2 comments on “gang

  1. dears, why Indian judiciary fails to grant capital punishment for Rapists and Murderers ??see the one among six involved in Dec 16 th Delhi
    gang rape and heinous murder of med student,is getting benefit of under age(minor, 17yrs old)and may be spared from punshment,but he was matured(aged)enough to do all heinous sexual crime to the poor Victim,but not aged enough to face the JUSTICE ????????
    my sisters,daughters,mothers,friends TAKE CARE YOURSELF.

  2. why is the legal system in India so archaic????.Are we Indans such big morons that we don’t understand that this ‘minor’ is biologically mature enough to violate a woman’s integrity??.What’s the need of education then!!.I believe it’s not meant solely to earn respect and a good livelihood!!.We should be human beings first..No use of getting a lucrative salary if one can’t value a woman and respect her!!.

    And my dear countrymen…Stop believing that rape brings stigma to a woman..She has every right to survive and fight for her life.Rapists are stigma to our society.Their crime can’t be redeemed!!..It’s their dirty mind and their psychology which can never change..So I believe that they should be hanged till death..

    Why should a woman bear all the odds??Isn’t t enough that she was forced to share her body with a pack of leapords that she should be humiliated by our society???.No one is asking to sympathize but atleast empathize..

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