No noble family will allow girls to become dancers: Hurriyat #Vaw #WTFnews

PTI | Feb 3, 2013, 08.13 PM IST

No noble family will allow girls to become dancers: Hurriyat
Hurriyat spokesman Ayaz Akbar said in a statement that Kashmir is a place of sufis and saints and there is no room to nourish western type of culture and immoral values.
SRINAGAR: Hardline faction of HurriyatConference today expressed surprise overJammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah‘s support for the valley’s only all-girls rock band, saying there is no room to nourish western culture and immoral values in the state.”Kashmir is a place of sufis and saints and there is no room to nourish western type of culture and immoral values,” Hurriyat spokesman Ayaz Akbar said in a statement.

“Though in a civilised society there is no place for coercion and force, there are some values a citizen has to adopt to safeguard the ethical and religious traditions,” he said.

“Hurriyat Conference expresses regret and surprise over the support of Omar Abdullah,” Akbar said.

“As a matter of fact no noble family will allow their girls to choose their profession as a dancer so as to be a mere thing of pleasure for strangers,” he said.

Akbar said Omar should have gone through the history of Kashmir to find out the high regard and esteem bestowed upon women in order to save them from being sold as commodity.

“It is a matter of concern for us the way Omar Abdullah backed the rock band because the dynasty he belongs to has since long disassociated itself from Islamic and ethical values,” he said.

Referring to the reported threats being given to the rock band, the spokesman termed it “not good”.

“Instead, parents should have rectified the things and provided advice to their daughters that their activities were not as per ethics of Islam, culture and our unique identity,” he said.

Omar had come out in support of the girls yesterday saying police will probe the threats.

“I hope these talented young girls will not let a handful of morons silence them,” he said.

The all-girls band, which came to limelight in late December last year after their performance at the annual ‘Battle of the Bands‘ competition here, had defied the convention by stepping into the male-dominated field of music.

The girls’ band has received abusive and hate messages on their Facebook page for defying convention by choosing the field of music.


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  3. Rezan
    Feb 06, 2013 @ 01:06:17

    It is understandable that it is difficult for any non-Muslim to understand the deep ingrained teachings and philosophy of Islam. It is not easy to be a good Muslim. Those who follow Islam with great obedience and loyalty should be really commended.
    But what is incomprehensible and disappointing is how people who call themselves Muslim let down so readily the great teachings of this great religion. This means that they have not understood the teachings of this noble religion. They should disassociate themselves from the teachings of Islam and maybe choose whatever they want to.
    Omar Abdullah is a waste of time and a moron. He has condemned the fatwa and has completely backed the girl’s rock band . Fair enough. He argues that music is not completely forbidden in Kashmir saying that there are famous Kashmiri singers. But he does not understand that that Sufi singing,Ghazals and Qawallis are a part of Sufi culture but certainly not Rock Bands. This is western corrupted culture. This is only the beginning. If this continues the next step will be drugs and sex. Muslim youth society would be completely destroyed in Kashmir in the future. This is exactly what the non-Muslims of India want. And people like Omar Abdullah play right into their hands. He probably wants the Muslim youth also to be corrupted and develop vice-like culture that is shockingly existent among Hindu girls and boys. Look at their condition of life. There is no peace of mind. Hindustan has become ‘Rapistan’.
    If only this stupid naive man showed such passion and enthusiasm when young Kashmir lads get shot by bullets of the Indian army and police. If only he showed anger and protested wildly at the detention of hundreds of innocent Kashmiri Muslims in the most horrid conditions in Indian jails. If only he took the Indian government to court for turning a blind eye to the atrocities committed against Kashmiri Muslim population by fascist minded army and para-military forces and the police . If only he protested vehemently against the savage unjust AFSPA law existent in the state of Kashmir where no Indian army personnel can be held responsible for any crime like rape ,murder and unlawful detention and arrests against the Kashmiri Muslim population. No. He will not. You know why. Because he has no Islamic soul. It is already dead. He appeases the Hindu government of India all the time. In fact there are many Kashmiri Muslims like him. This is why till today there is no solution to the Kashmiri problem. Kashmiri Muslims apart from a very few honest and loyal Muslims are actually in collaboration with the Hindus . They have lost their soul. They may call themselves Kashmiris . But why have forgotten that they are also Muslims at first?
    India has nearly swallowed Kashmir and openly refers to it as India. The Kashmiri Muslims like Omar Abdullah are helping them to swallow it completely.


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