#Bangalore -Conductor groped me, says woman; bus crew deny it #wtfnews #Vaw

By Express News Service – BANGALORE

27th December 2012 11:09 AM

Two women were allegedly harassed and molested by the conductor and driver of a BMTC Volvo bus on Wednesday. The driver and conductor have denied the charges. A co-passenger, whom the Express contacted, said the BMTC staffers did not misbehave with the women.

Neetu (name changed), 25, and her sister Tara (name changed), 23, hail from Bhutan and work for a private firm in Marathalli. While Tara has been living in the city for one-and-a-half years, Neetu moved in recently.

On Wednesday, they took the BMTC Volvo bus (500D) on the Ring Road between Hebbal and Marathalli. According to them, the conductor “flared up” after Neetu refused to buy a pass  which she said she had not asked for. “I had a `100 note and asked for two tickets. He thought I needed a pass and signed one even without asking me. I refused to take it and then he gave me two tickets of `45 each and the change,” said Neetu.

“A few minutes later, the conductor began to yell at us. He kept repeating the word “pass” while shouting something in Kannada pointing at us. His tone was very bad and insulting. We asked him why he was shouting at us. When I was getting the BMTC phone number to register a complaint, the conductor asked the driver to pull over. Then he demanded that we alight,” said Neetu.

“We refused to alight without getting back our money since we had not reached our destination,” said Tara.

The other passengers began to disperse and when the sisters attempted to get off the bus, the two men blocked their way, the women alleged. Said Neetu, “We somehow evaded them and got into an auto. All we wanted was to reach office. But the conductor came to the auto and held his fist to my face and dragged my sister out of the auto.”

“The conductor dragged us back into the bus, groped and molested me while the driver was behind the wheel,’’  a teary-eyed Tara said. She said there were people on the bus at that time. Neetu said she  had to stand before the bus to stop it. She said that after Tara managed to get off the bus, they took another auto and left the scene.

Neetu said she dialled 100 but the policeman just made enquiries and hung up. When contacted, the control room said they had received no such call. The women also claimed that two traffic policemen at Tin Factory stop did not come to their aid.

Muthaiah, a co-passenger  with whom Express spoke to,  said, “I was in the bus from the point these women got in till they were forced out. They abused the driver, conductor and co-passengers who asked them to calm down,’’ said.


The Hindu


Woman allegedly molested in BMTC bus


Two days after Karnataka Home and Transport Minister R. Ashok assured women passengers of safety, a 23-year-old civil engineer from Bhutan was allegedly molested by a conductor of a Volvo bus operated by the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) over a trivial issue on Wednesday morning.

The victim was on her way to work with her elder sister from Kammanahalli to Marathalli, where the duo was working.

The incident occurred when the conductor allegedly passed comments at them while issuing ticket. When the duo objected, he allegedly misbehaved with them and abused them in front of the other passengers.

Though the two sisters were irritated with his behaviour and tried to get down from the bus, the conductor allegedly prevented them from alighting from the bus.

They, however, got down at Tin factory in K.R. Puram and started walking, when the conductor allegedly rushed towards them and allegedly dragged one of the victims by her hair into the bus and closed the doors before he allegedly molested her.

Shocked by this, the other victim ran to her rescue but the bus started moving. The victim finally managed to get her sister out by standing in front of the bus.

The duo later called up the police and even filed a complaint with the BMTC grievance cell seeking action against the conductor and the driver.

Refuting the allegation, BMTC Chief Traffic Manager Nagaraj said the two passengers misbehaved with the conductor and abused him over a trivial row.

“We have conducted enquiries and even spoke to the other passengers to find about the incident, but we have not found any dereliction of duty on the part of the staff,” the chief traffic manager said.

He further said that the corporation was conducting a detailed probe on this issue to take necessary action.


Speaking out against sexual assault and moral policing #Mangalore #VAW #Moralpolicing


Namma deha, namma hakku!


That was how around 40 of us reclaimed our space vociferously and visibly on the roads of Madiwala (South Bangalore) and its environs between 5.00-7.00 pm last Saturday, 4th August. We energetically and emphatically expressed our views against various recent cases of moral policing and sexual assault across India including Guwahati, Mandya (Karnataka) and Mangalore.

Ithi(meaning “a start” in Sanskrit), a support forum for women employed in the IT/ITeS industry organized the action which attracted necessary attention from local residents, college students and onlookers some of who joined us. Starting with a stationary protest at a busy corner near the BMTC bus stop, we walked for an hour with slogans, pamphlets, placards/posters venting our outrage and rejection of sexual violence and the irresponsible and unacceptable response and attitude of state representatives (women’s commission chairpersons, police and ministers). “Most people have experienced (including us) gender specific harassment in their private, public and professional lives. But we rarely discuss that openly for various reasons”, observed Deepthi R, who works in the IT industry. Obviously, shame, low self-esteem, unempathetic family, friends, colleagues, insensitive media or state, insufficient redressal mechanisms et al are often why those facing sexual discrimination and atrocities prefer to be silent about them.

Madhu, a transgendered person from the Jayanagar zone of Samara (a community based organization for sex workers and sexual minorities) shared, “We are here to support the protestors and highlight our condition. An altered sexuality orientation is natural for us. But we undergo ostracization at home and outside because of it making it difficult for us to find housing, education and jobs. Further, goondas and the police often exploit us physically and emotionally. The latter sometimes imprison us under false cases and torture us. And the government denies us our basic entitlements like family ration card, voter id., etc. and the specific benefits announced.”

Members of the Karnataka chapters of the National Federation for Indian Women (NFIW) and Women Against Sexual Violence and State Suppression (an informal network of women’s rights organizations across India) participated. Conveying their solidarity, many human rights defenders across Bangalore appreciated the idea and importance of a demonstration at an unusual location. ITHI volunteers Chithra P and Sudha B summed up, “Content that we registered our voice against this issue, we parted with the spirit of continuing similar struggles”.



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