Does the truth prevail in Aamir Khan’s Satyameva Jayate?

Satyen K. Bordoloi ,

Aamir Khan in the very first episode has shown society the mirror, but perhaps we also need to investigate what lies behind the mirror, says Satyen K Bordoloi

The most surprising thing about Satyameva Jayate is Aamir Khan. The star who is otherwise so inaccessible, has suddenly become someone you cannot escape even if you want to.

What with his program being shown at the same time in eight channels and viewers being subjected to a countdown as if something earthshaking was about to happen.

To begin with, one has to give in to the marketing genius of the man, the star… who in his quest to brand himself as the “socially conscious star” has finally nailed it.

Yes, Aamir Khan indeed shows the society the mirror, exposing the hypocrisies of the educated middle class. Yet, to get the true picture we will have to see the other side of the mirror.

First, however, let’s look at what Aamir Khan wants us to see.

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  2. n9986
    May 07, 2012 @ 16:04:37

    “Humans, even the most criminal of our lots for whom death and murder is common, are not barbaric enough to do something as brutal as chew off the face of another live human being as if it were a piece of cooked meat.”

    Are you frigging kidding me? Have you not heard of Armin Meiwes? That is where I stopped reading. That was a very weak presumption and seems like you are trying too hard to criticize. Disappointing.


  3. a women
    May 07, 2012 @ 16:53:24

    absoultely………..disappointing…..just by sensationilizing this issue…i think soo many learned facts and realised how deep routed this problem is…just in one episode i saw 100s of ppl reacting to satyamev jayate on social networking sites…i really think he can be our indian version of oprah winfrey…………


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  5. Atul Vashisth
    May 28, 2012 @ 14:36:53

    Dear Aamir,
    Myself is going to send the attached message in hindi. Which is written, by my mother. Kindly, send yours e-mail address; as myself is searching.
    Atul Vashisth


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