I said, “First, you did not even take me for the hearing on 6-3-2012 and produce me in the court there.  Had I gone for the hearing, I could have informed the court about my condition.  You have deprived me of this opportunity.  It was necessary for me to be present in this hearing.  Now, who is responsible for this?”
The same reply, “I have nothing to do with all this.  Nor is this my responsibility.  Understand?”
Then I said, “Alright, sir.  I will write a letter to the government.”
Honourable Judge sir, please give some thought to what I have written.  What should I do under these circumstances?  I leave all this to you.  I am weary of the rules, regulations and injustices of the Chhattisgarh government.
Judge sahib, it is necessary for me to be present for my hearings because my family cannot make it to each hearing due to their circumstances, and I need to know about the charges against me and the truth and falsehoods of the cases against me.
(2) My internal problems have worsened because of non-availability of medicines and treatment.
(3) My father is now disabled because the Naxalites shot him in the leg.  When he comes to meet me in the court, he is made to feel helpless.
My children are being mentally harassed.  My children do not know anything.  Why are my children interrogated?  My little girl is now mentally traumatized and fearful due to this behavior of the police.  This fear is not good for my girl’s life.  Should something happen to me in the near future, please ensure that my children are taken care of.  These children have no one besides me – even the father of my children is in jail.   My father’s property has been completely destroyed by the Naxalites.  This is why even this family is living a life of destitution.
Whether it is the Raipur Jail or some other jail in Chhattisgarh, I will not be allowed to live in a good condition, nor will they keep me in a good condition.  Neither can I feel protected, nor am I safe.  Still, I should be sent back from the Raipur jail to the Jagdalpur jail so that I can meet my children from time to time, till I am alive.  One of these days, the Chhattisgarh government will surely kill me. Because subjecting adivasis like me to atrocities, cruelties and torture, and then awarding us with death is the biggest victory and success of this government.
Judge sahib, I am facing a lot of difficulties in the Raipur Jail.  I pray to you to be taken back.  Please forgive me for my mistakes.
Shirmati Soni Sori (Sodhi)

Soni Sori’s Letter to the Supreme Court Judge

Sir Judge

Upon your order, I was treated in Kolkata, which saved my life. Then why have I been sent back among the same people? I am not safe here. I’m having to battle many problems. If your court believes the charges against me, punish me. But don’t leave me among these people. Each day and each night is extremely difficult. I have great pain internally and I await your judgement. The Chhattisgarh government did not delay in bringing me to the Court. The Court in Delhi very swiftly handed me over to them. Then why this delay in your Court?

Was the abuse on me not enough? Why did you give me a new lease of life then? You should have left me to die. I live, thanks to your order, which I’ll never forget. I don’t understand why the Delhi Court doesn’t hear my cries. If they had understood my helplessness, I wouldn’t have been in this state. Despite all that, I was handed over the Chhattisgarh police. At that point, in my heart I was saying “Please don’t send me with them; what they will do with their sister/daughter, you have no idea. “ But the esteemed Court had more faith in the police than in their daughter and because of that, I have lost everything today. The Court still doesn’t understand. Anyway, today one daughter has been abused. Tomorrow it will be another.

This is a plea from a helpless daughter. Please do something otherwise they will just become stronger in the coming days. They said to me that it is the Court that has permitted us to keep you in our custody. Now which Court do I appeal in? This means, Sir Judge, that your Court handed me over to them. They can do anything. I am this country’s first daughter who they brought here with the permission of the Court and then heartlessly abused mentally and physically. Why this injustice to me? Giving electric shocks, stripping me naked, shoving stones inside me – is this going to solve the Naxal problem?

Sir Judge, my body is in great pain. If, in case, I die before you are able to pass judgment, then the Chattisgarh government and police are to be held responsible. Ever since SP Ankit Garg and other police officers did what they did to me, my body is in bad shape. I have three children. After me, there is no one to look after them. My husband has been in jail for the last year and a half in a false case. The Naxals have looted my father’s house. My children need support. My three children are going through great difficulty. They live like orphans. This is a mother’s plea for her children, Sir Judge. Sir Judge, the police is committing the crime and I am being punished.

If they had made the warrant a year and a half ago, why did they not arrest me? I went to the police station and CRP camp many times. I used to meet the police officers and teh cops used come homes many times. Whenever there was an administrative meeting of the Collector , or any other officer in Dantewada, I was always present. Why wasn’t I arrested then? In the Essar case also, the police made a plan to take money from them and asked me to pretend to be a Naxalite. When I refused, they said we have an arrest warrant in your name. If you do this for us, we won’t arrest you. Think about it. Sir Judge, I did not do it.

I appeal to you,

Soni Sori(Sodi)


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