Press Release – Mandala Evictees Pledged to Save Surrounding Environment



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Awas Haq Satyagraha celebrates World Environment Day

Mandala Evictees Pledged to Save Surrounding Environment

Mumbai | 5th June 2015: Amidst their struggle for housing right, the Mandala evictees did not forget to celebrate the World Environment Day. They pledged to save their environment and to keep their surrounding clean. On this occasion, the children participated in the drawing competition on the theme ‘Environment’. Five of the participants bagged special prizes while others were given complementary prizes by supporters of the Satyagraha, Ms. Pervin Jehangir and Ms. Shahsi Mehta.


Determined on their demands, 9 of the Mandala evictees carried forward the relay fast. The Satyagrahis also made it clear that come what may in their way, they will not move from the land they were evicted from. Any day the rain may fall, the administration has assumed that nobody will stay if this happens, but the Satygarhis, high in spirit, today has announced that nothing can move them from ‘their’-Mandal Land.


11 years long wait for own house on the hollow assurance, burden of high house rent, insecurity and undignified life have filled all the evictees of Mandala with anger and compelled them carry on their struggle from a land which has no roof. This is not only Mandala specific issue; it is a wider one which raises the question of Right to Life, injustice, exploitation and State’s ignorance. While a considerable high proportion of slum dwellers in India have always contributed to the growth of the economy yet they have always been betrayed in the name of one or the other policies and scheme facing exploitation simultaneously. As per article 25.1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Right, 1948 and article 11.1 of the International Covenants on Economic, Social and Cultural Right, the Housing Right is a Human Right. The realization of the same is not as easy in the case of Mandala evictees.


Siraj Ahmad                          Phoolchand Yadav                            Pramila Choudhry                            

Ravinder Kumar Jaiwal       Sushila Upadhyaya                           Mukesh Jaiswal 

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