URGENT PRESS RELEASE- condemning attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh, Christians in Pakistan

Sunday, March 10, 2013


The Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP), Mumbai condemns the attack on innocent Hindus in Bangladesh over the past week and Christians in Pakistan yesterday by a angry mob of 7,000 and more. We appeal to all Indians and the wider human rights community to join us  in condemning these dastardly attacks.

While condemning the targeted and  violent attacks against Bangladesh’s minority Hindu community, the CJP calls upon the Indian government and international organisations to ensure that the Bangladeshi authorities provide them with better protection. There have been disturbing reports that individuals taking part in the protests called by supremacist Islamic parties (including reportedly led by Jamaat-e-Islaami, Bangladesh) have vandalised more than 40 Hindu temples across Bangladesh, scores of Hindu homes and shops have also been burned down, leaving hundreds homeless. The attacks have come in the wake of protests to implement the findings of the country’s ongoing war crimes tribunal, the International Crimes Tribunal (ICT). The role of the Jamaat-e-Islaami-Bangladesh has been pointed to in the recent anti-minority attacks. In Pakistan, regarding the targeted attack against a group of Christians in Lahore, the CJP urges the Indian government and international organisations to lend voice to their demand that the   the Punjab government should have given the Christian community more protection in Lahore following the false allegations of blasphemy.

All of us undersigned condemn these dastardly attacks and call for the immediate punishment of those guilty. It is long overdue that the demands of human rights activists from all countries in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal. Afganistan, Srilanka, Burma and Bhutan are met and a South Asian Commisison/Authority for Human Rights  Protection is established that looks into all instances of cross border human rights  violations, atrocities against women and children and traffking, caste atroctries and attacks on identities, ethnicities and religious minorities. CJP has been part of efforts to set  up this kind of mechanism for over a decade.

Teesta Setalvad
Secretary & trustee

Other trustees: IM Kadri (Vice President), Raghunandan Maluste (Vice-President), Arvind Krishnaswamy (Treasurer), Alyque Padamsee, Cyrus Guzder, Javed Akhtar, Taizoon Khorakhiwala, Anil Dharkar, Rahul Bose, Javed Anand, Ghulam Pesh-Imam, Cedric Prakash

Half of #Narendra Modi’s Twitter followers are fake, claims social media firm

 Economic Times 

An internet tool, Status People, launched by a group of engineers in London, says Modi’s account has 46% fake and 41% inactive users.

AHMEDABAD: Everyone likes followers. On Wednesday, when chief minister Narendra Modi‘sTwitter account touched one million followers, he tweeted, “A million followers! These are not mere numbers but it signifies your love and affection. Heartfelt thanks to you all”.

However, all the love and affection Modi is overwhelmed with might not be all genuine. Modi, who is often accused by Congress leaders of misleading people with numbers, has around 50 per cent of his Twitter followers as fake.

According to an internet tool, Status People, launched by a group of engineers in London, Modi’s account has 46 per cent fake and 41 per cent inactive users.

The website through an algorithm measures false and inactive followers of a Twitter user.

Modi started using Twitter in 2009 and in 2010, had one lakh followers. About a year ago, in November 2011, he had four lakh followers. But his following on Twitter increased exponentially in the last few months.

Creators of the internet tool, launched to expose fake users of personalities on Twitter, say that almost all Twitter accounts have a small percentage of false followers, partly because, unlike Facebook, any user can follow another. However, they say that worldwide personalities and brands get fake following to increase their importance among peers.

Congress leaders Arjun Modhwadia and Shaktisinh Gohil too have 5 per cent and 14 per cent fake followers, respectively.

“A celebrity’s or politician’s popularity is measured with their followers on social networking sites which might lure many to get fake followers. Like other forms of corruption, activists should also expose such fake followers because this misleads public,” said communication expert Alyque Padamsee.

While these politicians may not have paid for getting fake followers, there are companies on web who can offer services to get fake followers.

Abhijit Sonagara, director of a city-based cyber solutions company, says, “Getting fake followers has become common. Several companies offer such service for 10 paise to 50 paise per fake follower. Many times it’s the celebrities themselves or their PR managers who indulge in such activities.”

BJP spokesperson, however, said that it’s Modi’s development agenda which is being endorsed across the world and that has got the large following.


Why fuss-fuss about mack-up creams?

By Suchi Govindarajan, Himal
Fairness is good, no?

I am very much connected to Internetworks these days. My friends are sending me every day new new links, and I am expanding my world too much. But yesterday one shocking video I saw. One married girl is thinking about those shame-shame areas of her body, that too while having coffee with her husband! Some animation is coming when she is bathing, showing all brown parts shining and becoming like snow-white, and then she is gallivanting like anything with the husband wearing chaddis. I was shocked. But my friend Kiccha is saying, “So what, there are so many fairness creams these days, and that too for different-different parts of your body: underarms, ears, elbows, teeth, brain, etc.”

See, I am very much in favour of fairness and just society. Fairness is very much important even to break caste, creed and religion. You are knowing Ramaswamy’s daughter? She went off and married American Christian boy. Aiyyo, it was big scandal, and parents completely cut her off. They didn’t even say that she is married. But within one year, the couple were blessed with fair-skinned issue. Seeing such a white baby (blue eyes also), their hearts and all melted. Now they are even wheeling the baby in a pram on famous Besantnagar beach in Madras. All are envying them now. This is the real power of fairness.

But why you want to marry Americans? You can even solve this problem with age-old wisdom! If pregnant ladies are taking saffron with milk, it will be reducing melanin production in the baby and it will come out like a ball of maida flour. This saffron science is all proven and published on email. If you want, I can forward.

My daughter is saying, why you are thinking that brown-black colour is looking bad? She is showing on Fashion TV how so many international models are dark.  After all, Lord Krishna, Draupadi, etc. were also different colour. We should be taking pride in our identity, no?

Ok, ok, I am taking very much pride in our culture, identity, everything. It is not like I am ashamed to be Indian. But in Tamil, we have a compliment, ‘Nee romba colour-aa irukke‘, means ‘You are so colour’.  And we have to be practical. Whatever you say, filter coffee which is so dark is only selling for INR 7 and this new crapuccino thing, which is full of milk-white bubbles, is for INR 50.

And I think you are reading Sir Alyque Padamsee Sir’s latest article? (I am always admiring his advertisings.) He has told that, speaking from physics perspective, white people are reflecting light, so you can see them easily, but with dark people you always need light to see them. One joke here, we are actually calling dark people ‘IaS’, means ‘Invisible after Sunset’. I think Padamsee sir was not knowing this old joke, otherwise he could have used it in his advertisement. See, that’s why there is that famous painting in Mysore palace called ‘Lady with the Lamp’. She is a black beauty, the lady, and she is needing to be carrying oil lamp.  On other hand, see my cousins Sarala and Tarala. They are both having big nose, and one-type of smiles. But because they are fair like tubelights, they are famous beauties of our family.

NONSens agents
In those days also, we were helping dark people to look little better, but then we were not having all this Fair and Lovely technology, only mack-ups. Some men were against mack-up but I was always for the women’s emaciation so I used to say “OK, enjoy.” We had two mack-ups: turmeric and rose-powder. Turmeric, all ladies used as face-wash to make their skin glow like they have jaundice. Rose-powder was more stylish; I used to buy for my wife. Little pink it would make her look. Even newsreaders in those days used to wear it, men also.

Nowadays, of course, I am learning about the modern things, and still I am helping the darker people in the family. My brother you know is a bit dark, and his daughter also (not like my family). So, for her 12th birthday, I am getting her Fairever cream. Why, means, we all want her to become doctor (we are not having doctor in our family, such a shame). And I saw on TV, this story. One number innocent school girl, she is very troubled on behalf of villagers because there is no hospital for them. She thinks, I will become doctor and save the lives. But what to do, she is dark, so she cannot study well (I think you will also be empathising this situation.) But soon, she finds Fairever cream. Then itself her IQ is doubling, and she is getting admission in medical school. She returns to village as doctor. The villagers are all dark and they are all thinking like “Shabbah! If she is so fair, how good doctor she must be!” Best part about this ad is in ending, a little brown village girl finds the Fairever tube. See how beautifully it is conveyed. Like this only India will progress.

I am hearing there is lot of technology behind bleach and fairness cream. Are you knowing that some creams is coming direct from smart scientists at research institutes? First of all, these creams are all acting at a cellular level, not like our rose powder. Some ions are being released by the cream, and it is going into the underside of skin and just burning all the melanin into hot air (this melanin is useless compound anyway). At the same time, the ions are going outside and building big shield like Karna had in Mahabharata TV show. This shield is preventing bad things like sunlight, dust, common sense, etc. I am also reading on how the cream is improving IQ. It seems our brain is like a cauliflower. Fairness creams are having some hi-fi technology, namely Nano OzoNe Sensitiser agents. This NONSens agents is going into brain and like cement, it is sitting between the cauliflower gaps and that is how it is increasing IQ. I am really amazing about this every time.

My friend Kiccha is saying to tell about men’s plight also. See all these women, for so many years they are taking all good things for themselves. But Sir Alyque Padamsee Sir and Mr Shahrukh Khan are too smart (really, they are beauty and brains mixture). They are coming out with Fair and Handsome cream for boys. It seems all boys are stealing sister’s fairness cream and putting. But how it will work on their skin? So Padamsee Sir and Mr Khan are inventing rough & tough version, Fair & Handsome, as service to mankind. By the by, one thing I am not understanding, why Mr Shahrukh Khan is not using it in real life? Other day only, he has been detained in US Airport and at Yale College, he is telling sarcastically, “Next time I will tell US police I am white.” Mr Khan, why simply you are telling, do and show, no?

Even Fair & Lovely cream also, it has come in men’s flavour, but they are emphasising more on IQ aspect. Here one fair MBA boy is fastly taking interview of man in blue shirt. But in few minutes, man in blue he is leaning back and, you know what we are seeing, he is actual interviewer, along with other big people! Of course, they are selecting fair boy for the job because his fairness makes him so confident (that’s how he got MBA). This is top-class ad, all twisted in the tail. Really these ad men are so clever, everyone in their offices must be having NONSens agents in their brains. I also want to congratulate our young cricketer Virat Kohli. See how honest he is, coming on TV and saying, “Cricket and all okay, but once I remove helmet also, I should perform, no? So only I use fairness cream.” He is truly youth icon.

But I am talking too much and forgetting my last point. See, by now you know how good this fairness creams are. So I am coming with new idea that I am emailing just now only to Madam President. We are having Children’s Day, Mother-in-law’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. From next year, I am suggesting to have National Bleaching Day. On that day, all girls and boys can do national duty of bleaching their face (other things, I don’t want to mention). In a few years’ time, every Indian will become fair and then automatically they will become doctor or MBA (IT also OK). Then, in next generation, not even one Indian will be having natural skin colour. Really, so much pride Mother India will be bursting with when that is happening, no?

~ Suchi Govindarajan works as a technical writer. In her spare time, she does freelance writing and editing work and also volunteers with the Spastics Society of Karnataka. Readers can follow her on twitter: @suchiswriting

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