WTF Jaipur – Paraplegic woman arrested for ‘kidnap’ and ‘sexual abuse’

Jaipur: In a shocking and bizarre incident in Jaipur, the police have arrested a 21-year-old paraplegic woman over charges of abuse. The police claim the woman is involved in the kidnapping and sexual abuse of another woman.

What is shocking is that the 21-year old herself is allegedly a victim of sexual abuse by three Rajasthan policemen.

Her parents alleged that she was being falsely implicated in another case so that the three arrested policemen could walk free.

She lost both her legs after she jumped in front of a train in January 2011, upset over allegedly being beaten and sexually humiliated by the policemen.

The woman is now at Jaipur’s SMS Hospital after being sent to judicial custody. Her father, who is a police constable himself, claimed she needed constant help and attention.

But police have said that they responded to the Rajasthan High Court‘s order seeking arrest of all accused in the other woman’s sexual abuse case.

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  2. dr. jagnarain sharma
    Mar 06, 2012 @ 22:50:57

    Thanks Kamayani Bali Mahabal for your message in which you have stated the arrest of a women on false charges, who is paraplegic and I am very much concerned about it. Your efforts to get her justice is a praiseworthy job.–
    I may like to cite few cases.
    In one of the case a women in Lucknow was also arrested on false charges and remained in jail for three months. Though she was arrested from her home, but police shown her having been arrested from Road and have produced Police Mukhbirs & Police witnesses. I also am writing about her and a few more such cases
    We need to write to Humanrights commission


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