Maharashtra: 40-year-old man rapes minor after offering Rs 20 #WTFnews #Vaw

MAHARASHTRA, Posted on Dec 31, 2012 at 07:32pm IST

Akola: A 12-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a middle-aged man at Khamgaon town in Buldhana district, police said on Monday. The accused Shaikh Hasan Shaikh Hussain (40), a resident of Hari File area, waylaid the Class V student on her way to attend nature’s call on Sunday, they said.

Hussain allegedly took the girl to an isolated spot and sexually assaulted her after offering her a Rs 20 note, police said, adding he dumped her at Jiya Colony after committing the crime. Following a complaint lodged by the girl’s family, police registered an FIR under section 376 (2)(f) (committing rape on a woman when she is under 12 years of age) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) against Hussain and arrested him.

In another incident, an unidentified person molested a five-year-old girl at Lohgad village after luring her with chocolate on December 25. A complaint in this regard was lodged by the victim’s mother on December 29, police said.

In a similar incident, a nine-year-old girl was molested in Ural village by an unidentified person, police said, adding the search is on to trace the accused


#India – Lets ALL Resolve for FREEDOM from VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN this New Year #mustshare

Struggle to Make 2013 a Year 
For Freedom from Violence Against Women
On the very eve of the New Year of 2013, the life of a young woman was brutally cut short. This young woman with her dreams of education, of a job, of love and happiness, lives on in all of us. Her courage and dignity inspire us to resist the terrible discrimination, bias, and violence that eats into the heart of our society, and to demand justice and freedom for every woman. It takes courage to confront the government, the police and other institutions and demand accountability. It perhaps takes even greater courage to face and fight the daily discrimination and shackles that are imposed on women in our own homes and communities. We hope that we will find that courage in the spirit of that nameless young woman who lives on in our hearts.
We pledge to make 2013 a year of resistance to gender oppression, discrimination, and violence.
We pledge to support women’s struggle in the home, in the community, on the streets, at the workplace and in public spaces for equality and rights. 
We pledge to speak out against gender bias and violence wherever we see it.

BOYCOTT New Year 2013 at Bristol Hotel Gurgaon, rapper Yo Yo Honey singh – who sings ” Choot” (cunt) #Vaw

 Rapper Honey Singh has been a chart-topper this year, and two of the five most-searched for videos on YouTube for 2012 were his songs.

The rapper’s misogynistic and deeply-troubling lyrics are unacceptable now to thousands in a country that is mourning the death of a young student who was gang-raped on a moving bus in Delhi. One song, released in 2006, brags about the different ways in which the singer will sexually assault a woman.

 In his songs , Honey Singh explains how Dope-Shope is not just not good for your health, but also harms your Punjabiyan di Shaan (pride of being from Punjab). He tells you how not to sell your land away, buying gifts for women and running after them; he makes fun of the brown girl hooked on Angrezi Weed (there is a debate raging about whether he sings Angrezi ‘beat’ or ‘weed’ or both – a confusion which Singh has not cleared), and also tells them to take pride in their brown skinned-sexuality. The cult figure that he is today however, launched itself to iconic status with the song Choot (cunt) – a song that his young fans may experience as ‘subversive’ not merely for its open use of sexually charged abuse but also for the way it seeks to teach the young floundering woman a lesson.

These pornographic lyrics are unacceptable and it is because of women hating (sic) sentiments like these that men think that it’s fine to do what they did on that bus, that December night in Delhi. Let’s put a stop to these subversive lyrics that infiltrate the minds of people who don’t know better and who then justify to themselves the rightness of a crime that harms another human being, sometimes so severely that they lose their lives.”

Mr Singh’s massive popularity is more reason why he should be held to account and told — in no uncertain terms — that his deeply offensive and regressive songs have no place in civilised society. Mr Singh is to perform because the idea is not to curb Mr Singh’s right to express himself – no matter how offensive his lyrics may be – but because the people  have the right to not listen to Honey Singh.

Choot lyrics: rough translation


Kenday pechayian pindaan ney teree mari

Saaday lun ney we khichee ey tyaari

Fudi teri aj ley kay jaoon

Jey nai liti tey main jatt na kwahoon


They say the whole village has fucked you

My cock is also prepared now

I shall take your pussy today

If I don’t, then I am no jat  (Chorus)

Repeat Chorus


Aja teri choot maroon

Tere sir se chudney ka bhoot utaroon

Choodney key baad tujhe jutey maroon

Tere mooh main apna lora dey key mooth maroon (yeah)


Come, I’ll screw your pussy

Get rid of you insatiable desire to be fucked

After screwing you, I’ll beat you with my shoes

I’ll thrust my cock in your mouth and masturbate- yeah!

Kar doon teri fuddi kharab

Merey jesa koi nahin meree bhudi kharab

Terey baad tere post

Bas yahi kaam kaaj mera

Kar doon ga khush tujhe

Luraa ley key naach mera


I’ll ruin/spoil your pussy

There is no-one like me (meaning unclear)

After you, your friends I’ll fuck

This is all I do

I’ll make you happy

Take my cock and dance.

Choda hoga tujh ko hazaroon ney

Mehngay mehngay kamroon mein

Lambi caroon mein

Bollywood key baray baray sitroon ney

Per merey lund jeesa dum naa bicharoon mein

Thousands may have fucked you

In expensive rooms

And big cars

The big stars of bollywood

But none as able as my cock (dum)

Mein karoon din raat ek

Guzar merey saath ek raat …dekh

Terey jesey maine toree ek raat mein

Aazma key dekh ley, dum kitni hai baat mein

I’m trying so hard (to get you to)

Spend a night with me, see

A woman like you I fulfil/break in one night (toree means break, taree means fulfil not sure which one it is)

I’m telling the truth- try me



Gora badaan teri patli kamar

Solaan(16), sitraan(17) saal ke umar

Rehti tip top sunti hip hop

ley key chaloon tujh ko main CANDY SHOP

Your white body and slender weight

Your age 16, 17 years old

You stay tip top (dressed up), listen to hip hop

I will take you to the candy shop (I think 50 cent does a guest app in this song)

ch.. ch ..choos mera lura

aja choos mera lura

chaat merey tatte jaise aaloo ka pakoora

to hai choot ke rani

main hoon lodon ka raja

aja aja mere rani meri bansuri bajaja


Suck my cock

Come suck my cock

Lick my balls like they were aaloo pakora

You are the queen of cunt

I am the king of cocks

Come come play my flute

thoda uuper thoda neechey

zara haat to bataa

dekh ne dey laal fudi zara jhat to hata

moon khool apna

mera naam to chilaa

baadshah,baadshah keh key GAAND to hilaa

A little bit up, a little bit down

Help me out here

Let me see your red pussy, move your pubic hair

Open your mouth

Scream my name

Say Badshah, badsha and shake your arse

(badshah is one of the guys singing this song- look this stuff up please. I can’t look at at more of this stuff…)


lun utey laya appan sanday da tail

chood chood ker doon mein fudi teri fail

putt putt mommey tere waday kardoon

kano sharmawey elay lun phar too

oey gaal kar to …… Main tah bada paad doon

I’ve out oil on my cock (oil= tail)

I’ll fuck you and fuck you, make your pussy fail

I’ll grope (roughly, pinch, grab etc) your boobs and make them big (?)

Why are you hesitating/feeling shy? Here hold my cock you

Talk… I’ll rip you. (meaning unclear)

laa lei barian nu kundi booha bund kar to

merey lun da waar jewen chaley talwaar

aj cheer do mein teri patiala salwar

maar maar chupey tenu pai gaye si chaskey

hun mare chika jadoon payaa wich kas ke

aja lun teh to beja tera pose banawaan

aj nai kaal nai rooj banawaan

Bolt the windows and close the doors

My cock attacks like a sword

I’ll rip/tear your Patiala salwar

You are addicted to sex (the sentiment is you sex hungry whore like)

Now scream, when I’ve stuck it in you hard/tight

Come sit on my cock

Tera pose banawan- could make different positons in sex, could also mean I’ll make you pose for photographs- not sure

Not just today, or tomorrow, but I’ll do I everyday


Khoono Khoon Hoje kachi jive dul gayi dava

Chap chap marey kasey jatt sari sari raat

Oh mera naa honey singh rati batiyaan bujhwaan

Nawi gadeyaan chalawaan naley fudiyaan sujaawaan

Your underwear will be soaked with blood like medicine spilt (I think this indicates heavy bleeding. Also, term khoono-khon suggests grave injury)

Jat is thrusting hard all night

Oh my name is honey singh, I put the light out at night (get laid)

I drive new cars and cause cunts to swell

Chorus- x 2


Bihar: Hospital employee rapes mentally ill woman #Vaw #WTFnews

INDIA, Updated Dec 30, 2012 at 08:54pm IST

Bihar: Mentally Challenged Woman Raped in Hospital

A mentally challenged woman was allegedly raped by an employee of the Sadar hospital here in Bihar’s East Champaran district, police said today.

Acting on the complaint of locals, District Civil Surgeon Saroj Singh lodged an FIR against Ram Sakal Ram in the town police station, Superintendent of Police Manoj Kumar said.

The employee has been accused of raping the woman in the hospital after bringing her in the town last night, the SP said.

The accused is absconding and search is on to nab him, the SP added.

Ram has been placed under suspension by hospital authorities.


#Bihargangrape-Girl abducted, gang raped on gunpoint; two arrested

Posted on: 30 Dec 2012, 01:58 PM,

Girl gang raped in Bihar, two held

Girl gang raped in Bihar, two held

Patna: Two people have been arrested for allegedly abducting and gang raping a student in a Bihar village, police said on Sunday.

Police said the intermediate student was abducted at gunpoint on Friday in Vasudevpur village in Samastipur district, around 100 km from here, when she was returning home on a bicycle from a coaching class.

“She said the accused threatened to kill her if she raised an alarm and gang-raped her first in a sugarcane field and later at a house,” Deputy Superintendent of Police Rajesh Kumar said.

The girl fled from their clutches on Saturday afternoon and reached the deputy superintendent of police’s office with her family members. She has been sent for medical examination.

Police said the two accused — Surendra Mahto and Virendra Mahto — are the girl’s neighbours.
Surendra is a father of two while Virendra’s wife has deserted him. Last week, a 12-year-old was gang raped in a village in Patna district. Police have arrested one of the three accused.



#Kolkatagangrape- Raped woman dead, husband critical , one arrested #Vaw


TNN | Dec 31, 2012, 06.18 AM IST

KOLKATA: Fifty-two-year-old Mahashin Ali wakes up with a start every 15 minutes in his ICU cubicle at RG Kar Medical College Hospital. Eyes wide open in horror and gasping for breath, he asks for his wife, who was allegedly gang raped and bludgeoned to death at Sonakharki in Barasat on Saturday evening.”They are killing her. Please do something,” he mumbles hoarsely, before lapsing back into unconsciousness. Doctors say Mahashin is in critical condition, his throat scorched by a chemical that was allegedly forced on him by the attackers. His condition worsened suddenly on Sunday morning after which he was shifted to ICU. He has not been told about his wife’s death.

“He says he is burning up inside ever since an acid-like liquid was pushed into his mouth by the gang. Every time he wakes up, he breaks into tears. His limbs are still shaking and he is repeatedly falling unconscious,” said Mosadul Ali, a neighbour who has been with him since he was brought to RG Kar on Saturday night. Mahashin isn’t poor but took up work at a brick kiln to raise money for his four-month-old grandson who has a kidney ailment.

From his fragmented accounts, Mahashin’s son Alfaz and Mosadul have reconstructed a horrific tale. He had gone to the brick kiln to escort his 45-year-old wife home around 6.30pm when he saw a few men dragging her away into a bamboo grove. It was dark and barring a house, there is no settlement in a 100-metre radius. Mahashin says he ran to rescue her.

“But there were around seven of them. While four raped his wife, the other three pinned him down, tied him and poured acid down his throat. He tried to scream but they shut his mouth with the bottle. After a while, he gave up fighting because his throat and chest had been singed and he had no strength left in him. The ordeal must have lasted about 15 minutes,” said Mosadul. Mahashin could apparently see his wife being battered.

One held for Barasat rape & murder
Raids on for other culprits

Policemen inspect the Barasat brick kiln where the alleged gang-rape victim worked. Picture by Bhabatosh Chakraborty

A youth in his mid-30s was arrested on Sunday in connection with the alleged gang-rape and murder of a 45-year-old woman and the attack on her husband in Barasat on Saturday night.

Mohammad Ishaq Ali, who police said was a labourer in the Jagannathpur brick kiln in Barasat where the victim worked, has been remanded in police custody for 10 days.

The condition of the husband, who is being treated at RG Kar hospital, worsened on Sunday, prompting doctors to shift him to the intensive care unit in the evening. “He is bleeding from the pancreas and liver,” said a doctor.

“Ali has confessed to the crime,” said an officer of Barasat police station. “He said he and three others had been drinking on the edge of pond near the brick kiln when they spotted the woman around 9pm. They raped and assaulted her and dumped her near the pond, and also threw some chemical into her husband’s eyes when he tried to resist them.”

The cops have detained seven others. “Raids are being conducted in the area to arrest the other culprits…. We have also searched the pond and adjoining areas,” said Sugata Sen, superintendent of police, North 24-Parganas.

A hammer and a blood-stained knife were recovered from the water body. “We suspect the woman had been attacked with these weapons. They have been sent for forensic tests,” the officer said.

The cops also found an empty bottle of country liquor and a navy-blue windcheater, apparently belonging to one of the attackers, around 30 feet from where the woman’s mud-caked body was found.

A medical examination of the body revealed eight wounds inflicted by sharp as well as blunt weapons. “There were scratch marks on the victim’s body, suggesting she had tried to fight off the attackers,” said a doctor at Barasat hospital.

The victim’s elder son had lodged a complaint of gang-rape and murder with Barasat police station. He said her mother had stepped out of home to look for his father when the attackers accosted her. “I later learnt the attackers had dragged her to the edge of the pond,” the son said.

“My father had meanwhile returned home and went out looking for my mother. He was walking towards the kiln when he heard mother’s cries. He rushed towards the pond and saw what was happening. He tried to save her but the attackers threw a chemical powder into his eyes.”

Leaders of almost all political parties made a beeline for the victim’s house on Sunday. Local Trinamul MLA Rathin Ghosh, accompanied by Barasat municipality chairman Sunil Mukherjee, met the family members and relatives around 12.45 pm.

A couple of hours later, Amitava Nandy, the CPM’s North 24-Parganas district committee member, turned up with his followers. “We want the immediate arrest of all culprits. If the police fail to do so, our party will launch agitations across Barasat,” said Nandy. Youth Congress activists, too, visited the victim’s house, followed by Union minister Deepa Das Munshi.


Minors could face #deathpenalty if law amended #Vaw #WTFnews

By , TNN | Dec 31, 2012, 05.49 AM IST

Minors could face death penalty if law amended
Centre mulls death penalty for ‘rarest of rare’ rape cases.

NEW DELHI: Jolted by the extreme cruelty unleashed on Nirbhaya by the only juvenile among the six accused in the Delhi gang-rape case, the government may be looking at enhanced punishment for minors — even a waiver of the delinquent’s age by six months to a year — keeping in view the severity of the crime.

While this review comes too late for the Delhi gang-rape case as it cannot be applied with retrospective effect, the shift is significant because heinousness of the crime committed rather than the exact age of the accused will determine the punishment.

If the government does carry out amendments to enhance the punishment for minors guilty of heinous crimesjuveniles could even face death penalty.

The women and child development ministry that is reviewing the Juvenile Justice Act, is looking at treating juveniles aged 17 or more who are guilty of heinous or violent crimes as adults. “We can have a provision by which six months or a year of the juvenile’s age can be waived if the crime committed is severe in nature, like in this case. If the juvenile has committed a violent or serious crime he can be tried under law as an adult,” said WCD minister Krishna Tirath.

At present, under the Act, a juvenile accused has to be kept in a juvenile correction home or any other reformatory centre for minors. S/he faces a separate trial under the JJ Act and the maximum sentence that can be given is only three years.

The use of death penalty for crimes committed by people younger than 18 years is prohibited under the international human rights law, yet some countries still execute child offenders. Such executions are few compared to the total number of executions across the world. Since 1990,Amnesty International has documented 87 executions of child offenders in nine countries. Several of these countries, including the US, have changed their laws to exclude the practice.

The ministry of women and child development that is reviewing the Juvenile Justice Act is considering such a provision to treat guilty minors aged 17 or more like adults.



Kractivism-Gonaimate Videos

Protest to Arrest

Faking Democracy- Free Irom Sharmila Now

Faking Democracy- Repression Anti- Nuke activists


Kamayaninumerouno – Youtube Channel


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