#India – Minister blames Swiss tourist for gangrape #Vaw #WTFnews

MADHYA PRADESH, Updated Mar 17, 2013 at 09:48pm IST

Bhopal: The Datia Police have arrested six people in connection with the alleged gangrape of a Swiss national even as the Madhya Pradesh Home Minister said the couple should have informed the police about their travel plans for additional security. The suspects – six members of a nomadic tribe in the area – have been arrested and a stolen laptop and a mobile phone have been seized from them.

The Swiss tourist was assaulted when she was camping outside a village with her partner during a cycling trip. “The police had detained 25 people and were interrogating them. During interrogation the names of these accused cropped up. They were searched and have been identified,” RK Gurjar, Inspector, Datia, said.

But immediately after the arrests, the state Home Minister Umashankar Gupta caused a major embarrassment by blaming the Swiss tourists for the incident. Gupta said tourists arriving in Madhya Pradesh flout safety norms by not informing the police of their whereabouts.

“The rape of the Swiss national is unfortunate but foreign travellers should inform the police about their movement so that they can be provided with adequate protection. They often don’t follow state’s rules,” Gupta said.

The Minister‘s statement comes at a time when pressure is building for the Shivraj Singh Chauhan government because of the alarming number of sexual assaults in the state.


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  1. refaircargo (@refaircargo)
    Mar 18, 2013 @ 22:59:50

    One can’t really blame the honorable minister for his statement… the tribals are de-facto animals… when the animal is hungry, his natural instinct is to seek his prey and satiate his hunger… the tribals too found their prey and the animal instinct took over… I have personally traveled in the Chambal region by road and in-spite of being an Indian and knowing the culture of the local area, it was a marathon task going around the area without getting attacked.. when the minister is promising to provide security, it is the duty of the foreign tourist to take help of the local police, while going around in the dangerous terrain… else be prepared to face the repercussions… basically, it the adrenalin boosting thrill of going around in this terrain unprotected, which is what encourages these tourists into the adventure…one off such instance is part of the game…they could have been attacked by the wild game… only this time the humans substituted the animals…


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