Koodankulam Update March 21, 2012

10:00 AM

Electricity, Water and Food Supply stopped in Idinthakarai

All roads and sea routes to reach Idinthakarai are blocked. Police personnel forcibly took away mobiles phones and water supply equipments.

School run by Dr. S P Udayakumar damaged badly last night. School bus is also damaged.

There are 8000 children among the 20,000 protesting people in Idinthakarai. Milk supply to the village is also prevented and its affecting the children badly.

Media entry to Idinthakarai is also prevented.

Call for One Day Fast in support of Kudankulam Struggle on March 23

Dear All,

We have received a number of endorsements for the proposal to organise a ONE DAY TOKEN FAST on MARCH 23, which also happens to be the Martyrdom Day of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru. Medha Patkar and her colleagues at a meeting in Delhi have endorsed this proposal, Arati Chokshy and several activists from Bangalore have also agreed to organise a fast, Sundaram of CNDP is in Kerala and will try to organise, he also informed that many small Tamil parties are organising a protest in Tirunelveli on that day, in which a few MLAs and MPs are expected to join. So it is a good beginning…

This is therefore to call on you to

ORGANISE A DAY-LONG FAST on March 23, Friday, Martyrdom Day of Shahid Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru

in support of the HEROIC STRUGGLE OF THE PEOPLE OF SOUTH TAMIL NADU against the Kudankulam NPP.

I am pasting below the final letter to the Tamil Nadu CM that has been endorsed by so many activists from all over the country. You may use it as you wish, extract from it, or send it to the media in your city, or use it for a pamphlet, etc.

To: The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

To: The Media

Dear Ms. Chief Minister:

It is with profound sadness and anxiety that we read your press statement and witnessed the large scale mobilisation of police in the areas around the Idinthakarai protest site and the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant. The decision to give the go-ahead to the power plant is ill-informed and has created a dangerously volatile situation. We, the below-signed, condemn the deployment of thousands of armed policemen in an area where people have been peacefully protesting for six months. Knowing the resolve of the agitating communities, the Government’s hard-line stance and police posturing can only lead to a nuclear Nandigram.

signed by 164 activists from all over the country .



Girl, 19, raped by dad for 5 years, pregnant

Mar 21, 2012,  TNN

In Nagpur a 50-year-old labourer named as Kishore Agrawal was taken into custody for raping his 19-year-old daughter from the past five years.At presesnt the girl is now two months pregnant, which brought this worst act into light on Tuesday March 20.

The accused was sexually taking advantage of his 19-year-old daughter from the past five years, subsequently his wife left him. At the time the girl was 14-year-old.

On Tuesday afternoon when Agrawal hit the girl in the stomach after she refused to have intercourse with him.The girl suffered unbearable pain and pleaded with the father to let her go.

Then, though Agrawal tried to stop her, she gave some excuse and rushed to her neighbour to tell them about the pain.

Police said that the neighbours immediately took her to a nearby doctor and were shocked to learn that she was pregnant. Later, on questioning, the girl told the neighbours about her father forcing her into a physical relationship since her mother left the house.

The people who lives near to the girls house has took the girl to Nandanwan police station and registered a case on Kishore Agrawal.

Blind girl drags dad to court for harassment

20-year-old collegian’s mother says her father is impeding her education as he has thrown mother-daughter duo out of their Chembur home

Sunil Baghel, March 22, Mumbai Mirror

At an academic level, collegian Neha Agarwal has chosen ‘gender’ as her thesis subject. In real life, the 20-year-old visually challenged woman is getting a taste of male high-handedness.

Neha’s mother, Pooja, has filed a petition in Bombay High Court alleging that Neha’s father, Uday, has thrown the mother-daughter duo out of their Chembur house in December 2011 and that Uday poses a hurdle to Neha’s education.

The petition states that Neha lost an academic year because of this since a major chunk of her study material has been lying in the house to which the two women have no access.

The petition seeks urgent relief from the court by providing police protection to Pooja so that she can enter the house and collect Neha’s study material and their other belongings from the house.

Neha, a third-year bachelor of arts (TYBA) student of St Xavier’s college in Dhobitalao, has to submit at least one project by March 31, failing which she will not even be allowed for the October exam.

Neha told Mumbai Mirror that she was required to submit two projects, one of which had to be turned in by March 31. “My subject for this project is ‘Gender’. The project is almost ready, but it is lying at our Chembur home,” she said.

Despite her physical challenge, Neha has always been keen to pursue education. “It’s very important to me. I want soar as high as I can. I want to be independent,” Neha said, adding that her father had been constantly warning her and her mother not to approach the police.

The petition also lists other allegations against Uday. It accuses Uday of ill-treating the two women for years and alleges that Uday has links to “criminal elements”.

It also accuses Uday of usurping Pooja’s property. The petition also states that officials of Chembur and Govandi police stations registered their complainant only a month ago after they filed a petition in court a month ago.

The petition also alleges that Uday wields influence on the police, and seeks that the case be transferred to the Crime Branch of the police.

On Tuesday, the court agreed to hear the case on an urgent basis at a request made by Pooja’s advocate Dinesh Tiwari. The petition will be heard today.

Read Mumbai Mirror story here



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