PRESS RELEASE- Maharashtra- More than150 political prisoners went on hunger strike on Independenceday

Mumbai-based activist Arun Ferreira kept a prison diary during his incarceration in Nagpur Central Jail.  Above cartoon is from the diary .

Aug 16, 2012 –Mumbai: The government of Maharashtra has recently imposed a fascist, anti-strike law covering public, semi-government and private sectors with a motive to gag workers and employees fighting for their own rights. To protest and urge the government to quash this high-handed, fascist law,  more than 150 the political prisoners  including male and female,in various Maharashtra  Jails  observed a one day hunger strike , according to Adv Surendra Gadling, who has been fighting for various political priosners in the state including Arun Ferriera.

The power echelons of the state seem to be striking contradictory notes while hailing stalwarts of social equalityMahatma Phule, Shahu Maharaj and Dr. Ambedkar on one hand and openly guarding capitalist and foreign interests on the other by forcing anti-strike laws like the ESMA to render strikes and public protests futile. The audacity of power and selfish motives have clearly made them forget that Dr. Ambedkar himself had pitched a fight against the anti-strike laws imposed by the British raj.

The financial policies of the government have only resulted in social disparity, exploitation and injustice, pushing the majority of our population below the poverty line, while a handful of billionaires are only getting richer. Privatisation of government ventures and services has paved way for the contract culture, only to compound the workers’ helplessness by such tyrannical laws, a recent and a blazing example is the gagging of workers’ unrest in Maruti’s Manesar plant.

The brown sahibs are repackaging the archaic anti-labour laws in a new avatar and forcing the workers into slavery.  The political prisoners urge everyone to rise for our own liberties and interests against these middlemen of the western, capitalist MNCs and laws tailor-made to fit their interests.

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    Aug 16, 2012 @ 11:51:39

    Whose independence is that ? Most of the common people in genarel and DALITS, WOMEN and MINORITIES in particular are practically BPL… No food, shelter, education, health care, drinking water, freedom of speech and imprtantly NO DIGNITY…
    . On the other side a few section of upper class- upper caste persons who are rulling us are in unbelieveable life style…. LET us be carefull that no representative from us should not allowed to be coopted by rulling brahmnical system—– DAFODWAM[ DEMOCRATIC ACTION FORUM OD DALITS, WOMEN AND MINORITIES]—- [0]9331858854….


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