Madhya Pradesh NGO sends disabled minor girls to boys’ hostel as punishment #WTFnews #Vaw

By , TNN | Jan 10, 2013, 03.20 AM IST

Madhya Pradesh NGO sends minor girls to boys' hostel as punishment
For now Sehore administration has ruled out sexual abuse of the girls though there is no information on whether they had already been sent for medical examination.
BHOPAL: Like lambs sent to the wolves, an NGO entrusted with the welfare of minor girls — many of them disabled and mentally weak — had been sending them for months to the boys’ hostel next door in the name of “punishment”.

The shocking fact, which has just come to light, has startled and enraged people across Madhya Pradesh where the Sehore-based NGO, Bright Star Social Society, had been running the two hostels for boys and girls.

Girls terrorized

In raids carried out on Tuesday at the Mandi area of Sehore, which neighbours Bhopal, a team from the state commission for protection of child rights (SCPCR) found that the girls, almost all of whom were too terrorized to talk, would be forced into the boys’ rooms whenever they “made a mistake” or complained to officials about the poor facilities they had to live with.

“Senior madam would send us to the boys whenever she thought we should be punished for something we had done wrong,” one of the girls told the SCPCR officials. “We were then made to do dirty things. Often we were thrashed.” Another disabled girl was so terrified on being asked by the team what exactly went on there that she broke down and wouldn’t utter a word.

More worryingly, SCPCR chairperson Usha Chaturvedi told TOI that apart from gross irregularities in both the hostels, while records showed a total of 48 girls only 30 were present on Tuesday. “The rest, 18 of them, we were told by secretary (of the NGO) Avanish Jaffery, hadn’t turned up since the Diwali vacation,” she said. “Also, we found that all the 30 girls were stacked up in one room of 11 feet by 11 feet.”

The Sehore district administration has cancelled the licence of the NGO to run the hostels but little action has been taken against Sangeeta and Irshad Jaffery, who were heading operations. Questioned about it, district collector Kavindra Kiyawat said directives had been issued to the NGO to vacate the hostel within three days.

Kiyawat has for now ruled out sexual abuse of the girls though there is no information on whether they had already been sent for medical examination. SCPCR has asked for a report now and ordered the district project coordinator to trace the missing girls.

Meanwhile, during initial interrogation, Avanish confessed before the SCPCR team that though he had 15 days ago taken one of the girls to the boys hostel “on account of bed wetting”, he had not left her with them. “I kept the girl with me and my wife,” he said.

Rajya Shiksha Kendra commissioner Rashmi Arun Shami, along with social justice commissioner B K Batham, also inspected the hostels and spoke to the girls. Calling the incident “very sensitive”, both refused to divulge any further details about the alarming case.


#PatialagangRape-What did they open first, shirt or jeans, asked cops #WTFnews #Vaw

Rape victim suicide: What did they open first, shirt or jeans, asked cops

Sukhdeep Kaur : Badshahpur, Samana, Sat Dec 29 2012, 09:24 hrs, IE

“How did they touch your chest? Did they first open the jeans or the shirt? How many times did they rape you? Who touched you first?”

These are some of the questions that the 18-year-old gangrape victim who committed suicide in Badshahpur village of Patiala district on Wednesday was reportedly asked at the local police checkpost, says her mother Surjit Kaur.

Paramjit Kaur’s father works as a guard in godowns. The youngest of four siblings, she was allegedly taken away on Diwali night (November 13) by accused Gurpreet Singh, Balwinder Singh and Sandeep Singh, of nearby Kheri Nagayan village. A woman neighbour allegedly helped the accused.

“We were looking for her that night near the bridge,” says Surjit. “She seemed inebriated on reaching home around 9.30 pm. Next day, she told us about the incident. They had forced her to drink liquor and then raped her.”

Though they went to the police post, Surjit adds, “no case was registered till November 27”. She was left near the village gurdwara and three men saw her being thrown, the mother says, but all have refused to stand witness. “They told us she walked back taking support of walls of houses.”

Paramjit’s elder sister Charanjit, who teaches in a school, said they shifted her to her aunt’s house in Samana on November 29, but the “harassment” by the alleged rapists continued. Finally, 44 days after the rape, the sister says, “She consumed some poisonous substance on Wednesday and died late in the night.” The next day, the three accused were arrested.

In her suicide note, Paramjit said the three “rapists” had ruined her life.

On Friday, Deputy CM and Home Minister Sukhbir Badal and DGP Sumedh Saini constituted a three-member panel to investigate the case. A SHO and an ASI have been dismissed and a DSP suspended so far. The Punjab and Haryana High Court took suo motu cognisance of the incident on Friday.

Mumbai Children putting adults to shame in their eco friendly Diwali Drive #must share

Aarohi 11
Brihatej 12
Pulkit 11
Naman 12
Kshitij 12
Rahul 12
Ibaad 10
Esha 10

Aarohi  Chaudhuri,  11 years old , Mumbai, Nov 13

Last year ,me and my friends ,  the children of Maker Kundan Gardens and UTI Officers Quarters , in Juhu , celebrated a cracker free Diwali , as Crackers and Fireworks are the single largest cause of respiratory diseases like Bronchial Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis and other Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases. The other reasons are –

  • Levels of Air pollution, which are already high in India, reach astronomical levels on Diwali and can be very harmful to the human body.
  • Crackers release a lot of Ultra-violet and Infrared radiation, which are harmful to the eyes and the body parts.
  • Maximum numbers of Burn cases are reported during Diwali due to the improper use of crackers.
  • Humans might be able to protect themselves, but the crackers have a deep physical and mental impact upon animals.
  • Most of the factories manufacturing crackers employ children. So by bursting we are encouraging Child Labour.
  • Noise pollution due to the sound of these crackers is above the permitted levels. Crackers can cause deafness.We also started donation drive and raised Rs 5,000 which were given to NGOGoon, and this year we again continue .Last year, we were a small group of 6 dedicated children, Aarohi, Pulkit, Rahul, Kshitij, Pranesh, , Naman , Ibad, Esha , Brihataj , but now seeing our success we were joined by more children our numbers increased to 9 children. We are operating on a small scale, only in our locality, in Juhu Mumbai. The children are in age group of 9-13 years.The primary reason we started this was a newspaper article I read sometime in October 2011. It brought to light the death of a child due to being accidently hit on the head by one of those popular toy guns.

One thing that makes me grateful to my friends is the answer they gave their parents as to why they were part of this campaign. I expected something like “My friend told me it was a good idea.”, but definitely not, “I am doing this because I know what would have happened if I had been in place of that child who died due to a makeshift gun.” That truly left me elated.

We also run a Facebook page  called   Eco friendly diwali  which we started last year. We intend to donate what we collected to an acclaimed NGO named Goonj as we did last year.

Even though we collect donations for the downtrodden, the driving focus behind our campaign is to celebrate an eco friendly diwali.

Though many children in our neighborhood still burst crackers, we are not disheartened and are still working towards our goal.

We hope adults also join us , So let’s celebrate Diwali (Deepavali) as a festival of lights, not sound!

for further information contact me –


Maruti Workers to observe ‘ Black Diwali ‘

Inquilab Zindabad! Mazdoor Ekta Zindabad!

for more photos click on the image above.

12 November 2012

This diwali is a black diwali for us, a diwali of jailed and unemployed workers while the management of Maruti Suzuki rejoices in support and assurance it receives from the government, administration and police acting against us. We took out a march in the morning today from the new bus stand in Kaithal to the residence of Industries Minister, Randeep Surjewala’s residence in Kaithal, Haryana, where we planned observe kali diwali on 12th and 13th November. Our fellow workers and friends and relatives joined us. We spoke to the minister, Surjewala, who listended to our demands, and gave assurance to resolve the issue at the earliest and speak to the Labour minister, Shiv Charan Lal and the Chief Minister after diwali.

Earlier, starting on 7th morning, the MSWU completed its two-day hunder strike and dharna on the evening of 8thNovember in Gurgaon with a spirited mass rally of over 3000 struggling workers joined by over 1000 workers from Eastern Medikit and other factoriesand others who came in solidarity, forcing the government to take notice of our present condition. We broke our hunger strike in front of the DC Office and inside the jail at 4pm, and took out the mass rally from the Mini Secretariat to the Youth and Sports Minister, Sukhbir Kataria’s residence in the Bus stand-Railway station road in Gurgaon, who came down to the street to listen to our demands, and gave us assurance of resolving our demands by taking it up with the Chief Minister after diwali.

Out hunger strike was a united action by the terminated workers, the 149 workers languishing in Gurgaon Central jail for the last three-and-a-half months, which includes our entire Union body also completed their two-day hunger strike inside the jail, despite continuous threats of torture and of separating them in separate jails. We received renewed solidarity from the workers working inside the factory in Manesar, who were planning on a solidarity lunch boycott, but were coerced by the heavy deployment of police and local company-henchmen, and bouncers to drop the solidarity action in the lunch time.

Thus our hunger strike became a form of solidarity action among the workers who are jailed, terminated and working inside the factory. However the company management and the government has tried to divide us, we will continue to find ways to be united in our resolve to forge solidarity and raise our legitimate demands. We were enthused to find the support of theworkers and union of Maruti Suzuki plant, Gurgaon, whose Union representatives including Kuldeep Jhangu stayed with us in the dharna site and rally in our support. Today’s march and dharna in Kaithal saw mass participation. We reiterate our demands:

  1. Institute an independent impartial probe into the incident of 18th July 2012, and into the role of the management in it.
  2. Immediately release all the arrested workers. Stop all repressive measures by the police on workers-inside the jail, inside the company and outside- and on their family members and relatives.
  3. Immediately reinstate all the 546 terminated workers.
  4. Immediately end the illegal lock-out in Eastern Medikit, and take back all the workers with payment of back dues.

Inquilab Zindabad!

Imaan Khan, Ram Niwas, O. P. Jat, Katar Singh, Yogesh, Raj Pal, Mahabir

Provisional Working Committee,



Kractivism-Gonaimate Videos

Protest to Arrest

Faking Democracy- Free Irom Sharmila Now

Faking Democracy- Repression Anti- Nuke activists


Kamayaninumerouno – Youtube Channel


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