Probe into custodial death of Bihari youth who attacked Amritandamayi Devi

By Ashraf Padanna/Thiruvananthapuram


Satnam Singh
The Kerala police have begun a probe into the ‘unnatural death’ of a Bihari youth charged with attempt to murder Mata Amritandamayi Devi, the hugging saint who has millions of devotees across the world.


Mystery over the death of 23-year old Satnam Singh Mann from Gaya in Bihar lodged at the Peroorkada mental health centre here continues.

Relatives of Satnam, who was arrested by the police four days ago after he advanced menacingly towards Matha Amrithananda Mayi in Vallikavu, allege he was beaten up while in custody. Police denied the allegation.

The postmortem of the body would be conducted at the medical college hospital here on Monday. During the inquest, several bruises were found on the body, said Satnam’s cousin Vimal Kishore. It is known, however, that a scuffle, or more, had taken place between Satnam and another patient(s) at the mental health centre on Saturday.

In Vallikavu, the Matha Amrithanandamayi Mutt organised a special prayer session condoling the death of Satnam. Mutt vice-chairman Amritha Swaroopanananda said that the Mutt was shocked at the incidents. “The mutt joins the family in their grief,” he said.

District collector in-charge P.K. Girija started a preliminary inquiry, while the Peroorkada police registered a case of unnatural death.Satnam’s father, Harendra Kumar Singh, is expected here by Monday.

Satnam’s other relatives who have reached here confirmed to the police that he was earlier under treatment for depression and was missing from his home since May.

Satnam was arrested on August 1 when he angrily pushed his way in the direction of Mata Amritanandamayi during her darshan programme. He was remanded to judicial custody on August 2 and sent to the Kollam district jail.

Prison superintendent Vinod Kumar said that during the late hour of August 2, Satnam took cleaning lotion kept at the toilet in the prison and poured it on eight other prisoners in his cell. As he behaved strangely, he was taken to the Kollam district hospital. As advised by doctors, he was shifted to the mental health centre here.
He was given sedation as he behaved violently.

Hospital sources said Satnam was admitted to the hospital by around 3am on August 3. After he was found to be stable, he was kept in a cell with another patient. However, following a scuffle between the two, they were kept in separate cells. By around 6.30pm on August 4, he was found in a collapsed state in the toilet area of the cell.

Subsequently, he was rushed to the medical college hospital where he died by around 8.15pm.
Satnam, reportedly doing his LLB course at Dr Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University in Lucknow, was reported missing for sometime.

Marks on Satnam’s body shock cousin

The death of Satnam Singh Mann has come as a rude shock to his cousin Vimal Kishore. “I had met him while in police custody the other day. He did not have any physical problem. However, now there are several marks on his body,” said Vimal.

Vimal, who sought a detailed probe into the incident, also said that though he had handed over a pair of clothes to Satnam before being remanded, he was found to be wearing a different dress when he died. “While in the police custody, he was allowed to wear only under garments,” said Vimal who came down to the state after being informed of Satnam’s arrest.

Satnam, son of businessman Harendra Kumar Singh, went missing from Bihar in May. “He was too much into spirituality and was highly informed. Finally he suffered some sort of depression,” recalls Vimal, who works with a national media in New Delhi.

Satnam’s family had even given ‘man missing’ advertisements in the local media in Bihar. Vimal, who was close to Satnam since his childhood, said Satnam was repeatedly telling a couple of words including ‘magnetic field,’ while he met him in police custody.

Satnam has three brothers, two of them studying for engineering and the other doing his CA in Delhi. His sister is in the US.


Immediate Release- Fact Finding Report on custodial death in Andhra Pradesh

Date: 23-04-2012
                                    (16-04-2012 to 19-04-2012),
                 On Lock up Death dated 15-04-2012 At Miyapur Police Station, Cyberabad, R.R Dist., A.P, India.

On 15-04-2012 another Lock up Death case occurred in the Miyapur Police Station. In the Past the death of Mr.Mekala Anjaiah was
picturized as a Suicide Death. The Government didn’t take any action or pass a memo on the Police Officials in the case of lock up death
occurred on 02-03-2012. The Station House Officer (C.I) then was suspended on the grounds that he was involved in land settlements at latter days.

On 15-04-2012, P. Ram Reddy aged 36yrs died in the Lock-up in the early hours around 4:30a.m to 5:00am in Police Station, Miyapur, R R District,  AP. We came to know of this matter through the news paper and we formed a Fact Finding committee of the P.U.C.L consisting of Jaya Vindhyala, Iqbal Khan and Salim visited the Miyapur Police Station. In the Past what reasons and stories they said of the death of Mekala Anjaiah the same reasons and stories are said on the death of P.Ram Reddy by the Station House Officer (SHO).

The S.H.O said that when P. Ram Reddy was feeling restless they joined him at the Lalitha-Gayathri Hospital (private) opposite of the Police Station. The S.H.O further stated that he said that the Hospital members have said that Mr. P. Ram Reddy died due to Cardiac
Arrest.       The S.H.O further said that On 11-04-2012 a person named Nagarjuna Rao has given a complaint in the police station on P.Ram Reddy and his associates. Nagarjuna Rao said that P.Ram Reddy and his associates were threatening him to give 10 lakhs to them. According to the police official’s plan, that Mr. Nagarjuna Rao said that he would give the money to them, and he called them for taking the money on 12-04-2012.

The S.H.O stated that on 12-04-2012,  Ram Reddy didn’t come instead he send people named Bellam Konda Sandeep, Rohith Kumar, Nethagani Vikas to collect 10 lakhs rupees. The S.H.O said that they arrested them that day and sent them immediately to the Judicial Remand.

On enquiring them the police authorities came to know that Ram Reddy is behind all these matters. So, on 14-04-2012 night around 10:30 P.M they have arrested Ram Reddy in the Gowli Guda (Imlybun Bus Depot) area. The Police officials said that they have informed his father Srinivas Reddy that his son Ram Reddy was arrested. In the same night Srinivas Reddy met his son. This is told by the Police officials andeven Srinivas Reddy agreed to it.

We came to know that Ram Reddy spent two lakhs rupees in constructing shuttle court in Alluru of Nellore District. Ram Reddy is a Shettle Player and that’s why he builds a shettle court and he was giving training to some people.

                 We came to know that Ram Reddy worked in Nagarjuna Rao’s Flour Mill from 2005 to2009. This was even confirmed by Nagarjuna Rao. Nagarjuna Rao’s saying that Mr. Ram Reddy stopped working in his flour mill in the middle of 2009. Nagarjun Rao is saying that Ram Reddy and his associates were threatening him and he gave them 40 lakhs in the Span of 2009-2012. From, now in April, 2012 he said that again they have been demanding to give ten lakhs rupees to them.

Nagarjun Rao is further stating that he was afraid so he couldn’t inform to the Police Officials in past days. He further says that as he had no other solution so now he informed this to the Police Officials.

1)      The death of Ram reddy is not a natural death.

2)      In the Miyapur Police Station between March, 2011 to April 15, 2012, there were two lock up deaths.

3)      Till now, the Government didn’t take any action on the police officials regarding any of these cases.

4)      There were financial dealings between the Low-Level Officers and the High Level Officers. The Low-level Officers are sending monthly “Mamools”.  So, the higher ups thoughts that “We should rescue our people in case of any mistakes/criminal acts” done by the authorities. Instead of Sincerity of the duty, some of the police officials are organized in the name of the   Caste Mark, Police Mark, etc. now it isspreading in every corner of the Department.

5)      There is no chance that the Higher-level authorities will not come out their chambers. They are not trying to make out what is happening in case of Lower authorities. Some Higher-Authorities are only enjoying the power they are getting from the seat and are not enjoying the power they get from their duty. This is the reason for the increase in cruelty in some of the police officers.

6)      On 14-04-2012, Nagarjun Rao and his associates attacked Ram Reddy in the Police Station. Ram Reddy was interrogated by Nagarjun Rao and his associates including the Police officials. As per their calculation there was no harm to them if they kill Ram Reddy, so they killed him.

7)      There has been Financial Dealings between Ram Reddy and Nagarjun Rao. Ram Reddy increased the pressure on Nagarjun Rao to settle all the things between them.

8)      The person who built 2 Lakhs worth Shettle Court, Will he be a Money extortionist????

9)      There are no relations between the information told by the S.H.O and the higher officials regarding lock up death.

10)     Mr. Nagarjuna Rao has good relations in the police department, he is openly declaring that and how they picked and murdered P. Ram Reddy. It is very quite un-natural behavior on the part of complainant, but, unfortunately, we are all shocked when we listened
these words while enquiry/facts findings period.

1)      The Government should take action on the officials who are involved
in this Lock up Death. The S.H.O should be suspended.
2)      An I.P.S Officer should be made responsible for these Lock up Deaths.
3)      The Government should take Disciplinary actions on the authorities from Low-Level to High-Level. All officers including from Constables to higher Level Authorities like SP/Commissioners etc, should be brought under this. Then only there would be a change in the behavior of the Police Officials and then only there would be confidence developed in the people and there would be an increase in the quality or way they work.
4)      The Government should give justice to the P. Ram Reddy Family;protection should be given for their family.
5)      The Government should order an enquiry by the sitting Judge of the High Court of AP.
6)      The third degree methods should be completely prohibited in custodyby implementation of guidelines in DK Basu Vs West Bengal (1996) Case by Supreme Court of India.
7)      Custodial deaths are increasing day by day, if a forum is formed with civil rights, human rights, other active groups and enlightened people in all levels to control illegal acts of police authorities.

When,  what ever the facts in the incident will come out and Justice will happen to general public than only we can control illegal
acts and we protect Human Rights…

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HYDERABAD-500 024.

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FAX: 040-24414736


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