#India- No Mining ,No Vedanta #Indigenous #Tribal #mustwatch

The struggle of common people continuing. Niyamgiri hill or alternate mining areas are being protested for bauxite mining from Bhawanipatna of Kalahandi district to Gatamalli hill of Rayagada.’NO Mining-No Vedanta‘if this voice of the people is not emphasized in the mainstream media than also people are voicing against mining.it is impossible to run the Langigarh Vedanta project without availing Odisha mining.company’s top official said.their last hope is Niyamgiri hill,because the paper works for first phase for alternate mining has not yet been ready of Odisha mining corporation is passionately waiting for the last decision by supreme court for Niyamgiri. which has been well understood by the protesters.that’s why the common-man are raising their voice’NO MINING,NO VEDANTA’……

8 comments on “#India- No Mining ,No Vedanta #Indigenous #Tribal #mustwatch

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