#India #Rajasthan -Cheating #tribal patients under the grab of free treatment #mustshare

A compplaint lettre to Medical Council of India

The Chairman,
Medical Council of India,
New Delhi

Dear Sir:

Please find attach a pamphlet circulated by the NIMS Medical College and Hospital
(NIMS University), Shobha Nagar, JaipurDelhi Highway, Jaipur in villages
inhabited by tribal community of Pratapgarh district of Rajasthan.

A team (perhaps not of the doctors) from this college hospital held a camp on 21st October 2012
at village Devgarh of Pratapgarh block and after initial screening asked about 80
patients to come with them to NIMS Medical College Hospital, Jaipur where they
would be provided free treatment as written in the pamphlet. All these patients
were provided free transport in two buses. After reaching at NIMS Hospital, they
were admitted and asked to sleep on beds in wards.

According to the patients, doors of the hospital were locked so that they can not escape. Nobody was given

any treatment and after two days they were again put on two buses and transported
back to village Devgarh in Pratapgarh Dt. In those two days, all these patients
received food only once and tea, a couple of times. One patient said that though
his complaint was of repeated bouts of beathlessness, but a cast with weight was
put on one of his lower limbs. While they were on beds, some people peeked into
the wards but did not come near anybody.

None of the person from the hospital explained to these poor patients from tribal community the reason for not
providing treatment. The only reason, there could be that they did not have money
and they did not fall in first 500 patients who were to be given free treatment as
mentioned in the pamphlet.

From this incident, it looks like that these patients were taken to the NIMS 
Hospital to demonstrate bed occupancy for hospital to seek some kind of 
recognition. Most patients who were taken to the NIMS hospital have given 
notorized affidavits but the local administration is in no mood to do anything. 

It is a serious matter and MCI should look into it immediately.

Thanking you.

On behalf of the duped patients
Ram Prasad meena Devgarh
Naru Meena Sovani
Kanna Meena Devgarh
Jetu Ram, Samli Pathar

Prayas, Dr narendra Gupta
8, Vijay Colony, Near Railway Station,
Chittorgarh 312 001
Tel : +91.1472.243788
Fax : +91.1472.250044


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