#India-Minor raped in moving vehicle in Barmer district of Rajasthan #Vaw #nocountryforwomen


Rohit Parihar  Barmer, December 28, 2012 , India Today

A 16-year-old girl was abducted and gangraped by three men in a vehicle in Rawatsar village of Barmer on the night of December 27. Police have arrested two accused while the third is absconding.

The girl was returning home with her aunt after attending a religious congregation when three persons in a Bolero Camper vehicle stopped next to  them and pushed the girl inside the vehicle. Her aunt, who desperately tried to resist, was pushed hard and as she fell down, the three sped away with her. The girl was raped twice by each of them in the vehicle. “I resisted a lot but they did it twice,” the girl said in the FIR.

She was found abandoned in the desert, half-a-kilometre from her village. A medical board has confirmed rape. The girl is being produced before the magistrate for recording her statement.

Eight teams of police searched for the alleged rapists and arrested Manohar Lal Jat of Kapoorali village and Narendra Singh Jat of Khandeen village. Shera Ram Jat of Mokhav village is absconding.


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