Aadhaar Card not mandatory for Income Certificate for EWS school admissions #UID

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NEW DELHI, January 8, 2013

The Delhi Revenue Secretary and Divisional Commissioner on Monday issued orders to keep in abeyance till further instructions the requirement of Aadhaar Card for issuing Income Certificates to economically weaker section (EWS) students for admission to the forthcoming academic session.

The directions were issued by the official following a meeting with Delhi Education Minister Kiran Walia who said students and applicants belonging to economically weaker categories who wanted to get admission under their quota needed to get an Income Certificate and for that an Aadhaar Card was essential. The Minister said this mandatory requirement of Aadhaar Card was causing a lot of trouble to admission seekers who were running against time to apply in the schools.

Stating that hundreds of applicants had approached her seeking relief, Prof. Walia said keeping in mind the problems being faced by the students and their parents, it was essential to do away with the mandatory requirement. She thus asked the Revenue Secretary to take back the earlier order.

Thereafter, the Revenue Secretary issued an order keeping in abeyance the mandatory requirement to have an Aadhaar Card for procuring the Income Certificate. The order has been issued to all the Deputy Commissioners, Sub Divisional Magistrates and Tehsildars and has come into force with immediate effect.


Bharat Mukti Morcha condemns linking of Aadhaar Cards to cooking gas cylinder subsidies #UID

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 Goa , Friday, 4 January 2013,

Bharat Mukti Mocha Goa Unit today January 4, 2013 triggered off meeting of customers of HP Gas supply agent in Siolim, Bardez, Goa M/s Veeresh Gas service with company’s customer service cell based in Kundaim Industrial Estate. The company was represented by its office Mr.Arvind Singh. The delegation of customers included Sandhya Gawde, Florence D’Souza, Sarpanch of Siolim-Marna Panchayat Anita Chari, Diego Rodrigues, Lawrence Braganza of Consumer cell, and Sebastian Rodrigues of Bharat Mukti Morcha. Veeresh Gas service was represented by Mr.Dangui jr.
It was disclosed that the subsidized rates for the cylinder is Rs.418/- and non-subsidized rate is Rs.911/-. During the meeting it was revealed that home cylinders cannot be taken from the storeroom the practice that is being followed by the Siolim HP agent. Cooking cylinders are to be booked by the customers prior to the delivery.
Agent is to provide home delivery of the cylinders, the service that was stopped by the agent in unilateral decision. The weekly schedule of the delivery is to be given to the villagers of Siolim, Marna, Oxel, Sodiem, Assagao, Badem, Chapora and Camurlim areas.
Siolim agent was instructed to issue proper computerized receipts instead of current practice of issuing ad hoc hand written receipts.
The problem of underweight of gas cylinders was discussed and the Siolim dealer is instructed carry weighing scale in the delivery van whiled cylinders are delivered in the villages. In case of underweight cylinders customers can take recourse to complaint book at the showroom and register their complaints. The inspection of complaint book revealed that since March 2011 not a single complaint is registered on the complaint book. Lack of organized movement of consumers has led to the inefficient and even often arrogant behavior of the Siolim dealer.
Mr. Singh instructed the dealer to create awareness about gas delivery and other issue amongst the public in Siolim.
New connections which were blocked are directed to the released as per the instructions of the petroleum ministry that were communicated by Mr. Singh at the meeting.
It was also revealed by Mr.Singh that subsidy will be given on the production of Aadhaar card from the month of February onwards. This decision of the Ministry is highly condemnable. Aadhaar cards are violation of every individual’s privacy through figure prints, iris scans, bank account, pan card, and are done only to promote surveillance as ruling bamons in the country and Goa state are scared of ongoing freedom struggle of mulnivasis against Brahmin tyranny who are Eurasians and miniscule minority of 3.5% of India’s population but having share of 79% in governance Bureaucracy, Judiciary, Executive, Press . Democracy has been subverted into brahmanocracy. This is the reason as to subsidies are linked to Aadhaar card. There is no restriction of sharing of the data under Aadhaar Card which is the case for the data gathered under census Act. There is every possibility that this data will shared with the vested interests in various parts of the country and we will be enslaved. All the major political parties Congress, BJP, Communists – CPI, CPI (M), are controlled by Bamons and that’s the reason they are deliberately silent on this dangerous conspiracy against the mulnivasi people. Bharat Mukti Morcha condemns linking of subsidies to the Aadhaar Card. This is nothing short of blackmailing of mulnivasis people of India. If not, then why there are no entitlements on this card? Linking subsidies to Aadhaar Cards is only a matter bait to get crucial private data of the mulnivasis people so that they can be controlled on the computer screen of Silas super computer.
First of all it is a conspiracy of bamons ruling this country to withraw subsidies under the influence and dictates of satanic international powers of darkness.
It was decided to carry on the awareness program in collaboration with various public bodies. Long battle here seems to be a necessity.


India- Officials suspect accuracy of census data ? #WTFnews #aadhaar #Nandanilekani

Discrepancies in issue of Aadhaar cards

SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT,  Hyderabad,The Hindu, Oct 2, 2012

Enrolment and the cards generated are more than the population

Hyderabad seems to have achieved a dubious distinction as far as the all important Aadhaar cards are concerned.

Against the population of 40.10 lakh as per the 2011 census, the enrolment so far is 47.98 lakh. And if this surprises you, hold on – the actual number of cards generated are even higher – 49.93 lakh.

No explanation

Civil Supplies authorities do not have a plausible explanation for this strange phenomenon. They think Hyderabadis working in different parts of the country might have indicated their residential address as Hyderabad resulting in the enrolment and Aadhaar card generation figure exceeding the population.

However, they refuse to part with the district wise enrolment figures and instead give the combined enrolment figures for Hyderabad and the neighbouring Ranga Reddy district.

Accuracy of data

Some officials also suspect the accuracy of the census data since the number of people who came out for enrolment are far more.

As of now, 18 lakh persons in Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy districts remain to be enrolled. Authorities hope to cover them by March 31. So far a total of 74.92 lakh Aadhaar cards have been generated and delivered out of the enrolled 85.45 lakh. The State capital and the adjoining Ranga Reddy district has combined population of 93.07 lakh.

The Civil Supplies Department is operating 29 centres with 61 kits in both the districts.

Aadhaar card registration centres are also being operated in Adilabad, Srikakulam, East Godavari and municipal areas of Kurnool, Mahabubnagar, Nalgonda, Nizamabad, Karimnagar, Khammam, Warangal and Medak.

Statistics show that 5.05 crore persons have been enrolled in the State out of the population of 8.47 crore.

Of this 4.62 crore cards were generated while 4.45 crore delivered through post offices.

One can check up the status of one’s Aadhaar card by logging on to the website uidai.gov.in and entering the 14 digit enrolment ID.


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