Mangalore: Hindu Janajagrana Vedike GOONS Thrash Girls #WTFnews

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Mangalore: Hindu Activists  ( FOR ME GOONS HENCEFORTH ) Barge into Party at Resort, Thrash Girls

Daijiworld Media Network – Mangalore (PS)

Mangalore, Jul 28: In an incident that brought back memories of the infamous pub attack, goons  allegedly belonging to Hindu Janajagrana Vedike on Saturday July 28 raided a resort in Padil, and thrashed and slapped girls who were allegedly partying.

The group barged into Morning Mist Home Stay at Padil and reportedly found alcohol and dressed indecently. They thrashed and manhandled a group of girls who were at the party.

The sene men s claimed that those in the party were dancing and were involved in undesirable activities. There were three girls and around four or five boys.

One of the activists was seen slapping and banging the head of a girl and pulling her even as she tried to escape.

Kankanady rural police rushed to the spot. They took the activists into custody.

The locals also accompanied the Vedike goons . They said that they had been complaining about the party even before but no action was taken, after which they approached the activists

More details awaited.

Mayor Condemns Act

Mangalore mayor Gulzar Banu has angrily reacted to this incident. Speaking exclusively to daiiworld, she said, “Looking at daijiworld news, I am saddened to see people hitting girls. Being a mother, I feel sad that girls are treated like that in our place. Every mother, every brother, every sister will feel this. On the other hand, the resort culture is also not acceptable. Young boys and girls partying in such a way is not acceptable to the society. Resort owners must be held responsbile for this,” she said.


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  1. Thakur
    Jul 29, 2012 @ 14:57:22

    Madar chod Hindu Janajagrana Vedike… gand mene dum ho to Thakuroun ke elake mene aa kar essa karo…. 6 ki 6 gand mene daal denge…do not add this hindu word… if you can’t respect girls… 20 dec ko noida mene i am organising a party in my farm house…. come if you have guts…. open chellenge….i’ll show you the Thakur power…kaat ke phenk denge…


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