Press Release – CPI(ML) On Maoist attack

Press statement

CPI(ML) Condemns the 25th May Attack of Maoists on Congress Rally

The 25th May attack on the “Parivartan Rally” of Congress in Bastar region of Chhattisgarh by Maoists leading to killing and injuring of many including Congress leader Mahendra Karma and severe injury to V.C. Shukla, is a suicidal act which will only lead to further intensification of state terror against the adivasi masses. The CPI(ML) condemns this anarchist action by CPI(Maoist) which will only tarnish the image of Naxalbari uprising of landless and poor peasants of North Bengal in 1967 for land and social change and the people’s struggles led by them in different states.. The class collaborationist line of CPI and CPI(M) which in effect lead to colluding with Congress on the one hand, and the anarchist acts of Maoists in AP, in Jharkhand and W. Bengal along with  Chhattisgarh which have led to their debacle in these areas on the other, are only helping the reactionaries to defame the communist movement and to launch vicious attacks on it in all fields. Both these trends have done serious damage to the communist movement.

It is abundantly clear that the present attack leading to killing of many Congress activists including the leaders will be used by the ruling system to intensify the already started para-military onslaughts to wipe out Maoists from their strongholds. It is infantile on the part of Maoists to think that by killing Mahendra Karma they can take revenge against Salwa Judum or other atrocities perpetuated against the adivasis and other oppressed sections. If Karma took initiative in putting forward the Salwa Judum, it was the BJP led state government and central forces which implemented it. Instead of targeting the ruling system, and Congress, BJP like parties who implement the reactionary policies by heading central and state governments, Maoists are indulging in anarchist attacks which is serving the ruling system  as a cover to attack the democratic movements and the adivasi people, to help the land grabbing and mining of Essar, Jindal, Tata like corporates. This Maoist attack like many of their earlier acts will be used by Congress to depict all communist revolutionaries as supporters of BJP also, while in fact they are fighting against these communal fascists, and attack Congress and BJP as two sides of the same coin.

The CPI(ML) once again appeals to the Maoist leadership to evaluate their hitherto activities, to retrace their path and to join the path of mobilizing and educating the masses for countrywide offensive against the ruling system. It calls on all democratic forces to oppose all attempts of the central and state governments to use this attack as a cover to intensify state terror.

KN Ramachandran

General Secretary


26 May 2013


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