Mangalore: Hindu Janajagrana Vedike GOONS Thrash Girls #WTFnews

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Mangalore: Hindu Activists  ( FOR ME GOONS HENCEFORTH ) Barge into Party at Resort, Thrash Girls

Daijiworld Media Network – Mangalore (PS)

Mangalore, Jul 28: In an incident that brought back memories of the infamous pub attack, goons  allegedly belonging to Hindu Janajagrana Vedike on Saturday July 28 raided a resort in Padil, and thrashed and slapped girls who were allegedly partying.

The group barged into Morning Mist Home Stay at Padil and reportedly found alcohol and dressed indecently. They thrashed and manhandled a group of girls who were at the party.

The sene men s claimed that those in the party were dancing and were involved in undesirable activities. There were three girls and around four or five boys.

One of the activists was seen slapping and banging the head of a girl and pulling her even as she tried to escape.

Kankanady rural police rushed to the spot. They took the activists into custody.

The locals also accompanied the Vedike goons . They said that they had been complaining about the party even before but no action was taken, after which they approached the activists

More details awaited.

Mayor Condemns Act

Mangalore mayor Gulzar Banu has angrily reacted to this incident. Speaking exclusively to daiiworld, she said, “Looking at daijiworld news, I am saddened to see people hitting girls. Being a mother, I feel sad that girls are treated like that in our place. Every mother, every brother, every sister will feel this. On the other hand, the resort culture is also not acceptable. Young boys and girls partying in such a way is not acceptable to the society. Resort owners must be held responsbile for this,” she said.


‘It’s Easier To Coerce Outsiders And Treat Them Like Slaves’- Maruti Violence


Complaining of one-sided media reports, four arrested Maruti employees offer an alternative narrative to the carnage that befell the automaker’s Manesar plant on July 18
Panini Anand, in Outlook

Return to work at Manesar with Maruti? Never again, says Ashok, a 22-year-old worker from the stricken factory, with a shudder. An apprentice for the last three months, Ashok, a native of Hisar, spoke to Outlook hours before he was picked up by the police and charged with murder. The young man, along with 91 other workers of Maruti’s Manesar plant, is now lodged in Gurgaon Central Jail.

Ashok and three other workers protest their innocence, claiming that the cctv footage would prove them right. When informed that the footage was said to have been damaged in the arson, they are incredulous. “The fire might have damaged the camera and the lens, but the footage should be available in the central monitor,” they argue. But after hurried consultations among themselves, they concede that if the fire was caused by a short circuit, it could have stopped the recording.

The first shift that day (6.30 am to 3 pm) was uneventful, they recall. It was only after they had come out of the plant that they found the gate locked and police and security personnel milling at the exit. They were not allowed to punch their attendance card either (the company’s version is that workers from the first shift stubbornly stayed back, indicating that the violence was pre-planned). Those who were arrested say the workers, on being denied permission to leave, grew increasingly restive. Almost four hours later, there was a sudden commotion and several “injured” workers rushed out of the office building. Some were shouting, “bhaago, jaan bachao.” The general word was, “Police aur management kisi ko nahin chhodenge.”

The four are unable (or unwilling) to explain what had led to the commotion or how the workers sustained injuries. But they appear unanimous in their assertion that many more workers were injured that day than managers. They feel the workers’ version is not being aired and that the media is only publishing what it is being briefed by the management and state government.

The workers accuse the company of increasing production without adding to the number of workers or the required machinery. Leave, they recall, was hard to get. They were entitled to just nine days’ leave every year in addition to the weekly off, they claim. Medical and casual leave might have existed on paper, they say, but for every working day they missed beyond the nine sanctioned leave days, the company would deduct `1,500. A maximum of seven days off was permitted for a worker getting married. But if, say, it was a sister’s wedding, any request for more than two days’ leave was frowned upon. “They treat us like slaves,” says 28-year-old Ram Kumar of Jaunpur—the only contract worker amongst the four.

A large number of workers would be suspended for several weeks and months if they protested or did not report for work. Their absorption as regular employees would be put off and their promotion delayed. “The `4,500 paid to me was not even enough to pay for the rent, food and transport and most of us had to fall back upon remittances from home,” complains Ranjit, an apprentice, also hailing from Hisar. “Ek chaddhi tak nahin khareed sakte the,” Ranjit adds, with no little bitterness.

There’s obviously strong resentment against some of the local villagers, particularly those who are opposed to the workers’ agitation in the fear that the plant will be ‘shifted’. The company, they added, would not dare recruit local boys under prevailing working conditions. “It’s easier to coerce outsiders and treat them like slaves,” exclaims one, while his colleague defiantly chips in, “let the local Lotharios survive even 10 days in these conditions.”

(All names have been changed to protect the identities of workers.)


PGI completes probe, without taking version of Anupama’s kin


Vishav Bharti , Hindustan Times
CHANDIGARH, July 27, 2012

The inquiry committee constituted by the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) to probe into the death of school girl Anupama submitted its report on Friday but stated the version of just its “own people”. According to the institute’s spokesperson Manju

Wadwalkar, the inquiry report was submitted on Friday to PGIMER director Dr YK Chawla. However the inquiry committee didn’t call anyone from the deceased’s family to listen to their side of the story.

After Anupama’s death the family had alleged that she first lost her leg due to the delay in treatment and subsequently lost her life as she was not given the required treatment on time.

Following her death on Wednesday, PGIMER director Dr YK Chawla marked an inquiry under the chairmanship of Dr Rajinder Singh, head, general surgery department to ascertain “treatment and the cause of the Anupama’s death on Thursday.

The other members included Dr MS Dhillon, head, orthopedics department, Dr NK Tewari of neurosurgery and Dr RK Sharma of the hospital administration. The committee was asked to submit its report within 48 hours.

But from the very beginning, the PGIMER administration has remained on a slippery ground.

Initially, when PGIMER director marked inquiry, he included two members to the committee, who were not even present in the city and then replaced them with two new members. The third member Dr Mandeep Singh Dhillon is head of the orthopaedics department due to the alleged negligence of which the tragedy happened.

When contacted Manju Wadwalkar, spokesperson of the institute said, “It was an internal inquiry report, so there was no need to call her family.”


Anoopama loses battle to death after 7 days
By Daily Post,7/25/2012 11:03:29 AM
After fighting a battle of life and death for seven days, Anoopama finally gave up in the morning of Tuesday. She took her last breath as her wailing parents watched her slip into the clutches of death after she had been operated upon.
On July 17, the class XI student of Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 18, Anoopama left the house to go to school. Often dropped off to school by father, it was the first time she was to manage on her own. While climbing the local CTU bus to school the driver, without noticing, started the bus. She fell and her leg got crushed. Soon after, she was taken to the emergency of GMSH-16 from where she was referred to the PGI. Admitted to the Advance Trauma Centre (ATC) on July 17 at 2.45 pm, she had a crushed ankle. By the time she reached the operation table, it was July 20.
Amit Sarkar, the unfortunate father broke down in front of the media, saying that, “I have lost more than a daughter. She was our only child and our entire world”.
The neighbours said, “She was intelligent and used to fulfil dreams of her parents. She even got 72 per cent in the class X examination”.
The father, who barely earns Rs 6,000 a month, had to borrow money when he was told by the doctors to get everything ready for the operation.
Doctors shunned me away twice saying that we have other patients to attend to,” he told Daily Post.
The PGI spokesperson, Manju Wadwalkar, stated that, “At that time there were 9 seriously injured patients with open fractures already waiting for surgery. Anoopama’s case was in addition to many cases of closed fractures and poly-trauma awaiting surgery.”
Apart from all that, since the patients are not supposed to have solid food six hours before any surgery, she was kept hungry for three days straight.
“She kept asking for water, she kept saying I am hungry but she was not fed anything. If they had to delay the surgery, why was she not taken care of properly,” questioned the near and dear ones of the family.
On top of that, she was bleeding the whole time before the operation. The only thing doctors did to stop it was, give another layer of bandage.
The father said that the day she was taken for surgery blood had to be arranged.


Withdraw case against Sanal Edamuruku -#Rationalist #FOE #Miracle


Sanal Edamuruku, or for that matter Rationalists International, were not names the Indian Catholic Church was familiar with before it ran into them in Mumbai, triggering an obnoxious controversy that has crossed national borders and is making news in the US and the UK. This is a purely Catholic controversy and does not touch the other church denominations in India.
Sanal of the Rationalists International movement has been a fixture on the more sensational Indian print publications and TV news channels with his exposes of godmen of which India has a large number. In the past, he has taken on some venerable names in this sector and has survived. He can, in fact, be thought of as an extremist and fundamentalist himself in his belief as the subjects of his enquiry.
On March 10 this year, Sanal was asked by the TV9 channel to investigate the phenomenon of a crucifix at the Mumbai Church of Our Lady of Velankanni which had started attracting large crowds of believers because of little droplets of water trickling from the feet of Jesus. Mumbai, like Kerala, Goa and Mangalore, has a pretty large concentration of Catholics, most of them by all accounts active members of the Church. People, and not all of them Catholics,  collected the droplets as “holy water”.
Sanal, in his widely publicised findings, claimed the source of the water from the cross was a drainage near a washing room percolating through capillary action. This was the same phenomenon which made the idols of Lord Ganesh apparently “drink” milk some years ago. The laity and clergy of the Archdiocese of Bombay cried foul, describing Sanal’s statement as an insult to their faith.
Father Augustine Palett, the priest of Our Lady of Velankanni Church, and the Association of Concerned Catholics (AOCC) demanded that Sanal apologise. Mumbai Auxillary Bishop Agnelo Gracias sought to restore some sanity saying the church was “always cautious in attributing supernatural causes” to such phenomena and always striving “to find ‘scientific’ explanations.”
A criminal case was nonetheless filed against Sanal. The police have been going to his house in Delhi to arrest him. Sanal has mobilised a powerful international rationalist community to his aid. Not surprisingly, extremist groups in the Hindutva brigade have extended him support, presumably arguing that an enemy’s enemy is a friend, but conveniently forgetting the time they too were baying for his blood not too long ago.
As someone who is in touch both with the Mumbai church and Sanal Edmaruku, I am pleading the return of a sense of proportion in this issue. It would seem a clash of two fundamentalist groups. It also comes in the context of a satellite TV and Internet social media environment in which many prominent Hindu temples, seminaries and their leaders have been exposed, often in what are called “sting operations”.
Unlike the violence and hate campaigns unleashed on the Christian community by Hindutva strategists and cadres in many states, and by Muslims mullahs in the Kashmir valley and a few other areas in East and South India, Sanal’s is neither “persecution” nor “communalism” as we understand those terms. A section of the Catholic community is embarrassed and therefore enraged. Sanal is an extremist in his own way, especially in the manner in which he believes in his rationalist theories. To that extent, he is a bit of a social maverick. But he is “catholic” in his approach, and confronts all mythology and superstition irrespective of which group propagates it or how powerful those who believe in these superstitions and miracles are.
I believe Christ is absolutely capable of defending Himself, if perhaps not the church in India. These statements by Sanal or the probe by his Rationalists must not be taken as an attack on the church or on the community. It certainly is not an attack on the faith in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.The faithful of Mumbai think they are defending faith when they go on hunger strikes against books of fiction or films from Hollywood and Bollywood. But in reality they are defending their own positions and constituencies and do not want them to be exposed to the sunlight.
Christ does not have to drip water from crucifixes to prove the love he has for each one of us. His healing is deeper and needs no instruments. I have experienced this in my own life. Catholics of Mumbai possibly realise the controversy is not getting the Church any new friends, nor is it adding to its lustre.
It is time the church leadership really forgave Sanal. He has learnt his own lesson – not to mock at genuine faith of the people and not confuse a passing popular fancy for a “miracle”, however untenable, to say the community is being taken for a ride by the church. The police case against Sanal Edamaruku should be withdrawn as a sign that a mature Church in India needs no props for the depth of its faith in God.


UN Human Rights Chief Alarmed By Escalating Violence In Syria

High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ms. Navane...

High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ms. Navanethem Pillay. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(RTTNews) – Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), on Friday expressed “deep alarm” over the increased threat to civilians in unrest-hit Syria, and warned the country’s government as well as the armed opposition of severe consequences if they do not abide by their obligations under international human rights and humanitarian law.

“The Government has the prime responsibility to protect civilians from all forms of violence. While Government forces have on some occasions, in accordance with international humanitarian law, given civilians a clear opportunity to leave areas it is attacking, on other occasions it has not. Effective warning is required by international humanitarian law, Pillay said in a news release issued Friday.

“Civilians and civilian objects – including homes and other property, businesses, schools and places of worship – must be protected at all times. All parties, including the Government and opposition forces, must ensure that they distinguish between civilian and military targets,” she added.

The UN rights chief also expressed particular concerns over the possibility of a major confrontation between Syrian troops and opposition fighters in the country’s second largest city of Aleppo. Syrian forces have surrounded the east part of the city, which was seized by rebels last week. The rebels in Aleppo are currently bracing themselves for the imminent government offensive.

Although the rebels had launched a similar offensive last week to seize the capital city Damascus, their efforts were thwarted by government forces. While several sections of the city witnessed heavy fighting, Damascus has since been secured by Syrian security forces.

“I have been receiving as yet unconfirmed reports of atrocities, including extra-judicial killings and shooting of civilians by snipers, that took place during the recent fighting in various suburbs of Damascus. It goes without saying that the increasing use of heavy weapons, tanks, attack helicopters and – reportedly – even jet fighters in urban areas has already caused many civilian casualties and is putting many more at grave risk,” Pillay noted in Friday’s press release.

Pointing out that the conflict has so far displaced between one and 1.5 million people in Syria, the UN High Commissioner said “a discernible pattern has emerged” as government forces try to clear areas it says are occupied by opposition forces.

“Typically, during the initial stages, after a village or urban district has been surrounded, water, electricity and food supplies are cut. This is followed by intense shelling and bombardment by a variety of weaponry, increasingly with air support from attack helicopters, and now reportedly even jet aircraft. Then tanks move in, followed by ground forces who proceed door-to-door and reportedly often summarily execute people they suspect of being opposition fighters, although sometimes they detain them,” she said.

About the increasing reports of opposition fighters torturing or executing prisoners, Pillay said murder, willful killings and torture, whether committed by government or opposition forces, constitute crimes against humanity or war crimes. She said evidence gathered from various sources indicate that such crimes are being committed in Syria.

“Those who are committing them should not believe that they will escape justice. The world does not forget or forgive crimes like these. This applies to opposition forces committing crimes as well as to Government forces and their allies,” she added.

The UN estimates that more than 10,000 people, mostly civilians, killed and tens of thousands displaced since the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad began in March 2011. The opposition, however, claims the actual death toll closer to 17,000.

The ongoing conflict in Syria is now viewed as a civil war by most of the international community and has forced hundreds of thousands of Syrians to seek refuge in camps in neighboring Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan.

J Dey murder: Journalist Jigna Vora gets bail after 8 months #Goodnews


J Dey murder case: Journalist Jigna Vora gets bail

Published: Saturday, Jul 28, 2012, 8:00 IST
Place: Mumbai | Agencies
Jigna Vora got her first breather in the eight months since her arrest for her alleged involvement in the murder of veteran journalist Jyotirmoy Dey on Friday when the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) court granted her bail.

Ms. Vora was arrested by the Mumbai Crime Branch on November 25, 2011, for her alleged role in the murder. She was charged under provisions of the stringent MCOCA.

She was granted bail on a surety of Rs. 1 lakh and two personal bonds. The court also laid down the condition that she would not speak to the media. It directed her to be present at the police station twice a week.

The court took into consideration the protracted wait for forensic reports of her cell phone records and laptop. Citing lack of adequate technical infrastructure, the forensic science laboratory had told the court earlier that it was not able to get any “supporting data.” Speaking of the grounds for bail, a Crime Branch official told The Hindu, “The court said it could not wait longer for forensic reports. It also took into account the fact that she is the mother of a child. Moreover, she is not a gangster or hardened criminal.”

The Crime Branch had submitted six cell phones to FSL to retrieve deleted messages and call data for any possible proof related to the murder. It later submitted CDs to the court containing the retrieved data, material on a memory card and other files. “We argued that there was no material to support allegations of personal animosity or that she was in touch with gangsters abroad. Yes, we admitted that two phone calls were made, but they were in connection with news reports, which were published. We said that her every action cannot be treated as part of a conspiracy,” a defence lawyer told The Hindu.

While granting bail, the judge referred to the Kalina Forensic Science Laboratory’s failure to retrieve details of calls allegedly made by the journalist to underworld don Chhota Rajan, who is reported to have ordered Dey’s killing. The laboratory had stated in its report submitted to the court on July 23 that data from Vora’s six cellphone handsets could not be retrieved, as it does not have the necessary equipment to do so. The police had claimed that Vora had sent text messages to her friends, acquaintances and Dey during the course of her duty. They were banking on call details to build a watertight case against her.

The MCOCA court, however, laid down several conditions while granting the bail. Vora has to submit her passport to the police and must produce herself before the office of the crime branch, which is investigating Dey’s murder, twice a month.

Mr Dey, the Investigations Editor of MiD DAY‘s, was gunned down by four bike-borne assailants in broad daylight near his residence in Powai on June 11, 2011. Ms Vora, then working as a deputy bureau chief with a Mumbai daily, was the 11th arrested accused in the case.

Her name, however, did not figure in the chargesheet filed against 12 persons in December last year. She, instead, was named in a 1,400 page supplementary charge sheet filed in February this year.

Ms Vora has been charged under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), including murder, criminal conspiracy and destruction of evidence, besides stringent provisions of the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) and the Arms Act.

The murder was plotted and executed allegedly at the behest of underworld don Chhota Rajan. According to police, Ms Vora had allegedly provided Mr Dey’s mobile number and his exact location to Rajan, who has also been named in the charge sheet.

Vora will be released from the Byculla jail, where she is lodged, on Monday

SC-‘Claim for mining lease not fundamental right’ #goodnews

, TNN | Jul 28, 2012,

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court has ruled that no private company can claim a right for mining leases and upheld the 2005 decision of the Jharkhand government and the Centre cancelling nine such leases.

Among those whose mining leases were cancelled included Monnet Ispat and Energy Ltd, which had signed an MoU with the state government in 2003 to set up an integrated steel plant in Hazaribagh district with a proposed investment of Rs 1,400 crore.

A bench of Justices R M Lodha and H L Gokhale said, “In view of the fact that the area is reserved for exploitation of mineral in public sector, it cannot be said that the discretion exercised by the state government suffers from any legal flaw. The area is not available for grant of mining lease in the private sector.” It added, “If the state government makes reservation in public interest with respect to minerals which vest in it for exploitation in public sector, we fail to see how such reservation can be seen as impairing the obligation cast upon the central government… No person has any fundamental right to claim that he should be granted mining lease or prospecting licence or be permitted reconnaissance operation in any land belonging to the government.”


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