Bangalore-Eid with Northeast folks #MUSTSHARE


By Mujahid Deputy – BANGALORE

18th August 2012 10:14 AM

 With Eid coming up in three days, various Muslim organisations have unanimously decided to celebrate their festival with the people from the northeast. Addressing a group of parallel thinkers, Tousif Ahmed, Campus Secretary, Student Islamic Organisation of India said, “Time and again people have tried to destroy peace.

To give a fitting reply to these anti-social elements, we have decided to celebrate Eid with our northeastern brothers.

” Claiming that the rumours were generated by mischief mongers, who have pointlessly dragged in the name of Muslims in the state, the religious community has demanded strong action from the authorities.

Tanvir, State Advisory Council Member, Jamat-e- Islami Hind, said, “ The issue is not between the Assamese and Muslims-the intention is to divide the Indian Society.

The police should investigate into this immediately and bring the guilty to book.  The name of Muslims has been dragged into this by some organisations.

” He further added, “All mosques and madrasas are open for our brothers from the northeast and we will provide shelter to them if need arises.

We will unite with other religious organisations and make all efforts to counter these rumours and reinstate peace in city. ” Members of the Alternative Law Forum too have come forward in this quest.

Peace building exercises such as these between Muslims and northeastern people should continue and become an on-going thing.

Celebrating Eid together is an excellent move,” said Lawerence Liang, Co-founder, Alternative Law Forum.

The Welfare Party of India, that organised the meeting with NE people at the St Josephs College urged the people from the NE to stay back.

“We promise all our love and support to this community,” said Akbar Ali, State president of the group.

Abdul Hannan, State General Secretary, Social Democratic Party of India said, “We have addressed the people from the northeast at the City Railway Station.  We have requested them to not leave.”


Muslim Leaders-If you feel unsafe, come to our homes, mosques’ #Northeast

Photo: Women from northeastern states waiting with their baggage to board trains home, at a railway station in Bangalore this morning. Thousands of people from northeast region are fleeing the city everyday. 

Photo by: Aijaz Rahi


August 17, 2012 00:16 IST,

Leaders from the Muslim community reassure students from the North-East about their safety in Bangalore. Vicky Nanjappa reports.

As panic stricken people from the North-East continue to leave Bangalore, leaders of the Muslim community met with students’ representatives and assured them that there was nothing to worry.

Akbar Ali, convenor of the Muslim welfare association said that those who feel unsafe in their homes are welcome to come to our homes and mosques to take shelter. Ali also told the students that there was no need to worry.

“We will protect you, but please do not leave the city. It is your city as much as ours,” reassured Ali.

The state administration on the other hand is doing all it can to assure the panic-stricken people that they were safe in the city.

Law Minister, Suresh Kumar, when contacted informed that he met with most of the people at the railway station and assured them of their safety. Most of the people want to go home to stay with their parents as there is trouble there.

However, most of those who were leaving the city said that there have been incidents that prompted them to leave the city.

An employee at a firm told that her friend had been threatened. She said that her friend was told not to go to office failing which she would be attacked.

The police say that they are monitoring messages and social networking sites to see who was creating this panic.

Though the level of panic has come down as compared to Wednesday, people continue to leave the city. As per the messages being circulated, people from the North-East say that the attacks could go up after the 20th of this month and they do not want to be here at that time.

The Bangalore police meanwhile have sent out a message stating that no incidents have been reported on any attack on citizens from the North-East in Bangalore. “Do not panic or heed to rumours. In case you need help please call the control room,” the message stated.

Vicky Nanjappa in Bangalore



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