Mangalore Homestay Attack Victim Barred From College Exam #moralpolicing #VAW #WTFnews


PIL Filed For CBI Probe

Four days after the blatant attack at a Mangalore resort on Saturday, a management college has barred one of the assault victims from taking her internal third semester examination which begins on Wednesday. 

The New Indian Express reported this unprecedented decision by a management college, without citing the name of the college. The daily said that it was unsuccessful in drawing a comment from college authorities when asked under what circumstances the decision was taken.

Meanwhile, advocate S Vasudeva has moved the Karnataka High Courtseeking for a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into Saturday’s homestay attack. He has also sought the court to book the moral activists of Hindu Jagarana Vedike involved in molesting the victims under Goonda Act.

Vasudeva contended that the police did not take required steps to prevent the incident, despite receiving information from intelligence agencies about the possibility of likely attacks on revelers at the resort. The attackers barged into Morning Mist resort on Saturday evening and beat 13 students that included five girls and eight boys. The students gathered there for a birthday party and were oblivious of getting beaten up in the name of morality.

Post the incident, the right-wing activists and their supporters alleged that the students were having a rave party and indulged in illegal activities which went against Hindu culture.

Police officials, who inspected the resort room, confirmed that there were no signs of a rave party or anything related to illegal activities.

The miscreants’ act was caught on camera by a local TV reporter Naveen Soorinje, who is currently facing charges under the IPC section of unlawful Activities Prevention Act. Soorinje is accused of not alerting the police despite having firsthand information that the right-wing activists were about to pull a raid on the Morning Mist resort.

The visuals of Mangalore attack which were aired on mainstream channels spurred massive protests across the state, with students, several NGOs and women’s associations coming onto the streets protesting the hooliganism at the resort.


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