Aadhaar-linked payment system yet to take off


The Aadhaar linked payment plan for state government employees and pensioners envisaged by Government of Jharkhand seems to have been put on the back burner for the moment as there is no fresh directive on the much talked about Aadhaar linked payment system.

In August this year, the Government had issued a circular directing all Government departments to put the Aadhaar linked payment system in place and ensuring Aadhaar registration of employees and pensioners in the State. Following the directive registration centres were setup in all treasuries in the state. But poor turn up has led to the closure of few centres in the State.

“Few centres were closed because of poor or zero turn up while centres are running at places where people arecoming for registration,” said an official of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), Ranchi.

The Pioneer’s efforts to know the status of the coveted payment system draw a blank. The status-quo is still maintained and people are getting their salaries and pensions the way they used to receive. “I am not facing any problem because of Aadhaar and am getting salary the usual way,” said an employee of Agriculture Department.

Those drawing pension have similar stories to share. “I am drawing pension and it comes directly in my Bank account. I have never faced any problem because of Aadhaar,” said Maju Tigga, resident of Ranchi.

Sources within UIDAI have confided about the directive of completing all Aadhaar registration in Jharkhand by the end of March


4 comments on “Aadhaar-linked payment system yet to take off

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