Mumbai Violence and the unwarranted protest march by MNS


The proposed protest march being planned by MNS to demand the resignation of R.R.Patil and Arup Patnaik (August 20 , 2012) is totally unwarranted and smacks of divisive intentions. MNS, Raj Thackeray are alleging that the police failed to control the  Mumbai riot. One concedes that there might have been some lapses on the part of police in intelligence gathering, and the handling of the situation as such. But overall Mr. Patnaik did a remarkable job by talking directly to people from podium, asking them to be peaceful was very effective in controlling the violence. Police did exercise good restraint and controlled the situation in half an hour. This is praiseworthy in itself. The death of two persons and the injury too many is regrettable, and should be duly compensated. Given the past record of inept handling of such situations, this was one instance where the riot control was very effective. We the citizens should appreciate this humane and effective handling of riot and hope that unnecessary revenge will not be taken against those who were not involved in the violence. The guilty must be punished and citizens need to stand with the officers like Patnaik to ensure that such episodes don’t get repeated.


Ram Puniyani


All India Secular Forum, Mumbai

Clarion Call- Uphold the composite fabric our society #Northeast #Bangalore #Pune


We the following people went on a peace and solidarity mission to the trouble torn areas of the Western Assam with the objective of assessing the situation, meeting the inmates of both the communities in the relief camps, ascertaining specific vulnerabilities which need urgent attention and promoting peace and solidarity among the strife torn people.  We visited a few relief camps in the affected districts of Dhubri, Bongaingaon and Kokrajhar on August 7-8, 2012. We also met with members of the civil society organizations and officials of the administration.

The violence took place essentially between two communities living side by side, both attempting to preserve their right to life with dignity. Most of the camps are in schools and thereby have the basic infrastructures -of water supply and power. However, sanitation facilities were found inadequate and in need for improvement.  Personnel of the health department were in place in the camps. There are reports by civil society groups that only basic medicines are available and that ability to deal with illnesses of children and gynecological problems are inadequate. The team did not notice any day care for children or trauma counseling facilities for the affected people in the camps. Facilities for the continuing and un-interrupted education of children have not been considered.  The above are only illustrative and there are many serious gaps which need to be addressed like nutritional balance, larger accommodation and bathing space etc.

The affected people of both the communities apprehended violence and approached the administration for security. But they had to flee from their homes as their pleas were not heeded by the administration. In most of the instances the people fled first and their houses were burnt later. In short absence of effective policing and patrolling and inefficient response to pleas for help remained the singularly important factor for this exodus, apart from rumors and threats. Moreover, the complaints and FIRs, that are lodged seem to be collective and are lodged by the police themselves. But, such omnibus FIRs will become a subsequent hurdle in delivery of justice. This is in context of specific entitlements of individuals either to establish ownership or to recover insurance money and/or to become specific naming persons who are responsible for such criminal acts. The team recommends filing of the individual FIR by the victims for easy delivery of compensation and justice. The number of FIRs is awfully small, in comparison to number of people injured and killed in the violence. All major cases of murder, arson and looting must show appropriate arrests with sections which are non- bailable after the initial investigation.

Compensation package declared can be an important instrument in bringing sense of security and peace building among the affected people. However, the fairness of assessment and the speed at which it is done are important for it to be effective. Compensation to families whose members died and persons who suffered severe injuries should be ensured within the time frame of two months, so that affected families are not reduced to destitution and compelled to enter into a permanent debt cycle. The assessment process should be transparent and need to be in sync with the individual FIR or the complaint registered.

The declared compensation package is totally silent on rehabilitation of the people, who are being forced into a situation such as death of income earner or injury, thus taking them away from their livelihood. Thus a rehabilitation plan, indicating urgency with time frame should be expedited along with a peace-building process  be developed with the help of civil society.

The group emphasized on the urgency of  measures to be taken to bring the situation to normalcy and  ensure rehabilitation and justice as per National standards, following Supreme Court guidelines on Dantewada case and NHRC guidelines on relief and rehabilitation. As on the day of visiting the estimated number of IDPs was 341930, distributed across 239 relief camps. The total death toll as on reporting stands at 77, and 50 persons were grievously injured. At the same time the government must bring about a policy on internal displacement which takes into account the nature of conflict in our country. In the absence of a national law on Displacement, the state governments should adhere to international standards set out in ‘Guiding principles on Internally Displaced Persons’ in planning and implementing rehabilitation packages and programmes.

Instead of ebbing, the violence has spread to other places of Assam now. At the same time we have observed with great concern and pain that various sectarian organizations and groups are trying to fan the disturbance and tension to fulfill their nefarious designs. It holds dangerous portent for the secular and composite fabric of our society.  We recommend that adequate security must be ensured for safety of life and property of people as enshrined in the Constitution of India. It is the responsibility of the government.

There are repercussions being felt outside in cities of Bangalore and Pune where thousands of NE people working there had to return home fearing attack on them.  Currently, there are appeals being made by progressive citizens and individuals of Karnataka to return to the state.  Dialogue between groups and communities must start, addressing their concerns and possible solutions. A cross section of civil society members must be engaged in the process and in critical decision making and activities planned to restore confidence and peace in the region.


  1. Prof. A C Bhagabati, Former Vice-chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi ,University

2.      Sri Niketu Iralu, Peace Activist, Kohima

3.      Prof. Anuradha Dutta, Retired Professor, Political Science, Gauhati University

4.      Dr. Monisha Behal, Chairperson, North East Network, Guwahati

5.      Prof. Abu Nasar Said Ahmed, Former Director, O K D Institute, Guwahati

6.      Prof. Anil Boro, Professor, Folklore Studies, Gauhati University

7.      Sri Paresh Malakar, President, Anwesha

8.      Sri Mrinal Gohain, Concerned Citizen

9.      Ms Anjuman Ara Begum.  Research Scholar, Gauhati University.

Guwahati, August 18, 2012

PMANE’s Open Letter to Jayalalitha – ‘Lets walk the talk ‘

August 20, 2012
The Struggle Committee
People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE)
Idinthakarai & P. O. 627 104
Phone: 98656 83735
The Honorable Chief Minister
Government of Tamil Nadu
Fort St. George
Chennai 600 009
Fax: 044-24992255, 25671441, 28133510
Honorable Madam:
Greetings! As we have completed a whole year struggling against the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP), we would like to initiate a fresh round of dialogue with you.
As you know, the Government of India and the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) have not shared any basic information with us about the KKNPP. Even after the Central Information Commission (CIC) has instructed them, they have not shared the Site Evaluation Report (SER) and the Safety Analysis Report (SAR) with us. They have not heard our opinions or allayed our fears and concerns about the lack of fresh water resources, the changes in the design of the Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV), the management of liquid and solid waste and so on.
Neither have they got any liability from the Russian government and/or companies for the KKNPP 1 and 2. The Government of India is not even willing to share the secretive Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) that they signed with the Russian government in 2008. Even as we are dealing with KKNPP 1 and 2, the Government of India is announcing the agreement on KKNPP 3 and 4 with utter disregard for the sentiments of the local people and the people of Tamil Nadu as a whole.
When the Madras High Court is hearing a batch of petitions against the KKNPP, the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) gave consent to load fuel rods in the first unit of KKNPP and the Court has condemned this defiant attitude and behavior of AERB and some Congress ministers. It is so depressing and painful to see such contemptuous treatment of not just the people of India but also the Judiciary.
The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) has also given consent to discharge enormous amounts of sewage, trade effluent, desalination plant effluent, demineralization effluent, steam generator effluent, suspended solids, dissolved solids, and many other waste products into the sea. The TNPCB has fixed the temperature of the effluents at the discharge point as 45 degrees. They have also allowed the KKNPP to release significant amounts of Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, particulate matters and many other harmful radioactive pollutants into the air. Nobody seems to bother about the impact of all these on the sea, sea food, crops, dairy, food security, nutrition, health and wellbeing of us, our children and grandchildren.
We have taken note of your recent letter to the Prime Minister dated August 19, 2012 demanding all the power from KKNPP to Tamil Nadu. Even though you have written twice before on March 31 and April 25 this year, the Prime Minister or his PMO has not even acknowledged your letters. Earlier you had demanded more power from the Central Pool and financial help for various power generation schemes, but the UPA government always ignored your genuine requests and earnest efforts. In fact, most of our pre-March 2012 agitations and processions were in support of your demands and schemes.
If this is the way they treat the Chief Minister of an important State and popular leader of millions of Tamil people, you can possibly imagine the feelings and attitude they may have towards the poorest of the poor who have been struggling on our own for more than a year now. The Delhi elites seem to have scant regards for the Tamil fishermen, Tamil women, and the Tamil people as a whole.
It is also strange that our neighboring states would not share the Nature-given river waters with us but we, the Tamil people, have to suffer nuclear waste, thermal pollution, saline refuse, and most importantly, nuclear radiation and give them all risk-free electricity. It is quite preposterous that the Congress government in Kerala stakes a claim for 500 MW from KKNPP; in fact, the Congress governments in Delhi and Thiruvananthapuram can together decide to set up KKNPP 3-6 somewhere in Kerala. The intelligent people of Kerala would never allow that and the political parties there, whether Congress or Communists or BJP or others, would never let that happen also.
It is we, the Tamil people, who are left high and dry by the so-called ‘Tamizhina Thalaivar’, his party that is part of the UPA and a few other parties in Tamil Nadu. When you assumed power in 2011 and stood up for the popular causes of the Tamil people, we heaved a sigh of relief that we had a leader who understood our needs and wants after all. We were so shocked when you reversed your stand on the KKNPP issue in March 2012.
As we pointed out during our meeting with you in September 2011, India needs a more creative and original energy policy and we, the Tamil people, need to protect the Tamil land, water, air, sea, sea food, natural resources and the future for the Tamil progeny. The UPA government in Delhi is keener and hell-bent on pleasing the foreigners and their MNCs and taking care of their and their friends’ self interests.
Most of the people here in our area have been praying to Our Lady of Lourdes at Idinthakarai and to the Sage Vishwamitra in one of his rarest temples in India near Koodankulam with the solemn hope that these divine forces would save them from nuclear threats to their land and the sea. They believe that from Gorbachev and Rajiv Gandhi who initiated the KKNPP to the Russian engineers and scientists who designed the Koodankulam reactors have met with misfortunes. It is only natural for people to turn to supernatural forces when their political energies are dissipated and actions discouraged by the vested interests.
We would very much like to request you, Madam, to turn the KKNPP into a pro-people and Nature-friendly project, bring about solar power policy and projects all over our State, rectify the transmission and distribution issues, protect the interests of the Tamil people, and leave a wonderful legacy of visionary leadership and compassionate development with the people of Tamil Nadu and India.
Looking forward to your favorable actions, we send you our best personal regards and all peaceful wishes,
S. P. Udayakumar       M. Pushparayan          Fr. F. Jayakumar         M. P. Jesuraj    V. Rajalingam



  1.  16.08.2012


  1. Team Member of FFT:-  1. Ms Devika Biswas, Convenor, Health Watch Forum,Bihar,2. Dr. Mokhtarul haque, State Convenor , Bachpan Bachao Andolan,  Bihar,  3. Mr. Rajeshwar Paswan, State Coordinaotr, Representative National Campaign on Dalit Human Right, Bihar Chapter, 4. Mr. Govinda Jha Local Health activist & Initial Organizer of the Fact Finding & AWW Lalita Devi.


  1. SOURCE OF Information: Based on News Paper information appeared in different Papers, and particularly Dainik Jagaran on different days- this team went in the field to collect information form such victims ofHysterectomy, their family members expert doctor, journalists & opinion political leaders etc.


  1. Place visited:- A. Ex Deputy Superintend of Sadar  Hospital Dr. Ashok Verdhan Sahay, MBBS, MS at his Govt. residence for expert view on Hysterectomy Scam & his view on it Villages (a) Manipur (b) Begampurof Panchayat Shekhopur of Block Warisnagar to meet some of such victims of  RSBY- Hysterectomy Scam & their family members to hear their experience,& statement about the Scam.


  1. At Hotel onStation Road to meet Dainik Jagaran Bureau Chief of Samastipu, Mr. Kaushelendra and his investigating journalist Mr. Keshaw and RJD General Secretary Local Leader, Mr. Faizu Rahman, Faiz to know the fact their notion about the RSBY- Scam of Mass Hysterectomy.


  1. The Fact From the Mouth of the Victims:-

Background Information:

The team met a total of 10 such women who were interviewed & some of their family members. They narrated their experience- Out of these 10 women 4 women had their Hysterectomy done in 2010 and 6 women in 2011. Some of them also asked to go for deposition at the Enquiry/ Probe camp at Patel Madam, recently. Only3 women who underwent Hysterectomy operation had an operation cum prescription report and two were operated at Krishna Hospital run by Dr. Mahesh Thakur and one by Ram Jyoti Hospital run by Dr. P.K. Mishra and all other 7 women were operated upon by Mahamuni Sewa Sansthan and had noprescription or paper. people were very light lipped & silent about who took them to these hospitals for treatment (Which gives doubt about the strong & involvement of nexus of middlemen who are still active and & underground).


    1. Sumitra Devi W/o Ramashis Ram of Village Manipur of  Panchayat of Shekhopur warisnagar Block age (30-32 years actual) having complaints of Abdominal pain for 3-4 years. (Smart Card No. 0018380110 203840 3) went direct to the Mahamuni and immediately operated upon there in 2010 and were in hospital for 8-9 days under free(cashless) treatment & had to busy medicines for a month of her own costing Rs. 2000-3000/-. Now she has no pain in the abdomen, she has nothing to say against the clinic, No question about treatment or how she know that organization would provide her free service (she had 3children).


    1. Chandrika Devi W/o Pramod Ram of the Same village  & place Age (24-25 years) having only two children, she had only abdominal pain 1 month prior to operation in 2010 & went  at night to Mahamuni for Hysterectomy operation & operated  stayed there for 7-8 days on free treatment & afterwards buy medicine of her own for a month. Now she has no complaint and no grievance against the accredited organization and no question about treatment mode.( Her Smart card No 00100 80110 203340  1).


    1. Name Kalawati Devi W/o Ramsewak Ram of same village Age( About 40 years) having 6 children. Her problem was prolapre of utrus over 1 year then she was operated in 2010 at Mahamuni & had a free treatment for 16-12 days and afterwards had to buy medicine worth Rs. 3000/- of her own. Now her complaint has gone she has no complaint & question about treatment.(Her Smart Card No. 00333  68110  205380  7).


    1. Janki Devi W/o Tuntun Das of the same village Age (about 40 years) having 10 children (5 died) had a chronic complaint of severe abdominal pain, repeated menstruation (3-4 times in a month), weakness etc. She was operated upon in 2010 for Hysterectomy in Mahamuni and stayed there for 9-10 days with all free treatment and later on also buyed medicine of her own for Rs. 6000/– for six month. She feels still weak but no question on complaint against treatment (Smart Card No. 00135  80110  203840  9). Her husband not getting any treatment free & were told that the Smart Card is meant only for operation related treatment.


    1. Radheya devi w/o Ramashray Paswan Age approx 40 years and having 6 children of the same village had chronic complaint of while discharge with foul samell & abdominal pain, She went to Mahamuni for Hysterectomy which was operated on July 2011. She was hospitalized for 9 days during Hysterectomy fully fee of coast. After waards she went on treatment for 6 months of her own cost ( Rs. 6000/- approx). She still has weakness & sewelling on her legs after operation but no doubt on grievances against the hospital ( Her Smart Card No. 00134  80110  203840  8).


    1. Rampari Devi (Smart Card No. 00212  80110  203840  5) W/o Bishandev Ram of the same village Age about 35 yers having 6 children had complaints of Abdominal pain & appendix & went straight toMahamuni for operation which was done in August 2011 & as per her statement both Hysterectomy & appendix were operated & now she is feeling better. She was in the clinic for 9 days & was given total free treatment during that period later on she had do purchase her medicine from her own pocket worth Rs. 5000/-. She also has no question & complaints against Mahamuni.


    1. Sunita Devi W/o harikrishna Paswan of the same village Age 35-40 years having 6 children. She had problem of Abdominal pain over a year and went to Darbhanga sadar hospital first where she was asked to undergo for Hysterectomy there. Then she returned home and took second opinion from Sadar Hospital, Samastipur who also advised fro Hysterectomy. Then she went to Mahamuni for Hysterectomy operation and was operatid upon in April 11. Now she has no complaint or question about treatment at Mahamuni where she has been for 9 days free stay &7 afterwards spent own money on medicine worth Rs. 2000/-.(Her Smart Card No. 00088  81110  190362  3).


    1. Rupa Devi w/o Sriram Paswan of Manipur village Age 30 years having 6 children had long complaint of sever Abdominal pain & heavy bleeding during menstruation and white discharge.She had earlier went for sterilization operation . Her husband who is a rickshawpuller used to take patients for treatment to Kreshna Hospital at Adarsh Nagar, Samastipur. When private medication failed, he took his wife straight to Krishna Hospital on 13.09.11 where she was immediately operated for Hysterectomy & stayed till 24.09.11 as cashless treatment & her papers shows prescription & hospitalization charges for Rs. 10000/- from her Smart Card ( No. 00194  81110  1903662  1) afterwards she had to buy medicines worth Rs. 4000/-. She is now feeling well and no complaint or question about treatment on accredited service providers. Her husband & mother in-law & brother in-law desired of any involvement of middlemen . But they could not answer how they knew that Krishno Hospitals does operation on Smart Card and it is cashless. They keept silence on this topic.


    1. Radha Devi W/o Raghunath Paswan of same village Age 35 years having 5 children she had abdominal pain, white discharge etc for some times. Hearing  about the successful operation of Rupa devi- decided to go for Hysterectomy operation at Krishna Hospital as she already heard that all women of her villages who went on for such operation are now feeling better. Thus she went derictly to Krishna Hospital for Hysterectomy operation & was operated on the same day after ultra-sound on 15.11.2011. Now she has no complain(.Smart card No.00131 81110 190369)


    1. Rina Devi ( Age 23-24 yrs) w/o Dipu Paswan of village begampur of Shekhopur Panchayat of Warisnagar Block of Samastipur District. She is quite young having only two sons was suffering from prolapsed of uterus since her second child so she went to Mishra Nurshing home firt for her treatment, there Dr. Mishra told her that her uterus have to be removed through vaginal operation as already she tried to fix it through Ring pressure inserted by a untrained Dai( Chamain) which came out after sometime. She was not ready to have the operation through vagina rather wanted to have it through abdominal operation as she thought in each case any other problem inside her belly could be detected by doctor and he can also treat that as well. So, next she went to Ram Jyoti Hospital. They also told her that she needs operation. Trusting that the organization would do the operation through open abdomen surgery but as per the papers she had vaginal operation of the uterus. Though she said she was admitted and operated on 21st and 22nd but her papers shows (overwriting) the date of operation on 23rd & relieving on 29th. Though she was there for a 5-6 days under free treatment (Smart Card No. 00416 7_110  2039008).

Afterwards she had medication at her cost. She still feels that her uterus still coming out in the vagina. When she went back to Ram Jyoti hospital to tell that her prolapsed of uterus still persists then the Dr. tolled her to come after two months after gaining health by taking good nutrition for the second time operation of the uterus but she did not go for giving deposition against the hospital.

hilai workers to start agitaton from 21st supporting sacked Maruti employees

Dear friends,

Kaladas Daharia from Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha says you may have heard that Maruti administration has announded that they will reopen the plant on 21st but will lay off 500 employees. The workers in Bhilai from all the trade unions have done a workshop on the subjet on 17th and if Maruti administration does not take these workers back at work and drop cases against them then the workers in Bhilai will start an agitation on 21st. He requests all the working people to join this movement. For more Daharia ji can be reached at 08889572906

listen to him at

Sheetal Sathe Sings a song penned by her -Ek Maitra Raangadya

Another song which will give you goose bumps by Sheetal sathe of kabir kala manch and translated by Ashutosh member of  Kabir Kala Manch
The nausea is served in the plate , the untouchable nausea
The disgust is  growing in the belly, the untouchable disgust
its there even in  buds of flowers, its there even in  sweet songs
that man should drink man’s blood ,
which is the land where this happens
which is the land of this hellish nausea
So it goes , my  dear friend, so it goes in the villages
so it goes my friend  from the harsh lands,  so it goes in remote places
Listen to this my friend , listen to the story of humans
Hear out the torment my friend, the torment of our lands
there is but one blood in humans
there is but one
The bones are made the same
the bones are but one
Juts like the water
ust like the flowers
ust like the wind
this body , natural,  is the same
Then how come is this difference?
how come this division by caste
then how come this division ?
how come human are valued differently
by this yardstick of caste
So it goes , my dear friend, so it goes in the villages
so it goes my friend from the harsh lands, so it goes in remote places
Listen to this my friend , listen to the story of humans
Hear out the torment my friend, the torment of our lands
and if we  are  the same humans
then why are we ouside the village?
The outsider cleans up the waste
then why do we have to  bow and beg
“curtsy oh my lord, I am passing through
Cursty oh my  master , I bow to you
curtsy oh my lord, I am passing through

Cursty oh my master , I bow to you”
Our  shadow is untouchable , our touch nauseating
this  disgust in you faces, this shit  in your thoughts
this nausea of your beliefs
is hanging from our necks , from our  settlements necks
So it goes , my dear friend, so it goes in the with Peshawai
so it goes my friend , so it goes with feudal lords
Listen to this my friend , listen to the story of brahminical Peshwai
Hear out the torment my friend, the torment of the untouchables
You burned the mothers on  the pyres
you  burnt her anger to ashes
you sacrificed her on the altar of the caste restrictions
told her ” go and become a Sati” A living body, with the dead one, was made to die
what kind of religion you protected
by killing and cutting down living people ?
So it goes , my dear friend, so goes the story of Sati’s 
so it goes my friend , so it goes with lives of my mothers
Listen to this my friend , listen to the story of Sati
Hear out the torment my friend, the torment of the Mother
You killed  our Shambuk, ourTuka you send heavenwards
on  our heart you struck ,  wounds  after wounds
and soe one was killed for water
someone for the temple
and someone was killed for the voice
and someone for the touch
So it goes , my dear friend, so goes the story Khairlainji
so it goes even now my friend , so goes the story Khairlainji
Listen to this my friend , listen to this ongoing story
Hear out the torment my friend, the torment of the Ramabai
But now you mass murderers
its time for you to stop
we are coming out ,
with our  dignity as our flag and standard
we are ready to fight , to figght back  at each step
those who sell their dignity , would no longer stand with us
So it goes , my dear friend, so it goes with the fight
so it goes even now my friend , so goes with teh true fight
Listen to this my friend , listen to this story of true struggle
come with me my friend from harsh lands, lets strat the decisive struggle of life and death


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Faking Democracy- Free Irom Sharmila Now

Faking Democracy- Repression Anti- Nuke activists


Kamayaninumerouno – Youtube Channel


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